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[KSTYLE TV] The Wonder Squad | How Young Is Too Young For Makeup In Korea?

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Namjesus. These peeps are 10 and are using makeup. I am also 10, but I’m busy watching bts, playing soccer, having play dates, drawing, while these gurls be glamming themselves up. “Use sunscreen at 2nd grade”. Bruh,I’m also 5th going to 6, and I sometimes forget to put on sunscreen at my soccer games. Holy moly.
I'm jealous of these kids, they look like they really know what they're doing😩 I don't even know what to apply on my face first🤦‍♀️
I lived for 14 years and never wore any kind of beauty product for school.
Wiki Chibi (18 hours ago)
Athlete here, and I still refuse to put on anything more than moisturizer, sunscreen, and lip balm lol
Tae Tae (19 hours ago)
now i am 15 years old but i dont know how to make up :">> i just use lipstick when i go party or sth like thatt
채널JJYN (21 hours ago)
I'm older than the long haired girl and I still look like a potato
Aace Carter (21 hours ago)
They better than me with makeup makes me feel so dead lol 😂
Jireh A. (1 day ago)
Iam 11 years old and i dont have any of those pruducts i only have lipbalm
ALYSSA DIAZ (1 day ago)
Me:watching 10 year olds doing make up Also me:*throw back when i was 10yrs* Damn look at those ugly faces 😂
Your Potato (1 day ago)
I'm 14 and I don't even know how to apply eye shadow..
Priya Bangani (1 day ago)
i'm 14 and still don't wear make up oops-
Nutty Army (2 days ago)
Im already 17 but my mom still doesnt let me wear makeup 😢
MULTIFANDOM_ yow (2 days ago)
im 19 and i dont know nothing about makeup 😂
Cyra Mandy Vlog’s (2 days ago)
Them: Using makeup in ten Me:Watching Peppa Pig,Nursery Rhymes
Pardon my grammar (2 days ago)
Me : *applies liptint* ( that i borrow from my friend) _coming home_ Mom : *what is that in your lips?*
Brianna Lopez (3 days ago)
When I was ten I couldn’t play on my tablet after eight thirty because of *bedtime so I would always look at my mother like woman* but I mean I’m past that I’m older now and if you count their actual age today after ten they are twelve but in real age they are still ten
girl's rock (3 days ago)
I really like the ten year old with pink t-shirt on she should start a YouTube channel
I'm 17 yet I still don't know how to put makeup.... I feel so left behind 😂
Mochi Chim Chim Wifey (5 days ago)
When i was just 10 years old...i'm already happy that i received Frozen theme cake on my birthday...now...i'm 15....ughh i feel old...
Insfire Sprite (5 days ago)
When i was 10 i used to play with face paint and make a butterfly on my face Them: i starten wearing make up in 5th. Grade
asdl fgjkl (5 days ago)
Im 17 and i dont even know how to use makeup
Tae Tae Ate My Potato (5 days ago)
*when I was 10, I run away from my mom for making me wore short skirt!*
Im 14 and i only have lip balm 😭 But glad that im naturally beautiful 😂
Yoonrae (6 days ago)
chaeg was like jeffrey star-
Dragon Breath359 (6 days ago)
Why do they do their makeup in school??
m a y f l o w e r (6 days ago)
Ppl who are commenting their too young Well this is all ten year olds these days
Trisha Caber (6 days ago)
I'm 15 yrs old rn and i don't even know how to do my brows HAAHHAHAHA
Chewy Mizukii (6 days ago)
Oh shit I'm almost 20 and I only have face powder... wow
Isabelle zara (6 days ago)
I'm older than all of them and the most embarrassing thing is I can't even put on make up myself....
Army 2007 (6 days ago)
I am 12 and all I do is lip balm with a pink tint lol I guess it’s because Japanese school doesn’t allow make up until high school....
Green Lime (6 days ago)
4:32 they don’t look mature enough or don’t seem like they know what they are doing just yet
Green Lime (6 days ago)
Honestly Chaey looks like the only one who knows what she is doing and she looks like the only one who is mature
Green Lime (6 days ago)
When I was 10 I collected Pokémon cards and threw them at my friends
Shekinah Eve Sagario (7 days ago)
6:24 As a senior high school student, and as your senior, it also doesn't look good to see girls your age doing make-up.
Buffalo Wings (7 days ago)
When i was little, my mom was slapping and grabbing my hair because i always use make up and that im too young for that. Thats why i ended up this face, fresh no skin care.
When I was ten, i AtE a bIt Of mEh MoM lIPStIck bY aCcideNt It was good tho :/
Ereri翻 (7 days ago)
My makeup type: glasses
Park Chim101 (7 days ago)
These kids are 10??? I dont even have my own makeup and i am i high school
bomi_.98cm (7 days ago)
these kiddos are still young, but not gon lie, their makeup is more simple compared to some ppl their age in the western side
Seori Chan (8 days ago)
here i am started using makeup at 10th grade :))
melo melody (8 days ago)
I learned using eyebrow pencil when I was in my 4th year of college 😂
Holly Z (8 days ago)
I didn’t start wearing makeup until high school and I only wear it on special occasions. These kids are too young!!
When i was 14 all I had was a ChapStick and some lip gloss and I called it a full face.
shannara fryer (8 days ago)
When I was around 5 or younger I started using makeup. I got into my moms makeup bag and experimented. I somehow had a good understanding of the makeup and where it was supposed to be. Although I don't wear anything besides eyeliner, lip gloss and mascara, my exploration through my mom's bag gave me the skill to be able to put on mascara without a mirror(I can even do it in the back of a car).
shannara fryer (8 days ago)
Btw I'm not saying I'm an expert, I can do my makeup for 💩 (I think... idk I only use three things)
just someone (8 days ago)
I'm 18 and the only thing I bother with on special occasions is mascara... I ain't got no time for this BS.
lalangka bv (8 days ago)
How are y’all able to do that? Like I only put liptint, powder and sometimes mascara but I still end up putting them when I’m already out or I completely forget them HAHAH In fact there’s my mom who’s always complaining and saying that she looks more glowing than me. I’m 18 and my 13 years old sister puts more make-up than me. She’s the one who uses my products basically HAHAHA Because I like more natural beauty and I’m too lazy 😂
엘제이리ljlee (8 days ago)
while me,15. No time and no money to buy makeup *ㅠ* *ㅠ*
I'm 16 and I'm so lazy so I rather sleep 35min longer and have no makeup, I really couldn't care less
fatima joy torremocha (8 days ago)
They are 5th grader and have that much makeup Me:7th grader and doesn't even have a lip tint
Chloe Kau (8 days ago)
I think they’re too young to be using such products. Make up is almost like plastic surgery at this point. It’s hard to find natural beauties
when I was ten i hated BTS but guess what? I’m an ARMY one yeer later OMG
Alexis Chang (9 days ago)
I’m 11 and all I use is chapstick Good Stuff 🤪
klee lee (9 days ago)
Me at ten was still out playing tag and not even Vivian damn about my appearance then. 🤷‍♀️
Brown Coffee (9 days ago)
I'm 15 and I don't even know what a friggin' compact cushion is😂
Ornella (9 days ago)
when I was ten years old I was ten years old omg
DALBOK달복 (9 days ago)
When i was ten, i hated applyung even moisturizing cream Now i'm 15, and i do semi-smokey makeup everyday haha
fanxydonut (9 days ago)
omg i can already picture the girl in the pink shirt in the beauty community; she explained everything so well
Namjoon’s Crab (9 days ago)
The girl with the pink shirt had me shook. She knows what she’s talking about!! 😂 💫
jungkook is bae (9 days ago)
Times changed
nats go (9 days ago)
When i was 10 years old i probably just think one shit and thats how the fuck can i pass on the door without my mom knowing and not getting my ass whoop
MMelody love (10 days ago)
Tienen 10 años?!! No creen que su piel sigue tiernita para empezarse a maquillar?? A su edad lo único que me ponía era brillo labial 💋 y eso era en los juguetes que tenia y medio pintarme las uñas 💅, no todos los días y la mayoría del tiempo me la pasaba jugando a las carreritas 😂.pero son culturas totalmente diferente.
tala 22 (9 days ago)
For me I look like the half of lemon that you leave in your fridge for a week when I go to school I really can't do all this in the morning 😂😂~and iam going to enter high-school this year😅
Thuynity (10 days ago)
Haha When I was ten my older sister wanted to put Make up on My Face 😅 I cried and said that I don‘t want to look like her😂
min shookga (10 days ago)
if you started doing makeup at a young age, you'll have bad skin in the future.
DarkCloudSeungho (10 days ago)
haha why does the girl with the bob on the right look like kai...like not only a little???
shay zay (10 days ago)
I’m 17 and I wear makeup occasionally because I’m too lazy hhh
Pilar Bordanea (10 days ago)
I started use makeup when I was sevenTEEN
YipJanee (10 days ago)
When I was ten I only chased Running Man '-'
Moon Gazed (10 days ago)
meanwhile, me: still doesn't know how to apply a lipstick properly
Laurentia Alyssa (10 days ago)
They look older than they supposed to and because of make up now they don't have any confidence while going out without make up.
ecchi nime (10 days ago)
When I was their age, I didn't care about my appearance. All I ever did was watch anime and rarely go out to communicate with other human beings. Now that I'm fifteen, I still do the same and don't even know how to do makeup. I rely on my friends or mom if there is a special occasion that I can use makeup for.
•전린• (10 days ago)
this is slightly annoying for 90s and 2000s kids aka me
NAMJIN & SOPE (11 days ago)
2:24 that's not a blush that makes you thinner its contour😂😂😅😅
MISTA. Unicorn (11 days ago)
Y’all, I’m 15 and JUST STARTED knowing and getting used to makeup... (turning 16)
REE NA (11 days ago)
WAAAT?!??? I don’t even put makeup when i go to college!!!
CHUNGUS LULLABYS (11 days ago)
Bro. The 5th graders at my school don’t even know what makeup is...
Kanchan Choudhary (11 days ago)
I'm 19 still I don't have blush , contact, eyebrow pencil n all....I only use lip stick everyday n occasionally eyeliner n cc cream 😆😆😆😆😆....I should get some classes from these kids
Oreo Gray (11 days ago)
They has so many makeup products while here I am living ony having moisturizer, bb cream, concealer, blush on and lip tint 🤦
Juliana De Guzman (8 days ago)
Oreo Gray same
리리 (11 days ago)
so I'm on 9th grade(this year)... and I hate make-up oh btw, my mom bought me a lip tint and I don't really use it so... I just use it for coloring
Sophia Michaelis (11 days ago)
I literally just got my first foundation todaya and I'm 16😂
Octopus Food (11 days ago)
10?!?!? I’m 18 and look 12
Ate Maui (12 days ago)
WHAT!! TEN YEARS OLD?? I don't even know what make up is when I was ten.
BearryHungry (12 days ago)
They should enjoy being a kid as long as possible. I want to be their age again
Candy Yumé (12 days ago)
When I turned 12 I secretly used some cc cream and stuff because I was self conscious about my skin (you can see a ton of veins on my face)
Selina li (12 days ago)
Ten year olds: I wear this and this and this and this and this Me: just gonna put a little lip tint on My mom: wHat iS tHat oN ur LiPs??? *Ends up getting a twenty minute lecture about how bad makeup is for ur skin*
kulkul (12 days ago)
Pirita Pakarinen (12 days ago)
Oh damn, beauty standards seem to be quite another thing in there. I started using makeup at school when I was 14, half a year ago. I bought a blue eyeliner. I've bought a blue eyeshadow too, and I use my competition makeup at school, for example the black eyeliner and red lipstick. I've never used foundation.
glossy attitude (12 days ago)
A third grader??? Gurl, really?
itsray yy (12 days ago)
Im about to go in highschool n i dont even ever wear makeup Btw im from indonesia
Ughsomeness Enthusiast (12 days ago)
Tbh i never had interest in make ups. I just use baby powder and liptint whenever we go
Andrei Cusi (12 days ago)
They still with baby skin...just normal sunscreen not that one...
Andrei Cusi (12 days ago)
Not really
Lalisa Manoban (12 days ago)
When I was 10 I’m still watching my little pony
Jinsu Lee (13 days ago)
yeet (13 days ago)
some of the girls comments are rude.. Jesus calm ur ass down
Fridela Stafasani (13 days ago)
Im 14 years old and i dont like make up that much. For me it isnt make up that makes you popular in school cause i dont put make up and im the most popular girl in my school.What really matters is your heart not your face.
nody nobody (13 days ago)
WhEn I wAs 10 I aLwaYs PlAyEd oUt SIdE KiDs ThEsE DaYs i am sorry but don't you people realise generations change. you can't expect everything to be same just like you liked going out and playing these kids like to do makeup i get you are just letting out your opinion but sometimes it can be hurtful thank you
_The_UwU _Stealer_ (13 days ago)
I'm older than them and I don't own any makeup 😓
art&stationery (13 days ago)
ngl I’m in 5th grade almost 6th and I am too scared to wear makeup lol because i have always wanted to look more boyish and kinda be a tomboy and I think makeup would change that kinda idk. To talk about it with my mom is really awkward for me. Idk...
Janais Follosco (13 days ago)
I'm 15 and still I don't know how to make up

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