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[KSTYLE TV] The Wonder Squad | How Young Is Too Young For Makeup In Korea?

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Text Comments (12036)
xx alea (5 hours ago)
Im 20 years old only have 4 makeup product mascara , liptint , eyeliner , powder ..😅
Ange Draws (22 hours ago)
Honestly western kids put on excessive make up and it looks really bad...
Rosanne x (1 day ago)
Why do ten year olds look like 13 year olds
dreamies (1 day ago)
Some girls who don’t need makeup to be prettier raise ya hand 🖤 I ain’t tryna be mean lol
Nyes 666 (1 day ago)
6:17 like I dont even apply that advice to myself.. And im 18
Helen Lai (1 day ago)
I thought they already had makeup in the beginning... aahhh
Val (1 day ago)
that girl is 10 and is already a whole ass beauty guru with her instructional makeup and Chanel compact omg
Jeon Jungkookie (1 day ago)
the three girls, which is 10 yrs. old looks like a 15 years old. hs student owemji
Joeru Chi Kagamine (2 days ago)
Ten?? I wasn't allowed to even touch makeup until my second year of high school
카비앙 (2 days ago)
뭐지 어째 다 촌스럽냐;; 외국에서 살고 있나
Its Kath (2 days ago)
I was 11 but i dont look like them! Wheeeeeeeee!?
yoyon (2 days ago)
The 10 years old me, ran into a pole & broke my teeth 😂
Sooa Lee (2 days ago)
I'm 14 I don't wear make up.. and I'm korean.. lol
Leah Drabik (3 days ago)
Omg I'm 13 and I only wear tinted lip balm 😐
Dua Ait Ahmed (3 days ago)
Lmao I'm 15 and I'm not allowed to use makeup yet
Teа (3 days ago)
"now that we are 5th graders we think those are must-haves" Shit I'm a freshman and only own chapstick... I really need to catch up with society 🙋
Tochradisia Sylena (3 days ago)
When I was 10 and 11 I had really bad skin but now I wear just bb cream, tinted lip balm, liquid eyeliner and nose contour. ( I dislike blush and bronzer most. )
Pauline Gaticales (3 days ago)
I’m envious of their bravery to put makeup in school, but I wouldn’t put on makeup in school even if it was allowed cuz it’s too much effort 😂
Min SuYa (3 days ago)
Is it weird i only use lip balms. Lmao
c_glezx 01 (4 days ago)
No one: h- This comment section: i aM nOt LikE oThER GiRLs ,, i DonT wEaR MaKeuP
euphoriabliss (4 days ago)
when i was in 5th grade i didn’t even wear a ounce of make up 🤐
Skarchen Ali (4 days ago)
Beauty lies in character but modern society values a woman more from their physical beauty rather than their character. It is really sad to see that these youngsters have to use makeup.
Joons Crabs (4 days ago)
This comment section is full of *QuiRkY girLs whO diDn'T eVeN knOw wHat mAkEup waS at AgE 10* 🙈✨ like we get it y/n, you're not like other girls💀
Yoongis Cheerios (4 days ago)
Sis I’m 14 and recently started makeup again (I wore it in year 7 which is 11-12 ) and stopped in ueaR 8 but now I’m in ywar 9 and starting to wear it again lmao it’s not my thing but I love fashion so uhh-
Hey Im Africa (4 days ago)
ik yall are saying wait until teen years to wear makeup but remember that teen havent always gone through puberty and tweens havent always not gone through puberty. what i mean is adolescence comes at a different time for every one
Swaeg Yoongi (4 days ago)
Wow I started putting make up on when I'm 16
Fabiana Mendieta (5 days ago)
I’m 13 I don’t even know what is the diferente of Base and counselor
SeyfertSanctuary (5 days ago)
Kids are already lazy about washing their faces.... but you are a kid... you’re only 10 😂😭
crownxoxo (5 days ago)
I keep telling my sister to stop using makeup if she's too lazy to wash her face off at night, sigh kids these days
Kookmin Luwoo (5 days ago)
I’m about to got to University but I still don’t do make up 🤷🏼‍♀️
Aiman Raees (5 days ago)
Whyyyyyy? My mom never allowed me to go near her make up before my 15 and gave me permission to apply concealer after my 17
g (5 days ago)
“as their senior, it’s not great seeing that” well hunny, im 5 years older than you. seeing you doing makeup at an early age isn’t great to see, and the fact that i never wore any makeup in my whole life jdjdjdjdjd
Leandra Frontuto (6 days ago)
bruh deadass this is like nothing compared to western teen makeup? 😂 No highlight, Contor, concealer, etc??💀
erin jeon (6 days ago)
i'm 14 and i just have a pink lipstick my grandma give me when i was 10.
Karen Sparkle (6 days ago)
They look older I’m 13 and I look uglyyyy
Punny Puppy (6 days ago)
Well, I’m Vietnam, the age 20 is when you can put makeup on
••김보민 (6 days ago)
When I was 10 I only used lip tint and a bit of blush 😅
notice me Senpai (6 days ago)
"Only nerds dont wear makeup" Shit ive been a nerd all my life, but where are the good grades?
BIGCHUNGUS ARMY (6 days ago)
I don’t use makeup I don’t need it ;)
Maggie eboigbe (6 days ago)
I'm so happy they didnt make their skin color 5000 times lighter than their face❤ your natural skin color is ALWAYS the prettiest❤💎
vOyseN (7 days ago)
When i was your age... That used to be for parents now its about how advanced or how grown up kids act..
산드라 (7 days ago)
i started with the basics of make up when i was about 16/17 xD but now i cant get enough of it c:
Savannah McCullough (7 days ago)
6:17 oh wow, the 10 year old think everyone should start wearing makeup in second grade to “protect their skin”... JUST WEAR SUNSCREEN. These girls are already beautiful but even 10 year olds think they can’t live without makeup. Smh
Vemhe V (7 days ago)
I was 19 years old when I discovered lip tint and other make-up stuffs. Didn't know what was matte lipstick😂😂😂😂😂
CloudiiBangtan (7 days ago)
I still cry when my mum does my eyeliner Sksksksksk I’m in highschool
솔직히 나이때에 맞는 화장보다는 어려도 보기좋게 제발 화장 잘만했으면 좋겠다..
Medha Satheesh (8 days ago)
I'm turning 16 this week (Indian) and I recently found out about makeup
UlzzangAesthetic (9 days ago)
10 yr olds looks like they’re 15 14 yr olds looks like they’re 10! What is this sorcery!?!
bobatae (9 days ago)
the 10 year olds are like the girl in my 4th grade who wore makeup almost everyday (and she looked horrible with makeup) but *obviously* these 10 year olds wear makeup better 🤧
Nicole Guerra (9 days ago)
Hey I’m a middle schooler and I don’t use makeup
Syeda Raiha (9 days ago)
I'm 18 I can't even correctly apply my eyeliner.. 😶
DramaLllama (10 days ago)
... I'm older than them and I still don't know what kind of CHAPSTICK I like...
SweetTae_ IceTae (10 days ago)
*Lord I’m 11 and I can’t even use makeup yet... like theirs 10 year olds in this video using makeup ; - ;*
OctoPie (10 days ago)
I started makeup at 11-10 because I thought I was ugly. I was also pressured to do it. Im very dissapointed in myself.
mochi. nana (10 days ago)
wtf i'm turning 15 in a few weeks and i still don't know how to put makeup on
Catherine Chang (10 days ago)
I’m 11 and everyday I put on bb cream concealer contour hilighter blush eyeshadow and lip tint oh and some eye liner and mascara as well
Catherine Chang (10 days ago)
rise above thank you but I actually don’t do my makeup really heavy you can barely see I’m wearing makeup except for the lip tint I can show you a picture of my makeup through dm on insta if you have it mines @catherine_bleh so yeah it’s not heavy at all i put on a tiny bit of everything I sorta look like the girls in the vid haha thank you for taking your time to comment I really appreciate it 😊
rise above (10 days ago)
isn't it a little too much?I mean if you feel confident and like it that way it is then sure...but I guess you didn't reach puberty yet and if you put a lot of makeup at young age it might affect you in the future
Alecia (10 days ago)
I'm almost 17 but most of my friends had only started to get interested in makeups like recently💀 These kids are way better in doing their makeups than me. Even 15 yo is too young for makeup in my community💀
Min meow kitten (10 days ago)
I'm 14 and I don't know anything about make up,i love my face so i don't need any make up
Sarang Lee (11 days ago)
I see a lot of people saying these girls shouldn't be wearing makeup yet, or commenting on how they were still rolling around in the mud with stains on their shirts when they were their age. I dont think it's a problem to wear if you're having fun with it at that age, but what really makes me a little sad is the fact that part of the reason they're wearing makeup is because they're already so self conscious about how they look-i applaud them for being so mature for their age, but the fact that they feel like they have to wear it so as to not look ugly or because "only the nerds dont wear makeup" is a little saddening. I kind of lost my train of thought but yeah
김나주 (11 days ago)
I learned applying lip tint in my second year of college 😳
Jesica Zhong (11 days ago)
I'm 18 yo and still dont know about make up 😅
kimmy_ pop (11 days ago)
I dont use makeup because i love myself with or without it...and i dont give a shit what people think...shallow aassholes
Mizu _03 (11 days ago)
In 4 grade I didn’t even brush my hair...
Lisa Ayna (11 days ago)
I was around 10/11 when I started with makeup too, I realize now, that I did it too early
jiminie park (11 days ago)
14 is 5th or 6th grade? Here if you're 14 you'll be on 8th or 9th grade
Pizza Unicorn (11 days ago)
Those two ten year olds doesn't even know how to properly use the compact
Galaxy PotatoYT (11 days ago)
XD they're only 10 and have these big makeup bags while theres me with my colorless lipbalm
hanna Morales (11 days ago)
Here in the Philippines, we are more shy to put on makeup cause somebody will judge you~
Kate Laurenciano (12 days ago)
i started wearing make up when i was 12 yeah no one cares
Chan Ch (12 days ago)
10 year 😱😱😱😱
BOK BOK CHOI (12 days ago)
U DONT HAVE PIMPLES AND UR WEARING MAKEUP 💄 bruh I have TOOOOOONSSSSS of pimples and I don't like makeup or wear it
FantazyFangirl 13 (12 days ago)
2nd grade cushion?!?! 3rd grade lip tint?!?!! im grade 10 and i use none of these... (I did use lip tint... for 2 months lol)
andy Jimin (12 days ago)
10 years old ! They use a lot of make up
Calista Vadia (12 days ago)
lol i’ve only been using lip tints starting grade 10 and now i’m a senior i start to fill in my eyebrows and use a little bit of foundation if i actually need it!
Chloe Nahon (12 days ago)
Here in Belgium at least half of the girls don't put make up on or just lip balm xz mascara and eye shadow. The bare minimum. For us it is common but we find it already weird when a 14-15 old puts make up on .
ikigai (12 days ago)
I really love how these teens are so confident and honest around with their makeup.
Glosxy (13 days ago)
There 10 they can wear makeup meanwhile I’m freaking 12 I can even put on lipstick ;-;
Ivanna Salve Cordero (13 days ago)
When I was 10, I was busy answering mickey mouse in the tv 😅
Ivanna Salve Cordero (13 days ago)
I'm 17 and i'm still struggling to even comb my hair 😑
Unicorn Lover (14 days ago)
Wtfff 10?!?! They start at 10??? I started using just eyebrow pencil, eyelash curler and lip tint when I was 13. I don't even use a cushion compact.
soosexual (14 days ago)
Korea is obsessed with appearance, you're actually considered lazy or a bum if you are a girl and you don't wear makeup.
Satsuki_ Chan (14 days ago)
Some of them are 10?!?!? They look 14-15 and I'm 15 and I look 10😂
exo 4life (14 days ago)
I’m in the middle of my 20s and barely put on any makeup, they still young to be using these stuff on their faces , we shouldn’t blame them we should blame the parents for letting their kids putting on makeup at such a young age. I’ll never buy my daughter makeup at that age , I’ll teach her to love herself more and accept it !!!
Asteraus (14 days ago)
at 5 I sneakily put on my mums makeup and played dress up while she was busy and thought I looked like a goddess 😂 and now im pretty much obsessed with makeup. to all you huns out there, you don't have to wear makeup or ever have worn it in your life before. if you do, do it because you love to.
Vaishalli Sekar (14 days ago)
Lol i started using make up when i was 20 🤣!! At their age i dont knw anything abt make up!! I dont knw wat to feel!!
smol kid (14 days ago)
No age is too young to wear makeup lol.. When i was 9(2011) i was already beating my face lol
Ath Chimie (14 days ago)
Im almost 20 and my make up bag is only tint and compact powder goshhh 😂
Giselle Villanueva (15 days ago)
It's okay to use makeup even if you're young. Just make sure that your parents feel comfortable with it, and if so, ask for help to take good care of your skin and always remove the makeup before sleeping.
Beemo :3 (16 days ago)
im 20 and i only use bb cream i don't even do my eyebrows since i have a full bangs
they dont need makeup. they need better haircuts...
Lady ASMR (16 days ago)
Wow they look more old like 18 or 19 years old 😮
France Lee (16 days ago)
I used baby powder and lip balm all my life tho :« and I'm 16 wtf am i doing in my life
roejin (16 days ago)
I'm almost 20 and I just recently started using foundation.... qwq
Irene Kim (16 days ago)
honestly, let them do what they want. They look beautiful with and without it and whats most important is that they enjoy what they're doing and they like it
Gabby (17 days ago)
My mom is in her 40s and she still doesn't wear a full face, she just wears eyeliner and chapstick/lipstick everyday.
Seenin 9s (17 days ago)
I'm 18 still my mom thinks I'm not mature enough to do makeup 😅 I wonder what mom will say after watching these girls 😏
Akumalatte (17 days ago)
5:03 "I've lived for 10 years" She's grown too fast
GOTHBOI CLIQUE (17 days ago)
I don't even wear make-up and im 13 years old
Imen Hariri (17 days ago)
I ain't letting my 10 year old use makeup
рагк мiуоuиg (17 days ago)
I'm 10 (turning 11) like them, i look older than my age. 😂

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