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Slither.io Secret creepy level

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Slither.io has a secret level. This video will show you how to get on it. Tutorial: The secret level can only be accessed with a snake of a certain size, and by attacking the border in a particular direction. After hearing about it forever on the forums, we investigated and recorded what happens when you enter the secret level of slither.io. Sorry about the gameplay lagging on the screen. Our recording software isn't great and our computer isn't graphic intensive. But we hope you enjoy our gameplay and use this tutorial to open the secret level yourself. If you can get further in the game than us, please comment below. We'd love to know what happens after we died. What is your largest slither.io snake? Let us know in the comments. We will also give you a slither.io update when someone bests our gameplay and gets further on in the game. Don't Turn Around is a channel where you might get scared, but the horror is always fun!
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Text Comments (25029)
I have Youtube (10 months ago)
2:19 Did anyone else notice nancy james on the leader board? P.s maybe that jumpscare snake at the end is Nancy perhaps?
RKO Randy orton (21 hours ago)
Laurie-lynn Hunt (11 days ago)
I have Youtube I did
The king brockhull 8 (11 days ago)
I did see it
Lifeisbamboo AJ (16 days ago)
or maybe it was snake killer or #1 but i cant really see the color of number one's name
I'ts oKai (25 days ago)
Why do you use maybe and perhaps in a same sentence? And perhaps is in the end of it? xD
Cookie Craft (1 hour ago)
Dont turn Around... D o n t. t u r n. a r o u n d. **turns around**
Jordan Davis (8 hours ago)
omg that scared me but how do u unlock it bc I have that game and my friend unlocked the level but......it made her phone turn off and I got so scared that I cried 😭😭
Joe Shmoe (18 hours ago)
Joe Shmoe (18 hours ago)
Raymundo Valenzuela (1 day ago)
Try to kill that big snake
Ahh que Belo editamento nossa INCRÍVEL NOSSA Q FALSO
Destiny UnicornSquad (2 days ago)
I made it to 1650 and died
Player Games BR (2 days ago)
Tara Garza (3 days ago)
I tried this so many times and it doesn't work
_Nelly Tube_ (3 days ago)
MateTheBoss TM (4 days ago)
2:28 holy f*ck i f*cked up
Heather Creaser (5 days ago)
I have tried doing this with my snake at about 8,270 heading east, but it just doesn't work for me.
LPS Clover56 (5 days ago)
2:28 awe hell naw
OH I DID DO THAT BEFORE but it made me pee my pants
2:26 scared the flip out of me. 😱😱
GeraldGamer872 : (6 days ago)
Bro i see this before you see
Marx YTP / Jeremix (7 days ago)
i had an heart attack!
Tyrant Lizard (7 days ago)
Watching while reading the comment.. well, thats how u avoid jumpscares lol
Jim Sprick (7 days ago)
I tried it I died thanks alot
Jim Sprick (7 days ago)
Indybot (7 days ago)
!JUMPSCARE NOISE! !JUMPSCARE NOISE! (cute lil snake hiss)
shadow Ninja (8 days ago)
It not realo
irene delapena (8 days ago)
OMG i try that and i died in the sekret level so lol
irene delapena (8 days ago)
S Gurung (9 days ago)
2:28 if I was there and I killed that snake when I’m tiny it could be embarrassed as hell
Chandan Biswas (9 days ago)
OMG See 2:15 to 2:16 the whole leaderboard changed automatically.😱😱See with bigger snakes
Grace Dollente (9 days ago)
I wonder if you can kill that giant snake
jdoncbus (9 days ago)
That giant snake scared me
Dark Gλme (10 days ago)
I have tried... And I died
jeremiah tabbada (10 days ago)
Its map is instead of circle but it changed as a star on 2:17
Mythical Shadow (10 days ago)
So did u guys got an heart attack? xD
Pewdipie Fan (10 days ago)
Why did you do this to me I almost died 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
welp (10 days ago)
Sophie Williams (10 days ago)
I had a jump scare and dropped my phone and screamed and my dad came in and he was so confused. He asked it I was ok and if I was having bad dreams. It was so embarrassing!😂
heartmomtoryan (10 days ago)
I beat it!
Clarise Macasio (10 days ago)
i know you edit the video
Jayanna Guisinger (10 days ago)
click bait prob yea
Kayde Chan (11 days ago)
2:27 scared me off my body XD Eventho I was going around that to see when it happened to comment here I still got scared when that thing came XD
DC Dodson (11 days ago)
Is it on a.i mode plz reply
Maria Luisa Sevilla (11 days ago)
Yum Soda (11 days ago)
I remeberd about this video when i was going to play Slither.io its been a long time i remember the first time i watched this it only had 700k views but now it has 5.3M views wow dude you did good
Aljid Pasulohan (11 days ago)
i think that was a edit it dosent work to me 🐍
Baseball Boy (11 days ago)
I tried it and it didn’t work
falaniko mamea (12 days ago)
Now I'm gonna have nightmares about slither.io
Bag o’ Potato Chips (12 days ago)
*t h a n k s f o r t h e b r o k e n p h o n r *
Kaitlyn (12 days ago)
That freaking giant snake that came outta nowhere scared the living shiz out of me
``Caroline`` (13 days ago)
Nice editing though
PlayingROBLOX ALLday (13 days ago)
How in the heck did u do that
t m (14 days ago)
If it is real that gaiant snake should be glowing because its fast
t m (14 days ago)
I saw anoher vidieo like that & it didnt work i tried to it still didint work
Jamifi (14 days ago)
zero two (15 days ago)
I I h I ha I had I had h I had he I had hea I had hear I had heart I had heart a I had heart at I had heart att I had heart atta I had heart attac I had heart attack Annnndddd i aciddent spilled my water on my phone and now its still wet
Joanne Dela Cerna (15 days ago)
XxDarknessgamesxX (15 days ago)
Wow did anybody else not buy it??
kian thenrey C. omampo (16 days ago)
You give me a heart attack when the big snake not the photo jumps out i almost throw my phone omg that was creepy
xander hd (16 days ago)
The Golden Spider (16 days ago)
plz try to kill that snake
0469 114 188 (17 days ago)
wh oelse typed in _"slitherio glitches"_ in the serach bar?
Code X (17 days ago)
T think I have an answer but it's just a theory. My theory is that the suicide snake 🐍 was supposed to be a lesson for the gamer FROM the developer of the game. The lesson was to never give up on life even in the game. I think if
Code X (17 days ago)
My theory was true then there will be a Creepypasta story about the game AND the developer's life
Nothing happened
Li X (18 days ago)
2:30 I jumped
dummy account (19 days ago)
Eh, this is so creepy.
Cutie Unicorn! (19 days ago)
GeneShirt (19 days ago)
That is creepey
zain ashraf (20 days ago)
Iier l did it and it doesn't wory
piggybankhero (20 days ago)
2:27 oh my god that scared the life out of me
yueyi hu (20 days ago)
cant plz defeat giant snake?
Wolfy (21 days ago)
Erm. Wowsers
Glittershys life (21 days ago)
i got dead at 2:29
MartinDude Its epic (21 days ago)
Lol its kinda creepy but funny
Julie Miles (21 days ago)
OMG is this real!!!!
Laura Gris Vazquez (21 days ago)
No plis no no noooooooo
Dalia Skilton (22 days ago)
I found more of it I survived and there more to it and a another secret even higher like a Titan-boa
Kaela Mait's (23 days ago)
The only thing that was scary was the music LOL
Triggered Happy (23 days ago)
Wait this exists
Don't Turn Around (22 days ago)
If you haven't already...please check out www.DontTurnAround.com
Lesafalee (23 days ago)
I literally almost poooooop my pants
KT- CR & COC (24 days ago)
Nice editing
Snoopy very Snoopy
Leonardo Chagas (24 days ago)
Aaaaaaa sai aaaaaazaaaaaar:O
ConfusedBiscuit (25 days ago)
I'm scared to look
ethan dominguez (25 days ago)
ethan dominguez (25 days ago)
btw um i saw the snake go in the tunnel but... the body of the snake was moving weird......LIKE IT WAS GETTING EDITED!
Edie Kittyplayz (25 days ago)
HOLY WSWSWDHWUHDUWIHJCNEJCNEBJCBWB ECHYBEHBCEHBCjENDEMJNCJ ive got over this and i went into it IT DARN DIDNT WORK and plus ive gliched before and i went behind it and all it was is red and at the end it brings you back
Ronnie Warner (25 days ago)
Creepy 😢😰😰😰😰😰😰😰
Why the title is "Polski"
lee dotson (26 days ago)
Yo creepy bro
Armando Contreras (26 days ago)
Lorealle Capongga (26 days ago)
His narration makes the game more creepier and scarier than it should be.
golden freddy (26 days ago)
Czemu tytuł to polski?
Carlo Emanuele Doria (26 days ago)
Warning: super creepy!
North star (27 days ago)
Markiplier 😊😊😊
Toxicide YT (28 days ago)
The big Snake is donald trump and made a big wall..
Ashika G (28 days ago)
Extra Salt (28 days ago)
I thought I wasn’t gonna get scared because it’s a simple game but this scared bajesus out of me
thanawat charoensri (29 days ago)
Who thought it wasn't scary?
Vinod Thejao (29 days ago)
Absolutely not real
I like bacon (29 days ago)
I tried it and I died
Adolf Hitler (30 days ago)
2:28 my heart almost jumped out i wasn't ready for that

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