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14887 - Swiss Renaissance Revival Pendant Watch

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14887: Swiss Renaissance Revival Limoges style enamel, diamond & 18K gold pendant watch, classic Renaissance Limoges style basse-taille panel portrait of young woman in period costume of the highest quality in this type, red basse-taille back ground, costume in cloisonné basse-taille with gold accented divisions, portrait en grisaille with enamel built up for dimensionality under level clear glaze, exquisitely rendered features, the band and dial in basse-taille red, gold Louis XV hands, underglaze gold foil numerals and markers, the bezel and bow (front and back) set with rose-cut diamonds, the name "Frances Straus" engraved on cuvette, high grade Swiss lever movement with capped escape, fausses-cotes nickel damascene, s#24287 in case, in outstanding condition. The style of the enamel is based on the enamel of Limoges from the Renaissance period, with human figures and faces normally rendered in warm grisaille with buildup to highlights, a predecessor of or inspiration for pate-sur-pate technique in earthenware and porcelain (as one sees in later Limoges & Wedgwood) rendering exquisite effect.
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