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Red Rice at the United House of Prayer in Savannah, GA - Off the Eaten Path

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If you want real Southern soul food and are prepared for a bit of adventure, come to this church on West Bay Street. Yes, it's a church. Listen to me here: It isn't fancy, but this is a holy cafeteria. Opt for either the juiciest, greasiest, crunchiest fried chicken in Savannah or the densest, most delicious country fried steak in the world. Want a healthier option? Go elsewhere. I've eaten red rice in some of the best restaurants in town, and brother, they pale--I mean suffer--by comparison to the Masada Café's version (which I suggest you have smothered with their oxtail gravy). Call it a day with the German chocolate cake; then waddle home. Click here for the next episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUDOjp3TzsM&list=SPgRIUpznqq_wifZG9b86ZopXyc3nnAPiI SUBSCRIBE to Southern Living's channel, click here: http://www.youtube.com/user/SouthernLivingMag?sub_confirmation=1 Find more diners and dives in our book Off the Eaten Path by Morgan Murphy: http://amzn.to/1e8FKGd and on SouthernLiving.com http://www.southernliving.com/travel/diners-and-dives-00417000077439/
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AJ king (1 month ago)
United House of Prayer Isaiah 56:5-7 the Israelites on the street corners rebuke the strangers but God said even them will I bring to my Holymountain and make them joyful but we shall not marry them Nehemiah 13 read the whole chapter it has a spiritual hidden gift from God in it
Synquis Harris (5 months ago)
My hometown ❤️❤️
Johnell Denise (1 year ago)
Omg I use to love getting food from house of prayer...their red velvet cake and smothered turkey is life
Diarrhea Sapian (1 year ago)
No thanks. I don't plan on eating at a cult any time soon.
Sojourning TeddyBear (5 months ago)
Justin Albritton now I see. Everything you’ve commented on has been hearsay. Investigate for yourself. NEVER have I seen a choir wearing black robes. Deacons, pastors, and their families don’t count money. We have a check and balance system. The secretaries are checked by the general secretary, who then goes through an audit by the checking committee weekly, who are subject to auditing by the state chairman periodically, and then the final check is done by the national secretary and her committee. Any thieving would be virtually impossible.
Justin Albritton (5 months ago)
Sojourning TeddyBear bro he is not a saviour y'all are giving a man way to much glory number 1. Number 2 sweet daddy sounds worse then big daddy lol are you kidding me. But tell me what those 3 crosses are in a pyramid on the top of the church, what are those two lions with red eyes and they don't stand for the Lion of Judah, and when things have red eyes it tends to mean occult. And why wear pitch black choir robes, black represents death why not wear something of lighter color. And bro don't make me bring up the masonic sign yall got on the building. And why do y'all march down the isle with money in hand holding it in the air it sound like the pastor has robbed y'all for plenty of money so I know hes fruitful lollll. Where is your harvest lol? What has ''sweet daddy''done for you? None of y'all wanted to help that poor lady that was 79 and couldn't pay rent kicked her out. At my church and churches that care you normally do an offering to help that person out. But let me guess your pastor wanted to use that money to buy a new car or maybe new suit. Has a mansion he barely stays at and y'all have a member of the church that can't pay rent why can't that women stay at that mansion in one of those many rooms? I know you don't have the money to give her because all your money goes to ''sweet daddy''. Don't you know he and his deacons and pastors are going to the back counting that money laughing at y'all every Sunday. Y'all better wake up because hes nothing but a hustler and doesn't mind pimping y'all out to get money and y'all make it so easy for him but i love everyone in the spirit terms so I pray y'all wake up because yall are being brainwashed. Get away from that all seeing eye it means you no good.
Sojourning TeddyBear (5 months ago)
Justin Albritton no sir. He is referred to as Sweet Daddy. Daddy being the English version of the Aramaic word “Abba.” Roman 8:5 states “for we have not been given the spirit of bondage again to fear, but rather to be free; whereby we cry Abba, father.” This Paul instructing his followers on the name of which they should, and explanation of the power in the name. Paul was known as “Abba/daddy” to his followers. It is the Christ spirit within. He passed that spirit on Peter and so forth. God has always provided his children with a leader. Today is no different.....He is referred to as sweet because Jesus promised to send a savior to guide us as ascended. He promised that the savior would be a sweet savior and that we would know him by his work. The man of God has definitely done some great works! Study the scriptures, my friend. Peter, Paul, and Abraham were specifically referenced as father by their followers. This was ordained by God.
Justin Albritton (5 months ago)
Sojourning TeddyBear hey I'd rather be a buffoon then worship someone call big daddy, get outta here with the non sense bro. Ain't suppose to be no pimps in the church lol.
Sojourning TeddyBear (5 months ago)
Justin Albritton congratulations on joining the buffoon squad. 🎈 🎉
Madison Gregory (2 years ago)
Cud god almighty represent UHOP
Sean Asher (8 months ago)
Maddie G. Hell noooo! Nothing but devil worshippers in that church; stay away from that evil church.
Shedon Chambliss (3 years ago)
hey Bubba what's up?
Mitch Evans (4 years ago)
one thing i'll say about the uhop is that they serve good food if nothing else.
Sojourning TeddyBear (6 months ago)
Chad Gross what the devil are you trying to say?
Chad Gross (2 years ago)
help ur salfe..
Chad Gross (2 years ago)
u Can dead from eating thy food go head up ur salfe and men eat in African he nether came back
thegoatman62 (5 years ago)
Never heard of Red Rice, but it sure looks Good!
Diarrhea Sapian (1 year ago)
thegoatman62. What part of the moon are you from?

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