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Text Comments (216)
m p (4 months ago)
Amelia is so pretty!
SandraOlufsen (4 months ago)
Not mentioned it in the other vlogtober vlogs but I love the little notes haha 🙈 Love the whole vibe and editing with these x
Digital Nomad Girl (5 months ago)
I absolutely LOVE you two together!!!
Bonjour Cherie (5 months ago)
Soooo when did she move back to London exactly?
Amélie Boucher (5 months ago)
I absolutely love the way you're editing these vlogs!
Jerrica Goodwin (5 months ago)
Treat thy self - E Lalonde This + we’re all going to be okay are gems.
Little Owl Loves (5 months ago)
I wanna go shopping with you! 😜😚
Elouise Amin (5 months ago)
I’m absolutely loving these vlogs! You’re amazing 💖😘
The Archives (5 months ago)
I nearly died of laughter when you showed us the toothpaste cardboard 😂 great job!
aurélie (5 months ago)
i love that you catch up with your mum everyday its the cutest! x
Jasmine (5 months ago)
does anyone know the camera she uses?
xoYaSsYox (5 months ago)
wow this is the third video I've watched from you and in two of them you called your mom xD I should really call my mom more often
Marit Ko (5 months ago)
I swear, your Vlogtober is by far the most enjoyable here on youtube <3
Zahra S (5 months ago)
Love this version of you, it's so chilled and happy! I hope you always are. PS. That end part where your Mum calls you back 0.5 seconds later is also me lol!
Martina (5 months ago)
These minivlogs are so good <3
Black Weed (5 months ago)
yodathecatttttt (5 months ago)
Is she trying to be a the Kardashian with these staged calls? 🤮
See (5 months ago)
How cool is it to find yourself on a toothpaste stand in a store, and forget to tell your mom about it?! Thats awesome haha... I still cant stop loving that youre getting comfortable in front of the camera again. I feel like its 2014 in a good way
Jamie Nicole (5 months ago)
I just have to say that I’m not looking forward to the end of these vlogs! I love them so much!! ☺️
Isabela Baldini (5 months ago)
loved the bag so, so much!
Natasha (5 months ago)
Your eyebrows looked great before and after!! And I love how you can chat with your mum like friends.
Selvi Angelita (5 months ago)
Love how you end the video, very cool, keep going estee
imaginejade (5 months ago)
Love your hair cut....is your hair thin? This cut might look good on me...lol
Maggie Martino (5 months ago)
I’m loving these short-form vlogs! They’re way more thought-out and intentional, and much more interesting than a 20-minute “here’s every single thing I did today” video. These feel much more like a highlights reel or quick glimpse into your day, and they don’t make me feel guilty, like you had to worry about filming every little thing or spend hours and hours editing - this way you’re much more present in your own life, and we get to see some of it! Win win.
Angelica (5 months ago)
❤️ love the vlogs!!!
Bre's World (5 months ago)
Aww I miss my best friend 😔
Rebecca JAOUI (5 months ago)
Loving the little notes and comments on the video as well! Especially when you make Reggie speak! Would be so fun to do a video pretending that you and Reggie are having a chat !
Vanessa Perez (5 months ago)
Where can I also get those daily quotes from?
Janet Moreno (5 months ago)
I still remember watching those adoption videos of “tiger” I remember the adoption center people came by to visit to make sure he was adapting well. Seems like ages ago❤️ he’s worth way more than £200
Tash Nokes (5 months ago)
Hey Estee, where are your hoop earrings from? Xxx
Richelle C (5 months ago)
Estée you’re such a pure soul. These vlogs are perfect <3
monsterC94 (5 months ago)
I feel like I can feel you getting happier and calmer
Ulrika Landström (5 months ago)
Wait what Estée you have a new tattoo!!! :0
Naomi Lucia (5 months ago)
I love your channel 💕 one thing that always sticks in my head is when you talked about going to school for engineering✨ I just uploaded a video on how to study for engineering courses and wish videos like this were more available to help students when you were in school! When I watched that video I wanted to teach you a course just to prove to you that you CAN do it and you are capable 💘✨ hopefully I can reach even a few students and help them learn some study techniques! 👷🏻‍♀️ I love your channel and honestly it was a great study break to watch some videos with a good sense of humour! 💘☀️✨👷🏻‍♀️
Miryam Haveman (5 months ago)
Vlogtober is the bomb this year.
Gloop Puddle (5 months ago)
💛💛💛Jesus loves you
Elizabethx15 (5 months ago)
Your brows looks soooo gooood, love this girls day vlog.
Sarah C (5 months ago)
Wish I had a friend like Amelia!
Littlewing chj (5 months ago)
Omg I love your voice 💟
A. Y (5 months ago)
These vlogs make my day! You’re adorable♥️
Murr heheh (5 months ago)
Estee, i love your style! Can you do an updated collection of your bags/shoes ??
Basically Britt (5 months ago)
That bag from Zara looks SO COOL omg Such a lovely vlog! <3
Stephanie Worth (5 months ago)
What a fresh take on Vlogtober! Yaaaas girl! I’m loving it! (I’d watch hour long vlogs but this is a fresh take). Keep doing you!
Janice Lo (5 months ago)
I legit live for your chats on the phone with your mom! It’s the best!!!
Just Katherine (5 months ago)
Luv you two!❤️ happy to see you smile 🙏 hope you fell better! You make me smile, bring me positive energy- thank you for that, I want you to know when I was pretty anxious I watched your vlogs (especially Morocco and Cambodia) and it helps me a lot ❤️
somethinglikekate (5 months ago)
Love this vlogtober! Honestly your vlogs are my absolute favourite to watch right now! Keep it up girl!
nxfiis (5 months ago)
These vlogs really brightens up my day..every single day:) Even when you have those down days, I still enjoy watching them because you are such a genuine person and i love yo vibes!!<33
94pip (5 months ago)
Seriously can't get over how amazing your skin is!
Carly Irwin (5 months ago)
Your eyebrows look so good 😍
Inês Araújo (5 months ago)
you are so real in these vlogs. I really really admire you Estée
Teri (5 months ago)
Loving these videos Estee!! Especially the little bits with your Mum ❤️❤️
Ally Emma (5 months ago)
Thank you for vlogging your days. They are so uplifting and easy - always nice to lie down and watch these after a tough day! Love the quotes too :) THANKS ESTÉE
Ineffableperfection (5 months ago)
So happy you're doing vlogs! Love the editing and obviously love you! Your mom whatsapping you right after talking was so relatable I loved it :P <3
Rose Mari Lundefaret (5 months ago)
Looooove all of this volgs! Fun fun fun
So many prints you chose! Great!
rawan rawan (5 months ago)
safiya nygard's best line ever.. :D
emilytchuu (5 months ago)
wow that tatto is godamn ugly
emilytchuu (5 months ago)
+Kathleen Klimek so you call me ugly because I find something ugly. How immature lol. Reminds me of kindergarten when a child calls someone ugly because he called him ugly. Bouhhh gonna cry.
Kathleen Klimek (5 months ago)
emilytchuu I have. It’s your soul.
emilytchuu (5 months ago)
+Kathleen Klimek it's the same when you see an ugly art. Don't tell me you've never found something ugly in your whole life
Kathleen Klimek (5 months ago)
emilytchuu so is your soul
Loren Holmes (5 months ago)
I would've liked to hear a bit about the skincare from the event in your last vlog!
bloublabligloblu (5 months ago)
My small continuous treat is this vlog!
Nourah Khalid (5 months ago)
Mama daughter love is always cute <3
Emmy .o (5 months ago)
Why dont you move back to Canada? There isnt really anything for you in London anymore
Emmy .o (5 months ago)
na g youtube is a job that can be done worldwide dumbass
Natalie gonzalez (5 months ago)
She works in London you dumb ass
purplebuddietia (5 months ago)
lol...what's that supposed to mean? She had friends in London and likes the city
Sioned Lewis (5 months ago)
Loved this type of short vlog ❤️
ml m (5 months ago)
Reggie: Nonsense. 😂. Entertainment level on point.
chocoflipify (5 months ago)
Loving your Vlogtober so much, Estée! I relate on so many levels every day, hahaha! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Plus the editing is out of this world, gurl! You doin good, keep it up!
Navi M (5 months ago)
yes Shopping 😄😄😄😄😄
Minh Luu (5 months ago)
Nominating Kelly to for an on the line episode!
Estée Lalonde (5 months ago)
She's gonna do it!
KyleighJanee9 (5 months ago)
Loving the vlogs this month! I also LOVE that you call your mom every day; so sweet! If my mom were still in existence, she would be the one calling me every day LOL.
Gaby Barrasso (5 months ago)
Love your videos !
Malika Kumar (5 months ago)
really lovin the vlogs! so great
Ashlee Roeschen (5 months ago)
I love watching your vlogs. You’re positive and real.
Ashlee Roeschen (5 months ago)
Where is that purse from? It’s so cute.
linabelle (5 months ago)
okay i actually really look forward to these vlogs everyday and they MAKE my entire day
Estée Lalonde (5 months ago)
Awww that's awesome news!!
skylilly1 (5 months ago)
It's about time some company found your smile! Congrats on the oral b gig!
Estée Lalonde (5 months ago)
haha aww thank you!
Alice Kim (5 months ago)
Love that you always talk to ur mom!!!!! It is so soothing to watch it as well
baby cakes (5 months ago)
Victoria Olmo (5 months ago)
Loving how every quote you read fits in tune with the day ahead. Feeling all these positive vibes, girl!
Myka Canterbury (5 months ago)
Loving these “Reggie’s thoughts” text inserts😂💕
Tamelan Smiles (5 months ago)
I really love your vlogs, I feel like I am catching up with a friend.
Megan Lucas (5 months ago)
Your eyebrows look amazing! Where did you get your gold square necklace?
Briana Jones Chase (5 months ago)
haha my mom does the exact same thing the second we hangup the phone she texts me "LOVEU"
Ruth bastida (5 months ago)
I hope you continue to do short vlogs like this after Vlogtober. It’s very enjoyable, your mom is great, and I love seeing your day!! You’re such a breathe of fresh air.
Estée Lalonde (5 months ago)
I think I will! :)
Carrie-Lee Hurzeler (5 months ago)
As a Canadian expat I miss Canadian Thanksgiving and it’s so nice that someone is recreating that for you in the UK! Happy Thanksgiving!
B. R. (5 months ago)
This newly single Estée, I am loving her! She's so real. BUT I am still waiting for the epic sit-down video with Amelia, where she speaks in a North American accent, and Estée speaks in a British one. They're both so good at it, it would be hilarious.
Weinmonster Chicago (5 months ago)
Ew... no estee. Stick with the nice light blondie brows! Your eyebrows and hair color are clashing, you have to pick one or other, either go dark all around or stay light.
Ingrid Zapata (5 months ago)
Loving these vlogs and wishing they were longer lol
Pocahontas9009 (5 months ago)
I’m always on board with treating thy self. You always radiate when you smile 😃.
Christina (5 months ago)
Hi Estee💕 when will your jewellery line be released? I'm really admiring (when i say "im really admiring" i really mean "i really want"😉) the jewellery u have on. Also - shipping to Australia? (Clasps hands together) Please say yes, please say yes x
Julia K (5 months ago)
I dont know why, but the eyebrow tinting has made me think that brown hair would look AMAZING on Estée !!
Natalie N (5 months ago)
I've been getting threading for 15 years now and it still hurts the same 😂
thevorldoutside (5 months ago)
Would like to know your thoughts on the whole fast fashion issue and how you can justify to "treat yourself" (and promote on your channel) items from Zara and other Fast Fashion Brands that basically underpay their workers and don't give a damn about the environment. I'd suggest everyone watching THE TRUE COST and educate yourself about the subject instead of continuing mindless consumerism. Also the youtube channel of kristenleo is amazing do get some perspective about this.
charly1234 (5 months ago)
Noah's arc (5 months ago)
Your eyebrows look superb. Well done on everything you do and your honest vids. It’s real life stuff. So many people I know are suffering with anxiety, it’s mammoth and you’re doing a brilliant job kiddo.
TL Travel (5 months ago)
YAS Canadian Tuxedo!
alia mohamed (5 months ago)
GET IN LOSER WE'RE GOING SHOPPING...thats from regina george in mean girls, right?
Cecilia Gorgon (5 months ago)
I'm a long time subscriber, and i loove your videos so much :) But I am wondering, have you ever thought about the impact of fast fashion? Zara in particular has a huge environmental impact + really bad conditions for workers. You should check out The True Cost. It's such an informative and impactful film.
catherinelikespink (5 months ago)
Liv Santias (5 months ago)
I LOVE that you incorporate the daily quote into you day, please keep it going! Also, your relationship with your mother is so sweet, I adore it. Much love xoxo
Amelia Liana (5 months ago)
Love our days together ❤️❤️❤️love you the most xxx
Nubianette (5 months ago)
Amelia Liana, squeal! Seeing you two together, is my treat!
Ilona Iamandii (5 months ago)
Love these vlogs!!! ❤️
Daily Vlogs (5 months ago)
Love when you and Amelia hang out.
Tayabax (5 months ago)
A six minute video isn’t a vlog. And you don’t get away with it by putting on these “cool” edits. Miss the real content, everything’s becoming so airbrushed and fake with you lately
DTia88 (5 months ago)
Bye hater! Have a great life : )
bahpav79 (5 months ago)
Tayabax does it make you feel better abt yourself when you write mean comments behind a handle? And no, you don’t get a pass by saying “oh she’s a public figure, so I can comment anything I want”. You could have simply said, “I really enjoy your prior videos with more substantial content”...but nope, you just had to be mean.
Who are YOU to constitute what a vlog entails lmaooo
Sarah (5 months ago)
lol nothing is good enough for you people. She's doing them every day, don't expect them to each be 30 mins
blackbarbei (5 months ago)
Hola Estee! Absolutely loved this vlog ~ its always a good time when you and Amelia are together!! Loved today's quote and I'm obsessed with your eyelashes! Love that lucite bag the two of you picked up from Zara 🛍😍

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