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PERFORMANCE SNEAKER REVIEW - Chinese Shoe Brands (Klay Thompson, D Wade)

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Text Comments (397)
Maher Ali (4 months ago)
He got them ankles
Deepak Sharma (11 months ago)
"ERKE" going good in India .... U should definitely review these .
Danny (1 year ago)
Way of wade looks lit ! Gonna support the motherland now !
Weeweeman (1 year ago)
Disliked cause u two ugly
William Milardani (1 year ago)
waiting for part 2
Schuyler Cassidy (1 year ago)
Abraham Yap Cong En (1 year ago)
We need more
Paul Lo (1 year ago)
Anta is the only good Chinese brand imo
John Contrades (1 year ago)
its called a pull back and not a behind the leg crossover
Bakari Garcia (1 year ago)
What about the Delly's?
Jap Powerful (1 year ago)
Those TP 9s are clean as fuck. Guess I gotta get my google on cuz I never seen some peaks at jimmy jazz
Abraham Yap Cong En (1 year ago)
Do more
boys basics (1 year ago)
So many sneakers we don't know about
123静水丨流深 (1 year ago)
boys basics And cellphone manufactures, like Huawei, Xiaomi, Maizu, One Plus, Vivo, Oppo, and etc.
Crazy Diamond (1 year ago)
Doesn't dwight have an adidas shoe?
Junhong Lin (1 year ago)
I am from China, Thanks for the video. BTW if I go get a pair of Anta my wife is gonna kill me ....I dont know.
Jordan Osgood Cannon (1 year ago)
skalawitz (1 year ago)
Yes sir.. I'm telling you Peak is durable, comfortable and cheaper..
Sean Murphy (1 year ago)
Yo can you guys review the peak delly 1s they look like they will be quite a good ball shoe cheers guys
Pacam Nick (1 year ago)
Where 2 get klays
Gino (1 year ago)
calvintron815 (1 year ago)
Kawhi should get his own signature shoe
pc stf (1 year ago)
could you shout out to my utube channel
Syed Zain (1 year ago)
Aren't u. Chinese
Marshall Cohen Carter (1 year ago)
The way of wade 4 looks like a d lillard 2 rip off.
Nathan Lam (1 year ago)
Way of wade was prob made firsts
Sam Hens (2 years ago)
Those TP9s are fire but i cant find them anywhere
Zoltardoctow (2 years ago)
those way ofwades are nice!!!!!!
Sam Hens (2 years ago)
Those TP9s are sick but i cant find them anywhere in that colourway
T Chak (2 years ago)
shite drills
1 (2 years ago)
I feel like Klay Thompson should get his own nikes or adidas
proturtle_vidoes 564 (2 years ago)
plz do more
TheRealBokChoi (2 years ago)
You guys should do a performance sneaker review for the d rose 7, crazy explosives, crazy light boost, d lillard 3. 🔥
Cristian M (2 years ago)
Was Dwight with Adidas ever?
tony (2 years ago)
Bruh why Chinese shoe brands ripping off Chinese shoe brands. Anta and li Ning got the same logo
Beza Teka (2 years ago)
Angela Owens (2 years ago)
where would I get those sneakers from
GAVIN ASHLEY (2 years ago)
tony (2 years ago)
But y u wanna sign with a shoe brand most ppl don't know
Andrew De Lange (2 years ago)
i wish you guys could do another one of these cause i really dig all the chinese shoes. the new ones have released too
Slame333 (2 years ago)
These shoes are actually a lot better than you say they are. Guarantee if you slapped a Nike logo on the Li Nings/Antas and an adidas logo on the Peaks you'd be all over them. Also, translucent is weaker, not stronger. Don't know what you're talking about there.
Daddy Boy (2 years ago)
KiNG CLiX (2 years ago)
who else thinks them talking at the same time is annoying
Javish R (2 years ago)
Translucent is weaker
Matt Mashaal (2 years ago)
The way of wades are actually pretty dope
Tran Chuong (2 years ago)
How about some AND1
Nate Tochterman (2 years ago)
No rondos?
(2 years ago)
有没有人可以告诉李宁安踏,1:13 1:25 照片能不能不要这么怂 , 学nike adi一样, swag一点 ,
Geoffrey Risley (2 years ago)
Those shoes weren't that bad
Migzzz Ercia (2 years ago)
Dookie Fry (2 years ago)
Did he just said kicks genius
Lulu Lolo (2 years ago)
How much do these shoes cost in China with American money
Santiago Guevara (2 years ago)
Do another one of these
nopparut_champ (2 years ago)
In thailand Peak it really Big brand It been used for a tournament as much and they have a good marketing because some of them want a good cheap sneaker to play , because they have not much money to buy nike or adidas that was really expensive , but i really prefer peak too it really good but not much good traction as they been but is great quality , is really they have a good system A cushion-3 make good to jump and absorb the enegy , easy move run better to save your energy, Cool free just make your feet flow and not much sweat on your feet , so i really love this brand .
gohawksgo100 (2 years ago)
It makes me cringe when they say kicks genius. It's so easy to say how do u say it wrong
_.Maddox._ (2 years ago)
gohawksgo100 sameee😂😂
Dallas Ferguson (2 years ago)
How does Paul George not have a signiture shoe
Dallas Ferguson (2 years ago)
paul18 parreno I know he didn't when that comment was written
paul18 parreno (2 years ago)
MXRIDER113 _ its already done
Yvng Wind (2 years ago)
Isn't d wade on Jordan
Susana Benítez (2 years ago)
I love the shoes of Wade
Jamachi Games (2 years ago)
Your shooting form is like jelly
Ali Doumbia (2 years ago)
Jamachi Games but it goes in
Riley Easter (2 years ago)
still waiting for a vid on foot binding.
Tommy Wang (2 years ago)
Im Your Boss (2 years ago)
Please do a cop or drop with these
DoForYouProphecia (2 years ago)
The low tops look way better
Justin Stolly (2 years ago)
wish they would retro the VC III (Vince Carter 3's) with the full foot shox I loved those shoes
1235 efhhhyv (2 years ago)
what about the Kevin love 361
LiluCat (2 years ago)
Dude sketchers r ugly
Pamela Cunningham (2 years ago)
what type of brand are the pink shoes or the the name of them
Wavyy Ray (2 years ago)
Somebody call 911 his ankles😭
Aaron Lin (2 years ago)
Hi Andrew, can you make a video where you play one on one with your brother?
Yan Ting Li (2 years ago)
Groovy Games (2 years ago)
rainy jnxrl (2 years ago)
R.I.P David's Ankles
Peyton Stack Central (2 years ago)
They ain't that bad😂😂
Erick exil (2 years ago)
Someone's ankles are broken
PH 5555 (2 years ago)
I need kt1 please tell me where
paul18 parreno (2 years ago)
PH 5555 mall
Nikolai Champaco (2 years ago)
Where did u guys get them? I like the way of wade 4 but it's really hard to find online.
李周 (2 years ago)
KT1 we can buy it less than 300¥, about 50$
David Book (2 years ago)
The 2nd shoe is slick
ranger_paul_cane (2 years ago)
Would u guys recommended the Li Ning way of way of Wade 4 to a power forward.
Felicia Moniq (2 years ago)
They should all have signature shoes.
Xavier Allen (2 years ago)
that spin move tho
Drew's Lifestyle (2 years ago)
D wads has the best Chinese shoes, the rest are honestly trash
awesomea$$isvn (2 years ago)
d wades signatures hella saucy
Zach Su (2 years ago)
Chinese kicks part 2
VB DeTray (2 years ago)
another one
Mr.Jasper 8 (2 years ago)
Shoes collection
Annie Logan (2 years ago)
Tony Parkersburg shoes are low key lit
Akshaj Nair (2 years ago)
jlin should get a shoe
nibba (2 years ago)
"One of Howard's signature moves is FLOPPING TO THE PLAYOFFS."
Demon Snake (2 years ago)
looks like 31's
Dag Khoa FaZe (2 years ago)
Admit it u guys hate Chinese shoes brand I can tell from the way u talk
Muscle Hair (2 years ago)
Yvng DD (2 years ago)
The way of wades are nice
JoshuA F (2 years ago)
JoshuA F (2 years ago)
some li wings retail for 399 USD
EJ Pena (2 years ago)
the fung Bros are great at basketball!
Calvin (2 years ago)
Too bad the Delly 1s are not out.
TEAM TOP (2 years ago)
Good shoes tho
baoh69 (2 years ago)
there is a shoe company I believe called onemix with its Peking Opera bb shoe.....try those.
Peter Trần (2 years ago)
where can we look for those chinese brand sneakers?
Kyree Davis Townes (2 years ago)
My ad was a fungbros video 😂😂😂😂
Matthew Yeoman (2 years ago)
How long is Wade's contract? He's in ChiCity now, dude has to get outfitted in some Js.

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