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Metropole Orkest with Cory Henry & Jacob Collier - I Thought It Was You (NSJ 2017)

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Composition by Herbie Hancock, arranged by Cory Henry and Rob Taggart. MO conducted by Jules Buckley. Footage courtesy of NTR and North Sea Jazz
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Dihelson Mendonca (25 days ago)
Jacob Collier made a very deep improvisation
Gazeroni (1 month ago)
Did buddy at 8:43 just get kicked outta the band or something?
Dihelson Mendonca (2 months ago)
Danny Jarvis (2 months ago)
He's completely lost at the beginning not good!
Daniel Ching (14 days ago)
no his mic that was connected to the synth was not working he had to use the other mic
Nino Jologua (2 months ago)
jakob,thank you.you are genios ..
Elliot Mangini (3 months ago)
lol @7:06 jacob im sorry but you have to go to jail now
Elliot Mangini (3 months ago)
lol so funny that the bass player is reading music
lrossmusic (4 months ago)
The horns sound wonderful too !
PoggiiBonsii (4 months ago)
i do not understand this double piano setup for this HH composition . overkill. cory henry on the rhodes is all you need metropole
Sébastien Prunet (4 months ago)
Cory is so handsome...
Cameron Favell (4 months ago)
I know its a big set up but that sound man needs a good old fashioned spanking!
Achenar Myst (4 months ago)
Those four stomping eights at the beginning of each phrase, gorgeous marching 😄
Achenar Myst (4 months ago)
Those four stomping eights at the beginning of each phrase, gorgeous marching 😄
Jazziz Café (5 months ago)
Great rendition, love it! Thanks for share it! En el North Sea Jazz de 2017 disfrutaron del directo de la Metropole Orkest, que bajo la dirección de Jules Buckley, interpretó temas como esta versión del "I Thought It Was You" de Herbie Hancock junto a Cory Henry y Jacob Collier. El original de este tema fue un éxito dentro del álbum "Sunlight" que Hancock publicó en 1978 y que marcó el inicio de una etapa 'electro-funk' del pianista en los años 80 con álbumes como "Future Shock" y "Sound-System". #JazzFunk
Fritz Jackson (5 months ago)
1:35 Richard Hammond?
I WILL REIGN (5 months ago)
We've got Methed out Ryan Reynolds on bass.
MrFredericF (5 months ago)
Where's Jacob's sound ? Is it a big joke ?
Renan Rodrigues (6 months ago)
Luca Wetherall (7 months ago)
Nice repurposing of the fascinating rhythm piano solo from Jacob
Hoblem Tahal (7 months ago)
And I hope the great conductor Jules Buckley returns to the steering.📖
Hoblem Tahal (7 months ago)
Jacob, he renewed the use of a vocal harmonizer in music. The voice harmonizer was successful in the 80's. After that, somehow was forgotten. Jacob is a great pianist and jazzman. I appreciate great respect. In connection with Cory, he creates a beautiful ears cinema.
Hoblem Tahal (7 months ago)
The first microphone led to the harmonizer 1:02
manb4war (7 months ago)
Cory has such an old soul, the sound is authentic 70's soul
MrYgor44 (7 months ago)
Фантастическое проникновение всех людей в колдовской ритм и гипноз этой темы. Огромное восторг испытываю от всех музыкантов. Так резаться и ощущать музыку могут лишь настоящие поклонники джаза, к которым я и отношусь, невзирая на года. Fantastic penetration of all people in the magical rhythm and hypnosis of this theme. I feel great admiration from all the musicians. So play and feel music can only the true fans possibility, to which I and am, despite age.
Esteban Glez (7 months ago)
Moments of pure Jacob genius 2:46 3:13 3:47 4:57 5:25 5:44 7:05 7:37 7:42 7:58
Esteban Glez (7 months ago)
Can't hear the kickdrum
mahooyahoo1 (7 months ago)
How do they pay all those musicians for this gig
Boominaughty (8 months ago)
Jovem_ din4mic0 (8 months ago)
Herbie Hancock is a genius
Jon sto (8 months ago)
this was total shite
Jon sto (8 months ago)
Cory is hitting some duck in this shit
Jon sto (8 months ago)
Maybe Cory and Jacob should just not try to play with the Orkest...if they are not going to be pre paired...prior prep prevents piss poor performance
emirsed (4 months ago)
lol so this was piss poor? cmon
Kii Audio (8 months ago)
Sounds like Jacobs piano mic was down and you only hear crosstalk into his vocal mic....just guessing
Gabriel Bergman (9 months ago)
This song had such a smooth vibe, love it
Saint _Plaza (9 months ago)
Que música foda parabéns a vcs
Lion Y cordero (10 months ago)
Can Cory read music ?both great Solo on the keys....ufff!
peanut monkey (11 months ago)
oooph that was beautiful
bigPianist99 (11 months ago)
Caleb (8 months ago)
Climbers Of Ice (8 months ago)
bigPianist99 not quite but somewhat close
Vlad Atanasoaei (1 year ago)
Haaaa... His vocoder is broken. So he sings it without vocoder:))) no problem
Agustin Diez (1 year ago)
Cory stops stealing Ed Motta!
Alek Stefanov (1 year ago)
At 8:04 it takes a little bit on Neoton Familia's "HIVLAK". It's cute :) Anyway - no comment on these guys!
Mihnea Sechely (1 year ago)
Philly soul?
Phil Gardner (1 year ago)
Wow.. That's what I call "music".. 😌
Rama Gouwtama (1 year ago)
8:03 - 8:15 sounds like cantaloupe island. Cool
sasha nowak (1 year ago)
Welp u fucked that one up.
Mramaziing169 (1 year ago)
This is legendary
Marc DeGiovanni (1 year ago)
So I just starred in a major jazz production, full brass section, strings, the whole nine yards, and I'm a little confused by the recording they did. My piano part was cut from more than half of the song in the final recording. Does this mean the mix engineer thought my playing was bad? I'm watching the video, and there are parts where I am filmed with my hands playing notes, but the sound is totally cut out from the song. I want to use the event for promotion, but I'm embarrassed to share it because I think people will think I'm not a good piano player if I share footage that has my playing so blatantly cut out from it. Has anyone else experienced this?
Simeon Bell (1 year ago)
Wasn‘t looking at the video and when cory started to sing I thought „wow dude who has that amazing voice“ that dude can do everything :o
Melvin Miculax (1 year ago)
He (Jacob) lives, feels and picks-out music from another dimension, 😯
Luciano Martinez (1 year ago)
0:53 wtf
Jay Nartz (1 year ago)
Luciano Martinez vocoder gone wrong? Hahaha
Harry Jennewein (1 year ago)
if you got 2 guys like this on the same stage, make sure, they get similar coverage. we can't hear the acoustic piano. it's actually a shame and puts disrespect to jacob collier.
Daveed Audel (1 year ago)
Mark Volmerink (1 year ago)
Da Bomb.
Tim Snyder (1 year ago)
To bad the vocoder was fucked up, it really makes the song.
Joanna Majdak (1 year ago)
Oh Lord...DAMN GOOD.
Yoolabox Tv (1 year ago)
Cory Henry is the man See more of his videos on here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVn-6fZTM_n4dyBYu7vXGIw
Andreina Texier (1 year ago)
So beautiful..
Incognito ONE (1 year ago)
Refreshing to hear strings instead of synths! :)
Andrew Hooker (1 year ago)
Hnnnnnggggg that Rhodes sounds so damn good.
belallix (1 year ago)
-=Fluxayy=- (1 year ago)
8:43 That guy in the middle definately disliked this video
MCLemonyfresh (18 days ago)
@David Badillo bingo. That’s the face of a musician completely blown away and/or reconsidering his life choices
David Badillo (6 months ago)
He's more like "duuude... and I thought I was good. These guys! Geeeweeezzzzzah"
Caleb (8 months ago)
Jay Nartz (1 year ago)
Hahaha good observation.
Joe Moon (1 year ago)
LOL!! He's on team sulk Collier's piano mix is too low
Jezz Gallery (1 year ago)
saya sukasekali
Jon Forrest (1 year ago)
The drummer could have been replaced by a machine. He should pay attention to how Dave Garibaldi puts down the funk.
iterum_ (1 year ago)
What headphones are those?
Vahan Sahakyan (1 year ago)
5:19 what a quality..
UBZUKKI (1 year ago)
Ay...cory, sort your Fuckin keyboard out....
Nilson Nunez (1 year ago)
5:06 Jacob
Vrienda Ganguly (1 year ago)
The conductor is the most jobless and pretentious piece of shit. I mean, look at everyone working so hard to get the music right, and this guys just waving his dick all over. If they just have him moving a stick on that big a stage, why not give him dumbledor costume and a wig with it? It would look as magical as the music sounds <3 Agree with technical issue of the mix. Would have loved to hearJacob's solo being up there, but nevertheless happy to see the newbies in the jazz scene blend and make magic happen.
sockpoppy (1 year ago)
Vrienda Mishra gr8 b8 m8 would r8 8/8
bugsan (1 year ago)
so forced
mazvita18 (1 year ago)
could anyone provide me with the chords to this song? can't find em anywhere
odedlib (1 year ago)
Jacob's short piano bass-line intro on 7:05. Just a small touch but very cool.
Novajed (7 months ago)
I know, that was sick
MrHestichs (7 months ago)
Wow that warms my heart! You can really tell it was a improvised thing.
Jay Nartz (1 year ago)
drumology2001 (1 year ago)
I have listened to this two dozen times since I saw your comment on my first viewing, and now every time that moment comes along, I can't *not* hear it (and have my left hand pretend it's playing it on my desk). Good catch! :D
Ben Scott (1 year ago)
unbelievably hip!
J Mendes (1 year ago)
Brasil ainda tenho esperança de ver meu pais dar valor a boa musica.... como pode um vídeo como esse ter um punhado de visualizações e pablo vittar com milhões isso não e certo meu DEUS vamos acordar dessa merda de cultura que vivemos e possamos viver o bom da vida com qualidade sem pornografia e sim amor.
J Mendes (1 year ago)
Cory Henry the best minha influencia top de mais..... Queria que o planeta vivesse todos os dias isso.....
MusicByDoc (1 year ago)
Another case of people being overcritical... Please for the sake of this beautiful piece of music, don't ruin it in the comment section talking about the mix, or the fact that you couldn't hear Jacob. This mix sounds alot better than some of these live shows that artists have put out. So be appreciative. Listen, love it, repeat it, and keep it moving.
Alex Cazet (7 months ago)
These are incredible musicians and whomever did the mix for this did an injustice to the art. Critique where critique is due.
Marc DeGiovanni (10 months ago)
Florian Grand you mean the ones they cut out because they were so atrocious? No, because they were THAT BAD!!! The other ones? Yes, mildly atrocious.
Florian Grand (10 months ago)
Marc DeGiovanni HAHAHAHHAHAHA did you even listen to any note he played?
Phil Gardner (1 year ago)
MusicByDoc I know what you mean bros.. Way way too critical.. There missing the "point".. Well I sure as hell appreciated dat!!.. From a "white guy in England".. 😂
Marc DeGiovanni (1 year ago)
Criticism due: In Collier's playing. If he was actually musically talented, they would mix his piano in to the mix. His management team (Quincy Jones) doesn't want you to hear how bad he actually is.
Daniel Alexandre (1 year ago)
Unimpressed @8:42
Rick Smith (1 year ago)
Remember hearing his first few bits on bandcamp ages ago. Damn, that kid's earned his stripes!!! Well done Jacob!
GoodMood :P (1 year ago)
James Aceton (1 year ago)
Shame about the vocoder but thankfully Cory can actually sing.
Chris Bandy (1 year ago)
0:54 woman was like wat de fak?
David Griffin (1 year ago)
Man oh man oh man that was subliiime, Cory Henry is THE funk master.
Padakeno Ryu (9 months ago)
David Griffin actually, he is the funk apostle 😄
frydryk p (1 year ago)
3:07 Leo Beenhakker at Bari Sax
Joel McAllister (1 year ago)
frydryk p was that a harmonic glissando?
adesarahk 97 (1 year ago)
Love cory and metropole orkest 💙
XxImaFunGuyxX (1 year ago)
Al Green reimagined!
Chriss123 (1 year ago)
holy shit, cory can sing!!!
KonstantinosKeys (1 year ago)
Herbie and Chick....
Julas13 (1 year ago)
erik dennard (1 year ago)
Jimmy Earl on Bass
spr63 (6 months ago)
Nope... Aram Kersbergen
lucien henry (1 year ago)
0:40 Cory playing with the wrong song, lmao, amateur ahahahahahahaha
Shane Lee (1 year ago)
Corey is the new version of Stevie Wonder 🙌🏾 and Jacob is just fire as well! 🙌🏾
account 2 (1 year ago)
Shane Lee hes soooo much more versatile and takented than stevie in my opinion
sureits4reall (1 year ago)
You could tell from the outset of this song that there were technical glitches, Cory had to switch mic's and it took a minute to get his sound up. But it shows true professionalism that they all carried on as if 'that's just how we do it'.
Lucas Azambuja (2 months ago)
Actually I think he changed his mic because the other one was the one that was linked to the eletric piano
Daniel Akachi (1 year ago)
7:53 Cory:hit it now collier! 7:57:collier: incoming!!
chriblan911 (1 year ago)
Love watching Cory and Jacob play
BaBoUSoulChild (1 year ago)
Sad the vocoder doesn't work. However Cory sounds nice! I love this Herbie Hancock song
Shane Lee (1 year ago)
BaBoUSoulChild I'm glad it didn't work lol Corey bought the Stevie swagga
Steve Owen (1 year ago)
A Herbie jam that does not get nearly enough love!! That horn break @ 2:58 is an all time fave -they didnt quite nail the hits...still sweet. & Corey can sing????
Carlton Lillard (1 year ago)
Is that Jamie Cullum on background vocals?
Messiah Black (1 year ago)
I personally don't care for Corey's singing I feel his playing skills are so exceptional that his singing voice just doesn't match..
M Lewis (1 year ago)
Ahhhh, yes! This is what I've been waiting for! Two of the new young titans collaborating. I'd love to see more of the same and with others (i.e. Anomalie, Domi Degalle, etc, etc.) hopefully with better sound mixing. It's a shame Jacob's volume was so low and buried in the mix.
Michael Georgi (1 year ago)
M Lewis o
Roger Collaris (1 year ago)
M Lewis i
Jordan Allen (1 year ago)
Tonight we're pleased to announce a special guest on bass: Mr Hugh Jackman
Jordan Dyer (1 year ago)
Jacob go no respeck in the mix damn
Bashanvibe (1 year ago)
Where is the whole performance

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