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15 Signs He's Just NOT Into You (Move On Alert!) | Adam LoDolce

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It's time to wake up from that dead end relationship and realize when to cut your losses. Here are 15 telltale signs that he's just not that into you. Watch more videos like this: http://www.SexyConfidence.com/secret Learn how to trigger emotional attraction here: http://emotionalattractionformula.com/ ---------------------------- Follow Me On Social! ---------------------------- FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/sexyconfidence1/ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/officialsexyconfidence/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/adamlodolce My mind is telling me no, but my boddddyyy is telling me yesss!! Ok, I'll never sing to you through email again… … unless it helps me make a point. Like right now. So many women know they are in bad relationships that aren't going anywhere… … but they don't do anything about it. They convince themselves that it's just in their head and that things will get better. Time to wake up! This video has 15 telltale signs that it's time to move on because he's just not into you. Not every man has the same tells, which is why this video has a list of 15 different potential signs. Keep an eye out for these, and you'll know if it's time to double down on the relationship… … or hit the eject button. Watch it now, and wake up from the delusion. You'll be glad you did. Your Coach, Adam P.S. In the Emotional Attraction Formula (https://emotionalattractionformula.com/) I teach you EXACTLY what to do if you're seeing any of these signs. And more importantly, I'll teach you how to trigger emotional attraction so that you never have to deal with these signs again. Summary - 1. You Know He's Not Into You If your gut is telling you "no," then it's no. When it's "yes," you're gonna know it. 2. You're Always the One Initiating to See Him When a man is into you, he's gonna be initiating to want to see you as well. 3. He's Not Interested in the Things that You Do ... or the things that you like, or, quite frankly, in anything about you, other than sex. If that's the case, then stop this dating mistake, say goodbye, move on, find the next guy. 4. He'd Rather Spend Time with Other Women That's an obvious one. 5. He doesn't really look at you. I mean, when a man really likes a woman or has an interest in a woman, science has proven that literally, he can't take his eyes away. 6. He's Asking You About Dating Advice For Another Women Huge deal-breaker. He just doesn't like you like that. 7. He's Never Done anything Nice For You, Whatsoever Now if you've known each other for more than three months, and he's never gone out of his way for you, then you know what? He sucks. 8. He Actively Flirts With Other Women And not to make you jealous, but because he's just flirting with other women. 9. He Doesn't Care When You Are In Crisis Men are natural providers, and a man who's interested in you as a person, if he sees that you're in a crisis, or knows that there is something wrong, he's going to want to come and help you fix it. 10. He's Never Trying to Impress You Now men can sometimes go overboard on this, and that gets annoying, but if he's not being a little bit douchey every once in a while, showing off his cool car, or whatever it is that he does, then he's probably not interested in you. 11. He Never Opens Up Emotionally Everything that he talks about is just very like factual-based. 12. He's Only Hearing You, He's Not Really Listening to You When a man's heart is really open to a woman, he doesn't just hear the words that she's saying, he really listens because he actually cares what she's saying, and what she's feeling. 13. He Doesn't Seem to Care About Your Relationship With Other Men, Even the Slightest If a man is really interested in a woman, he is not going to like seeing her with other men, and he's usually going to show at least small signs of jealousy. 14. He Treats You Like Everyone Else He's basically indifferent towards you. You need to realize that you're an amazingly unique woman, and if he doesn't see that, then he is done. 15. He's "Always Busy" He's using the classic excuse that men use when they're not interested… "he's always busy". And that's just his excuse for never being there. Now I get it, some guys are just legitimately busy. They got work stuff, they got stuff with their families, whatever it is. But if he is always busy and can't put in the time to be with you, then why would you want to be with him? He's out. [Like this episode? Make sure you check out: https://emotionalattractionformula.com/] bad relationship commitment dating mistakes
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Text Comments (1297)
lyfe with Liam (2 years ago)
Thank you. Just deleted his number
Deepa Francis (11 hours ago)
Ha haa!!nice work
khamini minie (22 days ago)
Me too
Samuel Gilbert (23 days ago)
Jesus Christ 🤣
Jassy Ragos (1 month ago)
Pauline Hamilton (1 month ago)
He can still call you
Yisau Rodiat (14 hours ago)
Wow i love your video
Rosegold blue (22 hours ago)
Actual video starts at 1:49
Felicity X (1 day ago)
Ah thank fuck only 2 I’m like 90% sure he does but it’s online so I can’t be sure seeing as he’s never outright said it. We’re meeting up in summer I can’t wait 💓
Ananya Sinha (1 day ago)
Thank u so much.. Have been facing it since a year..
Paula Rostas (1 day ago)
Omg that dude talking over 1:30 and still doesn't start to go on to the point.... wtf i want back my 1:30sec from my life!!!!! Dislike
i have this kind of problem too.. i thought that he's gonna care about me after having an official relationship with him but now almost all the list of sign appeared in my relationship.I care about him a lot but he doesnt care about me.. i think he is not sure if he like me or not.. its just like the feeling came only at the moment but gradually disappear from time to time...he is always busy and i am the one who always initiate to bring him somewhere with me to have breakfast, study together and date or etc...sadly, he rather be with his friends than me...i understand if he wanted to hangout with his friend but at least have some time like 30 minutes with me in a week....plus we are in same class, and he actually rarely talk to me in the class, if i talked to him, i always feel he felt disgusted....well, i think i need advices for this...what's the next step i should do? im blunted. i cant think of anything to do anymore...he never get jealous if i talked to other guys, he never try to talked to me deeper about his feeling or what...he always have excuses not to go out with me.........i think i should just be his friend than being his gf
MauiGirl 888 (4 days ago)
We’ve all been there! Hindsight is 20/20.
Sujatha Gunarathne (4 days ago)
Much needed. Thanks.
Eh Meh (4 days ago)
He texts me daily, leaves whatever his friends are doing to hang with me, says I'm easy to talk to, is never too busy to talk, and remembers things about me I told him months ago and he will randomly bring it up. However, He tells me this other girl is flirting with him and it's upsetting to him. That's worrying. You think he likes me? ;-; I want to ask him out but..
Ay ya (5 days ago)
Thank you ..very helpful vedio ..I guess I will forget about this person immediately
Tt jax (5 days ago)
Hell I experience all 15. Epic fail lol
Shameka Miller (7 days ago)
He gives everything I need he buy grocery give me money when he knew I needed to... but he never take me out for a formal date I mean we only meet just for sex but he promise me our relationship Will get better soon but our relationship is almost 2years nothing changed what should I do breakup with him?
Kirabo Diana (7 days ago)
6 are true ....Let me move on
Maria Ivanoff (7 days ago)
I learn t a while ago to actually listen to what he' s actually telling me not ignore it and hope that things will change later on ladies you can always tell someone is using you if they give little or nothing back one thing I have learnt if I am in a public place and one man gives me a lot of eye contact while he is talking to a group of male friends if I think he may approach me I will sit reasonally close to the group and pretend to be reading something but I am actually listening to what they are talking about and I find out who he really is when they are talking about their wives they always whisper (the wives have gone away) when they are are talking normally their voice goes back to a regular tone I have caught out several married men this way I am usually right they chat to me pretending to be single I leave I don't get used and hurt Ladies I hope this helped ...Good luck
Dines Wary (8 days ago)
Thanks for the advice..
Ayushi Sharma (10 days ago)
Ohh fuck...my bf passed most of this😑😑☹️
Kpop Lovers (10 days ago)
My guy has all the 15 points :))) 😂🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Priscess Jesuskia29 (12 days ago)
I dont know anymore
SajidaA Momin (13 days ago)
Avneet Hansra (14 days ago)
I just recently got out of a situation where this guy and I have been talking for a month he took me on dates and he showed that he was actually really interested, e.g. kept looking/staring, was interested to hear my stories or what I had to say, and initated every hangout/date and conversation. Out of nowhere out of the blue, he got his friend to message me saying that he's not interested in seeing me anymore. It was very betraying and I am still hurt by it. Immature first of all for not calling me or texting me how he personally felt but got his own friend to message. Overall, he lied and just manipulated me.
Crusty Crab (15 days ago)
I think that this dude actually likes me 🤔but it’s only been the first date lol 😆
Shantel fowler (15 days ago)
Thank you ...even tho I dump him last week that loser
Katrina Lee (15 days ago)
He is into me YAY
lady lipss (15 days ago)
All 15 signs.. He told me he was a serious guy and he really liked me but my gut told me there was something wrong. So after discovering the signs i deleted his number and Facebook. 2 weeks later (after i ended our contact) he is in a relationship 🤦‍♀️
lolastar _ leo (16 days ago)
He got 11 , glad my gut told me walk away , thank you
Tsega Kassa (16 days ago)
This is really for me
Virginia Chapman (17 days ago)
None of those. Maybe I just need to take it slow. Don't take anything personally, men just need their space sometimes not because we made mistakes, so stop over thinking.
Mya Scorsese (18 days ago)
4 of 15 .....
Natsu Takagawa (19 days ago)
For a full year lied to myself xD In the end he had to say "I dont feel anything, so let's just stay friends " lol
TJ Wilson (20 days ago)
Sam Nolan (22 days ago)
Love this channel
Sam Nolan (22 days ago)
I had all 15! Thank you for giving me the strength to move on. I needed this info
yasylis moore (24 days ago)
Your approach is so funny .God bless you.
Jen Smet (26 days ago)
Me in crisis, he in bar. He visits friend abroud twice, he never travelled with me. He didn t touch me the last six months together. Has no money to travel but owns the newest Apple-stuff. I was such a fool. 🤣
Noori Baloch (26 days ago)
There is this guy who does all the nicest things for me, things that I never thought of would happen to me...he is so damn caring he makes time for me and when he's with me he literally is he listens to me he makes sure that I get home safely but he discusses my affairs now he's a bit changed he gets worked up when I'm with wrong type of guys but we are strictly friends....! It's been 1 and half doing all great things for me yet I'm a friend I don't get it at all
Charlene Bernard (1 month ago)
Wow...this described my ex to a T!! Thank god...i got rid of him over 2 months ago. Best decision I ever made!! I will definitely refer back to video whenever I think about getting invoved with someone in the distant future!! 👍
Mo Ana (1 month ago)
The only one I gave a shit about and not that much anyways was Richard ... he was older and I never knew him anyways he was married ... gay or not I don’t care I am not in love wit him anymore...!! He was the only one I was really wantin in Utah anyways .! Not anymore of course ..!!! A long time ago teen crush ... he was probably fake too .. actor or whoever .? He’s not Trent ..!!!! Don’t bother Richard either ... there’s a gay Richard out there too... I don’t think they are the same Richard ..!!! Leave him alone ..!! Or I’ll make your life hell ..!!!
Mo Ana (1 month ago)
Get your clothes back on ... why did U have your clothes off faster than I do ..???? I’ll get it out of u one way or another before I take off to go to school in L.A. why in the hell are u following me around .. place to place ..?? Now I know why ..!!! Your a girl ..??? Why does everyone keep bringing U UP on here Mike Lund and Andrea and hints and this and that ... I forgot !!! I was trying to find out why u were following me around ..!!! I’ll write a speech of love and fuck it out of ya if I have to ..!!!! But I never got it out of U ..!!! Who cares ..!!! Can I get Jeff now ..!!!!
Mo Ana (1 month ago)
Your a fat ass little midget !!!
Mo Ana (1 month ago)
Nice Omegle
Mo Ana (1 month ago)
I am not interested in u or anyone ..!!! U need to stop... it won’t work !!!!
1991windsor (1 month ago)
Or they start calling you by your last name.
KPpie (1 month ago)
Bro, I love ur videos,they are so true. But can you post a video on "how to get to know if he is cheating in a long distance relationship" in a LONG DISTANCE relationship. Please
Dell Chica (1 month ago)
Hes not even into sex...
Nafqote Belew (1 month ago)
Hanan Mohamed (1 month ago)
Because I’m ugly 🤧🤧🤧
Kati Mong (1 month ago)
This video hurt me so much......... All the points are just so true.. He's not into me
kazumi kazumi (1 month ago)
15 😏 he always busy
April1989 (1 month ago)
2out of 15 I still think his narcissist 🤷🏼‍♂️
love jesus (1 month ago)
This was so much truth that it literally hurts...but it really made open my eyes ....thanks this was really helpful
simret berhe (1 month ago)
my ex boyfriend 😂
Nombuyiselo Nyembezi (1 month ago)
All the signs😭😭😭😭😭
Tina Maselli (1 month ago)
U are veeeeeeeery right
Maria B. (1 month ago)
I don’t know. I want your advice. I like a guy. I was 2 months with his best friend. His friend still like me so much, but I don’t. Sometimes i catch the guy who I like to watching me like he is in love with me. But when we are all together he treats like we are friends and one time when we left alone he told me one conversation he had with one woman. I understand the fact that when we are all together to treat like we are friends, but why he told me about the other woman?
Hlulani Victoria (1 month ago)
Kamil Brigole (1 month ago)
Thanks for reminding
monali2006 (1 month ago)
It's true. I have lied myself for 7 long years. I still married him and still with him after 17 years.
deluded riba (1 month ago)
Am i the only one who's always like "no he isn't into me instead of the opposite "? ;-;
Pink Soda (1 month ago)
Awesome 👏
Y (1 month ago)
he was into me... he liked me clearly... but i dont know what happened to him... he thinks he doesnt deserve me... and that he will lose me after few days or months... the excuse of being busy recently he has been giving... please my heart breaks ... i like him so much...😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Diamond Flowers (1 month ago)
Are you single
lindsay Abinsay (1 month ago)
Jenna Stama (1 month ago)
At high school this crush of mine touches me tells me personal things fixes his hair gives me his seats and things and tried to talk to me when I approach my friend and he is there but he open up to me but he said he dosent like me if u see this help me
give me my rice (1 month ago)
Wait and see. For 10 years.
your mama (1 month ago)
I know, it's difficult to move on, but you know what? FUCK HIM
D. F. (1 month ago)
What about a work friend who shows 90% of the “ interested” signs but NEVER tries to do anything outside of work even though he has my number?
D. F. (1 month ago)
#7 lol!! #9 LOVE the fixers...
D. F. (1 month ago)
It’s hard to stop feeling for someone, even when your logical mind says he’s not.
rosily gaikwad (1 month ago)
Thanks, I wish I had found it earlier, I am really going through a rough time of my life now, I feel so hopeless don't know how I am going to handle it. But now I am not going to forgive that asshole
darK hearT (1 month ago)
Thank you so much....😊
Rebie Sidorenko (1 month ago)
just needed this
soniya (1 month ago)
Simple and straight forward clues.. Thank u 👌👍
bakul hedaoo2000 (1 month ago)
Thanks helped me accept the reality
Marinette _. (1 month ago)
I knew it 😭
Jazreel Olivar (1 month ago)
Priscilla Seppala (1 month ago)
ummm thanks....
Dayana Hernandez (1 month ago)
Yeah That, is hp to me
Kim Wong (1 month ago)
Thanks So much
Gin - Random games (1 month ago)
thanks so much forthis
hanin khalil (1 month ago)
Doll house Riri (1 month ago)
Just trust your instincts. You will know it's real or not
Doll house Riri (1 month ago)
Just get out off his life cut him off . Erase his number social media waste of time
xxAnimeNicole Salvanxx (1 month ago)
Another one is when he humiliates you
Nastacia Watkins (1 month ago)
Thank you, next!
Kathleen Vibas (1 month ago)
Lol this is funny cool video man
seekingknowledge81 (1 month ago)
Thank you.
Abby Lovex (1 month ago)
Sometimes I think I'll never understand these creatures known as men😳😳
Stessy MaryTom (1 month ago)
Thank you Adam 🙂
My crush does none of there
Ina Ric (1 month ago)
Loved this advice thanks
Zoe Lioliou (1 month ago)
If you watching this video he doesnt want you,if he wants you he will saw it
AVERY TIANO (1 month ago)
Eugenie Isaiah 41:10 (1 month ago)
“He doesn’t care when you’re in a crisis” - Yup, this is a big one.
Cozette M (1 month ago)
The guy I see is all over me and totally interested in my presence but when he’s not around I barely hear from him other than a text message through Facebook messenger once every 1-3 weeks. I am no longer going to initiate any contact with him anymore he’s just using me when he comes to town to take me out for a fun time and for sex but that’s it and I’m over chasing men who don’t want me.
Georgette Thomas (1 month ago)
What if you been with this guy for 3 years and he disrespect you and call you names and just be with his friends more even though I have a baby girl buy him what should I do
Alois Trancy (1 month ago)
Girls ,y'all dont need a guy...being single is fun
I feel like he’s not but we live together he gives me his last.. to make sure we are taken care of .. like 5 of the things on this list sound like him
Yana Usui (1 month ago)
Thank God he doesn't fit in any of these....😥
Just Browsing (1 month ago)
Some bishes need to move on...they are the ones harassing and stalking your every move...give it up..the girl is not into you..

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