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TEDxConstitutionDrive 2012 - Martin Steinert - "Engineering Design: Creativity AND Analysis"

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Our 2012 theme was "Identity" This year we explored Identity in a way that went beyond the standard gender/race/age lines. We see Identity as the non-genetic DNA of us, one that is co-created by our environments and ourselves, and which drives in a powerful way our choices, our relationships and our lives. Speakers as diverse as Eric Drooker, New Yorker artist, to Beau Lewis, producer of the American Hipster series, to John Murray, scientist at the SRI International labs, came to share their perspectives on Identity. Martin Steinert, researcher at the Stanford Center for Design Research Martin Steinert, Acting Assistant Professor ME, is Deputy Director of the Center for Design Research (CDR) and of the Hasso Plattner Design Thinking Research Program (HPDTRP) at Stanford University. His research focuses on optimizing the intersection between engineering, new product development and the design process.He got hooked on Design Thinking when he spent some time at CDR in 2008 as visiting scholar. In 2009 he continued to explore the field by joining the Product Design and Development group of Prof. Warren Seering, PhD at MIT, again for a semester as visiting scholar. Martin fully "converted" to Design Thinking Research by joining Stanford and Larry's group in April 2010 as Deputy Director of CDR.His special interest is to combine empirical research methods of quantitative and qualitative nature to create a comprehensive research designs. The usual suspects are disruptive technologies or innovations induced by the same and the fuzzy front-end of product design and development.
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Conor Luppnow (1 year ago)
This is by far the worst design I have ever seen, a tube in the windshield, ( a six year old could do better) furthermore the charts and visuals in my mans presentation are so bad. If you are watching for VT, whats up?
Renan Lopes (1 year ago)
whats up
Yuan Chen (1 year ago)
What's up
EdibleOstriche (1 year ago)
That's not the point. The point is that they solved the problem that was requested. He even cracked a joke about how ridiculous the design choice was. Pretty sure hes aware a hole in the windshield is a terrible idea

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