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BBI Investors California (10 months ago)
May I ask (i heard you don't believe Just Anyone has the right to ask you a question, apologies if you are offended, Sir), why do you have the most views for your June/July YouTubes vids, versus your Live shows currently on Sat/Sun CONUS? ...what neat stat's!?!?
Andre K. (1 year ago)
https://www.spreaker.com/show/kfi-am-podcast_2 i just found this link. give a try.
Andre K. (1 year ago)
Julia Gordon (1 year ago)
"You slide off the dinosaur, and punch the time clock!" That's me,everyday! :)
Oshan Ruiz (1 year ago)
Good show tonight my friend, Can you play Echo and the Bunnymen?
haix ь т я л б (1 year ago)
Where is the June 25 show?
robrjohnson (1 year ago)
I have some Avocado trees and sell them to a reseller who sells them to the stores. This year, the Avocado crop was very low plus there was a growers' strike in Mexico. So it drove the price up considerably. The year before, we had about 800 lbs of avocados and got paid about $300 (about $0.38/lbs). This year we only had about 70 lbs but got $80 (about $1.15/lbs). Though the drought is over, the avocados for this year were growing on the trees from last year (April 2016). With the water restrictions, it made growing difficult. In California, we only get one harvest a year. They start growing around May and the typical harvest time is from February to April. Next year (after the drought), we are anticipating a large crop due to the heavy rain we received.
SnarlaRae (1 year ago)
Hair is Good
where is the saturday podcast on iTunes???
got it. thanks man
i don't live there. i travel there every year for vacation. I've been to davao twice. nice place. large town with a small town feel to it
Josh Sessoms (1 year ago)
Where in the Philippines are you? My wife is from Davao and I love it there.
VIL C. (1 year ago)
Kano in the Philippines, the dumb asses at iHeartRadio changed their hosting URL. Search for it and see the feed to make sure Sat is listed and re-subscribe.
Chris Tune (1 year ago)
Don't get me started on the West Side. More outgoing in your points that I would normally be, but I'd emphasize that ANYPLACE that crowded is screwed up. When you pack in beyond the "sardine" level, you are squashing too many people into a square mile. Board op does not know what the "Immigrant Song" is? DANG! I would have suggested "Eruption" from Tarkus.
Chris Tune (1 year ago)
Very good job promoting iHeart. Sounds improvised, but super competent. Very impressive.
Chris Tune (1 year ago)
I'm really glad that you mention how important it is to use SIGHTS on a shotgun. There is a common myth that the scatter allows any sort of inaccurate aiming. It really doesn't do that. Best to take your shotgun out to a TRAP machine and try and hit the clay pigeon. This is easier than SKEET (which has side-to-side motion, and can have TWO-WAY side motion). It's still quite hard to 100% hit a clay bird when shooting even a long barrel shotgun. It takes practice and a bunch of training and thought. The scatter actually works against you, not for you. I was able to prove to myself that #00 buck at 25 yards will spread to about 1 foot (using a Mossberg 500 with the long barrel). If you aim, you can place 8 or 9 pellets on an assailant sized area, but ONLY if you take careful aim.
Alexander Tseitlin (1 year ago)
This is awesome. please please post all your dsp and shls here!
petzoid (1 year ago)
DSP and super hyper local Sundays can be found on spreaker now. You don't get his between segments shtick--which is sometimes worth listening to and where I heard him mention spreaker--but you can download the postcasts. https://www.spreaker.com/show/kfi-am-podcast_2
The Clintidote (1 year ago)
My God, KFI pallets o' commercials are huge and long. Loving podcasts, always. Reasonable commercial breaks are ok, everybody's gotta eat, but after 2-3 minutes we're off to queue up the pod downloads.
The Clintidote (1 year ago)
The avocado "shortage" is due to them all of a sudden being the sriracha of the moment - very popular. Everybody's restaurant menu, right down to McDonald's, is burning through avos like crazy and the Mexican crop is just tapped out along with CA production. I'm a former restaurant owner who still gets the trade rags - reported a number of times over the last year. Simple supply and demand. The market will adjust and/or people will get tired and move on to the next foodie fad. Like the huge rise in pork-product costs a couple years ago when pig production went into the shitter - prices were up but are now nicely down to a level below the pre-crisis point due to overshoot in production. Standard stuff; Econ 101 price elasticity. I love avocados, but can be patient about my mass consumption until they're reasonable again. Still looking for the SHLS shows to hit the regular podcast clients! Put a beatdown on the guy in the other room, please! Cheers from the Olympic Peninsula!
Chris Tune (1 year ago)
Also, it's important to factor in how fast suppliers can RAMP UP. New avocado trees take many years to put into production. So, once the supplier community realizes that they really need to increase output, they still have many years ahead, while they increase the groves.
robert hill (1 year ago)
about time you finely are YouTube ing it thank Kek.
PeopleWant Ducks (1 year ago)
robert hill praise kek. Brian Suits POYB
Chris Dixon (1 year ago)
Suits, I am really enjoying your Youtube streams and best of all I can go watch them later in OCONUS time. It looks like that incident in London was some sort of crazy vigilante in response to all the radical Islamic terrorism happening there. I don't condone it but it seems like it was only a matter of time that someone was going to get fed up. <Sarcasm> Let's just see if our peaceful Muslim brothers denounce this incident as strongly as they denounce the terrorist attacks from Muslims.</Sarcasm>
Bruce Williams (1 year ago)
Brian, all your public content should go here. Thanks for all you do.
Sawdust Caesar (1 year ago)
@ 37:18 THANKS! BRYAN didn't expect you to play THE JAM but you did. Very cool! ACE!. Like I had said, back in the day TOWN CALLED MALICE sounded like TOWN CALLED MOUSE when PAUL WELLER sang w/ his deep WOKING accent. And yes, ALEX JONES is a fraud! Cheers from an original CALIFORNIA mod.
Jalu3 (1 year ago)
Nice work around to the podcast issue.
haix ь т я л б (1 year ago)
your hair looks much better. Did your daughter cut it?....great job she is really very talented

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