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K have we officially gone crazy? We are DIYing shoes now! Here is our take on the thigh boot, over the knee boot, OTK - whatever you want to call it! Let us know if you're going to try these out or if you're one of the lucky ladies who already picked up a pair! Check out the blog post here: https://goo.gl/3QX919 __ SNAPCHAT // thesorrygirls INSTAGRAM // @thesorrygirlsdiy TWITTER // http://www.twitter.com/thesorrygirls FACEBOOK // http://www.facebook.com/thesorrygirls PINTEREST // http://www.pinterest.com/thesorrygirls TUMBLR // http://www.thesorrygirls.tumblr.com KELSEY'S TWITTER // https://twitter.com/kelseymarillis BECKY'S TWITTER // https://twitter.com/beckyylynne KELSEY'S INSTA // https://instagram.com/kelseymarillis/ BECKY'S INSTA // https://instagram.com/beckyylynne/ __ DIY & LIFESTYLE CHANNEL // http://youtube.com/TheSorryGirls VLOG & Q&A // http://youtube.com/TheSorryLife __ Not sponsored yo. __ Please note that we are not professionals and that all projects seen on our channel must be completed at your own risk. We do not take responsibility for any harm or injury that may occur. Be safe!
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Text Comments (525)
Brandon T. (1 month ago)
My only question is how well have these held up? And would you recommend the glue you used or is E6000 sufficient?
Kathy Wood (2 months ago)
My name is Kelsey too!!!
Gloria christina (4 months ago)
Omg i really like it
Tushar Kokate (5 months ago)
Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat job girlsssssssss 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
lord arzeal (6 months ago)
Very nice love it i'll gonna try it.....#excited tq for the vid
Tmoni 78 (7 months ago)
This is a great diy project. 💖💖💖💖 I want to try this and diy some snake boots 👢 happy holidays
jessie mayfield (8 months ago)
Why some ppl think they look home made and others great im confused
what's New (9 months ago)
I hope you will post best videoes like this😊😊😊😍
erosetol (10 months ago)
Becky looks like Billie Piper.
Renu Sharma (10 months ago)
Best 👍👍👍👍👍👍
JOY MONTGOMERY (11 months ago)
I am going to try these. This has been such a problem for me. I can't wear knee length skirts because of the swelling in my leg. Please let this work for me
Brynn Alpajaro (1 year ago)
Watching this in 2018 and I barely recognized Kelsey without her bangs! She looks soooo good with and without them.
Thanks it is so beautiful love you
Ela Em (1 year ago)
Yeaaaaaaa im just gonna get one HAHAHA
makayla nicole (1 year ago)
I'm too short for thigh high boots :/
Eva de Ruiter (1 year ago)
Wow this is an original diy! I'm a dutch girl but i can understand you you're very clear☺️
Lori Gleason (1 year ago)
INGENIOUSLY creative!!! Awesome job.
Howard Johnson (1 year ago)
Sound Canadian.
sus2731 (1 year ago)
OMG!!!! You are now my FAV YOUTUBERS!!!!… .and Im 50, you have a high sense of style
Lil Kaeppchen (1 year ago)
Perfect, maybe I recreate this, because kg lege mostly to big for this Kind of shoe
Divya Kandpal (1 year ago)
Laura Forconi (1 year ago)
GREAT JOB GIRLS!!!!!!!!! IMPRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chelthi kueto (1 year ago)
Used this to make thigh high pumps 🙂
Sam Humphrey (1 year ago)
This seems a bit complicated but I feel if I was to do it would make more since. This is a nice way to cheaply do this and I liked watching it. I may not ever do it yet this video was entertaining and informative.
GABi / Shad_e_d (2 years ago)
I guess you can say this is how you make a bootleg thigh high. Eh? Eh?...no? Okay I'm going back to learning puns from Barb pun-kleman
Alejandra Bernal (2 years ago)
Justo lo que buscaba, gracias💟
Maggie's Mama (2 years ago)
Wow!! They turned out great!!
Shadi .e (2 years ago)
it is so hard for me😂i prefer to buy over knees🤣
selena (2 years ago)
really nice job,congrats!!! could you tell me,what kind of fabric did you use?
Caitlin Belle Isle (2 years ago)
I would have just glued the bottom front of the thigh high part to the back top part of the boots
Nurse Thompson (2 years ago)
omg awesome. you guys are so cerative
Tadiwa (2 years ago)
I made a pair and I love them thank you❤️
Catherine H (2 years ago)
I got thigh high boots for 30 from rack room so
Lexx Grose (2 years ago)
Brianna Reyes (2 years ago)
just subbed it. fuck yeah u guys rock <3
Sal Abd (2 years ago)
Michelle Stella (2 years ago)
all that effort. all those materials. and then they don't even look like something I'd want to show off. just buy some thigh high boots! 😐nice idea though
Cain Fisher (2 years ago)
This is going to come in handy when making my cosplay boots, thanks :)
Itskmills (2 years ago)
LMAO what boots are they looking @ for 500$ on most Insta shops they are around 30-40 bucks. FUCK the hassle just buy some
Tellys Thoughts (2 years ago)
For girls such as myself who wear a size 12...this can come in handy because I cannot find any in my size to save my life!
Mitza Fontanet (2 years ago)
nice job girls.
LittleTeenyTurner (2 years ago)
yeah but..... the zips look silly?
Gore's Art (2 years ago)
Tbh this would be a GREAT idea for Cosplayers since you can't get a lot of the Thigh high boots in the same pattern or design.
Tonisha Walton (2 years ago)
Id rather just buy the boots..
amy g (2 years ago)
oh that's it? lol
Perfect On My Own Way (2 years ago)
okay this was pretty awesome. this is really much cheaper then to buy the boots. i am really going to do this. thank you!!!
Cassandra Barba (2 years ago)
I just watched a fucking barbie video before this video. Wtf
Julia Gardiner (2 years ago)
woah this is awesome
Susie Lima, CHt (2 years ago)
I did this with some boots that turned ugly after wearing them at burning man. ..so I covered them with a pair of gorgeous red glittery tights and wore them at Christmas! it was sooooo awesome!!
wiis alsh (2 years ago)
This is so stupid! Why would u waste that much time for something you can buy and its nor too expensive !
Littleladyseraphine (2 years ago)
With my fat thighs. I'd put stretchy material where my thigh is. That will definitely fall down my leg if I don't have that
Ana Nečadová (2 years ago)
this is amazing ♥
Meep Meep (2 years ago)
Omg how genius xD
ZomBiE_TraSh (2 years ago)
i guess im the only one who thinks these are ugly...
ZomBiE_TraSh (2 years ago)
Peaches ahahaha i know eh.
Rchellerchelle (2 years ago)
Well that escalated quickly..
ZomBiE_TraSh (2 years ago)
Aaf F ok good for you..
Amy Tiramisu (2 years ago)
@ZomBiE_TraSh I'm not reading your wall of stupidity because trash is literally in your name. But bye
Eilya Hussain (2 years ago)
meanwhile i ended up with a wrapped giraffe with a golden star on its forehead while i attempted to do the first 3 steps
Andrew Smith (2 years ago)
+The sorrygirls keep up the great work 4 get all the lazy azz haters and nay sayers 😌👍👏🙊🙉🙈
Roz Artbook (2 years ago)
Ok, let me say this. I'm loving it, this is genuis. And I am curvy... store bought tigh high shoes would NEVER fit me. But with this? All girls of all shapes can now make their own. Thank you :)
Tlea Thomas (2 years ago)
that is awesome! great tutorial ladies!
My Jonsson (2 years ago)
can you use a pair of old thights?
Viktoria (2 years ago)
hahaha wtf
Rachel Bazilian (2 years ago)
not necessarily my style, the height of them anyway, but these are so cool! I might make a pair, only a bit shorter. maybe just below my knees?
Jess Moody (2 years ago)
You did a great job on these!!! I found a pair of over the knee boots at kohls for only $30 on Black Friday! They are regularly only $60 too! I have seen some for around $100 too so you definitely don't have to spend $500 if you don't have a pair to remake!!!
AMANDA BLACKWELL (2 years ago)
Omg never ever imagined this, this is neat❤️❤️❤️❤️
C (2 years ago)
So cool love it
3pitomeofmusik ! (2 years ago)
Easier way to do this. For those of us who are lazy 1: Get a job 2: Get paid 3: Buy thigh high boots Done!!! 😊
Tmoni 78 (7 months ago)
For your information ℹ️ some people love fashion and do you know how much it cost to get your favorite shoes repaired or to have them custom made these days?? FYI if you don’t like diying then let those like us who love creative projects enjoy their content and you go spend 100 plus on some cheap looking shoes that’s going to fall apart later. Thank you and goodbye 👋🏼
likely april (2 years ago)
3pitomeofmusik ! It's not that easy.. Especially for me bc I'm underage and not old enough for a job
Julie Rivera (2 years ago)
3pitomeofmusik ! its not that easy lol if you can dave the money thab why not? some people have bills. i have the money but the boots are sold out everywhere i look
Swhoolio Ager (2 years ago)
this video almost made me forget what a thigh was
Samantha Beland (2 years ago)
soo cute 😍
Aratrika Bose (2 years ago)
Baby K (2 years ago)
"Bootleg boot legs"
Jennyrocity (2 years ago)
yall are geniuses
emokitty weird is cool (2 years ago)
yse so cute
L LS (2 years ago)
How did they stay up as you were walking? did they stretch out?
Bahareh R (2 years ago)
ok like this is perfect! i have massive calves so no boots ever fit them and the wide calf boots that are made are too bulky i can never find a decent pair of even knee high boots im totally doing this!
kadajah simpson (2 years ago)
u shouldve worn them with some shorts or somethin so we could see them better because they blend with your stockings
Harsimran Kaur (2 years ago)
i am confused how to wear them? i mean they are closed till thigh. would the zip open? enough space for the toe to slide in?
Tarik Hendrix (2 years ago)
you can buy thigh high boots at f21 for $40
Tarik Hendrix (2 years ago)
Weirdgirl Well you probably don't have $20-30 for fabric and other supplies either lmao
Highschool Beauty (2 years ago)
Deneisha Hendricks not all of us have $40 for a pair of boots
Tarik Hendrix (2 years ago)
Lauren Bennett the boots you buy for the base whether you thrift them or not were probably made in a sweatshop. the fabric was probably made in a sweatshop. sweatshops will still be around even if we "make" our own boots
Lauren Bennett (2 years ago)
This is also a way to not support sweat shop conditions! You could even thrift the boots ~
Alexandria Tayla (2 years ago)
Boots for $40, imagine if things were that cheap in Australia
Crystal Chiquito (2 years ago)
I've seen a lot online for about $35 lol
terran Alexander (2 years ago)
yeah I'm just not that crafty....I'll just have to soend the $120 and get the boots
Erica Lee Henry (2 years ago)
OK I was skeptical at first but they turned out very nice. Great job ladies. Kudos to you both.
it's Ajobi (2 years ago)
great idea!! seems like a two people job though :(
Ariana Paris (2 years ago)
this is also really great for wjen you have biger legs. I have bigger muscles from playing soccer and doing ballet and its almost impossible to find boots to fit my calves/thighs. it would also be great for someone with a lot of curves :)
Artist by Random (2 years ago)
gonna make mid calf boots.. can't handle stuff on my thighs lol. also thank you you're awesome~
Ming (2 years ago)
do you guys have clear pictures of the finished product posted?
Kat (2 years ago)
Robyn Nicole (2 years ago)
Great video. Definitely giving this a try!
Alondra Davila (2 years ago)
or buy some..????
Heather Laurenvil (2 years ago)
These are for looks they won't even keep you warm.
AriJ _Chappell (2 years ago)
Heather Laurenvil theirnot supposed to even keep you warm thigh high boots are FOR STYLE
Really great !!!! I have my bought thigh high boots with stiletto heels but I would deffinetly do this if I hadn't have those !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joanne Carroll (2 years ago)
There were a thousand ways that could have been done, but they went with the way that shows an unholy mess of glue & poor workmanship ... On the plus side, the camera work showed it all very clearly.
Ryan Mislich (2 years ago)
girl we all know you dont wear these shits out in public!
Jessica Belfour (2 years ago)
You betta call Becky with the good hair 🙋(no shade no tea) I just thought of it while I heard your name🌛
Jay geo (2 years ago)
sorry but.... no
Gaëlle Wauthier (2 years ago)
That's amazing!
Jen Krovyu (2 years ago)
awesome video, thanks, subscribing now! a lot quicker than the method I've used in the past..😅
-gallifreyan (2 years ago)
Julia Dominguez (2 years ago)
Those are awesome! Dang! I thought I was the only 1 DIYing Thigh High Boots though. I'm getting ready to make some out of a burgundy velvet dress that has a rhinestone design I'm going to incorporate in there somewhere.
Jazzminnnnn (2 years ago)
im actually surprised on how well these came out!! Awesome!!
Michaela Pendy (2 years ago)
this was so genius !
Hannah Saar (2 years ago)
Or you could just buy them?!

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