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Shopping Guangzhou knockoff fashion, sneakers shoes clothing market. hypebeast heaven.

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The knockoff fashion market stores for sneaker and clothing in Guangzhou China are very entertaining. Brands like Supreme Nike Jordan Yeezy Adidas bape and more make every trip an adventure. I DO NOT CONDONE THE PRODUCTION SALE OR PURCHASING OF COUNTERFEIT PRODUCTS, I can not provide you with the address or any links. These videos are for a view of the fashion that is over here in China. This video is a summer update of the Hype new and old fashion I was able to find at one of the markets over here. With brands like Jordan, Yeezy Adidas, Nike Supreme and offwhite collabs I am always blown away at whats around. For other videos check out some of my previous videos and maybe follow me on Instagram. Patreon- Support me and ask questions https://www.patreon.com/C3TheCollywoodLife Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thecollywoodlife
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Clara Ueltschi (1 month ago)
C3 TheCollywoodLife (1 month ago)
If that is you in the picture it is because you dont understand streetwear and modern fashion the youth love. Yes the quality isnt amazing but keep in mind this is a hobby of mine and I dont do youtube as a job.
Pedro Fernandez (1 month ago)
Nice video, and nice job , thank you for sharing with us.. just subbed 👍
kai (2 months ago)
Nice, c3 please share the location of the mall pls
Albert Morris (2 months ago)
Than fucking foamposite varsity red i want that shit. Idc if its fake 😑
eric rober (2 months ago)
what is the address of this market?
Keezus (2 months ago)
Do a Nike Air yeezy hunt!
JC Cop (2 months ago)
Great video! I was in that same market last week. Quick question for you: In my experience, they don't seem to be very flexible on giving discounts at the markets in Guangzhou. Is that normal? The most I'll get is maybe a 20-50RMB discount on shoes and clothing. I thought I was getting the cold shoulder because I'm a foreigner but I've seen the locals get rejected as well when asking for discounts. The prices are way better than the markets in Shanghai or Beijing, so maybe this is the reason they're not willing to bargain as much? Thoughts?
Haowen 6969 (2 months ago)
Can u try to find a good rep of ub1.0 cream or og? Thanks
Ryanlele (2 months ago)
Can you give me the location to me??? Thank you
lkshldrck (2 months ago)
look for off white air presto.
Stevies BeautyPalace (2 months ago)
How are the prices there for a good quality pair of nike x offwhite or a good Bogo?
Agnieszka Niecik (3 months ago)
Only bape vid pleaseee
Agnieszka Niecik (3 months ago)
Ouu why
C3 TheCollywoodLife (3 months ago)
Coming in the fall or winter
Isa Brand (3 months ago)
Is it maybe possible that you Can giventhe adress with an private Message or something
Mathis Martel (3 months ago)
More designer please!
Izzullah Safuddin (3 months ago)
Do winter jackets & Puma shoes
C3 TheCollywoodLife (3 months ago)
Winter jackets will be in the winter
Therealsolin (3 months ago)
More Jordan ones and aj1 x off white also any revenge x storms and cdg x converse
Team UA shoes (3 months ago)
I need to see Jordan 10 the red and bule in a size 13
Team UA shoes (3 months ago)
How much or the Shoes and what is the Biggest size they size I need a size 13
shineboyjosh (3 months ago)
do a factory inventory and ua stuff & make your own website and post on there.
Jason Hughes (3 months ago)
Dude where! I was just there and got back with NOTHING!!!
Jason Hughes (3 months ago)
C3 TheCollywoodLife man. I went to all the wrong places. Barely saw anything like this. I understand what you mean about YouTube's guidelines. I'll have to try again the next time I'm there!
C3 TheCollywoodLife (3 months ago)
I dont know how you could miss it. Near the watches the water fountain and across from the building with the mcdonalds on the top floor. If you dont see sneakers or hype clothing all over the place you are not in the right area. Id love to tell your the exact address so you could enjoy the experience yourself but its against youtubes policy to provide lniks and addresses.
Gagandeep Sharma (3 months ago)
Hey bro .take video holesale mkt garments (clothes ) i like ur video 👌👌👌👌 .i find clothes for my shop . So u suggest me which is best .
saaajle001 (3 months ago)
Hey C3, love your vids, you're actually one of the few YT's that I get notifications on... I've been to Guangzhou several times, been to this place almost every day while there. I've been wondering if it is it too hard to do one video on the market about 300m down the road, it's the one that's close to McDonald's? I found some crazy stuff there...
saaajle001 (3 months ago)
I'd say it's the one "further down the street with smaller messy shops". :)
C3 TheCollywoodLife (3 months ago)
The mcdonalds in the building on the top floor? Or further down the streets with smaller messy shops. Or the really clean shops with more korean fashion and less people.
Caleb Eli (3 months ago)
More designer clothing and shoes please❤️
C3 TheCollywoodLife (3 months ago)
I am not able to showcase designer.
Jen Durbridge (3 months ago)
The Adidas predator football/soccer boots look awful and shiny, never recommend anyone to buy fake/replica football boots
C3 TheCollywoodLife (3 months ago)
Anything you should always get original.
BLE ENT TV (3 months ago)
Nice work dude , where this location is at such as the address or the name of this market
Hi Its me (3 months ago)
28:03 Why the hell didn’t you got in the left store?!?!?
C3 TheCollywoodLife (3 months ago)
This time I was putting more focus on Sneakers. Dont worry another clothing video will be up again in the future.
Hi Its me (3 months ago)
Please check the Shops that hold supreme Stuff
Toxi Tune (3 months ago)
wonderful as always you are the best man just one question are the 1:1 and the god version the same quality ??
swag Jack (2 months ago)
C3 TheCollywoodLife so what’s the prices of the Jordans there if you order from America they charge you $140 & up so you really say this stuff very cheap
C3 TheCollywoodLife (3 months ago)
God version is just a made up name, 1:1 is never on display and hard to come by because you have to do a lot of talking and asking around. UA are only ever sold in large quantities.
astroboi254 (3 months ago)
Have you seen any sell 1:1 quality and can the more reputable shops sell overseas or are these mostly dodgy
astroboi254 (3 months ago)
C3 TheCollywoodLife just subbed thanks for the info bro 👍
C3 TheCollywoodLife (3 months ago)
1:1 are sold in large quantities and are very hard to come by, never on display and to get them you would have to do some big digging.
Ryan Faust (3 months ago)
Show some Nike sbs like some heat ones
C3 TheCollywoodLife (3 months ago)
I Wish they had some older heat like the SB but they really only have new and trending heat.
Agnieszka Niecik (3 months ago)
Yo bro make some Video about nike x off white
C3 TheCollywoodLife (3 months ago)
I showcase nike and offwhite in many videos.
Ryan Faust (3 months ago)
Appreciate you covering these markets Collin. Jeans! Jeans! Jeans!
C3 TheCollywoodLife (3 months ago)
The jeans are not worth showing as they may look a little similar but the denim is not great.
BXKicksTV (3 months ago)
Can you go like a place where they have really good quality? Pleas ps love your videos
C3 TheCollywoodLife (3 months ago)
Amazing quality will never be on display. the best quality is also only ever sold in large numbers.
Michael Smith (3 months ago)
Can you check like High End Designer Back Packs? So like the LV's, Fendis, Guccis etc.
C3 TheCollywoodLife (3 months ago)
Sorry I cant showcase designer.
Aindriu Mac Giolla Eoin (3 months ago)
whats the ball park price for sneakers here ? good luck with the patreon !

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