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How To INSTANTLY Know if a Guy Likes You

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WARNING: it might mean getting your hands a little dirty, but if you play it right you can stop wondering pretty quickly instagram: http://www.instagram.com/andrewquo IF YOU ENJOYED THIS MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL AND TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS TO NEVER MISS AN UPLOAD! ALSO, CHECK OUT MY OTHER VIDEOS 10 THINGS TO NEVER SAY TO A GUY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLAiIzVbbPE&list=PLgh6SMZ65pTc5_1yMtJsDz9N8RAqR45Nz&index=1&ab_channel=AndrewQuo ARE YOU HOT ENOUGH FOR HIM? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltWkhSRG22U&list=PLgh6SMZ65pTc5_1yMtJsDz9N8RAqR45Nz&index=2&ab_channel=AndrewQuo TEXTING SECRETS GUYS CAN'T RESIST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NsuJMa60jA&list=PLgh6SMZ65pTc5_1yMtJsDz9N8RAqR45Nz&index=3 MEET ME ON TOUR: http://pressplay.co
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Text Comments (1031)
4everRebel14 (2 days ago)
so reverse story i sit across the class to this guy (basically next to him) and he tends to slouch in his chair when he's listening to the teacher in class, and the other day I cought myself sitting the exact same way. But like I don't have a crush on him or anything but it still happens. I actually think that he likes me!?!?! Idk whats going on. halp
Shelby Johnson (2 days ago)
Than the guy I like likes me Let me know if this is a sign in secret we where talking and he was talking to his friend he said he would be on my team then he put his arm around my neck it was tight and it was very uncomfortable because I was not used to someone doing this please tell me if this means anything
Nelson Rangel (4 days ago)
All the signs you talk about a guy liking you, I see in this guy I’m seeing. The only thing is that I’m gay and he’s straight. I have s strong sense he likes me because I see all the signs, but at the same time, he always reminds me he’s straight. It’s so confusing, I decided to not see him anymore
Kata rin (5 days ago)
I realize I have also picked up mannerisms form my friends!
Ari Gasbarro (6 days ago)
i can’t sit next to my crush 😭
Adriana Dunn (7 days ago)
White Raven (7 days ago)
At gym l have men occasionally smile at me, or l catch someone stealing glances at me. l node my head, smile, and continue exercising. Of course l'm looking...
Apple faze (10 days ago)
Welp guess a girl like me.
SilverCoyote 266 (11 days ago)
I like this one guy and he copies some of my mannerisms. I say things like YEET and bruh and oof. He used to mot say that stuff at all. Now he says it a lot. :)
Marlie Johnson Styles (11 days ago)
Why am I always on the wrong side of the INTERNET, knowing that I'm going to die single!!???
Warrior Queen (13 days ago)
Definitely need conversation starters.
Anna Popnikolova (16 days ago)
The second he said the I mean thing the entire rest of the video was about counting how many times he said I mean
steph9bows (18 days ago)
I copied his smile
I Am One (20 days ago)
Strange conversation topics is super duper rad plan!
Taehyung Trash (21 days ago)
Casually cracking my knuckles as he mentions it
I know a even faster way Ask him about it
lilburrito hiya (23 days ago)
Who else cracked their knuckles
Juan C (25 days ago)
are you kidding me, this should be so easy. JUst about every guy is ready to go, unless he's a "P u S S Yyyyy!" Look I make it so easy for as girl. She even comes close to my surrounding, ill stair at her eyes or face so we lock up and I will "WINK!" at her to let her know I want her. Thats all I do and it works 100% of the time, they know after that whats going down. And if they come back for more Ill "Wink and blow them a sexy kiss" you wouldn't believe how crazy they go for that
The-CoffeeBean (26 days ago)
I mean
So um my bestfriend actually does all of these things and he calls me 'cute' and stuff. I actually touch his hair A LOT but he also touches mine sjsjsjj. We also spam each other with hearts heheh. But even tho he does everything he also calls me 'sister' and stuff so im confused asf sksksks helP PLS
Jade Connell (27 days ago)
The mannerisms part is so true. I know I do it with my friends and the people I like 💛
Carly Barrett (30 days ago)
I would never crack my buckles but then I met this guy and I don’t even like him but now I have to crack my neck my muckiest my back and my toes it’s weird.
Narphins 4 EVER (30 days ago)
Okayyy in order... 1. We always hang out, and I have the most dumbest jokes. He told me some of them are good and he thought "whaaaat??" On some of my good ones 2. Only thing he did that was "close" is when he helps me up, or at lunch when we sit next to eachother 3. We're alike, but ??? I don't know 4. Yeah kinda (he probably doesn't like me tho)
Nina Gabrielle (1 month ago)
We’ll be at work we’re it’s not necessary to stand next to each other at he stands next to me shoulders touching nearly daily.
Daddy Maddy (1 month ago)
My boy bestfriend, my best friends boyfriend, obviously likes me and idk what to do
JJ (1 month ago)
I like to start a sentence by saying, "Broski." And a guy I hung out with a lot, started saying it too.
Honey Games (1 month ago)
I usually copy my crushes moves all they time.
My best friends tease my a lot, like pull my hair, put their hands around my neck, or just joke around with me. I dont know if it means anything, it might though.
One time, me and my BEST friend (Not ryan) we were playing a game on the computer. We were laying on our stomachs and our feet were in the air. Then, he wrapped his leg around mine... I had this SUPER wierd feeling but I got used to it.
Vera Lola (1 month ago)
Haha my crush laughs at terrible jokes I make and it’s OBVIOUS it’s fake but he tries so hard and it’s so cute 😂😂
addie awesomeness! (1 month ago)
Oh my god.... With the mannerisms thing, me and my crush started acting like each other when we would actually talk. like seriously. He did this weird neck crane thing when he was saying something weird or dramatic, then I started doing that too. Then I noticed that he started talking like me and making similar gestures. Does this mean something??
Aaron P (1 month ago)
Ooooo I do the mannerism thing so much with my crush lmao
Shanice Turner (1 month ago)
a guy at work was stareing at me.so i smile at him and smile too.
I’m i girl. And I didn’t realize i did all of this till I watched it! But he did it too. There is a reason for my past tense.
audreylindsay (1 month ago)
is there a video about how to start conversation? would someone please send a link if there is?
me me (1 month ago)
Lol I touched his arm while thanking him for helping me out with something, and he stared at my hand as if he was trying to fully savior the moment (for a solid 15 seconds lol) and then said, in the sweetest voice ever "Yes, of course, you're welcome!" MY HEART 😭❤️
Kit Gilliam (1 month ago)
Give this a like if you also thought the thumbnail was Logan Paul!
ItzKenzie123321 (1 month ago)
I just realized this is EXACTLY what my online friend does.. 😐 sadly, I have a small crush on the dork T-T This is our EXACT convo Him: What's up Me: Nothing.Nothing at all.I don't have a life Him: Yes you dooo I care about you 😉
Eva Nikki 9106 (1 month ago)
The last one happens to me that’s scary af
nevaeh ross (1 month ago)
Alivia Williams (1 month ago)
On number 2, the close thing it's so funny because my crush, (we both like each other)when we walk in the hallway we are always standing shoulder to shoulder, yet he still tries to get closer and there's i'm just thinking there's no space there dude😂
Xhaneyy A. (1 month ago)
One day my teacher asked if I shared the folder to her already, so I made two thumbs up to say " yeah " then I asked if she needs anything. But then she was shocked and suddenly said " You're really like... " but then she covered her mouth and giggled. Out of curiosity I kept on asking her and then she told me that my crush ( almost everyone in our school knew that we have " something " 😂 ) kept on doing that too. I was so shocked that I said " What? He's copying me, I'm the one who's doing that. " but to my mistake everyone in the classroom heard and kept on teasing me for the whole day. I also asked one of his guy friends and he said yeah. Also, his guy friend told me that he would put his fingers together ( a french hand gesture to say something is wonderful ) anyway, I would do that if I'm pissed to someone it's like a middle finger to me. He was doing that for the past couple days but I've been doing that till last year. Yeah, 💟
Lukas The Gamer (1 month ago)
One thing I'm a boy my friend is a boy and he calls me names like Chubs and I'm like I HAVE A NAME
Angelina Garcia (1 month ago)
When the second sign came up, I immediately thought of the 3 guys that sit behind me in sixth period and the fact that they usually try to get the attention of my two friends and me. Not only that, their desks are practically hitting our chairs if they were to be pushed out.
Lily Natvig (1 month ago)
He does follow most of these...but I still can't tell if he likes me or if he's just being really reaLLY nicE ;-; cuz he is a nice person and I can never tell and it's making me anXIOuS
Alexis Hummel (1 month ago)
Hey here is a tip that you may have not heard yet! (I know this from personal experience) ~Most people say that when a guy likes you he stares at you and if you catch him, he looks away and pretends that he wasn’t staring at you. However, if he doesn’t look away and continues staring at you, he most likely has a crush on you. This could mean that he’s really shy and wants to talk to you but can’t get up the courage to talk to you. Basically he thinks you’re super cute 😉 Also the thing where he copies what you are doing (running your hand through your hair, touching your neck, changing your sitting position, etc.) DEFINITELY means he likes you. It’s a totally subconscious thing that both guys and girls do and most of the time they don’t even realize they’re doing it, but it does mean that they like you. Hope this helps!! ☺️
Monique Marquez (1 month ago)
I hate when people yawn like while they are talking. TMI just sayin
Monique Marquez (1 month ago)
You are very handsome and just my opinion you look best with dark brown hair 😘
Sarah Jayne (1 month ago)
What if he’s just really nice and it’s none of what you just said? Guys are confusing as fuck....🤷🏻‍♀️
liv • (2 months ago)
um. i like this guy. and um. we talk. a lot. and he makes me really happy. and i always catch him staring. then i look away right when i see it. then i look back. he’s still looking! and when i make a joke, he laughs. really hard. he makes a joke, i laugh. really hard. he teases me, a lot. he knows i hate certain words. he says them anyway. he keeps asking my friends if i want to be friends with him. i think he likes me. but i don’t want to get my hopes up. advice?
Kandi Cornell (2 months ago)
Thank you sir for sharing your wisdom about the matters of the heart. It is much needed to learn people! YES please do a video on conversation starters, it breaks the ice. I look forward to it.
Mariah Francois (2 months ago)
There's a guy that does these
Red Turtle (2 months ago)
He’s shy but he smiles when i say hi i honestly don’t think he likes me 😖
Gregory Brown (2 months ago)
What about a guy liking a guy? I have a hard time finding a vid about that... plus I see this guy looking at me randomly
BOMBAexpress (2 months ago)
Ariesgang (2 months ago)
OMG so right now I just realized that the guy that “apparently” likes me crosses his legs whenever I cross mine and he always put his head on his hand when I did it.... he also was very comfortable sitting next to me..............,
CrystalGacha (2 months ago)
Welp all girls are her to check if their crush likes them back 😂
Michelle Sithole (2 months ago)
Sooo many rules(pant) but its worth it right? right?
Daisha rose (2 months ago)
What if he is in 8
Kahlen TheDoggo (2 months ago)
I really need to go to bed is fucking 2 am but I don’t wanna
Sky Rune (2 months ago)
This is going to be fun. I'm naturally oblivious though, so, wish me luck. He laughs at my jokes, but he laughs at all stupid jokes. He kinda seems to like being around me, but we're friends XD. I don't think he mimics me, *shrug*. We both crack our knuckles and that kind of shit XD. He does do that... I also do that XD.
Lamar El Jazzar (2 months ago)
Why is his eyes better than minee 😻😻
ميديا الساهر (2 months ago)
I disliked this video because u talking very fast.
dani k (2 months ago)
For the personal space one, he always chooses to play defense when we play like 3 on 3 in gym and recesses, so he's comfortable being in my space.
Flying Spaniel (2 months ago)
This low key worked
Cassidy Kunze (2 months ago)
Omg so my ex always used to snap his fingers then like point with his pointer finger and have his thumb up too and I I started doing that and didnt even realize until my best friend told me that I started doing that
Austin Durkin (2 months ago)
Austin Durkin (2 months ago)
tell me
THE TREND IS HERE! (2 months ago)
I mimic my crush alot and I never noticed until now!......
ammes connally (2 months ago)
They are only interested in what you look like .... you Flatter yourself in thinking that women give a shit what’s in your stupid brain we just want a good money maker if we are attractive u silly idiot lol
Yahya Zouine (2 months ago)
I am guy I think a guy like me but I want to make sure
Mami _spam (2 months ago)
Karina Roa (2 months ago)
My crush likes me!!!!!!!
GabbeT06 * (2 months ago)
My bi friend let me like tilt my head on his shoulder and "hug" his arm for about an hour, does that mean he likes me? (Btw im also bi)
Nelius Nyambura (2 months ago)
There's a guy who keeps looking at me when I just pass by the road 🛣 to my home so does he like?? and he's so cute too so l hope he does
Probably ANY (2 months ago)
Why am i here
Brontë X (2 months ago)
How to know if a guy likes you? Are you attractive? Yes. There you go.
올리비아 Liv (3 months ago)
my guy friends literally squish me in a corner ;-;
올리비아 Liv (3 months ago)
and what if he gives u food but says no to other ppl that ask him to share?
올리비아 Liv (3 months ago)
what if a guy does homework for u willingly by asking u to do it? especially when its math and im shit at it
StarsBeyondMars (3 months ago)
Wait do you have heterochromia?? One eye seems green the other seems blue Nvm🤦🏼‍♀️
Genesis Vargas (3 months ago)
Amazon Majesty (3 months ago)
My crush is one of the popular kids so I am probably way out of his league. I can never get a chance to have a conversation and if we do it lasts maybe 2 minutes. But i think he likes me. Maybe
Yến Nhi Trần (3 months ago)
what if he does all of these but still doesn't makes any move? i'm tired of waiting you know
Die Michi (3 months ago)
you literally described me.
Mel Thompson (3 months ago)
Shoulder to shoulder thing is worrying I know two guy friends who do this on purpose
Earl Meredith (3 months ago)
i totally agree with girl out do you want a boy go get them
Shanice Turner (3 months ago)
a guy at work always smile at me.when he looks at me
Tjen Broun (3 months ago)
I litterly adjust myself in a day to a friend 😂 like so much
Amelia Kovacs (3 months ago)
I crossed my arms and then noticed someone copy me
pengu (3 months ago)
Tbh I do these things to everyone that I'm close with.
Kirthi H (3 months ago)
My crush cracks his knuckles and I crack my knuckles. I guess we’re soulmates. Jk jk, we’re both playing mind-games and we’re college seniors. Gotta talk to this man and figure out stuff.
Jacklu 73 (3 months ago)
Heeelp!!! This is a weird story but I need professional help since I have never dated before. It starts like this: i first started high school and I saw this guy and idk but I think I started liking him because I couldn’t stop looking at him by the corner of my eye, but when we were playing badminton I went with my friend to play against him but then he moved somewhere else and it happened a few times. However I have seen him looking at me a few times and every time I saw him he looked away. Another time was when I was sitting with my friends and his friends where sitting almost beside us and they where laughing but he was looking at me. Idk what to do! And Idk if I should even try and go after him since I don’t want to get rejected (which I’ll probably will) what should I dooo!!!!
What if he hugs u after being rude is her doing it cause he cares or causes he doesn't want to seem like an asshole
Kyla Bischoff (3 months ago)
i know this video is a year old but i don’t care. so i like my ex, i broke up with him last year but i like him and he knows but idk how he feels about me and i’m too awkward to ask lmfao so like idk. all my friends and my mom keep saying that he likes me and that we’re getting back together soon but i don’t know. apparently he looks at me a lot and we talk a lot in the one class we have together and he makes me laugh all the time and jokes around a lot. idk i need helpppp
Meri's Art (3 months ago)
So my crush has been asking my best friend for a lot of times who do i like and since she is my best friend she always tells me. Today he asked her again and she told him "ask her for yourself" and he said "she will not answer me" Idk if he likes me or..
juSt liKE fiRe (3 months ago)
so now 650,000 people is counting on you
Leo Vargas (3 months ago)
ugh I really hope
Jessica Jane (3 months ago)
The guy I’m involved with has picked up some of my facial expressions! I hadn’t noticed until I was FaceTiming with him and my sister was being goofy so I turned the phone around to show him (and she could see him... you get it) and on two occasions she was like “you both just pulled exactly the same face” and I can’t stop noticing it now! 😊
Puppy Love 907 (3 months ago)
This guy dyes his hair a lot and people always touch his hair and he HATES it but when I do it she smiles soooo 😂😂

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