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super power video (after effect)

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This is the first video upload to YouTube ,if you like it please subscribe my YouTube channel.
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srtk bd (1 day ago)
Give a tutorial
pori akter (4 days ago)
Sir up a case ki please batayye
Con Mèo Béo (5 days ago)
ah shit, here we go Trivago again
MrVenom 636 (6 days ago)
Future vfx artist
Please upload tutorial of this
Nitesh Maurya (14 days ago)
App name
simple lang (16 days ago)
What is the apps for edit that
Michael Appiah (17 days ago)
How did you do that... Hope to learn from you
Hendra Hendra (23 days ago)
Diedit ya
Hendra Hendra (23 days ago)
PNHTY videos (23 days ago)
What is app name
Imran Shaikh (26 days ago)
Video kaun se App se banaye
Sauccy J (26 days ago)
What app
Claude Debussy (24 days ago)
After Effects
Trpzy (1 month ago)
nice this is one of projects for avtf intro
C.C Gurl RBLX (1 month ago)
What app you use
duxie ewan (1 month ago)
Voltech ZX (1 month ago)
Can you give me how you make it please?
Claude Debussy (24 days ago)
Years of work with After Effect
Cleinjustine TV (1 month ago)
What app did you use sir
DEEPESH KUMAR (1 month ago)
Really.. Amazing video. Sir 👌👌 But can you upload... Tutorial Regarding vfx making this video.. Plz sir ji ✋🙏✋🙏❤️
marven balorio (1 month ago)
what is this app
FaL (1 month ago)
create amazing videos https://bit.ly/2HFHICF
Troy Elnar (1 month ago)
What is that effect name?0:34
rezhawa jumamichi (1 month ago)
Tutorial please
Мэлзи MK (1 month ago)
Abd Ellah TV (1 month ago)
What the name of this app ?! Answer me please 😫🙏🙏💓
Anthony Guarino (1 month ago)
This video kind of freaks me out
Amrendra Kumar (1 month ago)
App name
Amrendra Kumar (1 month ago)
yoonis ahmad (1 month ago)
I want to study This skeal
GZonPC (1 month ago)
Maybe you should practice grammar first
anime hunter (2 months ago)
Yea I'm ready
le roi des TUTO (2 months ago)
Je peux avoir le nom de cette application
LOS لـوس (2 months ago)
فوتوشوب من نوع اخر ابداع والله
Gaming For A Day (2 months ago)
Everyone in this comment section is absolutely STUPID, Don't say anything if you don't what it is...It's Adobe After Effects, it's a Software Videos Editor, you can buy them on their website and Hollywood Movie Industry use this software to create a movie
Thunderamporar amporar (2 months ago)
what is the video editors name can you tell me please
Claude Debussy (24 days ago)
After Effects
RAYAN Fortnite Gaming (2 months ago)
For those who want the app Let me explain kindly. It's an app But if u want an app that records superpowers Download superpower fx.
pp hh (2 months ago)
Bro eiddit kha sa hota ha
kyle sacal (2 months ago)
What is the name of that apps?
huriya rani (2 months ago)
How to do
Ilies Alioui (2 months ago)
What is the name of this effect please 👍 0:33
Max Lai (2 months ago)
1:18 Santa 🎅 money stopping power
dp graphic (2 months ago)
Pls sir reply me
dp graphic (2 months ago)
Sir how to make this type video in after effects
Arsi Tayyab (2 months ago)
1:05 WTF?
Rosela B (2 months ago)
ok but can you do tutorials
Omni King\/Shoutmon (2 months ago)
How do u edit like that I would love to know the software plz
안돼지 (3 months ago)
WTF is invisable ~!!!!!!!!!!!
Sankar Barman (3 months ago)
I am willing to take this effect ..cont.(9932121180) with me..Fr-INDIA (West Bangal).
Raja Nahak (3 months ago)
Afzal Khan 380208 (3 months ago)
App name
Kasim Mohideen (3 months ago)
Pls app name pls bro
WolfiX (3 months ago)
After effects it cost money
Mayank jaint (3 months ago)
How do you make it
Saima Amjad (3 months ago)
Japanese best people, Japan best country, he's the best person who like this comment
Saima Amjad (2 months ago)
+Smith Jhon by the way from which country u r from
Saima Amjad (2 months ago)
+Smith Jhon oh sorry I can't tell Chinese and Japanese apart thank you for informing
Smith Jhon (3 months ago)
+Saima Amjad of course didn't see chinese characters?
Saima Amjad (3 months ago)
+Smith Jhon really
Smith Jhon (3 months ago)
he is chinese though
Jignesh Vasava (3 months ago)
Apps ka naam kya hai
ENTERTAIN ka guru (3 months ago)
Which app do you make this video from
ElecTech _ (3 months ago)
How long did it take you to make this video? I'm hoping to find someone to pair up with and make something. PhenominL c g work, Props Man!
Nitesh Shah (3 months ago)
Which app you use to edit
deepal deep (3 months ago)
I want to learn, but I don't have computer 😕😢😰😭😭
Bebe Vaity (3 months ago)
Tera lavda batayega ki kaise Kiya video mc BC
lalrinawma chhakchhuak (3 months ago)
google tube (3 months ago)
It's an amazing intro, we'd like to know how to make it like you did!! Are you planning the tutorial ?
Edmar Bentulan (3 months ago)
What app is that can you plss tell me that app.
Sakib Khan (3 months ago)
Please add the name of app
Sakib Khan (3 months ago)
Please my help
Sean The Pogi (4 months ago)
What is app like this
Sean The Pogi (4 months ago)
What is app like tgise
Wrestling (4 months ago)
App name
akash boruah (4 months ago)
What is this name of this app
the sw1111tch works (4 months ago)
Does this take place at SU? Looks like the SU campus building
Roodner Mohamed (4 months ago)
Salut Monsieur Svp quel application utiliser pour réaliser ce gens de vidéos
Vijay Kumar (4 months ago)
What app is @ this
Sasuke Pubg (4 months ago)
What app is this
Ahmad Ahmad (4 months ago)
carade perro (4 months ago)
Hi emmm como coños iso esto
Pritesh Parmar (4 months ago)
yeah video editing name key hai
suhail Khan (4 months ago)
Is app ka name kiya hai
moon rabbit yun (4 months ago)
I changed my mind its super exagerated just look at the rainbow and how ugh nevermind its still 10/10
moon rabbit yun (4 months ago)
I rate this 10/10 its awesome
moon rabbit yun (4 months ago)
0:37 i liked that
Harsimranpreet mehra (4 months ago)
How to made this video
Kijkon (4 months ago)
Where you can found that images with super effects
Rupesh matha (4 months ago)
how to do it please tell me
dangerous video (4 months ago)
Manish singh (4 months ago)
Aap ka name
Song Pro (4 months ago)
Kaise Kiya How Pls Give Me Apps Name
LalMar Jan (4 months ago)
How to make
Vicky Singh (4 months ago)
App ki like send Karo do
All in one channel (4 months ago)
How to do
Khustar Hasmi (5 months ago)
Kon sa app se edit kiya
Ammi Bhai (5 months ago)
make tutorial olso please
Rajiv Pawar (5 months ago)
Konti aap aahe
Rajiv Pawar (5 months ago)
Konti aap aahe
Krisann Blake (5 months ago)
I subscribed
awez khan (5 months ago)
How to make this video ??? Pls reply
Bro tell name Of this app
AG Tips (1 month ago)
Ice Wizard Km Ice Wizard Km Adobe after effect
Whats the apps name
Bilrockstar (5 months ago)
It's not an app ffs. It's a pc editing software called after effects
Angelo Secillano (5 months ago)
Sir What is the name of that editor?
Angelo Secillano (5 months ago)
+Bilrockstar thank you sir
Bilrockstar (5 months ago)
After effects. He already mentioned it in his video
Drik Dever Game (5 months ago)
JS PRODUCTION (5 months ago)
Pouvez vous m'aider svp a realiser mon film
Thomas Dugandjic (5 months ago)
Thomas Dugandjic (5 months ago)

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