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2 Ways You Are Going WRONG With Finding Style Inspiration

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Saved loads of images from Pinterest/Instagram of outfits you would LOVE to copy? The only trouble is when you go to try them out, they don't look anything like they do in the image which makes you feel so frustrated and depressed. The reason of this happening is featured in the video... WANT MORE OF MY STYLE ADVICE? I would LOVE you to join the hundreds of women inside my Private Facebook Community who are taking massive action towards building their confidence through their wardrobe with my daily style advice videos: CLICK HERE: http://bit.ly/MissDressPrivateCommunity OR Discover my top 10 style tips that have the power to upgrade your wardrobe TODAY. DOWNLOAD MY FREE 10 STYLE SECRETS BOOK http://bit.ly/MissDressStyleSecretsBook
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Text Comments (6)
Nora de la Garza (9 months ago)
Loved the message you´re giving!
Amanda Rooney (10 months ago)
Another great video. So happy your back. All your advice is so practical and helpful. Thank you!
Miss Dress (10 months ago)
Amanda Rooney so happy you like all my videos! Feels so good to be back! Xx
Donna Stevens (10 months ago)
Thanks again, very helpful it does help you come out off ones comfort zone on outfits Donna xxx
Emilly Saunders (10 months ago)
thank you !it is a really good advice!
Miss Dress (10 months ago)
My pleasure as always Emilly! xx

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