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German man - funny laugh XD

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German man - funny laugh XD Enjoy :P
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Mia Johnsons (2 months ago)
Joseph Howard (2 months ago)
Translation: They would have punched him in the face if I had not been there. That would be gone!
Ovo Azul (6 months ago)
tbh me laughing
Hannah Cruz (8 months ago)
What is he saying?
SEBFOX WHITE (8 months ago)
lovely americans.. Here you see what american way of life made with the whole world, especially germany. antisocial junk tv that stupefys millions of kids
Eli Garcia (9 months ago)
It's scary when German people laugh
ANDEW (9 months ago)
Idk where I landed here but it's funny
David Cooper (11 months ago)
PINKmitGlitzer (4 years ago)
fremdschämen. einfach nur fremdschämen

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