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Basement Jaxx - Metropole Orkest - Samba Magic

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Eindhoven 2010 - Optreden van de Basement Jaxx in samenwerking met het Metropole Orkest in het Muziekcentrum Frits Philips in Eindhoven. Het Metropole Orkest wordt gedirigeerd door Jules Buckley. http://www.mo.nl/ Eindhoven 2010 - Performance of The Basement Jaxx in cooperation with the Metropole Orkest (Metropole Orchestra) at the Frits Philips Music Centre in Eindhoven. Jules Buckley acts as conductor. http://www.mo.nl/en/
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Text Comments (110)
Restless Mind (15 days ago)
Tell me who in the world can do this after 20 years song? and 20 ahead stay fresh for shure....fucked gift....tell me bands who can do this? nobody...
Restless Mind (15 days ago)
After 10 years only 170k views.....the world is really fuck up! hahaha Basement more than 20 playing....world of assholes, that is mystic guys!
eisenhertz (1 month ago)
they are fantastic! it runs like a train!
train wreck (1 month ago)
That piano solo is wicked.... so many right hand octaves.....
SKYRULE-49 (1 month ago)
Queens shows up. "I want to start a team"
SKYRULE-49 (1 month ago)
Not going to lie, this version sounds better than the original.
Andrew Andriyashin (1 month ago)
I found the place where the music was born.
sharon Stvi (3 months ago)
Beautiful Indeed...Oba! A classic tempo at that...! Samba Linda
Carol Garza (3 months ago)
Anybody here because of Snarky Puppy?
Amor Omnia Vincit (1 month ago)
Nope, for me it was the other way around. 😄
The Dancing Mudkip (4 months ago)
Peter Gr. (5 months ago)
zorglub43 (6 months ago)
quelle énergie! un vrai bonheur
Vanessa Lara Martínez (6 months ago)
FamMikie78 (7 months ago)
Wow!!! That is zo cool!!.. I remember this song from a long time ago in the clubs... 😊👍🏼
V Celis (7 months ago)
I've herd this at the clubs and/or at high end restaurants... I always liked it yet never knew the origin of it let alone it's an old song. I'm glad I found it! It's amazing!!!
Microblitz (8 months ago)
I can't hear the triangle …. miffed now! Triangle players unite and demand better microphones and mixing!
SKYRULE-49 (8 months ago)
maxim ka (3 months ago)
Охриненно круто!!!
hector merly (9 months ago)
Hector and Allegra running through the local Macy's
denis lrg (9 months ago)
Bassement Jaxx from Ipanema ?
Eric Legris (9 months ago)
top , super rythme, je ne m en lasse pas
eric legris (10 months ago)
top cette samba , je m en lasse pas de l écouter
Zapatogrande (10 months ago)
My idea of a symphony orchestra! One day, I would want to see one of the French hornists or the bassoonists or violist or cellists stand up an take an improvised solo as well :-) Great stuff!
Otto Kampa (11 months ago)
Esteban Molina (1 year ago)
Kobedrums (1 year ago)
SUPER DUPER DOPE!!!!!! Very nice
hector merly (1 year ago)
my god daughter and I were at the local Macy's at the Lancome counter getting her some make up when this blasted out of the boom box on the counter
It's amazing !!!
Cory Danrich (1 year ago)
Can’t believe Basement Jaxx has crossed over to symphonies I remember the day I bought the cd of rare unreleased songs as a teenager and couldn’t help but feel the spirit of Carnival take over.Btw that album was stolen from my car and I have never been able to find the exact album or replace it...So does anyone know what is the name of that album released???
Dunja Herceg (8 months ago)
Basement Jaxx - Summer Daze EP song Samba magic
Marcel Servais (1 year ago)
Leo....geweldig! Alsof je tenor een eigen leven leidt. Groet Marcel
Matthew Virgalitte (1 year ago)
Goodness, this is fantastic!
Luis Sierra (1 year ago)
Otherprincess (1 year ago)
Wow it's hard to stay in my seat!
Catan de Lorca (2 years ago)
no doubt..... Metropole Orkest ist the world's best orchestra.....!!!
Eugénio Bulhosa (2 years ago)
magic ;)
Eugénio Bulhosa (2 years ago)
DRTYDBZ (4 months ago)
Nah this is already a classic ;)
neuronmind (2 years ago)
This is so much better than BBC's Ibiza proms...Shake it baby !!!
edumarino47 (2 years ago)
Buenísimo, las grandes orquestas al servicio de la música popular. Así debe ser.
PARKER SP (2 years ago)
Evgeniy Kochetov (2 years ago)
jvandervyver (2 years ago)
Watching this video and love seeing the orchestra members rock out to the epic music they are making.
Kathrin Brunner-Schwer (2 years ago)
this is soooo frickin' GREAT!!!
Артем Нищев (2 years ago)
Milla Grace (2 years ago)
Older Rosen!!
Niblet TV (2 years ago)
Chocolate cake
o o (3 years ago)
ThomasAlx (3 years ago)
Pablo Alvarez (3 years ago)
This is absolutely impeccable! Everything was in perfect. Great Job, Metropole Orkest!
Woj Ow (3 years ago)
pasterpiece in one word.
Nash Cástor (3 years ago)
!Fantástico el Samba Magic con la orquesta! Aunque sigo prefiriendo la original eh jeje,
Risto Perkele (3 years ago)
I wish people would do more things like this, but not to a point where it loses this type of magnifique...
Manu Brenn (3 years ago)
Genial !!
dawn220 (3 years ago)
Simply exquisite!!! They are killing it...
Félix Castrillón (3 years ago)
This is what we should call a Master Piece. Absolutely spotless.
hector merly (3 years ago)
this is music that Achilles and I would have walked to but ill keep the tradition going by walking with his sister Allegra
Marcio Martinez (4 years ago)
Ramoncito el Bueno (4 years ago)
Fantastic job! So happy to find this posting and what a talented group of people you all are. Special mention to the pianist and choir vocals in this offering. Best Wishes Always from Denver, CO, Estats Units.
anthony anderson (4 years ago)
i have to thank snarky puppy for turning me on to this orchestra
anthony anderson me too
Dan Loe (3 months ago)
Oddly enough.. found after watching/listening to the same
am11963 (4 years ago)
@anthony anderson Welcome to the club!
Flavio Cipparrone (4 years ago)
Exceptional Orchestra. Congratulations!
yobaseen21 (4 years ago)
This is amazing :)
Jose Labrador (4 years ago)
QueenFah Gold (4 years ago)
I never get tired of listening to this version of Samba Magic. Even my father is down with this version. This is a auditory orgasm fo sho!!!
hector merly (3 years ago)
+QueenFah Gold we at House Merly are in agreement with you and your Dad !
♡ house lovers ♡ (4 years ago)
Yuriy Glushchenko (4 years ago)
pure magic!
caasi saac (5 years ago)
Uff  Delicious !!!
WILLIAMCHANEL (5 years ago)
Amazing.  I so wish I'd been there.  I know it must have been just magical.  I am going to make a point to learn more about this performance, for sure!   House Music All Night Long!  XO
Hervé Nicolaï (5 years ago)
Fantastique !!!
DJ (5 years ago)
Meraviglioso !!!!!
Misster Orange (5 years ago)
Airto Moreira-Samba de Flora ;)...original song
Anasa Clipper (5 years ago)
Jazzhead023 (1 year ago)
Anasa Clipper no
James Rowland (5 years ago)
I'm speechless and teary eyed. Loved this song when I was a young 'in dancing in clubs. Wonderful performance, love the sax solo and the bongos. Stellar!
Gérard Lenepveu (5 years ago)
I don't have enough word to to say how much i love this version !!! Amazing, fabulous, great, marvellous, fantastic, etc, etc, etc, .... 
zancudero (5 years ago)
Esto me hace creer en la música a pesar de todo. Es maravilloso.
MrPocok5 (5 years ago)
Best performance of this song , great !!!
sempre fui apaixonada por essa musica ficou perfeita
Claudio Stella (5 years ago)
divamayday (5 years ago)
een van ht vetste wat ik everrrr heb gezien /gehoord
svlg bike (5 years ago)
This is amazing!! Woderful Beautiful!!
NikolasKK (5 years ago)
Tima (5 years ago)
rossco Rb (5 years ago)
just so right!!!
JLans Needs (5 years ago)
Qué absoluta y completa MARAVILLA
pusupa (6 years ago)
Chad D'Allesandro (6 years ago)
Andre M (6 years ago)
I have and love the Basement Jaxx version, but this is an entirely different world and it's amazing. :```)
Gabbyta Husen (6 years ago)
oh yes. *hitting replay button*
Alex Valdés (6 years ago)
Damn... They got me! :OO *afro shakin*
Basement Jaxx - Samba Magic = Airto Moreira - Samba de Flora Perfect! I like it!
Suus15577 (6 years ago)
Helemaal geweldig
frecherfilou (6 years ago)
i luv the original till the first time listening to it end of 90s but this cover got the right groove... i couldnt sit and listen^^
Gloria Kimbwala (6 years ago)
And this is why they are my favorite orchestra. Such Amazing talent and they can groove like no other.
JayneMariefromDet (6 years ago)
:-O ........ :-D
Debbie Guerrero (6 years ago)
cant´s stop listening this amazing sounds!!!
mad ashell (6 years ago)
How much power is produced from human beings in concert? this recording is testament to the beauty and magnificense of us the people in harmony. we are more than able and we are more than ready for the joining of minds
lebgold (6 years ago)
Tima (6 years ago)
Bliss is found at last!!!! *o*
therhythmslave1 (6 years ago)
The Anthem !!!
Robson Valim (7 years ago)
samba magic is perfect song...
asbokid100 (7 years ago)
this is heaven to my ears, brought tears to my eyes. love it
Helena T (7 years ago)
best song I ever heard,better then original I'm sorry!
emichh4 (7 years ago)
love it!!

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