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style of eye - the big kazoo

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download_link: http://rapidshare.com/files/116507796/Style_Of_Eye_-__The_Big_Kazoo_.mp3.html
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Text Comments (29)
Dimos (11 months ago)
Politiki bekatsa amfivallw an ksereis poios einai o style of eye kai ti epityxies exei twra
locke1323 (6 years ago)
shut up.
LebowskiRoots (7 years ago)
@thistimeserious anyway the youtube users here are all discussing sooo much o.O
Billy Buttlord (7 years ago)
@thistimeserious the artist doesn't choose the beatport genre...
humooo (8 years ago)
@PolikiMpekatsa you’re right man am wrong, i confused the way u cut the track with the tune martin brothers - full moon, i guess ive listened to that mix over and over again my head made both tracks as one, my bad. either way check our martin brothers - full moon and claude von stroke’s essential mix. cheers bro.
humooo (8 years ago)
@PolikiMpekatsa are you kidding me? off course you cut it out! am just saying you cut it out from the claude von stroke’s essential mix, begining part of the “track” you cut is a completely different tune. ffs
humooo (8 years ago)
@PolikiMpekatsa cut it out of what though? this is cut from vonstroke’s essential mix at around 1:10 minute mark, and thats from memory only
Cakestopher Quimbert (8 years ago)
@thistimeserious someone had to say it
Led Pencil (8 years ago)
In the SF we drop these beats heavy in all places. We even shook shit up at the Sunset parties with this track 1:13...it goes down mofugas!!!
the1ATN (9 years ago)
wow! o !wow pure madness: pervasive, invasive, contagious and miraculous
humooo (9 years ago)
@angelogiovanni1 i think this version is cut from the essential mix by claude von stroke for radio one. GET THAT MIX. shall blow your head away. peace.
Subchain (9 years ago)
Tech---hhooouuussse xD
Antigrau (9 years ago)
Matt Norman (9 years ago)
way too much thought, listen! enjoyyyyy
aceforce00 (9 years ago)
Giovanni Zimmer (9 years ago)
0:40 what is that another track or its the same? cuz that part its amazing but to short!
besbravo (9 years ago)
great great great
extraordingary (10 years ago)
it's post-electro neo slap house, I reckon. Listen for the variations in the sub-sonic riffs, there IS a slap house track hidden beneath all the electro-techno beats. It's also easy to forgot that this track was recorded before I made this comment, so it is a stretch to call it posty type of song. Perhaps the artist will be able to shed some light on this?
Edd (10 years ago)
some numpty said this wasnt his best track, who cares?, its ace, better than what we could do. go to the end website and listen to sven vath mix this...
thepts (10 years ago)
Style of Eye has many great tracks, this is NOT the best ;) Check out Amelie for instance
jodeehyrolah (10 years ago)
its minimal u mugs
KrystalRunner88 (10 years ago)
no, its just hi-def and ur on mdma lol
sidi86 (10 years ago)
Quel bon son !!!
eLiSa RaYmAeKeRs (10 years ago)
Absolument magnifique
Chris Holmes (10 years ago)
ha ha ha it does sound a bit chicken! lmfao great tune!
Karim B (10 years ago)
Style Of Eye - Sound of The Big Kazoo mediafire(DOT)com/?csezm5zjwtt
RegenBogenBlick (11 years ago)
Christoph Gruhn (11 years ago)
can u send me this or u are reupp this file and send me an pn with the new link
Christoph Gruhn (11 years ago)
it´s not work!

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