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Buying An Entire Outfit In 3 Minutes (feat. Jessie Paege)

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We bought entire new outfits in 3 minutes or less! I call it the mad dash clothing pass style challenge... we put our fashion instincts to the test and bought a 5-item outfit in 3 minutes, going to 5 different stores at the mall, to see what we would choose when forced to make a quick style decision! Jessie's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/glamwithjessie Don’t forget to click the bell to turn on post notifications! VOTE for me to win YouTuber of the Year at the Shorty Awards here!! http://shortyawards.com/10th/safiyajn This video is NOT sponsored! Safiya's Nextbeat: https://nextbeat.co/u/safiya IG: https://www.instagram.com/safiyany/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/safiyajn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/safnygaard/ Assistant Editor: Claire Wiley MUSIC Mind The Gap Drowsy Maggie Session Romani Beats Cavalcade Hotfooting East Meets Beats High Heeled Move To The Groove Its On You I Want Action Oohs And Ahhs Living The High Life via Audio Network SFX via AudioBlocks
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Safiya Nygaard (1 year ago)
HELLO FRIENDS!! happy hump day! what did you all think of our ~instinctual~ outfits? ALSO, you can vote for me to win Youtuber of the Year at the Shorty Awards here, if ya want!: http://shortyawards.com/10th/safiyajn 🖤🖤🖤
Saffron Heyworth (3 months ago)
Do another one pllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssss... A
*. BabyDuck .* (3 months ago)
you like black do you
Emily Linares (3 months ago)
i have the same black heels as jessie
Safiya Nygaard P
Woo&Chunk (4 hours ago)
Sis your track is showing.
문 쿵민 MKMKR (2 days ago)
Lol is she Grimes?
Gaby Perez (2 days ago)
Turns out I’m going on a date later , *right tyler* Tyler - wut
Claire_ Elizabeth (4 days ago)
“I saw sparkles and I ran” ~Jessie paege 2018 3:25
cola does gacha (4 days ago)
The face she made when she said "right Tyler" XD
Miss Moon (5 days ago)
Right Tyler?!?! Wut
Piano Horse1979 (6 days ago)
Regan B. (6 days ago)
Can we get another vid like this?
Eden Hesse (7 days ago)
Idk if anyone commented this But what if they did this at goodwill
richy pig army 7 (8 days ago)
Make a week eating buzzfeed/tasty food plz xoxo
Natasha Davis (8 days ago)
I actually want to steal jessie's outfit
Zahrah Noor (8 days ago)
Jessie has a 1940 brit look
Thea Anthony (9 days ago)
Vil du ikke nok lave en video hvor du snakker dansk. Er du ikke halv dansk? Jeg håber fordi at jeg ser altid dine videoer. Og da jeg fandt ud af at du var halvt dansk, blev jeg helt vildt glad.
cerealkillerrxD (9 days ago)
I loved Jessie’s skirt
Alisha Fairbairn (10 days ago)
Early 2018 Saf: I said yes to the bag Later 2018 Saf: I said yes to the ring Congratulations you two!❤️❤️
Limabeanjellybean (10 days ago)
Lore Lei (10 days ago)
Is this gal a meth head?
AW (10 days ago)
Jessie’s would have been nicer without the hat and boots.
Sia K (10 days ago)
Jessie or Grimes?
Taiya Hogberg (10 days ago)
I saw a test and I ran away
Crista Busse (11 days ago)
2:06 put in slow motion and look at Safiyas face lol
Oonacorn Unicorn (11 days ago)
For both outfits I wouldn’t wear a jacket
Mayra Mecca (11 days ago)
I watch this literally 2 years after the video has been posted
Stacey (11 days ago)
I'm ten and I have the same should size as you
XxKawaii-VianaxX (11 days ago)
Why does jessie remember me of Hannah Montana ;-;
Janice Huang (11 days ago)
Just pick up everything and choose at the end
That One Girl (11 days ago)
I haven't watched Jessie Ina long time and she lost so much weight!!!!!!!!!
Maomi Makama (11 days ago)
I loved this video!
Zhumsel Yoezer (12 days ago)
They both got the same shirt but different colord
lillie grace (12 days ago)
this was a fun video
heyyitshoney (12 days ago)
right tyler?!!! hahahah
Pumpkin Bunny (13 days ago)
Saf's outfit was more matching so i kinda like hers more
Minamii Lucatorta (13 days ago)
Jody Hakala (13 days ago)
I’d like to do this. But I’d need a mediator person. Like TY
Jody Hakala (13 days ago)
Sat: ha! Your funny. I feel like the outfit looks really good together. You could definitely wear more prints and color. Think fire 🔥 and flowers 🌺
Iris Cairns (13 days ago)
13:21 that pose tho!
XxxAquaxxX Wolfie (13 days ago)
I think I like Jessie’s outfit but I don’t like the blazer I think it would go good with a short white/gray cardigan And I like Safiya’s outfit with a like long black loose cardigan and like a pretty fishtail braid in her hair Just my thoughts
Is it weird that I have seen all of your videos so many times that I feel like I know you personally?
Fuzzyz World (14 days ago)
part 2?!!
Jaycey Hartle (14 days ago)
It would’ve been cool if they shopped for each other 😂
Pomelo Girl1 (14 days ago)
Jessie’s outfit is kinda french
qlossy (14 days ago)
omg I have the same shirt as Jessie’s wearing in the intro from forever 21!
That one pig Is sad (14 days ago)
Jessie:”I like color” Safiya:”ah that’s where we diverse”
Sierra H (14 days ago)
They both have the best cat eye eyeliner
Elsa Double (14 days ago)
Wait? This is a challenge? This is how my shopping usually goes
Zaara Khan (14 days ago)
6:28 lmao sounding so nice to hear her say my name
Jamie_Jewel (14 days ago)
I wasn’t feeling Jessie’s outfit
Ava Mitten (14 days ago)
Where are we going today Tyler? “Lets put it this way, I’ll be wearing Jim shorts”. Safiya ok so a fancy restaurant
Anna Volpe (14 days ago)
2:06 keep.... clickingggg
Fox Angel Girl (15 days ago)
1:45 Safiya: RIGHT TYLER Tyler: wut?
audrey caron (15 days ago)
Lats be real, jessie probably wanted to go to hot topic
Charlotte Day (15 days ago)
I saw the overalls when they first walked in and I was disappointed that neither of them checked them out
Charlotte Day (15 days ago)
Saf. You sound like her mom mainly in the intro.
why does it say jan 17 2018????
Maria Schwartz (14 days ago)
Unicorn Potter Cupcake 2 that’s the day she uploaded it.
Simmybunny (15 days ago)
i loved safiya's jacket tbh it was a perfect one for the ouffit in my opinion lol
ArcticWolf (15 days ago)
I like Jessie’s outfit I mean I like both
Tatum Dangerfield (16 days ago)
I LOVED Jessie’s outfit! Saf, not as much, sorry 😐 I liked the pants and the shirt was ok but the jacket, shoes and the bag weren’t as appealing to me. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Camila Jusino (16 days ago)
Welll... they picked a better outfit in 3 minutes than what I do in 20 minutes😢😂
Logan Reidy (16 days ago)
This is a little weird but Safs outfit was giving me major phoebe buffay vibes and I’m living for it
i am crazy Kelly (16 days ago)
when I wear all black people say sorry for your loss and I'd be like what and they be like I thought you're going to a funeral at least you're dressed like it
Haruka Kire (16 days ago)
And she never knew that she would be engaged in December
Razzi Rhi (16 days ago)
I don't like forever 21 cuz they just don't have anything that's me
Razzi Rhi (16 days ago)
She looks kinda like Miley Cyrus 😮
Saule Bu (16 days ago)
1.42 😂😂😂😂😂 i love you
LauraOvalle25 (17 days ago)
I would use both outfits! Without both jackets :D but they’re real,y cool and cute tho
Twirly Tulip (17 days ago)
sorry Safiya but I prefer Jessie's outfit 😜😜
lps Starie Drawz (17 days ago)
I like how Safiya just starred off into the distance (to probably where Tyler was) and just told him that they are going on a date. And Tyler had no idea what was happening 😂
Dorothy_of_OZ Stocks (18 days ago)
do it again! do it blindfolded!
Alivepets 161 (19 days ago)
I think the magenta skirt would look really pretty with the glitter top <3 :3
The Unicorn Head (19 days ago)
jessie’s posture is just a no no
Leo The Weirdo (20 days ago)
Ryan McGee (22 days ago)
love the way u talk sis
Ryan McGee (22 days ago)
rlly wish i had the money to do the mess u do 😂😂
Royal Nonya (22 days ago)
do california next please
Nadia Mesach (22 days ago)
*W U T*
Isabel Ramirez (22 days ago)
looks like a rich mom next to their kid
nola smith (22 days ago)
deni squishies (25 days ago)
1:46 tho XD
Portia Castillo (25 days ago)
clara sanderson (26 days ago)
" right Tyler!?" 😂😂😂
the ss show (27 days ago)
“right tyler😑” 😂😂
insanegammer22 rose (27 days ago)
She laughs just like you
Jocelyn Crow (27 days ago)
That was a lot of fun and kudos to you both for challenging yourselves and trusting your instincts!
Unicorn Glitter (27 days ago)
er you ferm Denmark ? Kes im ferm denmark🙂
Weird Girl (27 days ago)
S Chan (27 days ago)
Maryam Carlos (27 days ago)
Safiya: I'll be going on a date too...RIGHT TYLER??? Tyler: WUT...
It’s ya girl Josie (28 days ago)
Yas YouTuber of the month
aud (28 days ago)
that pink skirt with the silver shirt would be so cute
aud (28 days ago)
4:10 i tried on that blue shirt on black friday haha
Carolyn Skyba (29 days ago)
Safiya: “Turns out I am also going on a date tonight! Right Tyler?” Tyler: “Wut?” 😂
RoboDodo .303 (29 days ago)
I thought I would relate to Safiya more but actually, I LOVE JESSIE’S LOOK
Damiete Hart (30 days ago)
Who’s watching after Sag and Ty are engaged? 💍
Isabel xy (30 days ago)
My moms
Draco-And-friends 89 (30 days ago)
I like how when Safiya said “were going on a date tonight right Tyler.” Then Tyler responded with “wut.”
minnie yea that’s me (1 month ago)
i saw jessie in person at universal studios and she looked at me
Alaunt2009 (1 month ago)
That jacket looks really good on Jessie!
Rainbowprintedsushi (1 month ago)
My current style idols are a mix of jessie paege and miles mckenna

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