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HyoSung - Into You Eng/Rom lyrics

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Text Comments (9)
Julianna/Jo Schatz (2 months ago)
"It's only you tonight" sounds very similar to AOAs Short Hair Chorus
Bethany Lingle (1 year ago)
this song reminds me of nice body by hyomin :3
秀哲十野 (1 year ago)
this songs so seductive
Zo Harilala (2 years ago)
"nege deo banhae" i thought it was "naked body"
Lami Onifade (3 years ago)
Was this sampled from Spice Girls -I'll be there?
kit hand (1 year ago)
*say youll be there
Sofía Aranguren (2 years ago)
Abi Gail (3 years ago)
Hyoseong is so different in Beauty Bible
Meow Chan (3 years ago)
i realy love her this girl

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