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The Church's Dark Secret: The Hidden Truth behind Child Abuse

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A Pennsylvania grand jury revealed that a succession of hundreds of Catholic priests abused thousands of children, the abuse went on for decades. Now, thousands of Catholic's are now calling on the Pope to resign after church officials reveal he knew about predator priests and did nothing to stop them. Discover what the mainstream media wont tell you about this crisis! Find how how high this problem goes and the real reasons behind Catholic Church abuse which includes elements of mind control and satanism. HELP ME KEEP MORE DOCS COMING! Become a Patreon Insider $5/month: https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?c=544841 Donate Through PayPal:https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=Z6ZYY3E8HRSDE © Jay Myers, 2018. All rights reserved. May be reproduced in part for fair-use/educational purposes.
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Margaret Edwards (1 hour ago)
The pope, Vatican city,all cardinals and bishop's should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity! They'r scum living of the contributions from the poor whilst they are hiding billions in cash ,land , house's and money from drug lord's!! Criminals every one of them!! Filth is the true nature of the Catholic church and all who run it!!
Truthify (9 hours ago)
It’s beyond me why anyone would go to a Catholic church after this was revealed!
Tamika Gutierrez (2 days ago)
Get the fuck out of here . If you could prosecute Bill Cosby you can prosecute a old white rapist . But we will sit up here and say there's no such thing as white privilege here it is right here they're not black like Bill Cosby is 30 year later victims that's what I'm talking about . America is being racist right there in your face let them priests been Black let's see how statute of limitations would have tooken over.
My little cousin is trapped inside of a Catholic group home. Can someone please help us ?
Niccole N. (4 days ago)
The Catholic idolitry religioun used to hide.no more though,this anti-Christ -pope has the inverted pentagram,in the circle on his gold myte!think about it!they CHANGED TheHOLY Sabbath of Father YHWH from Saturday to Sunday in 1566!If they'll go against straight up Commandments,of Father YHWY!God Almighty,what won't they do?it is a LUCIFERIAN doctrine!
Gina Jackßon (4 days ago)
Yeshua never said not to marry. Sick Pagen Rituals , nothing will be hidden in last days this is onlt the tip of ice berg Shock people when they realize Cover for Satan Church. Prays for all people who followed this false religon. Prays
Neil Faren (5 days ago)
Fantastic documentary , well done Jay 👏
Sweetie Cheeks (5 days ago)
As a catholic this infuriates me I feel I can t go to church anymore I prayer for these poor souls and wonder when this evil will be taken away and Jesus returns ❤️🙏❤️
Ddd Kkk (5 days ago)
Why didn't Hillary investigators go over the even playing field we all get? I am sure there was no intent and there is dumber priests than Hillary and huma. They cut a girls face off and ate her. Wish I could show it, then you demon-rats would lynch her.
goocheeseballzoo (5 days ago)
Wolves in sheep's clothing. Matthew 7:15
Michael Perry (5 days ago)
How can the Vatican be raided? It's a state all on its own, to get into Vatican city then it would be classed as an invasion... Thus involving the millions of catholics around the world.
Anthony (6 days ago)
You are a fool and evil liar for blaming the Church itself and saying that raping children is a Catholic tradition. The Catholic Church is the Church that Christ built upon St. Peter. This is evident from the Church Fathers, who called the Church "Catholic" and acknowledged the bishop of Rome as having authority over the whole Church. The sex scandals are the result of sodomite infiltration which began in the 1950's priests, which coincided with the sexual revolution of secular society, and the people who were abused were mainly post pubescent boys. Cardinal McCarrick had sex with adult seminarians, not young children. This is about sodomy and pederasty. And America approves sodomy and allows for pederast organizations to exist. Also, you mentioned that there are satanic rituals that mock the eucharist, the body and blood of Christ. Why would you say this when you don't believe in the Church and know that the eucharist is a sacrament of the Church and administered by priests? Do you believe that the eucharist is the body and blood of Christ and yet you don't believe in the Church? If the eucharist is the body and blood of Christ, that means the Church is of Christ, and not a satanic organization.
Gary Davis (6 days ago)
The sooner the Catholic organised crime network is treated as Mafia-like, the sooner they can start arresting those who covered up such demonic abuse.
Gary Davis (6 days ago)
“This ‘Church’ is a Criminal Enterprise.” A perfect summation of Romanism.
Pondbass Yup (7 days ago)
And people still go to church.
Edward Nadeau (7 days ago)
I was given a golden cross by my abusive mother when I was young
Kathi Bobbitt (8 days ago)
I promise you, white people are the devils' representatives here on earth! They are simply not human nor humane. They are clearly evil, wicked, vile beings that rule this world. The bible says the earth shall be given over to the hand of the wicked. Well, the Bible didn't lie!!
new black (8 days ago)
But Bill Cosby doing 3-10...
Operation Mindfuck (8 days ago)
If you want to understand this deeper then Mario Puzo- The Borgias is an excellent book.
Tommy Sullivan (9 days ago)
Its about the same amount Hollywood does in a month.
Jane Doe (9 days ago)
AHHH!!! The anti-Christ system!!!! YOu know this church is not a church of our Lord Jesus Christ!!!!
marcos laureano (9 days ago)
Deuteronomy 32:35 "Vengeance is mine, and recompense, for the time when their foot shall slip; for the day of their calamity is at hand, and their doom comes swiftly"
marcos laureano (9 days ago)
The ROMAN Catholic Empire. Emperor Francis. THAT is how people should see them. I mean this sincerely, if you actually want to be thrown into a lake of fire - then stay. If not, leave. You need no religion or church in order to be saved and have a relationship with Christ. You shouldn't be calling anyone but Christ, "The Holy Father".
youth in asia (10 days ago)
They're not pedophiles! They're pedosexual, they can't help it. How would you like it if you were judged by a affliction that you have no control over? JK. THEY'RE SICKOS AND NEED TO BE EXECUTED (if they've ever touched a child) OR LOCKED UP IN PRISON FOREVER. I have no remorse for these pieces of shit. And it's even more disturbing that the majority of people out there don't believe that any of this has ever happened, those people are just as sick to blame the victims. I remember the boystown case, it doesn't get anymore real than that. but yet people are still sceptical😒
Sōsuke Aizen (10 days ago)
Religion. The root of all evil.
Koko Pilti (10 days ago)
i went to a catholic highschool (i’m not catholic, i’m muslim Lol my mom sent me there because she liked the fact they had uniforms haha) and i regret the fact that i went there and through my fees contributed to the continuation of this institution
Koko Pilti (10 days ago)
no institution that big can be any kind of good
Nenad ИС XC Shuput (11 days ago)
Wowyea that is Jesuits for ya .. Satanists
Don Smajlovic (11 days ago)
The Vatican fully supported Hitler’s nazi Germany , the Vatican and thePope himself helped many nazi war criminals escape to south America through Italy by providing them Italian passports with fake names , this is one of the lesser evils the Vatican and papacy committed through history , does this seem Christian ? Catholicism is paganism hiding behind pictures and statues of supposed saints which themselves are ancient pagan idols , anyone who does even the slightest research about the Vatican, papacy and catholicism can clearly see this religion has nothing to do with Christ and God but is much more closely related to ancient Babylonian mysticism and idol worship
none of your business (11 days ago)
These Catholic priest are the children of the devil..The Catholic church is satan seat it moved from Patmos to Rome..Wicked spirits in high places.
Maximilian Terlisner (13 days ago)
Listen I know there are many problems with the church and I am down sizing it but just so you know you are a ten times more likely to be abused by a school teacher than a priest. I am all for throwing pedophile priest in jail far more actually than I would be far more willing to punish them harsher because they are priest and should be setting an example. But this unlike most of jays documentaries seems to be a catholic bashing fest . I personally don't even believe in the legitimacy of Pope Francis as Pope and would like to see the return of Pope Benedict. I also think the church has been infiltrated but that does not mean that the church is some sort of demonic organization. Also I am pretty sure that Donald Trump cares about the American worker even if he has a private jet.
Just a mustard seed (14 days ago)
The Almighty Father God will seek punishment from all abusers on their day of judgement repent now before you die
Sunvio (15 days ago)
Not just the church. See Franklin Credit Union Scandal
MISTER NICELY (15 days ago)
Daniel Garcia (19 days ago)
I wanna see them and try to rape me someone's dick is gonna be torn apart
CamRon Morgan (19 days ago)
Centuries not decades. Men have damned themselves over greed and false power they believe they have given to them by the most infamous of famous liars the devil. It’s every religion.
IamASoldiers Voice (20 days ago)
I'm seriously sick and tired of how much shyt they have gotten away with and seriously heart wrenching how loooooooong they have been getting away with everything. They all will be tried for why they have done. They will all go down.
Dariusz Szumczyk (20 days ago)
The truth is one because God is one; therefore, there's only one church, built on the rock of Peter!. While there are many Judases that infiltrated it, the teaching is still pure and will remain so till the end as Christ promised saying, "the gates of hell will not prevail against it". All who attack the church cooperate with the devil. I don't mean those who, seeking justice, get truth out about those who committed crimes. I mean, those who attack the church itself as though teaching that all those things are deadly sins somehow makes the church hypocritical. All those who, like Judas, betrayed the church will get their deserved punishment and that may include some popes. After all, Judas was one of the most chosen ones. God will never take away anyone's free will; that's why we have evil in the world. He allowed us to kill His only Son; that's how much he respects our free will. No one can make anyone love them. I think this should explain it.
Kissamyazz (21 days ago)
I hate that I am becoming more and more awake. It’s scary 😱😦 we will all be dead and gone by the time the real truth is revealed 😥
Chaz Steiner (21 days ago)
I love this channel! Subscribed.
grateful1ify (21 days ago)
You are absolutely right, the Catholic Church needs to be shut down and held accountable for centuries of crimes against humanity. Pure Evil.
Diceman Duke (21 days ago)
Wolfes in sheep clothing..demons hiding in plain sight under faith and religion. We are all alone in face of evil.
Wilbur Mcbride (22 days ago)
This is terrible. I went to a Catholic High School, St.Frances and had great memories and education. I've never had a problem with a priest or faculty with sexual offense. I guess I was one of the lucky ones.
justapigeon (22 days ago)
The castrolies is the greatest example of the Catholic churches evil.
Naz Far (24 days ago)
Can everyone pls send this vid to all of the people u know pls
Dawn Marie (25 days ago)
Has the truth totally made u question the reality of life? Awake? I need others who have gone down the rabbit hole like me. It’s hard to be alone in this... ——- https://m.facebook.com/groups/194556904807615. —- Let’s talk truth. I just created a fb GROUP where we can talk the TRUTH and we are all on the same page.
Power Pratt (25 days ago)
Only those who practice the Devil's philosophy can be that sick and perverted to use the Sacred Cross as the mark of the beast!
Me, myself & I (25 days ago)
If you are a member of any church and suddenly get a new Priest or Pastor, find out where they came from and why they were transferred. 👍
Rotten Matrix (26 days ago)
Being raised Roman Catholic...BUT fortunately left this filthy pagan cult while still a teenager. NEVER WENT BACK.Only thing I appreciated about Roman Catholicism is their rich cultural and architectural possessions as churches and medieval cathedrals
Fabrício (26 days ago)
Amazing documentary as always, but damn, i feel worried for you man, watch out, what if something happens to you. Take care. One day these elites shall fail hard.
Rapture Angel (27 days ago)
pope=false prophet!!!
KiKi Poet (28 days ago)
Sad😔😢😭 Sick 😷🤢🤮 ppl pray for the victims!
Andrew Rodriguez (29 days ago)
This has to be stopped...
Eldfjall Dreki (1 month ago)
Anthony Bourdain use to be heroine addict? That's extremely hard thing to do.
Eldfjall Dreki (1 month ago)
"Raping your children is a necessity to maintain balance of good and evil. That's just how the world works. So we decided it's better for us to decide what evIL must be inflicted onto society. It's either we rape your children or we rape you." - Pope Francis
Cheech Whit (1 month ago)
We know the catholic system is highly satanic... Juss look at that throne the pope sits on.. Its a literal depiction of hell.. WE have them on record saying lucifer is the light.. So why is it still so influential?? People should riot, raid the vatican themselves... WE need to do this oldschool..
bab8649 (1 month ago)
Music sucks. Have to turn this off.
Rochelle Rogers (1 month ago)
Awesome video
Kathleen Beveridge (1 month ago)
I love your documentaries. You put things in black and white easy to follow terms, so that I can store it in my memory bank and compare it with other information that I find along the way. So far, everything that you are putting out falls in line with what I believe to be taking place around the world. The internet is the WORST thing that has ever happened to these people, but it is the BEST thing to ever happen to society, as they can NO longer hide their dirty deeds like they use to. We need only to open our eyes to see what is taking place, no matter how uncomfortable that might be. Closing our eyes and turning away from this information will NOT make this stuff go away!! Maybe now people will rise up against it and finally be able to do something to change the future.
Aivottaja (1 month ago)
You know who was sent to Boys Town and quickly escaped? Charles Manson.
Anjum Mohammed (1 month ago)
The devil is f screwed and is going to go to hell fire so don't do his bidding y queer fockers
Jay-R Geronimo (1 month ago)
Theres a lit of Fucking catholic priest, i am a catholic but how the hell they allowing this? Sometimes if i seeing like this, my respect ot the priest is lessen.
Annatar (1 month ago)
It's a minority your idiot, it's not the church.
Dianne Reid (1 month ago)
Kick them out and use their assets for the homeless
CA Connely (1 month ago)
Denver Public Schools is very much like the catholic church transferring sexual predators & pedophile principals from school to school. All under the watchful eye of then superintendent, Michael Bennet, now a Colorado senator. We teachers knew to shut up about it, since nobody would listen anyway. I imagine many larger school districts operate similarly.
Shanon Rugebregt (1 month ago)
These disgusting Satan/pagan worshipping CULT needs to be stopped! The Pope won't do a damn thing because he is part of sexually abusing kids too! There is a free book called The Satan's Lodge that Malachi Martin helped write. Malachi Martin had tons of evidence against the Vatican and he was killed for it. He had to write his other books fiction because they would have gone after him. It should be damn clear to everyone that the Vatican is a corrupt pedophile ring! Including the Pope!
Andrew Farrugia (1 month ago)
Not put Into centres
Andrew Farrugia (1 month ago)
You Need Lock All Criminals
one truth (1 month ago)
The Lucifer worshipping beast is ILLUMINATI and it was created in the Catholic Church who is the mother of harlots of revelation 17. Look up the history of Illuminati/freemasons. The Lucifer worshipping beast. God warned us you cannot say you were not warned.look up Albert pike who is the highest member of Illuminati/ Freemasons who reveals the god of Illuminati /Freemasons and he planned the 3 world wars .God told us who the real devil is. They control everything from governments, Hollywood, TV, and the education system, they control everything you think using the HEGELIAN DIALICT to minipulate the people of the world to except the new world order (kingdom of the beast) Lucifers kingdom.God be the truth and all man a lie.
Healing Spirit (1 month ago)
Judy Marks (1 month ago)
I think these people these pre should be shot or hung that would be the best bet I ain't no excuse for such crime do I have Prejudice prejudiced against such sick
J D (1 month ago)
Huh!! It's just disgusting, repulsive, and amazing that we, people who have a book that tells us God's word, but foolish people actually trust in and believe in an organization that goes directly against God's word, and hides behind the glitz and glamour of showy satanic based rituals, paganistic rites, undeniable proof of child abuse, etc. It truly blows away any reasonably minded person!! Fuck the Catholic Church, it is a lie at all levels, wake the fuck up people. Open your KJV Bible and make a relationship with God for yourself. Don't trust in any man or organization to lead you to the light. This organization must be brought down. Stop letting them hide behind their miles and miles of red tape and B.S. "Cannon Law". The world belongs to Satan, but your soul doesn't have to. Good bless all, especially the victims, may God release them from the deep suffering they have so wrongly endured
Why Me? (1 month ago)
My dad was a pastor at a Methodist church. We used to be in a small town when I was in the 5th grade. He wouldn’t let me or my brother attend the catholic fair unattended. He always had us go with him or not at all. He told me later he found out the head priest was a molester of children. No one would believe him, this was 1986–88. That’s not that long ago
Jurgen Fetzer (1 month ago)
John Paul II's mother's maiden name was Katz. She and he were Jewish. The Rothschilds took over the finances of the Vatican in the 1800s. They are completely Jewish controlled. There have been 4 cypto-Jewish popes already. The church began actively recruiting homosexuals to become priests back in the 50s. This is how they planned to destroy the Church: from within. This is what the Jews do with all the organizations they infiltrate. Remember, Communist Russia wasn't killing its own people in the 20th century. The leadership was over 85% Jewish. It was Jews killing Russian Christians, 60 million of them roughly. Communist China was also brought to power by Jews. They pit us against each other and pretend they play for different teams. Here's some info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roZ8No6D87s
sleepy kitten (1 month ago)
Yep, organized religion ain't my thang.
Humble Dee (1 month ago)
I guess that's why they separate Church from State..?
Luna moonfang (1 month ago)
There sexual abusers inside the government, Sexual abusers in the Christian religion, Sexual abusers in Islam even their Imam. None is clean on this earth. Regardless of what religion or group u are from. Bottom line you have committed an act of crime in the Ten Commandments of God. Though shall not commit Adultery.
Jurgen Fetzer (1 month ago)
Mind doing a documentary about the Jews? Because they are the ones behind every video you've ever made so far.
mr. moore (1 month ago)
Proof Rome is Mystery Babylon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfaHzhmmUN0
mr. moore (1 month ago)
Citizens arrest anyone?
Krishnamurti (1 month ago)
WE seriously need suicide bombers in the Vatican!
Chris Strebeck (1 month ago)
How can people turn blind eyes to this horror show
Courtney M (1 month ago)
Crimes against humanity, PERIOD. Lock them up! I am so sick of these people thinking they are "above the law" BS! Lock them up now.
Fishing Family (1 month ago)
I became a full blown catholic in 2013 by 2015 I was out!!! Jesus had shown me Satan in 3 seperate parishes, in 2013 i did not understand the Power of The Holy Spirit, I had 4 false heart attacks while attending adult catechism....low and behold they were sever anxiety attacks...Jesus was trying to wake me up before i went through this cult organization...
M. M. (1 month ago)
they will be jugde by god mouth and hand they will burn like they burn those who where inocent..
Tammy Hamilton (1 month ago)
The catacombs are likely another illuminati cesspool.
Tammy Hamilton (1 month ago)
I'd love to see a documentary exposing the TV evangelists for their satanic behavior.
Cheyenne Harpster (1 month ago)
I live in omaha Nebraska and know so many people who have been to boys town and I have never ever heard about this jfc
Jude Knight (1 month ago)
Catholicism is Satanism - FACT.
Derek Derek (1 month ago)
Esau the devil
Chica 411 (1 month ago)
Any organized religion is a cult covering up many perversions & financial deceptions, all religions as far as I'm concerned are criminal enterprises
Chica 411 (1 month ago)
Hang the perverts & those who covered it up by the genitals in public so people can throw stones at them.
Darren Hernandez (1 month ago)
If i had a kid and i found out a PRIEST did that to my baby.. oh god, i would raise all holy hell with my bare hands and would make sure he suffered extremely until til his death.
Carlos Roman (1 month ago)
Put all child molester to death, don't care what their religion is
classicjudy (1 month ago)
Catholics are jokes Praying to Jesus mom wtf lol Fuck these people they are trash
anikka williams (1 month ago)
My sister recommended me send my granddaughter to a Catholic School. I'm so glad I never sent her . SPIT ON THE SATAN'S SYNAGOGUES AND CLERGY OF BABYLON THE GREAT
Jeff Harper (1 month ago)
Steve Rodman (1 month ago)
back in the 70,s a lot of people thought Paisley was crazy. it is now a fact what he said about the catholic church. pure evil..satan,s workers abusing mankind for hundreds of years, anyone who goes to a catholic church to pray is supporting these sick devils. its about time there were mass arrests in all these countries..starting in the vatican and working down through the rest of the filth.
Wickus Woss (1 month ago)
Catholics simply aren't Christians. Their either sheep if ingorant, or Devil's if aware.
Gina Jackßon (1 month ago)
Am not spose to judge as a Christian Woman, so furious I, hope they all go to Hell! and the demons do to them what they inflicked on innocent children accept there. Pain and torute last thur eternity. Our Father in heaven never once said priest could not marry. Makes sense they were sick pedofiles. Sickos the Catholic Church is Evil they still have there pagen rituals. Prays

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