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How To Thrift Like A Teen 👕🌟

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my most requested video.....EVER ! i finally did it ! here are my tips on how to thrift like a seasoned thrifter. i hope that these little tips helped y'all out ! thanks to thrifting i was able to really really expand my wardrobe and my style ! thrifting and i have a very close relationship, almost all of my very favorite clothes were thrifted, and i have so many wonderful memories in them ( reference my "fav thrifted clothes" vid, haha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bImuJvHB0m0&t=555s ) i really hope that this video will help y'all discover some new favorite clothes ! much love, - cone ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Places to find me! Snapchat: @conanxcanon Instagram: @conangray Twitter: https://twitter.com/ConanXCanon Tumblr: http://conangray.tumblr.com For BUSINESS ONLY: Please Contact [email protected]
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Mr. Fahrenheit (2 days ago)
i one time found this light brown plaid jacket from 1972 at a thrift store and i regret not buying it
ATVTUT (2 days ago)
Your amazing really truly amazing
kathy evans (3 days ago)
i love how for the mens and womens lists you changed the colors uwu
Steffany Joy (3 days ago)
2019 anyone?
ella the goldfish (3 days ago)
criesss because i have to pay 10 euro’s to travel to a thrift store, and it takes an hour
yoonmins (4 days ago)
uwu your voice
MäddøxGrêÿ1130 (5 days ago)
amityofyouth (5 days ago)
~I found a snoopy backpack from japan, its so cute ;-; and quite new except theres a small tear around the straps but because of that i was able to negotiate to a lower price haha ~ purple cat japanese inspired purse D: and its new! Its like a dollar ~ care bear vintage pencil box <33
mia mariee (5 days ago)
my number one thing id like to do before i die is to meet you.
Molly Ann (5 days ago)
I love you
animusqueen (5 days ago)
One of the places I love to go is this tiny antique shop on a shopping circle near my house. I was there one day with my mom and I found a super cute, sort of small green Coney Island Cyclone shirt that was tucked away under a pile of shirts in a small drawer. While I was trying on some jeans in the back room (the lady who owns the store doesn't have a functioning dressing room, so she just pulls aside a few racks of clothes and lets you duck inside) I noticed a very vintage, very cute New Jersey Nets basketball jacket. Now mind you I live in Texas and I have never once heard of the New Jersey Nets team but I immediately seized it, abandoned the jeans and begged my mom to buy the jacket. Its literally the only article of clothing I wear anymore.
Thanima Rajan (5 days ago)
I watch a lot of thrift store videos and we don't even have one here
Beatriz Garcilazo (5 days ago)
I've been going to thrift stores since I was a kid and always hated them as a kid because they overwhelmed me, but since I started thrifting on my own a couple years back I've come to realize a good tip is to section off the store in your mind so that it doesn't seem as overwhelming and cramped full of things and also go on days where you can make a whole day out of it because thrifting while in a rush is no fun and kind of leaves me a little disappointed cause I feel like I didn't get to look through everything
Beatriz Garcilazo (5 days ago)
Hopefully that was explained well and some of you guys understand what I mean
C A M C A M (5 days ago)
Idk why but in france i feel like thrift shop are kinda overpriced 🙂
Audrey’s daughter (6 days ago)
40€ record player is my favorite find
ihopeusteponalego xox (7 days ago)
when ur in the uk and charity shops are small as fuck
samila (7 days ago)
I want to drift shop but Ik they won’t fit me because I’m skinny and short
ElNinja戸村 (7 days ago)
Bitch you speak too much, ¿ you are a girl or what?
Henry Cook (8 days ago)
Any straight skate-bois here?
minxhal (8 days ago)
gUeSS wHO'S gOnNa Go ThRIfTiNG
Hobi's hope (8 days ago)
Omg you're so cute uwu 💞💫
Ciara Roders (9 days ago)
Best things I’ve found at thrift stores- *A vintage, slightly ripped up, Levis demon jacket I’m convinced is from the 80s *So many designer men’s hoodies, don’t forget to look in the men’s section as you can sometimes find some great things *A massive white furry jacket, yes I’m probably never going to wear it but I had to have it
Lucy & Willa (10 days ago)
why did i hear the first 4 seconds and think to myself "i already like this guy"
Kate TheTakiKween (11 days ago)
Mine are two mom jeans
kyra-lee (11 days ago)
i got this plain white shirt from salvos that says "#bestdad #imawesome #thebest" and i bought it while my dad was there for myself sksksk
elaine wang (12 days ago)
cries cause my mom doesn’t allow me to thrift shop cause other people have already worn the clothes
bonita w (12 days ago)
this is bothering me so much even though i love this vid BOUGHTEN IS *NOT* A WORD
Adriana ‘ (12 days ago)
youre so cute omg
Simon Wiesner (14 days ago)
Lol your voice is so unexpected for some reason
Infiresman Yoongi (14 days ago)
Heres a tip DONT BUY SWIM SUITS PLEASE DONT just buy old tee shirts and shorts ok
Infiresman Yoongi (14 days ago)
Im glad for this video bc i needed help
freya (14 days ago)
we haven’t got thrift store in the uk. not that i know of anyway...
Memes Magee (14 days ago)
I have 13 pairs of converse (not even lying I counted) and they are all form thrift shops
Jeremy By The Sea (15 days ago)
One time i went thrifting and I found the Biography of Alexander Hamilton for only $3 (it's usually $20)
Evie Perryman (15 days ago)
*cries in British because we don’t have thrift stores*
SIKE nah (16 days ago)
My mom won’t let me thrift cause she says that even tho you can wash it you still don’t know who wore it
I live in a town where the only things in charity shops is faded Asda sweatpants and porcelain pigs
liberty (17 days ago)
I actually got extremely lucky and found my homecomimg dress at a thrift shop,,,it was all black, but it was off the shoulder and had little flowers on it,,,and i love IT!!!
Army Guy Gee-tar (18 days ago)
I only buy records and army shit from the 50s and 60s
marenisnotawkward (18 days ago)
i once found an old, worn well (very loved, paint stains and small holes in sleeve) champion sweater that was an xl but i love it and it was $4 at goodwill! I also found a pair of high waisted jeans in a style that i had been looking for in other clothing stores for ever.
BESSY PEARL (19 days ago)
What is an inspo??
very sad human (19 days ago)
i feel dysphoric when i shop in womens, so i always go with a friend. but maybe i should try it alone soon.
Montana Armel (20 days ago)
Thrifting music????
lavender child (20 days ago)
awe i miss conan,
Isabella Hinz (20 days ago)
I really like to garden and one time I found 3 miniature watering cans that were perfect for planting succulents in! :D
Kris S (20 days ago)
Favourite find : American eagle jean shorts 4.99$
Haley Hampton (20 days ago)
“bestdressed viewers watched this” Who’s here from Ashley??
IISxphieI I (20 days ago)
conan is the *_literal_* meaning of aesthetic
Rehema Kansonkho (21 days ago)
Emma chamberlain who I’ll wait
Gigi Devlin (21 days ago)
my favourite thrift store find we’re my 5$ vans they were in almost perfect condition and i was so amazed
Stine Mari Nykås (21 days ago)
my nearest thrift shop is like 45-1h away :(
I weigh I could follow the whole visit frequently tip but my problem is since the not going to the thrift store to buy certain thing your just picking what you like I always end up over spending and I guess that really comes down to me needing to sit down and tally everything up and then narrow down the pile and be more cautious
joão victor (21 days ago)
cries in brazilian bc the ones here have just ugly clothes..
strshpg (22 days ago)
the thirft stores in my town are lame :((
BTS Julia (22 days ago)
~ ew
Abi Baskar (22 days ago)
There is no thrift shop in and around the city I live ....I don't know why I'm watching this
Lakira L (23 days ago)
If you go to a thrift store and buy a shirt for 52 dollars then you know your doing it wrong
umya aye sin sin (23 days ago)
So he's gay right
janz nutz (24 days ago)
i hope my future bf would have great fashion taste like u
Trash Queen (25 days ago)
if you live in the midwest all you find is grandma clothes ;-;
Yani Cahya (25 days ago)
One more tips, you should pretty precisely in find out the deffects 💙
Alaina’s Wrld (25 days ago)
Omg right when I heard your voice I knew I had found my new favorite YouTuber😂💘💘
Lanie Ns (27 days ago)
I can feel his happy adorable energy radiating through the screen it’s so cute I- My heart: 💕🦋💕🦋💕🦋💕🦋💕🦋💕🦋💕🦋💕🦋💕🦋💕🦋💕
Stephanie Brock (28 days ago)
Ur rlly cute oMigOsH
Louis Brady (28 days ago)
Your really pretty. Thank you for making me smile today, I really needed it. :)
voni elastic (29 days ago)
me + open mind = broke person
Crusta Nox (29 days ago)
omg i loveeeee that green striped shirt
Sophie Gambill (30 days ago)
My dad got a thrifted suit case that’s value was $200 and he got it for a $1 because they didn’t know the password on the lock. It was 000. That’s my thrifting story.
Julie Small (30 days ago)
I just bought a new type of Doritos and idk how I’m feeling about it
marinara sauce (1 month ago)
woah his speaking voice is so different from his singing voice
Paisley (1 month ago)
Did he just say neon is disgusting???! I’m offended
Vada Weisheit (1 month ago)
I love thrift shopping Watching this makes me wanna go to my local goodwill now
Joel Calderon (1 month ago)
Does he make himself talk like that or ??????
S a m m y liFe. (1 month ago)
-sadly, there are no thrift stores near me-
Dream Girl (1 month ago)
in Switzerland i Love to buy Books in thrift stores because they only cost 50 to 100 Rp. ( that is like cents)
derryxeditz (1 month ago)
Thrift tips: Read more
Hailey Bradley (1 month ago)
I love him so much
deathpacito (1 month ago)
Everything about this video just soothes me
Isabelle Crenshaw (1 month ago)
I’d like to see a thrift with me
Dakohta Schmainda (1 month ago)
Any piece of clothing can look nice with the right filter
SkiinnyClip (1 month ago)
We love a sister on a budget
Biana (1 month ago)
that_one _girl (1 month ago)
All the stuff that's at my Good Will •Multiple shirts that have to do with AMERICA •Scratched records •Multiple CDs to help with a divorce •A broken Easy Bake oven with a weird goo • Old Dan and Phil merch •A painting with a dog on it • One Sleeping With Sirens shirt •A lot of weird stuff
RandomStuff Studios (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who thinks he kinda looks like Cameron boyce? ?????
Jude morganic (1 month ago)
i hate his hair
EDWARD CHOE (1 month ago)
im so sorry conan but... i can't help but just focus on dem eyes tho... sigh,
Maya The Papaya (1 month ago)
I work at a thrift store and when i tell you I love my job so much !! Literally there are so many cool things! I just love going through the new donations bc there is always something I love. Also people are always asking where I get my clothes from so its really cool.
Olivia Randall (1 month ago)
I found my favorite pair of mom jeans and a turtle neck I love (but would never normally wear. It was a spur of the moment but). Thrifting is so much fun when you step out of your comfort zone :))
chloe taylor (1 month ago)
im really sad my town is so small we dont have any good thrift shops
Sara Bruceti (1 month ago)
He's soooooo beautiful
SpookyRoseV (1 month ago)
Me dealing with my self-hatred on how I might be a hipster
Charley Benson (1 month ago)
AAAHHH I’m just discovering this guy and he made videos??? YAY THIS IS THE LORD BLESSING THIS HOUSE
zoe (1 month ago)
Devyn Lappin (1 month ago)
Could we have a video for if there isn’t a thrift shop near you and you want to thrift? :)
bird leaf (1 month ago)
conan your fashion style is my life, you're my inspiration.
Míñ ýøøňğî (1 month ago)
I once found a pair of red converse high top shoes and I love them so much!
zoe garcia (1 month ago)
I'm mad because I saw an Adidas shirt that I wanted, but I didn't get it.
shishtar. camii (1 month ago)
this is the first video I've ever watched on your channel and I've been bingeing all of your videos for about a week now omg
Jonnie Boi (1 month ago)
I really want to go to a thrift store but i don't know if there are any in my area :(
Attacker Anjar (1 month ago)

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