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Q&A: Online Dating, Fashion Regrets, "Finding Yourself," etc.

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.: open pls :. HEY HELLO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 10K!!!!!! ILY ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!1! here's a vid where i answer your questionssss ! enjoy! where i got my glasses: http://eyebuydirect.com - the style name is Cupertino (: // my links // twitter: http://twitter.com/trantheresatran instagram: http://instagram.com/theresatran tumblr: http://grabasnack.tumblr.com snapchat: theresaderp soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/theresatran celeste's channel: http://youtube.com/theorangescottie rachel's channel: http://youtube.com/thatschicblog // music // drivin (romsen edit) - mr probz https://soundcloud.com/romsen-music/mr-probz-drivin-acoustic-romsen-edit
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Text Comments (52)
Sophie J (1 year ago)
Love your glasses! :) Can i ask What size ur glasses is?
theresa tran (1 year ago)
thank you! i got a large (:
Teresa Vu (2 years ago)
love these Q&A videos! please do more!
yves (2 years ago)
new subscriber 😉
yves (2 years ago)
I like your style!!!
Sophia Vaccaro (3 years ago)
Sophia Vaccaro (3 years ago)
hi theresa ur so wise
Sophia Vaccaro (3 years ago)
+collaredblouse ;) eyebrow raise/wink bc dude me is a cad and dude u doesn't talk to people in the elevator
Sophia Vaccaro (3 years ago)
+collaredblouse i feel so spooky bc I'm watching u in my room but ur not actually in my room and I'm so tempted to use my dude voice but u aren't here to b stressed @ me
Sophia Vaccaro (3 years ago)
wise AF
Amanda Rebekah (3 years ago)
heheh nick and schmidt are the best!!! i love how most of your answers are based on the food :D and you're so right about having your mid-20's crisis in london, like i actually might cry on how accurate that is
emilytchuu (3 years ago)
I boycott the memoire of a geisha. The author interviewed a real geisha who was famous and promised her he woulnd't reveal his identity but he didn't respect that promise. Because of that she had a lot of hates from other geishas and he also minimized so much the violence of american soldiers during the war in Japan (ommited the rapes) and made them look like cool and sweet people in the book when there weren't. Also he tried so hard to write in "asian style" that it cames so stupid and overdone.
Busra Duman (3 years ago)
that was very interesting to watch, you're so cute as always ;; also congrats for the 10k subscribers!! you deserve so much more <3
Anna Oh (3 years ago)
Congrats on 10k!!! You deserve tons more :3
Elizabeth Farias (3 years ago)
I love bobs burgers! why aren't we friends! <3 I love your videos!
LillyIsabellaRose (3 years ago)
Congrats on 10k! Your videos and editing are always on point!
Dorice Lee (3 years ago)
Congratulations Theresa! 10K is amazing and you deserve it =) I used to take pictures of outfits I wore in late high school-early uni, some of them are just so cringey now when I look back at them haha.
1woo (3 years ago)
YOU'RE SO ADORABLE OMG congrats on 10k!!!!!
pandalew (3 years ago)
congrats on 10k, teresa !!!!!! i luv what u put out girl ;')
Celeste M. Scott (3 years ago)
woooowww so honored that my question got answered! And good answer! Thanks for the shout out, homie (((((:
detales91 (3 years ago)
More sit down videos! : ) Mario Kart...those memories(N64 anyone). I think during that time I transformed into yoshi. Literally. xD And yea, don't fk with ghosts... o_o"
Hannah Eleanor (3 years ago)
congrats, congrats on 10k! Ben & Leslie are an excellent thing to be passionate about. also v inspired by Rachel too!
julietterosaa (3 years ago)
Ben and Leslie forever.
Ina Szu (3 years ago)
Congrats on 10k girl! Keep going yaaaas?
Ina Szu (3 years ago)
Girl, you will! Btw I think I asked already but I has poor memory. What camera do you use? :O
Drewchi (3 years ago)
CONGRATS ON 10,000!!! 💖💖💖 I loved this & can't wait for you to do more Q&A's🙆🏻
pichapau (3 years ago)
btw congrats on 10k!! u totally deserve it girl ❤️
pichapau (3 years ago)
I squealed internally when u said "Ben and Lesley's relationship" AHHHHH I LOVE PARKS AND REC!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Josephine Holmström (3 years ago)
Omg congrats on 10 000 subscribers!! It's been really great to see this channel grow :) I feel like we have the same humour hahaha. I love love love parks and rec, my favorite part is when the characters break the forth wall in the middle of the action, especially ben. After watching this video I realize I need to follow you on your social media!
Kimberly Phung (3 years ago)
wowww i feel so close to you now :)
Pauline Penaranda (3 years ago)
Ever thought about Communications? Jenn Im graduated with a Com degree and Amy Lee is going to be graduating with one too!
Alissa D (3 years ago)
For the most part a Comm degree isn't very useful 😔 especially where I live
sunispretty (3 years ago)
Love love love your videos^^
YStyleThree (3 years ago)
You should watch Ex Machina. It's pretty good. :)
Hilary Lu (3 years ago)
congrats on 10k babe 🎉🎉🎉
Kimberly Phung (3 years ago)
yeah bb ;)
joenjwang (3 years ago)
Nooo, I find new girl terribly inane/beige. But I love bobs burgers
Erin Louise (3 years ago)
this is so cute omg thanks for answering my question ahaha!! <3 and congratz on 10k babee!!!!! xxxx
BB | Bridget Price (3 years ago)
yaaaay! congrats. loving your glasses and outfits.. ~BB~
BB | Bridget Price (3 years ago)
julia and entei chanel (3 years ago)
diana chamomile (3 years ago)
lol your mom's so cute for playin' super mario awwwww ;-; & lol @ the grunge phase.. remember "scene"?! hehe congrats on 10k <33333
Anjelica Rose (3 years ago)
I can tell we have the same humor. I've been called salty and dry all the damn time but I love dumb humor. Basically all the shows you said I'm like YES. Really digging your videos and do you mind if I draw you on my channel? I draw youtubers I watch every other week and I'd love to feature you!
30Octobers (3 years ago)
Hee congratz on 10K!!!! Here's to moarrrrrrr
boymarine (3 years ago)
😊😊love how chill you are in all your videos. the part of never finding yourself, because we are constantly evolving/changing. it was helpful. thank you!! (but eventually we have to settle down). if your ever in san Francisco, meet with subs!!!
rachel’s planet (3 years ago)
you're so pretty and I love your attitude!! <3 keep it up :~)
Kim Vy Ngo (3 years ago)
congrats for 10k!!! i love the aesthetic of your vids!
amayamonét (3 years ago)
youre sosososossosos cute!! love this!! congrats on 10k!!
amayamonét (3 years ago)
 of course!! <33 maybe you could check out my recent video? that would be amazing!!+collaredblouse
Beatriz Park (3 years ago)
yaaaaaaaas new videoooo
nuyustyle (3 years ago)
congrats on 10k❤️😊
first lolz!!

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