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DIY Smoke Machine For Vacuum or EVAP Leaks E46 P0171 P0174

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In this video I show you how I constructed my own DIY Smoke Machine out of a paint can, a propane regulator, tiki torch wicks, and some Kanthal wire. This is the same smoke tester that you can buy on eBay for $100. I think I put about $30 into it. I then show you how to perform a smoke test and what a couple different vacuum leaks would look like on an E46 BMW. Propane Regulator: http://goo.gl/r7MziA Air Blow Gun: http://goo.gl/qTqt7f Kanthal Wire: https://amzn.to/2ncmMGQ Tiki Torch Wicks: https://goo.gl/YXuKJB Paint can: hardware store Vacuum line: hardware or auto parts store Fittings: harbor freight or hardware store This video is for entertainment purposes only. 50sKid assumes no liability for any repairs or modifications performed by the viewer as a result of the information contained in this video.
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Text Comments (211)
waiting4aliens (2 days ago)
more than one psi will possibly damage your evaporatve system
Jack Jacke (2 months ago)
Awesome video bud. Building it!
Che Cook (2 months ago)
I tried this, worked perfect. Except in use. My wife doesn't take great care of her car, an 03 Subaru, and has had a slow leak for 5 years. I plugged into the oil filler and inspected in the dark with a strong flashlight for a few minutes until smoke plummed out of the air intake...... I give up.
Maurice Arney (2 months ago)
Awesome video! Thanks!
Robert Gibson (3 months ago)
Kid it worked great the only thing I did different was use 2 custom chrome metal valve stems for tires. I used them as the inlet for the air ,and outlet for the smoke. I took the smoke side valve stem out so the smoke can escape ,and put an electric tire pump to supply the air. Thanks Bud!!!
Mark Young (3 months ago)
Dont know if this has been mentioned but those grommets he talks about are to insulate the wires so they don't short agsinst the tin can. Otherwise you could have a electrical/oil fire possibly. Yes longer hoses to put the can on the ground. Also helps if you need to source a leak from around the top of the intake manifold.
Jeff Mercer (4 months ago)
how much air pressure are you using? the evap system uses very little you can easily damage sensors and switches with even a few pounds
Alex O'Dell (5 months ago)
An "upgrade" of sorts would be to use vegetable glycerin (VG) which gives good clouds of smoke and is non flammable :)
BloodlineMedia (5 months ago)
damn son you are a genius
Alex Edward (6 months ago)
Thank you for posting this video, very informative. I have watched some of your other videos just recently and they are detailed as well. I am in the process of getting the parts to assemble my own smoke machine. I read all the questions and feedbacks. Some of the questions were the ones I was going to ask you, so am glad I read them first.
Alex Edward (5 months ago)
I made me a smoke machine based on your video and it works like a charm, thank you!, The one thing I would've done differently in building it, for those who try to build one later, it would've been installing the air regulator on the same side the can's handle. That way, when you lift the machine it wouldn't tilt off to the side because of the weight of the air regulator. Just sharing my experience.
weebageeba (6 months ago)
great idea,,,what happened to you just taking the thing apart,,
Nuke (6 months ago)
When you are getting parts for this, buy the tiki torch wick that is the rope type like in this video. The only ones I found at the store were white and they seem to be of a fiberglass material and they are very difficult to shape and work with so I would not recommend them.
Carl King (7 months ago)
How do you build something and you don’t know what size parts you used ?
50sKid (7 months ago)
i filmed the video several months after I built the thing--my memory doesn't last that long on small details like that. ;-)
Randy Sharp (7 months ago)
If could get a can big enought for a pot head to climb into that would work.
Lanny Camden (7 months ago)
Very good video. You were very through and informant about the construction and use of it. Good Job. It was clear also and a steady camera. Thanks
Phillip Abma (7 months ago)
You can go even cheaper by salvaging the wire from an old hair drier heating element
Robert Gibson (3 months ago)
Yea I have a project trying to convert a gas grill to electric ,and had an extra burner that had the small wire in it...From a glass top stove...
Alex O'Dell (7 months ago)
I have watched most "car guy" videos and they all have their merits. However the 50skid is by far the best at good quality mechanical engineering advise. There are many others that provide more entertainment factor or bodge it jobs. The 50skid videos are packed full of information without gimicks. It's a gem that his videos are e46 specific and I shall be watching all of them.
? ? (7 months ago)
Make sure to use the proper rubber grommets for each mounting screw or your gonna make a perfect short across your battery, via the paint can metal.
charles nguyen (8 months ago)
DIY Vape
Cody Hubert (8 months ago)
This guy just made a fucking giant RDA vape
Furian (8 months ago)
Thanks for doing this
Stefan Czechorski (8 months ago)
Thanks 50K, that detail regarding the length of wire is very helpful (2 Ohm spec.)
mark vasquez (8 months ago)
Lol, not a accurate read of resistance. When measuring don't hold meter leads because when holding the leads you are I also reading your internal resistance of your body. Just a FYI good video. Ty
Alan Dodson (6 months ago)
Body resistance is not a factor at low levels of resistance. The human body has a MUCH higher resistance.
aor (8 months ago)
Hi again I am super interested to build this kind of machine. I already put order for fiberglass wicks, propane regulator, kanthal wire. I will also buy normal paint canister and rubber grommet kit. Lets see how this thing works. What kind of oil that "mineral oil" is, is that like a baby oil ?
50sKid (8 months ago)
+aor yes baby oil is mineral oil with fragrance added. You can also get some smoke machine fluid
blackmetalchevy (8 months ago)
Where can I get the wire from?
Dopamine P (8 months ago)
I wonder if i can use my ecigarette. I can definitely generate enough vape. The concept is pretty much the same, the tester is like a giant e cig...
Dopamine P (8 months ago)
Oh wait he did say something to that effect later in the video..
jpsmooth616 (8 months ago)
Cool trick,I usually remove the vaccum hose from the brake booster & have my brother blow cigarette smoke thru the hose since I don't smoke.works as gd.
Jaco Van Zyl (9 months ago)
What causes my bmw 318ti compact to surge
ZZZZ (9 months ago)
… just for clarity that was not mentioned… is that a coil spring you have stuffed the wicks into for stiffness after you wrapped the 20g wire around the wicks or what is the coil made out of … ? thanks
50sKid (9 months ago)
The coil IS the wire that I mentioned and that I linked to. I wrapped it around the wicks to secure them and because the wire needs to be quite long to achieve the right resistance.
James Rice (9 months ago)
Thank you very much Great idea.
Sawier (9 months ago)
can i do that with just my mouth and e-cig?
50sKid (9 months ago)
sadly, yes... you can make your engine smell like strawberry bubblegum ;-P
josh robinson (9 months ago)
Diesel glow plugs work good for a smoke generator.
Chuck Taylor (10 months ago)
If they can't figure out what size grommet to use, then they won't have the skills to make this unit.
Michael A (10 months ago)
Good Teacher! Thanks for the video and info. Reno, NV
Blac Cayman (10 months ago)
I’m surprise he used a propane valve, all compressors already come with an air valve that control the psi. Eliminate the guesswork of the amprage to burn oil. As someone here suggested, smoke pellets or dollar cigar is much safer.
50sKid (10 months ago)
+Blac Cayman it’s more convenient. This way I don’t have to readjust the pressure at the compressor. The more you work that valve the faster it wears out. My design has been working great all this design, it produces smoke and has found many leaks.
Paul Lahi (11 months ago)
Where are the common vacuum leaks on a x5 54 motor 3. liter?
50sKid (11 months ago)
Same as on the E46 -- just search for my common vacuum leaks video
ron atkinson (1 year ago)
I found a smoke machine for $99 on amazon ,which is basically what this guy built.
utube4greenfuture (8 months ago)
Phoenix xx (10 months ago)
50sKid (1 year ago)
This guy built it for under $30. And so can you, if you follow his directions. Which is basically why he made this video for you.
arielban1 (1 year ago)
thank you ..learned about step drills, grommets and EVAP leaks. I appreciate your detailed explanation.. GREAT work.
Robert Kerr (1 year ago)
do you plug the end of the exhaust pipe and intake when performing the smoke test?
zubair faiz (11 months ago)
50sKid (1 year ago)
You don't need to plug the exhaust. Usually only one or two intake valves might be open when you shut your engine off but it'll never have the exhaust valve open on that same cylinder so the smoke wouldn't escape. You do need to plug the intake boot off--which is why there is a blue glove blocking that off in the video.
boostedsil40 (1 year ago)
This is awesome,I want one for boost leak detection would you consider making and selling me one?pick a price.
50sKid (1 year ago)
I kinda don't really have the time, bro, that's why I made the video so you can do it yourself. But, if you really want to buy one, somebody makes and sells them on eBay.
Dave M (1 year ago)
After you did your smoke test...did you get white smoke out of the tailpipe as burnoff from the leftover mineral oil?
50sKid (1 year ago)
Rooster Rancher (1 year ago)
Does anyone know what pumping oxygen into a contained RAW Fuel system does?
Paul Knight (8 months ago)
Changes the air/fuel ratio, causing the computer to offset the amount of oxygen you put in by adding or removing fuel.
Debt Miner (1 year ago)
50sKid Rooster's right.. it's dangerous. You may be able to change your adapter for evap leaks, to use CO2 or argon or something. Much safer option. Here's some good ideas: https://youtu.be/nwdL5UpKIxQ
Rooster Rancher (1 year ago)
Never said pure oxygen. LOL you're using an air pump, Pump it up bro. Maybe say you CAN NOT use this method for EVAP testing.
50sKid (1 year ago)
It's not pure oxygen and no fire is used inside the can
I have 740i sport e38 that has a evap leak which I can hear it under the car on the driver side I'm getting a smoker to find it so the car will pass emissions
ash i (1 year ago)
Is this a harbor freight commercial?
Ryan Raithel (1 year ago)
Do you think you could use dry ice in water as a smoke source? The vapor is harmless and would be really thick.
dave reece (7 months ago)
I don’t think dry ice would be harmless. Mineral oil smoke will definitely not damage anything. It’s not much oil as you would think to make lots of smoke.
Joseph .Goodwin (1 year ago)
If its carrying any significant amount of water vapor it probably isn't a good idea
Ravi Rajah (1 year ago)
dude you rock!
Manic Mechanic Man (1 year ago)
would be safer if you had a blade fuse on it! Also, using a mineral oil smoke machine will void the factory warranty!
50sKid (1 year ago)
true. #safetythird
Rob R. (1 year ago)
Love the video. Seems to work good. Would this set up work on the evap system. I have a code that says I have a large leak somewhere in the evap system.
dave reece (7 months ago)
manufacturer prefers you to use this method right here. They would rather you buy a $2000 dollar one though
50sKid (1 year ago)
you have to close your vent valve to test the evap system. They are normally open and need to be energized to close.
50sKid (1 year ago)
it sure would
Dave M (1 year ago)
I'm building mine now as I type...very excited as I have a couple of cars to try this out on. For those of you folks that are anally retentive on having to have a nut on the back of your fittings...I finally found success at Ace Hardware. Of all places...found in the lighting aisle. Check out Jandorf Hex Nut...assorted steel...item number 60167. Fit perfectly!
frogmanvc (1 year ago)
Wow! U are a genius!  I understand why you want 2 ohms or less. I never new about the propane regulator, so thanks for that.  I don't think I would use regulator because I would use the Autozone mini air compressor.  The one you fix flats with.  The regulator is fine but with the little air  compressor I can use it for more than just one thing.  But for a mechanic your video is just awesome.
MoB (1 year ago)
this is one huge ass vape
Niamh Healy (1 year ago)
I've no vacuum leaks but I think I'll make one just in case haha. Also a tip for the wires in the plastic harness that run in front of the cabin air filter ... You don't have to unclip it and take the wires out before removing it. Leave the wires in the plastic case and lift it up in one piece. It slides on and off ;)
Pedro Clemente (1 year ago)
Can you make one from scratch???
Patrik Floding (1 year ago)
Just a little warning: 12V over 2 Ohms gives a 6A current. 6 x 12 = 72 Watts. These 72 Watts of heat will have to be dissipated over some area. If you get the area wrong (wrong gaugue of wire, wrong size of can, whatever), the temps may raise and your whole can of oil explodes in an uncontrollable oil fire, covering your engine with this burning oil. Note: Misunderstanding the instructions, or a simple implementation error (aka "clever improvement"), may give the same result. A simple error can easily double (or worse) the power that needs to be dissipated. I'd just use some smoke pellets, cigars or whatever instead!
kas0016 (20 days ago)
+dave reece and we all know cigars are terrible for evap testing. I've seen billowing smoke not pass thru small holes only to find that soap and water did the trick . I'm about to don't his paint can setup and will use a laser thermometer to test temps throughout. And a maybe a 5 min timer
BloodlineMedia (5 months ago)
Overreact much Susan? Dude's trying to pass on preventative advice to prevent a fucking oil fire, don't be a cunt.
Alex O'Dell (7 months ago)
He essentially made a big Vape box mod...
dave reece (8 months ago)
Patrick fuck you and your warnings. Take that cigar that smoke won’t work suck it deep in your mouth and blow it out your ass. Anyone that’s working on car knows what not to do. You don’t know shit
John Smith (1 year ago)
incense is cheap also works good too, good info patrik
Rec Pro (1 year ago)
Cigarette, cigar, vape. All there work too. You just have to "work". Being a retired DJ, I do have a fog machine, lol.
deasttn (5 months ago)
Rec Pro i tried the cigar method and couldn't get enough smoke
fuzzy wuzzy (1 year ago)
well, it looks like im going to harbor freight tommarow
muhammed azazy (1 year ago)
did you oil up the the part of the wick that is wrapped around the wire ?? does it matter ?
50sKid (1 year ago)
It absorbs the oil overnight because the ends are sitting in it.
kevinstoyable (1 year ago)
Just a suggestion to all that make a can like this for the test. I would put a longer vaccum hose on it and sit can on the ground just in case something goes wrong and fire starts inside can. imagine if fire starts inside your garage. you'll lose car and house.
Robert Gibson (3 months ago)
Just turn off the air supply.
iluvherb2 (9 months ago)
Fire need oxygen
kerryithm2 (10 months ago)
TheLT (1 year ago)
Fire. Extinguisher. Have it handy.
Louie Watson (1 year ago)
I made mine, ran it from 20 minutes and stayed cool to the touch. worked perfectly.
Get a air pressure regulator from harbor freight less than $10
182QKFTW (1 year ago)
Yes, but not a High-Pressure regulator. A Low-Pressure, or adjustable like he is using. You want no more than one or two PSI through the engine on a non-turbo vehicle. EVAP systems no more than One PSI.
Why Me Lord (1 year ago)
I have several BBQ LPG regulators (left over) can I use one of these regulators?
fuzzy wuzzy (1 year ago)
T Mangus good idea
Jo Jo (1 year ago)
I can't get the Kanthal wire to heat up. It only heats up at the pos and neg clamps and heats up quickly. what am I doing wrong???
Louie Watson (1 year ago)
Jo Jo shorted to ground...
50sKid (1 year ago)
Are you using rubber grommets to isolate the can from the wire?
fantasma del tren (1 year ago)
Exelent video
Paul Cossu (1 year ago)
Hello 50kid I have a question for you, I have a bmw e46 330 ci with some fault codes showing up. Now can the battery be the cause of the fault codes on the electrical side of things because of the low voltage on the battery? The Faults code are ( I don't the the code numbers of the top of my head ) 02 sensors, camshaft sensor exhaust side, crankshaft sensor???
50sKid (1 year ago)
No I don't think so. But to confirm that, charge your battery, clear your codes, and go for a drive. If they come back, you have actual problems (which you probably do).
Ritchie Pitchie (1 year ago)
So "WHAT" did you use to band the tiki torch wicks together?!?!?!?!? The Kanthal wire? Or does the kanthal wire just "pas through" the wicks from post to post?
50sKid (1 year ago)
I wrapped the kanthal wire around it.
h Crider (1 year ago)
Thanks man almost have all the parts for a build. 👍🏻😎
Thomas Dever (1 year ago)
I'm trying to figure out the fitting or fittings you ran from the regulator through the paint can. I know the fitting from the regulator is 1/4 ID but my concern was the fitting threads opposite the middle hex key that go through the can would not have enough thread to place a nut on the with the grommet taking up thread space. in your video, the threaded end that appears inside the can looks really long. did you use two pieces?
50sKid (1 year ago)
No it was a coupler piece--two male ends. http://www.harborfreight.com/14-in-x-14-in-male-brass-pipe-coupling-68198.html
Josh River (1 year ago)
I wonder if buying some smoke bombs would work inside the can in place of actually wiring a element. thoughts??
deasttn (5 months ago)
Sure. Anything that produces smoke and fits in the can should work. If you hook an air hose to your can, you can blow the smoke out (a bicycle hand pump can work)
Josh River (1 year ago)
+Steven Watson Thx for those ideas as well.
Steven Watson (1 year ago)
Josh River I can't see why not I came here looking for a diy smoke machine and comments from other videos say they use those incense sticks, one guy soaked a rag in baby oil and lit on fire and that seemed to work well.
Vince Bauer (1 year ago)
thanks I bought a red line 4 200 bucks tgey had it to full got baby oil at right level works great everything works too
Shane Miller (1 year ago)
your a good lier why not say I bought it from eBay oh wait you want to sound cool
Batman31112 (1 year ago)
50sKid Yes I did.
50sKid (1 year ago)
Batman31112 sounds like you have a short circuit. Did you use rubber grommets like I did?
Shane Miller (1 year ago)
50sKid oh I thought it was off eBay u did a Damn good job on it I say looks just like barcode and everything
Batman31112 (1 year ago)
50sKid I have made one myself but my battery clips glow when I hook it up. What am I doing wrong?
50sKid (1 year ago)
Shane Miller I DID make this myself, but I did not invent it. I based it off of some other videos that I saw on eBay plus a picture of the one sold on eBay. But I did put it together myself dude.
Charlie A. (1 year ago)
Excellent!!!! I have a 2004 Ford Taurus and had been trying on and off for 6 months to find a vacuum leak. Within 1 minute after hooking up the machine, I found the leak coming out of the intake manifold runner control valve. The o-ring was leaking like a sieve. I was so happy and proud of myself. lol The o-ring cost me about $7 and $7 to ship. $14 total. Amazing!!! I had already replaced the MAF sensor and PCV valve. Costly and frustrating. That's when I saw your video, was inspired and decided to give it a try. I didn't have an air compressor so I bought a fish tank aerator pump ($15) which puts out 3 psi max and skipped the regulator since I was checking just the intake manifold. Used the same wire and wicks with mineral oil. The wire resistance was 0.814 ohms per foot which for 2 ohms worked out to be 29.5 inches (used 30"). Worked great. Thank you and keep up the good work.
50sKid (1 year ago)
Nice, glad it helped you out
Buckwsr (1 year ago)
Hi. Great video. I followed your instructions exactly and made a smoke machine. Works great! I made a video using the smoke machine on my 1996 Ford Mustang. In my description I put a link to this video of yours. Thanks again!
50sKid (1 year ago)
Nice, glad to hear it helped you out
Giantmdgt (1 year ago)
I wouldn't go 2 Ohms, i just tried that. Caught on fire and blew the lid...
Charlie A. (1 year ago)
See my post above. If you use the recommended wire, you will need to use about a 30" length. Be sure to presoak the wick. If it's dry, it might catch on fire.
50sKid (1 year ago)
Did you use a different gauge or type wire than what I recommended?
Ben Moore (1 year ago)
why not use steam it would be safer
Bill Powell (4 months ago)
Steam is only steam until it condenses from cooling off. You could not push a low volume of steam more than a few feet without it condensing against the wall of your tubing. Smoke has been used for decades.
50sKid (1 year ago)
Takes a long long time to boil water. This is nearly instant.
Gilbert Mojado (1 year ago)
Was the last vacuum leak test common as well?
50sKid (1 year ago)
Joshua Romines (1 year ago)
Just curious how you got the wire that tight around the wicks as mine are super loose
50sKid (1 year ago)
The wire is stiff enough to hold its shape. Be sure to use the exact wire I talked about and linked to in the description
Vince Bauer (1 year ago)
how did u wire it to your wick hot on 1 side negative on the otger side
Shane Miller (1 year ago)
Vince Bauer Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/201700803705
Shane Miller (1 year ago)
Vince Bauer u can buy this off eBay he didn't make it cost 60 dollars I'll send u a link
Frank Maggio (1 year ago)
Thanks for making this video. I have a 97 Camaro that idles at 1k. I believe it's an intake leak somewhere at the plenum since it has a few areas where tubes connect to it. Debating just buying the complete kit same as your for $85 on Ebay. Oh, and I also have a 96 328ic and 05 645ci. I love BMW!! :D
50sKid (1 year ago)
The Camero is probably an intake manifold gasket. I believe it's quite common.
TIMOTHY WRENN (1 year ago)
output normal propane appliance regular is 14"WC ( inches water column) = 1/2 psi
B Carson (1 year ago)
Thanks you for posting, great information.
JOGO (1 year ago)
Fantastic! Thank you for showing us the parts of the home made evap smoker.. I will build a skinnier model or at least try ..will make a video on it if it works. Thanks
Mike One (1 year ago)
Excellent Video, than you so much for sharing.
moparkid440 (2 years ago)
hey 50s kid...The fluid that you soak the wick with is mineral oil right? if not what fluid did you use and is there another one that will create more smoke.? thank you
deasttn (5 months ago)
Baby oil works, too
50sKid (2 years ago)
Yeah it's mineral oil.
bmr4106 (2 years ago)
Thanks to you I'll know how to use it now. Bill Mack from SC
Mechanic and skills (2 years ago)
baby oil
Mechanic and skills (2 years ago)
well its what they yous in smoke machines in stage
50sKid (2 years ago)
No, I still think you were helpful! Baby oil can work in a pinch. I just don't know what the fragrance will smell like once it's burned, lol
Mechanic and skills (2 years ago)
i had no ideal was trying too be helpfull too your chanell lol
50sKid (2 years ago)
Baby oil is mineral oil with fragrance added. Best to just get mineral oil from the drug store anyway.
The mech a nic (2 years ago)
I bought mine on eBay because I'm too lazy to make one myself lol ,but I have one just like this.works great
Carlos Pajares (3 months ago)
Can you provide a link?
Shane Miller (1 year ago)
The mech a nic he did to
The mech a nic (1 year ago)
FrozenHaxor I have some of that oil for fog machines ,maybe I'll put a new wick in mine and try it with the fog oil
perla victoria (1 year ago)
The mech a nic
FrozenHaxor (2 years ago)
Hmm, maybe we could get some oil that they use in those disco type smoke machines, or a base fluid for E-cigs. The latter would be more expensive in the quantities needed though I suppose. No smell and no oily deposits.
moparkid440 (2 years ago)
im confused about wrapping that wicking...It looks like you wrapped it with a thick metal like a copper cloths hanger. is that completely wrapped in just the Kanthal Wire?? How much fluid do you put in the can? and/or do you coat the wicking with fluid? thanks alot
50sKid (2 years ago)
Yes it's just kanthal wire. It's somewhat stiff. Put enough fluid in the can so that the part of the wick hanging down is submerged and you can precoat it if you don't want to wait. It takes a while for the wick to soak up the fluid but it happens eventually. You really need to wait until it's completely coated before you get maximum effectiveness.
Howard Anderson (2 years ago)
Big fan of your videos, recently injured no income. Can't afford to build smoke tester at this time. Bank 2 reads lean before Bank 1 should this change where I look for leak? Thank you.
50sKid (2 years ago)
Yes, looking along bank 2 would be helpful in your case.
Team Neudimensions (2 years ago)
Thanks for explaining the whole wire thing other videos don't.
50sKid (2 years ago)
Yeah I like making complete videos so as to actually be helpful.
WolfMitBMW BMW (2 years ago)
How big is the can?
50sKid (2 years ago)
Gallon. You can make a smaller one. Just use a smaller wick and wrap the coils of the wire tighter.
Dohn Joe (2 years ago)
"Now you can clearly see..." No, we can't. The camera is too far. How about removing it from the tripod and filming up close?
Arsh Jossan (1 year ago)
hi..do u dip the heating wire in the oil?..how does it burn the oil?
Kirk Banton (2 years ago)
i love the bmw videos
D Jordan (2 years ago)
THANK YOU. Really appreciate  the post. GREAT JOB
Eddie Diaz (2 years ago)
home depot doesnt have konthal wire (or at least couldnt find some to help)will galvanized wire work?
50sKid (2 years ago)
No absolutely not. It has to be Kanthal or Nichrome RESISTANCE WIRE.
Bomb Oi (2 years ago)
Quality videos man keep it up just bought my first e46 these have and will help lots.
Jami Lyman (2 years ago)
I made one and whenever I hook the 2 power clamps up to the battery the wires get really hot. Is this supposed to happen? I never leave it on for more than 5 seconds because they get hot enough to burn my fingers.
50sKid (2 years ago)
Well there's yer problem. Yeah, I am not liable for any modifications to my design lol.
Jami Lyman (2 years ago)
I think I found the problem, I didn't use the rubber grommets like you used for the bolts so the electric current could be going through the bucket and just shorting the wires out
50sKid (2 years ago)
Jami Lyman (2 years ago)
I measured out the resistance out to 2 ohms on my resistance wire so it could be the wires I'm using going to the battery, I think those are pretty small. What size wire would you suggest?
50sKid (2 years ago)
Did you measure the resistance on your coil of wire? What gauge did you use?
BulldogFan 2001 (2 years ago)
Is there some way to email or message you? I don't do FB or much of the social media. Really just want to say thank you for all of informative and well shot E46 vids.
50sKid (2 years ago)
Email is on the about me page.
JT (2 years ago)
Another informative video. Thank you!
Kyle C (2 years ago)
Hey 50's, do you think that I'd still need the propane regulator of my tank already has a a variable hose pressure valve? Part of me thinks that I have to keep the line highly pressurized but not the tester, hence the need for a propane reg.
50sKid (2 years ago)
no you don't need the propane regulator if you bump your pressure down at your air compressor. I should have clarified that I used it so that I wouldn't have to keep lowering it. I find that the more you change your air pressure on those valves, the sooner they wear out and begin to leak so I try to avoid it.
dakibmw (2 years ago)
Thank you! I always wanted to have my own "smoke machine" just because all of my BMWs have been over 200k kms. :D Now, I can make one! Thanks again. :)
50sKid (2 years ago)
You're very welcome.
Christopher Oakes (2 years ago)
Thanks again. You have become an invaluable resource for myself and I'm sure many others. I would not be able to afford this car without your great and informative videos.
50sKid (2 years ago)
Thanks very much.

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