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Disney Girls Messy

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A compilation of young ladies from Disney (not including brianne prather) and a couple from Nickelodeon getting messy
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Text Comments (43)
Rexerman89 (3 months ago)
4:45 cake scene.....lovely.
Emanuel Ávila (7 months ago)
What episode was the firehose scene was from??
Not Here (7 months ago)
Some very good scenes in this video & I especially loved the firehose spraying cream! I'd love to get covered like that!
bishopberkley (7 months ago)
Not Here thank you
JoJo 13cool (11 months ago)
The girl in the blue dress at the end is tori from victorious
Sophie de Leeuw (4 years ago)
OMG! When I was younger I really like REALLY loved that Wizards of waverly place scene with Gigi #memories  
Dawn Thomas (4 years ago)
I thought Christy Carlson Romano was very sexy with the oatmeal on her head.
ScubbaLady25 (4 years ago)
What was 7:14 from???
SeaOfTides (4 years ago)
You can't do that on television.
Zeb Nelson (5 years ago)
whos the last one
Jimm John (5 years ago)
7.16. 7.25
Jimm John (5 years ago)
bishopberkley (5 years ago)
Yes. I have thought about it - my point is that I didn't know either. But I found out. Not only did I answer his question - I also gave a helpful tip on how easy it is to do your own research. I explained myself in case it seemed like I was being terse. I checked my answer back for spelling mistakes before posting it. All this without even a please or thank you from Mr. Molee. Please forgive me for not seeing what point you are making.
TheMexi gram (6 years ago)
busca Hotel Dulce Hotel: las aventuras de Zack y Cody 2x37 y aparecera
StoneColdChewy (6 years ago)
The Suite Life Goes Hollywood, Part 2
twatella (6 years ago)
what is the episode of suite life of zack and cody from 5:42-6:32 ? when they hug then fall in water then mud?
bishopberkley (8 years ago)
@deadman1587 it's season 3, episode 21 entitled 'Miss PCA'. I'll let you in on my secret of how I'm so good at answering these queries. I typed 'zoey 101 mud' (almost a third the length of the sentence you typed) into google and the info was literally in the first link I clicked. I'm not meaning to be a dick about it, I just get asked stuff a lot and I always try to answer out of basic politeness - it just surprises me that people ask when they could easily find out themselves.
bob molee (8 years ago)
what zoey 101 episode is at the end?
bishopberkley (8 years ago)
@Jessicaisrealawesome the show was called 'Even Stevens'. Shia played Louis Stevens.
Jessicaisrealawesome (8 years ago)
@bishopberkley oh cool! was shia on disney? or nick? Emma was on nick i know.
bishopberkley (8 years ago)
@Jessicaisrealawesome - correct on both counts.
Jessicaisrealawesome (8 years ago)
was that Shia Lebeouf at 0:46 ??? and who is that at 7:34? she looks like emma roberts
Alloe ellos (8 years ago)
@TheIndiverselikeyeah x3
Alloe ellos (8 years ago)
@TheIndiverselikeyeah TY!!!! :3
bishopberkley (8 years ago)
@TheIndiverselikeyeah I think the episode was called 'West Coast Story' or something similar?
bishopberkley (8 years ago)
@LinusWoodsman Unfabulous
LinusWoodsman (8 years ago)
what show is the second to last clip from
bishopberkley (8 years ago)
@DIESEL0759 You mean Taylor Cole? No, it's CCR. the scene is from the 2003 movie. The scene is in this link youtube.com/watch?v=Vd9rAgOY9j8
bishopberkley (8 years ago)
@maycandy1 that's not actually 'Life with Derek'. It's from a show called 'The Latest Buzz'.
Alloe ellos (8 years ago)
3:05 = ???
bishopberkley (8 years ago)
@DIESEL0759 same girl in both clip. getting oatmeal on head in 1st clip and in the sled thing in the 2nd.
bishopberkley (8 years ago)
@DIESEL0759 second & first clip is Christy Carlson-Romano. If you meant the blonde girl in the 3rd clip that's Ashley Brillaut
bishopberkley (8 years ago)
@happyfacerainbows - my bad. Wizards it is.
AB Productions (8 years ago)
Cuming 2:30
bishopberkley (9 years ago)
@tarry96 - Even Stevens
cyberdaemon (9 years ago)
Who are those two in the last part ?
bghartlaub (8 months ago)
cyberdaemon final one is Zoey 101
cyberdaemon (9 years ago)
What i like about you spa scene and chocolate scene and wizard of waverly place chocolate scenes should be in here too :D
bob molee (9 years ago)
who knows that episode of zoey101
bishopberkley (9 years ago)
Witches of Waverley Place
zach zummo (9 years ago)
do u know the name of esp of unfabulous at 7:07
bishopberkley (9 years ago)
Ashley Leggat
bishopberkley (9 years ago)
It's Emma Roberts - I think the show is 'unfabulous'

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