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How To Thrift Like A Teen 👕🌟

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my most requested video.....EVER ! i finally did it ! here are my tips on how to thrift like a seasoned thrifter. i hope that these little tips helped y'all out ! thanks to thrifting i was able to really really expand my wardrobe and my style ! thrifting and i have a very close relationship, almost all of my very favorite clothes were thrifted, and i have so many wonderful memories in them ( reference my "fav thrifted clothes" vid, haha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bImuJvHB0m0&t=555s ) i really hope that this video will help y'all discover some new favorite clothes ! much love, - cone ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Places to find me! Snapchat: @conanxcanon Instagram: @conangray Twitter: https://twitter.com/ConanXCanon Tumblr: http://conangray.tumblr.com For BUSINESS ONLY: Please Contact [email protected]
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Rad sad Ab (1 day ago)
It's so hard to thrift in the UK :(
your videos are so aesthetic omg
*cries in dutch because we don't have thrift stores*
edges. (3 days ago)
there’s no thrift stores in england oof
bitchplease (4 days ago)
when i go to the US as an exchange student imma thrift bc there arent any thrift stores where i live
I found a really cute black and blue jacket with a collar and no hood. It is now my favorite it jacket. For 1 dollar! :D
You is meh inspo C;
Jelicity Mercado (6 days ago)
Makena wuz here (6 days ago)
I usually go to Ross and Goodwill for cloths cuz i mean Why not you never know what you'll find there i am you could find Gucci or something
Maeve Dufour (6 days ago)
my goodies btw i love that word i use it all the time lol:; ive found soo many mom jeans, including two levis in my size for 5$ each this amazing and super cozy 90s jacket with this embroider of my home town's name many, many vintage tees this pure wool yellow oversized pull over for a lot of "vintage" things i wear are old things my mum and dad wore in the 90s so yeaah thats it
Elijah Zoe (7 days ago)
some tips from me: ugly sweaters look great as crop tops! don't look in the other sizes, it'll just make you sad if you find something that you love that doesnt fit! imagine outfits, not singular pieces of clothing. it helps with the open mind aspect! don't be afraid! your allowed the try new styles!
kucchi (8 days ago)
almost everywhere in ph there’s a thrift shop
Ash (8 days ago)
One time I went to a charity shop and I saw a piece of old paramore merch and it was the best day ever
Sunni Lil (9 days ago)
My best thrift store find is a light blue baseball hat with a cartoon dog wearing sunglasses and eating a bone
Faelen Crepe (9 days ago)
Your voice is so damn soothing to listen to. fuck dude
Hello it’s me (10 days ago)
Charity shops in England are kinda bad cos they are normally quite expensive and are mostly just granny dresses etc. Although once I got some really nice chunky blue shoes for £6 (originally £18) which I would never had gotten for the original price.
Juuls story (11 days ago)
Uses bleu for women and pink for men. I love it
Cole Reilly (12 days ago)
Mom jeans
SONJA JURIĆ (12 days ago)
For the first time in my life I'm happy that I live in Croatia cuz we have loads of thrift shops and tbh I hate croatia lmao
ᴋᴏᴘғʟᴏs (12 days ago)
So I completely fell in love with your voice💫
Gianna Sherman (13 days ago)
u r so cute ✨💞✨💞
harper moeller (13 days ago)
harper moeller (13 days ago)
you are so cute
G Amitay (13 days ago)
coming back here before going thrifting with my friends tomorrow
doo1235 (14 days ago)
what do you mean by teeen?
Emma Bago (16 days ago)
what is the outro song??
Vi M (19 days ago)
Who’s a girl here with broad shoulders 🙋
1kra (22 days ago)
*A e s t h e t i c*
MahTongueTech (25 days ago)
Cool things I've found in thrift stores: 🍃-this really cute vintage Converse, they were literally new! (I'm wearing them rn btw lol) 🍃- mom jeans. Oh hell YEAH. Those are everywhere. And I think they're cute. 🍃- this soft brown sweater. I love it so much.
Katelyn M. (1 month ago)
"Boughten" miss you baby Conan :)
da yoon Jenna (1 month ago)
i just found you 💕 i think today is my lucky day
Yazmin Andara (1 month ago)
Omg you’re so aesthetic I love and I’m so inspired omL
fionna love (1 month ago)
what's the song called in the background?
Ingrid Schaffer (1 month ago)
OtraChicaDe Internet (1 month ago)
I don't know what a thrift Store but i'm 100% diré there Is not one where i live
Sakaloo7 (1 month ago)
i get this heart warming feeling when i watch your videos <3
I love you (1 month ago)
Thank You ✨💫🔆
Alex Crowley (1 month ago)
which brand of classical guitar do you use 💛
Rachel's fail (1 month ago)
My fav things have been a blue members only jacket and a g i a n t grey old man sweater
gay as fuck (1 month ago)
im so sad we dont have thrift stores in the Netherlands ugh
Mia Matuszak (1 month ago)
Thanks !¡
Egg Justis (1 month ago)
I know this is an old video, but I recently found this blue 80s style jacket and it makes me feel like Steve from stranger things when I wear it (which is every day)
Isabella Medina (1 month ago)
I wiss you would tell us the names of the background songs. They're beautiful and I'd like to listen to them :)
Ahmed Bhatti (1 month ago)
r u girl or trans?
That One Friend (1 month ago)
I go into thrift stores for inspiration. I suck at coming up with outfits so I just walk around thrift stores 😂
charlie j (1 month ago)
the best thing i ever found was this HUGE men's shirt with a muted rainbow stripe pattern, i use it like a long jacket as an extra layer when the weather calls for it. it really is massive, i have to roll up the sleeves a considerable amount in order to use my hands but I'M TOO OBSESSED WITH THE PATTERN TO CARE
RandomVee (1 month ago)
I thrift shop in my dad's and brother's closet without paying :^)
Sammy Jones (1 month ago)
I love Savers.
Noelle Veronica (1 month ago)
My favorite finds: -a super cute Zara dress for $8 at a thrift store in Los Angeles! -really comfy University of Cincinnati sweatpants - A $45 new w/ tags Urban Outfitters tee for $5!!
wa sp (1 month ago)
•.°☆how to thrift like a pro☆°.• 1°.• you'll need to become deceased to proceed to the next steps! 2°.• be reincarnated as a poor kid in a poor family! now you're living in poverty and can't afford to shop at normal clothing stores! 3°.• then go to a thrift store! because this is the only store you can afford besides the dollar tree! ♡ 4°.• just buy some clothes!! you'll only be able to afford one shirt though, anything more is using up your parent's cigarette funds. 5°.• you're done! moral of the story if you can afford to shop at normal clothing stores go shop there. thrift stores are for people who literally can't afford much at all, so that's their clothing source. y'all stupid white bitches gentrify thrift stores cause for some reason bein poor is a trend?? anyway, now they're raising their prices ×10 so thank you, thank you so much for helping out us poor people!! now we can't afford it,, again!! & this isn't directed to Conan, he's a college student, ain't nobody can afford shizzle so yes ofc he can thrift, I'm just saying if you can afford clothes,, then,,, don't shop at thrifts thank you ♡ AGAIN NOT DIRECTED TO CONAN!!
EmyArtworks (1 month ago)
I suddenly feel the need to head down to salvation army and thrift shop the fuck out of everything
Hi conan i have a problem with my body lots of people tell me im "beautiful" but i dont think so . I think my body look disgusting with what i want 2 where and what makes it hard its that im aboy and my mom tells me i should not care because im a boy and only girls are soposed 2 care about there bodys
Lenthe Faasen (2 months ago)
I’ve found white clout goggles And it was the best day of my Life I payed 0,75 cent for them
Elise Clayton (2 months ago)
I found this really nice waffle maker that retailed for like 50 dollars and it was 5. I had been wanting a waffle​ maker for a long time and I was soooo happy when they had one and it worked
LIL X CODINE (2 months ago)
love this vid its so calm!:)
Keira Eyles (2 months ago)
“That’s dumb don’t do that”
Jackson Rynd (2 months ago)
I love thrifting
Ashley Villalta (2 months ago)
Your tips really helped even though you seem to think you don’t know what ur talking about lol
Ashley Villalta (2 months ago)
You’ve convinced me to go thrifting tomorrow ;)
pidgeon (2 months ago)
i have a pretty crummy thrift store downtown in my small ass city but sometimes i find pretty cool stuff,,, i definitely look in both sections bc they mix the clothes a lot too. there was a really good thrift shop a province over and i high key wanna go back to that city just for the thrifting
X.itsTilly.X (2 months ago)
I wanna go thrift shopping with someone but like yeahhhhh
•Analiz • (2 months ago)
Cries in Mexican cause thrift stores are not a thing
Ya boi Hammy (2 months ago)
The softboy QUEEN !!! 👑
Vita Klemenčič (2 months ago)
i’m going thrifting tomorrow for the first time and i’m kind of nervous because thrifting is not really a thing in my country (smal country in EU) and i don’t know if i’ll find cute aesthetic clothes
Rachel Martin (2 months ago)
Omg I clicked on the video bc I was like hey that looks a lot like the guy on the cover of “Idle Town” ... turns out it IS that guy on the cover
evelyn d (2 months ago)
He's so cute awh
Princess0fAwkward (2 months ago)
my favorite thing i got was an oversized, army green bomber jacket for $5. i live in las vegas and it’s over 100 degrees half the time but the jacket was so damn cute i had to get it
finnskata (2 months ago)
such a cutie😊💛
Jas Garcia (2 months ago)
you have to check out CurlyPenny!! she loves to thrift too and its alot like your style😊💕
Aino Koski (2 months ago)
I found my prom dress from the thrift store today. I PAYED 8€ FOR IT! People usually need to spend 200-600€ on their dresses. The dress was the same style that I was looking for so I am really happy.
Ida Nystedt Beauty (2 months ago)
my mom, my friend and i went to a thrift store and my mom found a bunch of clothes, I found some amazing heels, and my friend found GUCCI SNEAKERS
Purple Stardust (2 months ago)
ash blake (2 months ago)
ok i love thrifting but i live on an island so i cant frequently visit so it stresses me out bc i feel like im missing the good stuff but anywhoi love this vid
Edge lord (2 months ago)
What’s the song?!!!
Ellen Explains It All (2 months ago)
Favorite items I've found at thrift stores -SUPER cute pair of high-waisted black mom jeans -Oversized army green corduroy jacket (people call it ugly but it's that cool kinda ugly) -Soooo many amazing button ups -The perfect jean jacket that I was on the hunt for -And lots more :)
RydenIsrael ! (2 months ago)
I found a really awesome Hot Topic flannel for like two or three bucks at a thrift store!
heavydirtysoull (2 months ago)
i wanna go to thrift stores but i might not find anything i like lmao
Draken Love (2 months ago)
thrifting tip: don't try on the clothes unless you know that the clothes are complete clean. second tip is leave the clothing in a bag outside for a week or two to make sure anything that the clothes carries dies. third tip is to wash it at a laundry mat cause you don't know what was on that item of clothing
Green Boys (2 months ago)
What camera where you using while recording the thrift store? Thank you in advance.
pretty grass (2 months ago)
my country doesn’t have thrift shops it’s depressing
Thanks Ooo 🐱🎉🐧✨💛🐼
Larkin Septimo (2 months ago)
evbatgirl (2 months ago)
Favorite : black and white knitted pullover I've had for years now and worn out and repaired several times😂😂cost me 4 złoty (?that's the polish currency right???) Which was like 25 ct. Soooooooo I mean...Go thrift shopping in Poland my friends!!!
Maid Jean Of Derwood (2 months ago)
This one time, I was at an underground thrift store with some friends, and I found this old, wool army-type jacket with these big brass buttons and this cool design inside with pockets... it fit me perfectly, and as soon as I tried it on, my friends were practically yelling that I had to get it. I was off by some amount of money, so my friend lent me the cash... it was a good day :)
joonnight · (2 months ago)
summarizing (2 months ago)
Ros anna (2 months ago)
I so wanna go to America just to thrift shop as the stores are so huge!!!
Dxddy Camiii (2 months ago)
Key = DIGG
Bratz Lip Logical (2 months ago)
i like to diy my shit
Amani Ghostdog (3 months ago)
Is this the guy from idle town?
Erick Sosa (3 months ago)
subtítulos en Español pliis :(
riley natasha (3 months ago)
it's been raining all day so i came by to watch all of canon's videos:) but anyway one time while i was thrifting I went in and immediately one to the shoes, which I don't normally do. But I saw pair of white nike air force 1's which were the exact shoes I had been looking at online the day before. and i'm pretty short and small, so it's hard to find shoes that fit me because i can fit in shoes anywhere from a 5-6 but they fit me perfectlyyyy
QHZ Kim Jisoo (3 months ago)
My so far fave thrifted clothe is a denim that im pretty sure was brand new cuz it still has that tag plastic and i only got it for 3 dollars!!
alright. (3 months ago)
Im so awkward in my thrift store cause the isles are small and if someones in the isle im in i leave
Madzee07 (3 months ago)
I found a pretty brown skirt.
Just Quillie (3 months ago)
The aesthetic vibes.
Sue Loulanting (3 months ago)
Idk if you've done it, but can u do a video of your favorite music!!!
runny babbit (3 months ago)
Stuff I got 2 pairs Levi’s A Levi’s jacket Converse with cool purple, pink, blue, and green flowers and heart and peace signs Awesome cardigans Black jeans I love thrift shops.
theabstractidea (3 months ago)
i went thrift shopping for the first time today and i found a really nice and stylish hoodie and i’m in love with it
Daniela Salazar (3 months ago)
Harry Styles is my king of fashion.

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