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STIHL Cordless Garden Tools For The Pros | STIHL GB

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Whether you are a keen domestic gardener or a pro gardener, we have the all the cordless garden tools you could ever need. From chainsaws to pole pruners to brushcutters, no matter your requirements STIHL has the product for you. For all her gardening needs, Jane More chooses STIHL every time. http://www.stihl.co.uk/professional-gardener-jane-moore.aspx STIHL UK Website: http://www.stihl.co.uk STIHL Pro Cordless Garden Tools Range: http://www.stihl.co.uk/STIHL-Products/STIHL-Cordless-Power-Systems/01586/PRO-Cordless-Power-System-for-large-gardens-and-professionals.aspx STIHL Full Cordless Garden Tools Range: http://www.stihl.co.uk/STIHL-Products/STIHL-Cordless-Power-Systems/080088/All-Cordless-power-tools.aspx
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