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petzoid (8 months ago)
"IF I DID IT: Confession of THE KILLER" was the title of OJ's book. It ended up belonging to the Goldmans somehow and they published it. They made "if" very tiny and the "I DID IT" very large on the cover on the edition I read when it first came out. The Goldmans have never used OJ's name. They have only called him The Killer.
petzoid (8 months ago)
About the gloves and the OJ Jury. I read the book by 4 of the black women jurors called Madam Forewoman. They made it clear they did not fall for the glove trick, that they knew that was OJ glove. What they did buy was that the police were looking to hang a black man, that they went after OJ from "jump street" that is, right from the beginning. In a later interview (about 3 years ago, I think) one of those women jurors said that OJ's acquittal was pay-back for Rodney King.
Addicted (8 months ago)
I got here late! My baaad!
al va (8 months ago)
Washington Generals played the Globetrotters

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