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Gospel Shout House of Prayer Church 9/13/2016

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As part of the Levine Museum of the New South's "Gospel Shout" series, The House of Prayer For All Prople Church, the "Mother Church," on Beatties Ford Road in Charlotte, North Carolina, had an open house to all who wanted to enjoy their famous shout (brass) and string bands. Yours truly, Dirk Allman, went to enjoy this program. It was quite moving...and joyful...as you can see. If you ever have an opportunity to see and hear this gospel jazz...GO!
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Evonda Valentine (7 months ago)
lol seriesle
Chris Dorsey (1 year ago)
Glad u enjoyed ur self come and enjoy with us anytime u feel like it
Voris Kinlaw (1 year ago)
Thiz Post Is My MOTHER'S BIRTHDATE LAST Yr....& It's Pulse Is SWinging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dirk Allman (1 year ago)
Voris Kinlaw Glad you are enjoying it!
tbrezzy the singer (1 year ago)
thank you dave earle
jay thomas (2 years ago)
i can still play this song 10 yrs later..all time uhop classic
Dave L Earle (2 years ago)
lord be patient with me.
tbrezzy the singer (1 year ago)
Dave Earle thank u
Lance Jones JR. (2 years ago)
Please be patient with me
terrance brown (2 years ago)
Can u tell me was that song call at the end when they in prayer
Dave L Earle (2 years ago)
terrance brown lord be patient
devion taylor (2 years ago)
yes clouds

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