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10-Minute Motorcycle Winterization

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Old Man Winter snuck up on you? Not to worry - RyanF9 has a special method for winterizing a motorcycle quickly. How to Winterize Your Motorcycle in 10 Minutes: 0:45 - Ipone Fuel Stabilizer: https://frt9.co/pdfv76 1:43 - Maxima Chain Combo: https://frt9.co/ixkc9l 2:45 - S100 Carnauba Paste Wax: https://frt9.co/fmjlm2 3:12 - Antigravity Micro-Start Battery Harness: https://frt9.co/84lwgl 3:29 - Antigravity Micro-Start XP-3: https://frt9.co/qfz8rg 6:07 - Yuasa 5-Stage Charger: https://frt9.co/54ure6 6:40 - Motul E4 Perfect Seat: https://frt9.co/p46rk9 7:44 - Antigravity Micro-Start Tire Inflator: https://frt9.co/txwe4v 8:41 - Tirox SnapJack V2: https://frt9.co/0k5osb 9:01 - Nelson-Rigg Dust Cover: https://frt9.co/pw52kx Best Heated Motorcycle Gear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTgvAdJ_gf8 Gear up for your next adventure at fortnine.ca: https://frt9.co/98au9e Connect with us: http://facebook.com/fortnine http://instagram.com/fortnine http://twitter.com/fortninecanada
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Text Comments (433)
The Videogamer0MG (2 days ago)
Kevin Song (4 days ago)
Ryan you have definitely beat revzilla on this one
Icecreamtruck Og (10 days ago)
Get a cat and there won't be any mice for miles.
The Peoples James (16 days ago)
Love your channel man
Mini Moto Revolution (19 days ago)
I am not sure if you are in Alberta or Montreal, but I import a fuel into Canada that is perfect for winterization of bikes. Is is an ethanol free, environmentally friendly fuel that can sit in the tank for 5 years + without going bad. I would like to get some to you to try. I live in Calgary, but travel east many times a year. I can get you samples to try anytime.
Gobby Prick (25 days ago)
Meanwhile in South Arizona "What the fuck is winter?"
Gixxer983 (1 month ago)
Man every time this kid gives out tips with his affiliate links it make you wanna vomit. Ill tell you what you need to do for winter storage, and it wont cost you anything. If your bike, moped, chainsaw whatever is carburated, shut off the fuel or empty the gas tank, run the engine until it use up all the fuel from the carburetor, then, if the gas tank is metal fill it up to the brink if plastic, leave it empty. Take out the battery and store it inside your home where its warm. Put the bike on a bike stand so you lift the tires off the ground, clean the chain and put 90 weight gear oil on it (LIKE IT SAYS IN EVERY BIKE MANUAL AND ON EVERY CHAIN BOX) Dont wipe the excess oil of the chain just for winter sake. If your bike is fuel injected, and has a metal tank, fill her up, jack it up and take the battery home . If it has plastic tank you dont have to fill it up. And thats it: you dont have to buy any of this shit hes trying to sell you . Hes trying to sell you 10 things just so he can make a buck .
boxwoodgreen (1 month ago)
A hint. Ask at dealers that sell fridges for the boxes those fridges came in. Go down the 4 corners with your box cutter and voila! You have four long cardboard pads that you can walk your bike onto. That will protect your concrete garage floor, or your dad's driveway from oils change / storage drips, over-spray from chain cleaning, and lubing. Now dad wont't slash your tires.
mario kärner (1 month ago)
im sorry ,although i really like yhis channel i just think that this is just sensless pampering and some of it doesnt make sense....sorry.
mario kärner (1 month ago)
does the oil grow mold on it???
mario kärner (1 month ago)
i still dont understand why should,nt anyone change the oil by mileage rather than every winter???
Douglas Rhine (2 months ago)
Glad I can ride year around in Australia.
StapleCactus (2 months ago)
Jeez, excessive much? Just shut off the fuel, run it til it dies, and walk it into the shed/garage. Never hurt mine none. If you get flat spots on tires after 3-4 months of sitting, you got really bad tires. Heck, my dirtbike sat for 7 years in the woods and started up with a little starting fluid, sat in a shed for 2 and started without issue. It's why I trust Suzuki.
Lukas Tomasch (2 months ago)
I laughed through the rest of the video after the vomit scene. Had to rewind and watch again 😂
Kaiser Knapp (2 months ago)
Why am I watching this? I live in california
Jeremy A (2 months ago)
What the hell am I doing here. I live in Indonesia.
D R (2 months ago)
Just a smug Aussie passing through, don’t mind me.
theclinger (3 months ago)
A guy bailed on selling his bike to me today because it was misty out, after I drove an hour to meet him. Sigh.
Dylan Higginson (3 months ago)
2:47 Probably the best reason you could imagine why NOT to use this product. They cut down the amazon for the land so they can plant palm trees to produce these kind of products. The amazon are the lungs of this planet!
Phillip Nunya (3 months ago)
That's a pretty awesome charger. Thanks for the link.
Sigi Baes (3 months ago)
10 mins hah?
Imma just put my bike in the storage room in the basement
White Man Riding. (4 months ago)
Ever thought of doing the twilight zone narrative
FortNine (4 months ago)
Yes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWPytpiml5c ~RF9
MGTOW DIRT BIKER (5 months ago)
Step one fill with gas, step two park in garage or under tarp but do step three first, step three bring battery inside
Tomas Lorinc (5 months ago)
those mouse traps! LOL
TheOmegaRevolution (5 months ago)
But what if you're one of those weirdos that keeps their bike inside the house? Should you worry as much?
sorena1973 (5 months ago)
hi buddy is there any way to get less salt and road shit on my cloths in winter .my bike is street triple 765
Travis Andrews (6 months ago)
Sorry, the orange is still there. What else can we use to remove it?
Nick Jablon (6 months ago)
Step 1 Open the front door of your home Step 2 Bring motorcycle inside your home Step 3 Drink beer
ae70gts (6 months ago)
nice editing
CreepyG (6 months ago)
I'm one of these all-season-rider, do you have any tips like your video an riding in the rain?
Mick harman (7 months ago)
Good video cheers
Sidecar Bob (6 months ago)
I don't worry about blocking the mufflers but I always put a plastic bag under the airbox cover to keep vermin out. Re road salt: I commuted on motorcycles for 3 decades, with sidecars for winter. I learned early that you shouldn't use your good bike after they start salting the roads (it costs less to keep a beater than you would spend keeping one bike in good shape) and washing a bike in winter makes it rust faster plus gets water into places where it can freeze and cause problems so I never wash the winter one until after the street sweeper has made its spring rounds.
John W. Komdat (7 months ago)
Is it safe to charge the battery on the bike while the bike is under a cover?  I'm using a Nelson-Rigg Deluxe All-Season cover (it looks like the one you eschew here, but it is ventilated) and a Battery Tender Jr. in a garage. Thanks for all your help.
destin dinapolis (7 months ago)
what Is the black connecter on the anti gravity harness? all the stores that carry it dont show that on it. also will the flow charger connect to the harness?
Mario Torres (8 months ago)
Your awesome! Best vids about motorcycles period!!!!! Keep it up bro!
Marisol Torres (8 months ago)
So mad I live in Missouri & not Cali. Last year I rode all year round but I’m not sure what to do this year.
Isaac Nishimoto (8 months ago)
it´s pronaunced kar-nah-UH-bah, even people who speak portuguese have trouble with this one, it´s a native-south-american word.
david Box (8 months ago)
mid winter cuddle....oh yeah...😁👍🤣🤣
Gary McGrath (8 months ago)
Your the best!!
Hunter S (8 months ago)
reviewbrah is that you!?? my how you've grown
Hemi Dave (8 months ago)
10 minutes my ass lol
Brian Paluszek (8 months ago)
Test strips are good but a coolant refractometer works very well, too :) and they do battery acid on the same tester
Tristan Hymiller (8 months ago)
Thank you for making videos 🙏
Mira culix (8 months ago)
Winter, i dont wanna! Not ready yet! Havent done enough miles yet,... mimimimi
cephir909 (8 months ago)
Too bad i ride a 20 year old suzuki, can‘t take off the seat without tools and some serious work, have more chrome than collossus, abd most of all NO GARAGE! But i‘ll take my chances with everything you reccomended that i can implement and just keep riding around town as much as possible
JF R (9 months ago)
But my Harley has a belt drive and it's air cooled.
Motoryzen (9 months ago)
xD ( plays the Price is Ring theme song after the failure sound effect)
Dana Sherrick (9 months ago)
That was the best video for winterizing I have seen. To be honest I might like it the best because it's pretty much what I do already. I did not know about the battery issue but that does make sense.
Skirnirs Fahrt (9 months ago)
I usually don't ride between, roughly, mid-November to mid-February. My winterization: top off the fuel tank. Cover the bike. Done. So far, she's always come alive immediately when I got her out on the first sunny and dry day. ^^ Then again, I live in Germany. xD Anyway, I enjoy your channel very much, so keep up the good work. : )
El Arr (9 months ago)
He's NOT orange! The President of the United States of America is dark gold! It's gold with soul!
Nightrod Special (9 months ago)
Hey Ryan, I have an expensive Buffalo leather jacket...how do I look after it?
BassasaurusRex (10 months ago)
My routine: 1. Buy house in Southern California 2. Ride there for the winter 3. Return to Chicago in late Spring 4. Repeat cycle
Scott Youngblood (10 months ago)
Chain wax? Key and Peele, anyone??
Luke (10 months ago)
Real talk, where can I get that green Flanno.
FortNine (10 months ago)
That came from Simons I believe... was 4 years back that I picked it up though. Can't say it's likely they'll still have 'em. ~RF9
theultimateninja (10 months ago)
I'm glad it doesn't snow where I live.
Isaac Meschke (10 months ago)
Who else pooped themselves when he turned on the sander...
superkmpm (10 months ago)
10 minutes my ass.
Nick Vetter (10 months ago)
This is gonna take hours not minutes
Principal (10 months ago)
"It's almost like I knew where this video was going from the very beginning!"
Ian Allso (10 months ago)
Just watching that video made me so glad that I live somewhere I can ride all year around.
Russell Peterson (11 months ago)
You need to use ACF-50 for corrosion protection. It's a miracle fluid.
Justin Dube (11 months ago)
Barbaros Yollarda (11 months ago)
Hi FortNine, I will go abroad for 3 years and leave my Harley in my home country. I will come once a year to my home country to change the oil. Do I need to run the motorcycle in neutral once a month for 1-2 minutes by the help of a friend? Or we don’t need it after I did the winterization as you did?
James Sawley (11 months ago)
1:37 cuts right as he spills gas everywhere.
colonelsly (11 months ago)
except in quebec its illegal to ride a motorcycle during winter, and dangerous
einar (11 months ago)
you cant have a empty battery if you have no battery
Murmad Man (1 year ago)
wd40 is 1) a solvent (never to be put on your chain) 2) flammable Spraying it all over a hot engine doesn't seem very smart....
TwinSpinner (1 year ago)
When you said "speaking of thin films" I expected a joke about a blockbuster movie with plot holes lol
Genki G (1 year ago)
what about the studded exhaust emitter beams?
Roger Barraud (1 year ago)
Hmmm.... That 'OP' on your front tyre could be confusing if you're Dutch and like wheelies a lot...
Roger Barraud (1 year ago)
Crystallization on the battery lead plates at 20% discharge? ...or, when discharged down*to* 20% of capacity?
Roger Barraud (1 year ago)
So presumably you're planning *not* to ride it during winter? ...and you're *not* just gonna keep it in your bedroom where it's nice'n'cozy? #Sad
Roger Barraud (1 year ago)
Bet that cardboard boxing burninated Reeeeeal Good with all that PetroGunk all over it :-)
Roger Barraud (1 year ago)
Condensate ain't no verb, sonny. 'Condense', OTOH... :-)
Aldis Dzerve (1 year ago)
I don't have garage so bike have to sit outside all winter :(
Edison Frisbee (1 year ago)
Good to see President Trump living rent free in the heads of libtards in Canada as well!
bravobob1 (1 year ago)
So Cal. Land of abundant sunshine and warmth.
James Kelly (1 year ago)
You can tell the company has a mainly Canadian demographic because the biggest arguement here is how much someone loves Ryan.
Aubatron (1 year ago)
1:35 lmfao, he just made a mess.
LucklessCope (1 year ago)
Darn it! Forgot the mouse traps! Hope my bike is alright...
SolarTara (1 year ago)
midnight midwinter cuddle is my thing
Christiaan Campher (1 year ago)
Please make a video on shaft driven bikes... maintenance, your personal view etc...
Abel Babel (1 year ago)
Trump jokes are okay when they're clever and not too condescending to one side or the other. It's a fine art, but this one was done reasonably well.
amishterrorist17 (1 year ago)
Holy crap, might as well put the bike in a sterilized chamber that you only enter with a full body vaccum sealed suite.
Márcio Oliveira (1 year ago)
You just butchered the pronunciation of carnaúba that I took a couple seconds to understand what you were saying even though I am Brazilian myself. But I don't judge, I know foreign words can suck.
Patrick Dierickx (1 year ago)
Good videos! Easy to understand and relate to. Keep it up yo!
reaper gaming (1 year ago)
These guys need more subs for the work they do
Philip Chen (1 year ago)
Any advice appreciated! My DRZ400SM runs inner tubes inside the Michelin Pilot Power 2CTs. Is it okay to inflate to the max tire PSI on the sidewall? I'm worried about over-inflating the inner tubes..
TheBoulder11 (1 year ago)
I live in SoCal (desert) and i don't need to watch this video. Im doing it anyway cause I've run out of other F9 vids to watch ;-; MAKE MORE VIDS you guys legit have some of the most binge watchable vids on youtube.
Chris Havard (1 year ago)
Is it useful to put the pussy on the chain wax?
MrStitty26 (1 year ago)
Not a comment about this video but a question from a novice bike guy I'm just about to buy my first bike just a 125 to get used to been on the road and driving a bike, I have been looking at brand chines and Indian bikes such a the um renegade, keeway superlight and the hyosung all cruiser type bikes. Are they any good or is it true what a lot of people say and that Chinese bikes are poorly made and I should stay away from them.
Mads Freiberg (1 year ago)
Impressive video!
Toggle (1 year ago)
still commuting on mine at -5.. dont even have nobblys
Maketsu (1 year ago)
Shit, I need mice traps.
Stimpy's Garage (1 year ago)
In Phoenix, Arizona, winterization is actually summerization. We ride all winter long and have to garage it all through mid-summer. Riding with a helmet and gear in 115F weather? Ain't no one got no time for that. So all this advice goes entirely differently for us. We don't worry about moisture; Phoenix summers are dry. We do need fuel stabilizer, and, what the hell, waxing the plastics is always nice but totally unnecessary. I think that's it for us, yes?
Jmh Smith (1 year ago)
What part of Canada can you ride in Winter
Jmh Smith (1 year ago)
Great job very informative
Angad Singh (1 year ago)
Hey, thank you for the video, do you think you can suggest some good denims for the summer season? I live in Arizona.
panicfanzy (1 year ago)
Thank God I live in California because that's a lot of work.
Luc Pedneault (1 year ago)
the old milk crate does wonder to keep both wheels off the ground and remove the load on your suspension.

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