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Sewing Tutorial:Mini Tote Bag/Cute Lunch Bag/Gift Bag/Purse/Etc.

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I loved the color of this dollar store bag, but I hated how plain and boring it was. Not to mention how big and flat. I found the second bag laying around the house and loved it's shape and size...so why not turn the blue one into a version of the other? It was pretty easy and the none-fraying fabric was great to work with. If your dollar store doesn't have the exact same bag, try looking for laundry bags or even t-shirts. The key is that you want fabric that won't fray.
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athenamd (6 years ago)
What part? It goes fast, I know. It might help to pause on certain parts
ام محمد (6 years ago)
Hmmm.I thnk I didn't understand. why u open it, then sewing 2 gether.thanks 4 video anyway
athenamd (6 years ago)
You absolutely can sew the trimmings directly onto the larger bag! I just happened to want a smaller, gusseted size and didn't want to buy fabric at the store.
Kiera B (7 years ago)
cute tutorial :D

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