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SHLS 3 25 2018

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A T (9 months ago)
Nice reference to Poe. In fifth grade we had to memorize El Dorado and recite it in front of the class. I still remember it 40 years later.
richard merritt (9 months ago)
maybe if you stop scapegoating poor, homeless people which seems a permanent position by you fake Christians ...no solutions other than GET OUT!..Must be strange to be so smart and articulate, but have this GIANT dead spot where your humanity should be. I guess you filled that spot with 'drooling gun worship'
Bacchian (9 months ago)
The people who were being cleared out were given access to shelters and mental health/drug rehab, but there's a sizable contingent who refuses any of it. "Criminalizing the homeless" is a nice platitude, but how else are you going to force people who don't want to go to rehab to go to rehab and stop committing petty crimes? They don't want it; they don't see a problem with their addiction, and they can steal to their heart's content to support it now. And then there's the people who think the homeless shelters, mental health facilities, etc. are going to turn them into Soylent Green. Yes, it costs too much to imprison people in California -- even though other states do it at half the price, for some strange reason -- and all of these new compassionate -- at least toward victimizers -- policies being churned out were sold to the public because they'd lower that cost and make the streets safe for children to ride their unicorns. They didn't. There is no other alternative. Either incarcerate them and force them into rehab and force the mentally ill who cannot function into humane facilities, or clear them out. No one is going to -- nor should they -- tolerate camps of of homeless people stealing thousands of bikes, pooping on the sidewalks, starting fires, spreading hepatitis, harrassing people, etc. Well, Sugartits (Buttercup?), apparently you think if we seized some of those corporate profits and gave it to these people they wouldn't just snort or inject it, or buy a fancy new tinfoil hat or megaphone to announce the end of the world, in which case I fear I might actually be arguing with one of these people. (I won't report you to the aliens, you can relax your sphincter.) But I can completely understand now why you commiserate and sympathize so much with people who steal from and rob other people on a regular basis if your entire philosphy is centered around stealing from evil greedy monsters who don't have heroin needles in their arms, work for a living, and pay more taxes than any of these people have in the entirety of their existence.
richard merritt (9 months ago)
Well Buttercup, The sad truth is their are more people than jobs. Your Horatio Alger solution is just empty pablum from a time when you could venture out onto the frontier and reinvent yourself. Jefferson thought it would take 100 generations to explore and populate the 'West'...it took less than 4... Robots and tech advances eliminate jobs. jailing people in California costs $71,000 a year now. Corporate profits and the % of wealth just going to the already wealthy is criminal...until theses inequities are turned around you will have a huge problem with mobs and pitchforks next...
richard merritt (9 months ago)
I have long advocated for drug rehab and job training...which are solutions rather than just "GET OUT" or ARREST THEM' and that would be cheaper than criminalizing the poor and mentally ill...and FYI it costs $71,000 a year to jail someone in California now...
Bacchian (9 months ago)
You're absolutely right; I can't think of anything more humane than letting people addicted to drugs and possessed by debilitating mental illness congregate outside surrounded by metric tons of human waste, used syringes, and drug dealers/other criminals itching to prey on them while they, in turn, prey on surrounding communities. How about instead sacrificing other people's neighborhoods and lobbying to fire cannons full of other people's money at the ones that refuse any of the vast array of public and charitable help already available, you superficial altruists lobby for laws that will force low-level criminals back into rehab and crazy people back into mental health care facilities?
Buttercup (9 months ago)
Because.... "feelings" instead of personal accountability, right?
Aaron Brown (9 months ago)
I don't listen to KFI much anymore. So much so that even when you are on I forget to change the station. Luckily there is youtube.
Gary Kirkpatrick (9 months ago)
OAN, just announced that Los Angeles is going to start a Homeless tent city for 34K, didn't say where, supposed to be for ALL Homeless in LA
Buttercup (9 months ago)
Hopefully out in the desert somewhere.

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