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Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy Part 1 Full Race | Revival 2016

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There was plenty of drama in the part one of the Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy race at Revival this year. The two wheeled spectacle featured classic bikes from Norton and Triumph cutting through the downpour with legendary riders like John McGuinness and Michael Dunlop in control.
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gyrojomo (5 days ago)
Corser looks good even falling off.
*TheVoxOfReason* (15 days ago)
This race is too much fun! Love it.
fathead adolf barry (19 days ago)
yet more culture we dont have according to some
ArthurAlcantara (23 days ago)
You might think you look cool on your motorcycle, but you're not Dragging knee, in the rain, while riding a museum piece cool, that's for sure.
Paul Murphy (24 days ago)
Who in their right mind gives an Australian a classic bike to race ? They have no respect for anything.
Johnathan Doe (25 days ago)
Probably couldn’t see that he was about to hit that painted kerb for all the spray
Jim Allen (26 days ago)
That was some of the most entertaining racing I've watched in long while
Copenhagen Llagas (27 days ago)
can ask you guys why motogp bikes need to spin up first before the racing? like i saw some machine where they spin up the tire then go to the race track (im not referring to heating up the tires.)
Doug BM (26 days ago)
They don't. Maybe your refer to the external starter that's used to spin the rear wheel to start the bike.
Arnold Mosk (27 days ago)
Brilliant pilots on brilliant bikes!!!
Dean Leckie (28 days ago)
Not being horrible but shows you how little development they did on the Nortons...and I love Nortons
CANYON KILLER (28 days ago)
legends on vintage bikes with vintage rules in the rain makes quite amazing racing. note these bikes have the shifter and back brake on the opposite sides. I own a BSA and it's tough to learn.
vector6977 (13 days ago)
Have a 1972 sportster XLCH set up like that. It is a diffrent world.
Mauro EC (28 days ago)
Maurizio Ardenghi (28 days ago)
più bella della MotoGp.....;)
6Twisted (28 days ago)
It's fascinating seeing these old bikes ridden with modern techniques.
Jan pva (28 days ago)
crash at 3:50...
Kandela Brown (28 days ago)
Love those opposed twins with The pushrods on top.
Wayne Preston (29 days ago)
This is why I love motorcycles.
MrBotixz (29 days ago)
what kind of bike is this?
vector6977 (13 days ago)
Old triumphs, BMW's, manxes, probably Vincent or two
ushoys (29 days ago)
Pity those pathetic old guys in coats, ties and caps holding the bikes ready for their rider at the start
Bob Vila (29 days ago)
I love these memorial races!
DriveLongRoad (29 days ago)
Ross (29 days ago)
WTF 13 thumbs down?
Tomas T (29 days ago)
that bmw doesnt like him...i think he killed it in another goodwood race...
Derek collins (1 month ago)
Great race.Too bad it had to be raining
PukesNukem (1 month ago)
Troy was unbelievable all weekend!!
Freerider (1 month ago)
4 minutes left and they decide the red flag it. Anyhow, proper riding at least.
Steve 58 (1 month ago)
These bikes are museum pieces but they’re still going for it, proper racing, great to watch. Awesome riding.
john tripp (1 month ago)
My '70 BSA Royal star was the best transport year-round for eight years in sun and rain driving to work in Vancouver. Love these old dears.
Scotty Bhoy (1 month ago)
gotto love watch these old girls getting used the way they were intended
Wonderful Race !!!
Harry Tarbox (1 month ago)
Came for Corser! That's too bad.
Andy Fairchild (1 month ago)
Wow! Fantastic racing, what a joy to watch.
pieterklaaskrugmann (1 month ago)
8 idiots have no clue
dumbo7429 (1 month ago)
Rear wheel lock is the danger of big singles in the wet...is delicate touch on the clutch and throttle is paramont..
Brigit Coleman (4 months ago)
Met Mike Farrell on the ferry back from the TT. If you read this you have my admiration and respect for throwing that beautiful Rudge round that soaking track in such a skilled way. Fantastic riding
Greg S (4 months ago)
More fun to watch than World Superbikes, please bring factory support to all manufacturers
Thorsten_Küppers (6 months ago)
This is just brilliant! I love how these guys go to the limit on their vintage bikes.
Phil Rudge (7 months ago)
Charlie Williams and Mike Farrell beat the lot on a 1933 TT Rudge, heroic, splendid, superb!
Bob Cornford (7 months ago)
Stupid commentary..... Manxs and G50s competed year after year in the island and yet someone always won..... it's because they weren't all identical. It depended on how quick you were and who did the engine and how good your setup was.
droceretik (25 days ago)
Miserable as this English weather Bob.
MyGun4hire (26 days ago)
Stop whinning Bob
Modfab com-au (11 months ago)
Imagine the race this would have been if Troy had stayed on! All kudos to the Rudge though, absolutely amazing!!
brooke ballard (1 year ago)
Yes that was great : )
John Wharton (1 year ago)
Cracking Gromit!!!
Marek P (1 year ago)
Number 5 is the best :)
Marek P (1 year ago)
Gallowaysiege (1 year ago)
Simply amazing.
Ben Dover (1 year ago)
Great to watch a hardtail Rudge keep up with Manxes.
This is absolute great stuff... this proves one thing... "The Rider, the Bike and the Conditions", three factors to fail or succeed. Just love the ancient races much much more than the modern one's!!! Goodwood shines again ;-)
Stephen Donoghue (1 year ago)
Charlie Williams, balls of solid brass on that Rudge.
Desolate Moto (2 years ago)
Super Cool
Sean Johnstone (2 years ago)
Just watching this and it reminds me why i got into bikes,fun!,so much better than todays overpaid GP stars.
I concur completely!
Pulsejet Lover (2 years ago)
OMG I would be soiling my self thoroughly.
Lower Level (2 years ago)
boothegoo pc (2 years ago)
Corser needed a jetski
George Tsiros (2 years ago)
these guys lean on water, riding ancient bikes, more than i do on a modern bike on dry roads.. brb, setting myself on fire.
MyFabian94 (1 year ago)
The Small Tires are also quite good in the Wet, where larger ones tend to Float . Shame that the BMW fell so early though.
Volta (1 year ago)
I'm sure their tires are brand new with good tread, warmed to a good temperature, and the track is spotlessly clean and perfectly smooth. If you fall on a race track (like Corser does here), absolutely nothing happens, there's barely any risk. If you have a slide IRL, you get wrapped around a tree, light pole, etc. So don't worry about it, road and track riding are completely different.
George Tsiros (2 years ago)
Rider, absolutely certain.
Mudux (2 years ago)
bike or rider limitation?
George Tsiros (2 years ago)
if it were 60fps, it would be *perfect*
Simeon o (2 years ago)
Fantastic wish Corser had of hung on. Would be nice to hear ex racers commentating than these nattering ninnies.
p3ko (2 years ago)
is this Caferacer???
softundsafety (2 years ago)
These are not Café Racers, but these bikes are the Inspiration of them.
bylla46 (2 years ago)
ohh no troy!!
djyul (2 years ago)
British Riders ! British bikes ! Wet weather riding specialists at their best!!! Brilliant!
Joseph K (26 days ago)
djyul isn't that what you guys call a nice summer day in Britain? They are using summer tires. Lol. I wouldn't even have pulled those fossils out of the trailer.
Jake Heke (29 days ago)
DAGATHire (29 days ago)
There are more than British there you troglodyte.
Alan Dow (29 days ago)
well this is probably the most embarrassing thing i will read today
crackedcookies (2 years ago)
What a race!

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