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The Worst Fortnite Player EVER!!! Narrated By Laughing Spanish Guy Meme!!! (Risitas)

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Text Comments (125)
Block Wizard (9 hours ago)
Chancla= flip flop/sandal
Why Tryl (10 hours ago)
Haaaaaaaaaaaa its true haaaaaa haaa ha its true haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ITS TRUE
Betzaida Valencia (4 days ago)
It's fake
Malakai The Gamer (5 days ago)
Is this Anarchy?
Kaden Rodrigues (10 hours ago)
Malakai The Gamer yea
Keevin :3 (11 days ago)
The subtitles were wrong hahah ... Guy "risitas"
Duane Flint (14 days ago)
MaxRex_BlueFury (14 days ago)
I fricken love this.
DeGamendeJoutubers (24 days ago)
CARLITOHYPER 562 (27 days ago)
It’s not actually what he’s saying but really
AInquisitive Doberman (27 days ago)
Why did you have to ruin this meme with fortnite
Content Spotted (1 month ago)
So random and funny
some guy (1 month ago)
Play the part where he laughs in 0.25x i legit died.
Isaiah Rivas (1 month ago)
Though it is funny, the subtitles were wrong.
Kaden Rodrigues (10 hours ago)
Isaiah Rivas you are retarted man
in_dex (1 month ago)
ColdRIFLE ッ (1 month ago)
oh really? i thought they were the correct ones in french. that's the point.
CallMeeZack (2 months ago)
0:30 when teacher gives me project over summer.
Misko Jones (2 months ago)
Its funny cuz i know what hes saying xDDd
I wish I had Power Chord
Nofandom (2 months ago)
se llama el risitas
lawlestest (2 months ago)
Absolute garbage game full of kids.
The Lone Wolf (2 months ago)
Comedy Gold MAK, Comedy Gold... that is hilarious everytime I watch it! The laughter + the gameplay lines up perfectly #It’sTrue
Jhonpaul gameplay (3 months ago)
I know what is saying
Some Guy (1 month ago)
what is it
i searched "mexican guy laughing" not dissapointed
Now THIS is good Fortnite content!
Trainz Marcel (4 months ago)
this makes me feel bad as im a bad player too
masih bahrami (4 months ago)
But seriously what is this guy talking about for real?
sad cow (3 months ago)
masih bahrami paellas
Señor Laverdaque (4 months ago)
And he talking about paellas.
skH (4 months ago)
IAmBlue DaBaDee (4 months ago)
Ewww machinima
Random Guy (4 months ago)
This isn’t funny if you know spanish
noah warnock (4 months ago)
Como cuando hablas español. ayy lmao
Jajaja genial !! 😂😂
abhishek gourav (5 months ago)
This video is gold
Achae Menes (5 months ago)
I love how the subtitles say shotgun when he says chancala (sandles in Spanish) same damage power at close quarter range 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Hog Rider (5 months ago)
Xninjagaming 6 (5 months ago)
This is fake but funny
CHAOS (5 months ago)
*w h e e z e*
BLUEOVERDRAGON 3 (5 months ago)
You took a nice meme and fucking destroyed it bu infusing it with fortnite.
SS_Spiritual (6 months ago)
I'm wheezing so much there's no more air 😂
McCain (6 months ago)
peofection im dead
MovieBoysHD (7 months ago)
fortnite is cancer
Baka The 9th (7 months ago)
This is way too over explained in the title. You gotta be more subtle with this stuff. Execution is key and this is not the key.
JediMindRape (7 months ago)
Thank you for ruining such a great video
The Egg (7 months ago)
You hear about Walmart fuckin' up and listing Borderlands 3 on their site? I hope it's legit!
Knavenformed (7 months ago)
Shit MAK What happened to the newest videos on your channel. Was looking through my activity log and your videos went full on fallout.
King Wu (7 months ago)
Hey mak just wondering if you’d play borderlands on switch if it got ported to it? Might seem like a dumb question but I’m just wondering if people were to actually play it.
mrtrigger turttle (7 months ago)
Mak!! I got a butcher from a fuck a bullymong pile
mrtrigger turttle (7 months ago)
Ik its on your borderlands bucket list so i figured id let you know i got it from the hammerlock dlc
Stoner Gaming (7 months ago)
Jeff Hunt (7 months ago)
I legit haven't laughed that hard in a long time! Thanks JAY!
Liqweed 1337 (7 months ago)
made my day
Riley M (7 months ago)
Anyone else see the road to 40
Vincent Duvall (7 months ago)
Es chileno? MAK ... his laugh still isnt as good as your tho...
domanik greene (7 months ago)
I did not you played fortnite
Not bad
HazzaK (7 months ago)
I'd just like to say that I subscribed to your channel for the borderlands content, and since have unsubscribed from other borderlands youtubers for lack of interest. Your channel is an exception because now i watch your content for you. You make your channel worth it. Without who you are i would not be subscribed to MorninAfterKill. Just want you to know that so you can appreciate yourself no matter what happens, cause I do.
billygoat126 (7 months ago)
dude I used to be subbed to u years and years ago and I unsubbed cause all you played was borderlands. I'm surprised you're still playing and posting videos of that game lol
Charles Porter (7 months ago)
I don't comment videos often, but when I do, they're bloody good !
Solomon Thachaw (7 months ago)
I died watching this
KingFredrickVI (7 months ago)
This can't be true 😠 I'm the worst fortnite player lol not this guy
kyle anderson (7 months ago)
Using the OG intro again MAK, glad to see it come back. Also that kid.... oh dear.....
kingocean123 troy (7 months ago)
After a slow day at work I'm glad I found this after a smoke break
Paul Smith (7 months ago)
Classic.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 some blind players.
Kel (7 months ago)
fucken hilarious xD
Mornings (7 months ago)
That guy narrating is always hilarious lmao
Tinman_XL (7 months ago)
1v1 Bugs Bunny vs. Elmer Fudd
Bran (6 months ago)
That was probably me to be fair. My shot is like if Stevie Wonder had Parkinson disease. It even makes me sick.
Rytehand 2Rong (6 months ago)
paul vickery (7 months ago)
Bhahah, perfect use of the meme
the Mobile god holcomb (7 months ago)
Fuck fortnight
Angel Maestas (7 months ago)
MAK this vid had me Weezing:D
The Lone Wolf (2 months ago)
What about Koffing?
Angel Maestas (7 months ago)
I can’t really understand him when he’s laughing so hard
MorninAfterKill (7 months ago)
LOL I was cracking up while editing it man...dudes a legend
Angel Maestas (7 months ago)
That laughter
KoolCat (7 months ago)
i love you mak
Radar Hawk (7 months ago)
That guy is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.
Fire (7 months ago)
Bro XD
Fire (7 months ago)
MorninAfterKill how's it going mak What's up fam!
MorninAfterKill (7 months ago)
lol your damn avatar bro :D
Cashew1405 (7 months ago)
no hay guys this is jay Morninafterkill and today i found this really cool video to show you guys
th3psych0 guy (7 months ago)
Same tbf
Scott Purzycki (7 months ago)
Mak face reveal, right here xD lol jk i know it's a meme or some shit.
MorninAfterKill (7 months ago)
LOL i wish i was as beautiful as the Risitas man.
Quintoanian (7 months ago)
Great video Mak I know your on PS4 but his aim seemed like he was a mobile player lol
Quintoanian (7 months ago)
oh looks like i was completely wrong about that lol but anyways great video and I hope you have a great day Mak :)
MorninAfterKill (7 months ago)
also I'm on PC with an Xbox Controller :D
MorninAfterKill (7 months ago)
nah mobile players stand still when shooting. this guy was just very bad or incredibly new :D
Altanater007 (7 months ago)
Always love your content Mak! This video was awesome! Very entertaining! And you have mad skills at creating and making videos!! You have some good creative juices!!
MorninAfterKill (7 months ago)
thanks altanter. as always :D
Joe Martin (7 months ago)
Fucken mak, making fun of incompetent players 😂. Have an awesome day mak
MorninAfterKill (7 months ago)
LOL man I know Im not the best player but at some point you gotta know when to push and when to just disengage from a fight now going your way. this guy shouldve went and got a better gun :D
cati boi (7 months ago)
Hahahaha sup man
MorninAfterKill (7 months ago)
Hey man :D
Abhay Rana (7 months ago)
great use of the risitas meme lol
MorninAfterKill (7 months ago)
thanks Abhay :D
THE FUZZ (7 months ago)
That's funny
MorninAfterKill (7 months ago)
I thought so too :D
BlackCapp Brazy (7 months ago)
Is not mexican, its spanish (its called "risitas") and cant laught cuz i understand what he saying
BlackCapp Brazy (7 months ago)
No problem homie haha
MorninAfterKill (7 months ago)
I fixed it for you tho :D
MorninAfterKill (7 months ago)
LOL well the meme is called Mexican Guy Laughing...I dont name these things, I just know it as what you guys know it as :D
TheRandomFrog (7 months ago)
That narrator is the best
TheRandomFrog (7 months ago)
MorninAfterKill it does
MorninAfterKill (7 months ago)
his laugh makes everything 100x funnier
gameboy4064 (7 months ago)
That laugh is hurting my ears
MorninAfterKill (7 months ago)
lol what, his laugh is sex on a stick
MorninAfterKill (7 months ago)
LOL the last few months I've been playing a lot of Fortnite on stream and wanted to share with you THE WORST PLAYER IVE EVER ENCOUNTERED...narrated by the MOST HILARIOUS MAN ON THE INTERNET!!! <3 MAK
Angel Maestas (7 months ago)
MorninAfterKill best vid yet man😂
Cross St. Croix (7 months ago)
MorninAfterKill this is the greatest thing ive seen on the interweb in a long fucking time haha today sir you win, you win all the things. You got me in tears man haha have a great day man.
MorninAfterKill (7 months ago)
LOL im pretty sure you wouldnt miss 5 straight shots with a pump out in an open field against a guy with no gun tho...or at least not decide to push when you did :D
XDiseasedX (7 months ago)
MorninAfterKill Obvi you haven't played in a match with me 😂 I'm reall bad with my aim
parth mehta (7 months ago)
Hey Mak!
MorninAfterKill (7 months ago)
Hey Parth :D
MysticWizard 12 (7 months ago)
MorninAfterKill (7 months ago)
of course :D
MysticWizard 12 (7 months ago)
Is that so?
MorninAfterKill (7 months ago)
and I appreciate it...no matter when you get here :D
jake lintott (7 months ago)
Hi mak :D
MorninAfterKill (7 months ago)
Hey Jake :D

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