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Style Of Eye - Kids - Official Music Video ft. Sophia Somajo

1309 ratings | 117081 views
Directed & Edited by: Sophia "Soso” Somajo Music video by Style Of Eye feat. Soso performing Kids. (C) 2014 Style of Eye under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment Sweden AB
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Text Comments (67)
Zoe Zane (1 month ago)
video is weird - WEIRD is good, art is not the mind of masses - porn star zoe zane (professional modern dancer)
Kadry Bedeir (1 month ago)
monika bellucci + sia ❤
Myriah Stevens (2 months ago)
Love this song ❤❤
Dimos (6 months ago)
Coco Ginez (9 months ago)
This song make me cry
Jaqueline Ekström (1 year ago)
Hon som sjunger i denna är inte Eliphant som vissa tror hon heter sofia googla de annars
droid ark (1 year ago)
kind subscription!!
droid ark (1 year ago)
kill animal s you are part,, of theyre shit!!!
Dániel Kendi (1 year ago)
Edu m (2 years ago)
This video should have millions views!
Philip Ströberg (1 year ago)
yeah I have also questioned that for a long time! I´ve seen him live and he freakin rocks!
The Fab Yt (2 years ago)
Weird that Elliphant isn't credited in the title when she is singing so much in this song....
Felipe Quintanilla (2 years ago)
Estaba mejor el video anterior donde aparecían los animales :c
gerda pleša (2 years ago)
2 years
gerda pleša (2 years ago)
83 747 views ? Really ? again song with great message don't have more views . 😒
road trip (2 years ago)
Is it me or does she sound like Elliphant?
road trip (2 years ago)
+urbium Oh 
urbium (2 years ago)
+road trip Elliphant is on this track as well; not sure why she's not credited.
Carlos Roberto (3 years ago)
you r hot mamma #yolo
Nicolás Carrasco (3 years ago)
La wea buena!!
Spaceegoat / (3 years ago)
One of few masterpieces of 2010 decade
josniel vera (3 years ago)
the best
BloodyWolf WT (3 years ago)
Temon , infaltable csm <3
Jan Nieuwenhuijse (3 years ago)
NorthFR1 (3 years ago)
Wonderful! Extremely good
temazo... queda dicho
Alier Shine (4 years ago)
Amazing !!!!!
jagagomartin (4 years ago)
Nice Lyrics
Pedropovich (4 years ago)
The girl looks like a young Monica Bellucci ............... look it up kids !!
Rene N V (4 years ago)
perfect... makes me on the move
Dance Mix (4 years ago)
Good Job!!!
velvalah (4 years ago)
Too bad with the black and white, this girl has AWSOME blue eyes :(
csoki988 (4 years ago)
omg yeee i just googled her, she is beautiful
Gabriel Gatak (4 years ago)
Nice track it's super
LABD932 (4 years ago)
Good Song! Nice!:D
Reinaldo Junior (4 years ago)
Faya Musati (4 years ago)
The future hits: Style Of Eye feat Soso - Kids Lucky Charmes - Riot Dannic feat. Bright Lights - Dear Life
Lesziel (4 years ago)
menudo genio eres style temazo¡
vdal3 (4 years ago)
Where did the other video of this song go? Don't get me wrong, this video is perfectly ok, but that other one.. Awesome colors and stuff, yo..!
WillWhiskey (4 years ago)
A song on vevo which doesn't have the usual morons in the comments and millions of views
10 HC (4 years ago)
nowadays video clips are made of shit especially this one, made with five dollars budget, so the stupid viewers sart to say "ohh it has so many meanings" oh this is art".Ha bullshit.
Stepas Revinskas (4 years ago)
then dont watch it...
Nori Diabolic (4 years ago)
Soso is so talented & creative. Wish more artists in the music industry were this original.
Jack Celere (4 years ago)
Amazing !
racyrecipe (4 years ago)
Was really looking forward to the video. Apparently Canadians cant watch it
Vitor Fernandes (4 years ago)
Brazil ♥
Javi MTZ88 (4 years ago)
Andreas Jonsson (4 years ago)
Best song 2014. 
Diego Alberto (4 years ago)
I love this song!
Lando Land (4 years ago)
2:20 Is Elliphant on this song too? Sounds alot like her
Carles Fuxet (4 years ago)
Peace Zdes' (4 years ago)
Ethan (4 years ago)
Good Song, weird video
Goku Zawa (8 months ago)
In my opinion, the song and the video are both pretty weird and pretty good.
matszz (2 years ago)
+Gerda Pleša That was very vauge, you're entitled to believe it's about whatever you want. The lyrics are pretty clear though. Edit: Virtually every line in the song describes hipsters, and even specifially mention the word "hipsters". Why is it so hard for people to change their mind when they are presented with good reason to, once they have publically stated that opinion? It doesn't reflect badly on you, does it? Would you feel you lost face if you said "oh, yeah it clearly was about hipsters"? I'm not trying to berate you, everyone is like that, and I'm dying to know why.
gerda pleša (2 years ago)
+matszz maybe kids wanna be hipsters " Kids just wanna be in Don’t know what it is " . This is not only about hipsters . This have deeper meaning , word hipster is only paradigm .
matszz (2 years ago)
+Gerda Pleša It's about hipsters, read the lyrics. http://limitlesslyrics.com/artistfolder/s/style_of_eye/styleofeyeftsoso_kids.html It's not about kids who twerk and are "jersey shore", it's about kids who try hard to seem weird and authentic but in reality all look the same. *Suffering poets with a fashion sense* ... *Generic hipster got no sex appeal* ... *Post another pic I wanna see that cappucino*
gerda pleša (2 years ago)
+matszz i think this is about kids what they are on 21 century, now kids think about sex, drugs, twerking , attencion . This song is about that kids, who think about this things . Now kids want live life what they parents live . I am teenager now, i know how my age people feels . Sorry about my bad english .
Hilton Andrade (4 years ago)
Has like no views and I can't watch it cuz it's not available in my country smh
DJARV (4 years ago)
Begey Vladimir (4 years ago)

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