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Best Heated Motorcycle Gear

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When it comes to cold weather riding, who is more qualified than a Canadian? We've put our experience to good use by making a list of our favourite heated motorcycle gear. Best Heated Motorcycle Gear: 0:11 - Heat Packs Pocket Warmer: https://frt9.co/papkc1 1:35 - Heated Vest: https://frt9.co/x2lm4b 3:43 - Heated Grips: https://frt9.co/pgafez 5:14 - Heated Insoles: https://frt9.co/a7qtqu Gear up for your next adventure at fortnine.ca: https://frt9.co/98au9e Connect with us: http://facebook.com/fortnine http://instagram.com/fortnine http://twitter.com/fortninecanada
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Text Comments (221)
Me Me (14 days ago)
What happend to the audio at 4:38
flippy dude (21 days ago)
I just bought a brand new BMW 310GS
Jaxxo11 (21 days ago)
Ok? Thanks for the update
Killer Donkey (1 month ago)
I recommend the Milwaukee heated jacket.
funnybus3rd (2 months ago)
Why am I watching this? I live in summer all year round.. and oh also, I don't have a bike
NinjightNationCorp (3 months ago)
What is wrong with this country. What is wrong with these designers. What is wrong with these companies. Why can't these people do a better job at designing products!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doyle911 (3 months ago)
I like how this dude never said subscribe or comment or some annoying stuff like that. I subbed, just like that. And thanks for not being a basic youtube creator.
Wade 927 (19 days ago)
When people say please like comment and subscribe it turns me off doing any of that hahah
atusek (3 months ago)
Only issue I have left in cold weather is keeping my dang fingers warm. I've tried pocket warmers in my gloves, which are already winter gloves with an added liner, but I still have to pull over every 20 minutes and stick them in my engine when it gets near freezing. Anyone have any recommendations on how to keep my fingers from falling off?
GunnyBB (2 months ago)
Heated grips. I try to ride year round but here in Northeast PA that can be difficult. I installed heated grips on my bike and what a difference it made.
✪ vyx (4 months ago)
I actually have only one Micro usb because they break so often (not as often as those apple ones)
deepsquat600 (5 months ago)
dont waste your $$ on a heated vest .. buy the whole liner..extra $$ well spent
Ben Darby (5 months ago)
I made all of my heated gear for less than half the cost of a pair of proper heated glove liners. Heated vest in particular is great. If you understand ohms law it is incredibly simple to make. The heated gloves I made aren’t amazing but combined with bar muffs I certainly don’t get numb hands anymore.
MosherTroubador (6 months ago)
If you have the clearance and don't mind dirt bike parts you could also get the hand guards to help with wind chill
Glenn Lewis (6 months ago)
Gears x3 heated chaps
Glenn Lewis (6 months ago)
Any Opinion on the heated chaps that you can get in Canada
jay C Perez (6 months ago)
I really need a cooler not heater 🤣
cephir909 (6 months ago)
medical grade silicone has nothing to do with implanting per se, it means the material is in fact safe for prolonged contact with skin, causing little to no irritation. pretty handy if you wanna warm your fingers for 4 hours.
Paul Davison (7 months ago)
Just an FYI F9. Bought the Gerbing gloves and variable controller directly from Gerbing USA in the spring of 2018. The gloves were poorly stitched and the sizing wrong (I measured as a XL and bought those. My friends with large hands could not fit in them) the controller was sketchy at best (the locking nut was not corrosion protected and was already rusted)... I will stop there. When trying to talk/email them there was a week to up to a 3 week delay because "we are on summer hours". Their final excuse in July was they "Could not find any XL or XXL gloves. Hell, you make them and you cannot "find" any? In the end (about 3 months later) they took all the stuff back but I bore the $75 of shipping costs. I would never recommend them to anyone. Ever. On a side note to this story, I was in Whitby during all this and went into the motorcycle shop (you know the shop just off the 401) and they said they dropped Gerbing last year because they found their products to be unreliable and the warranties took forever. Ended up buying FirstGear's jacket and gloves with a dual controller from F9 actually. Love them. Just my $75 worth of opinion.
Max Stafford (7 months ago)
What's the best hand guards to deflect wind I find muffs are dangerous are there solid options than dont limit movement and control of my button and allow me to move in and out freely
Emil Kluczyński (6 months ago)
The bigger the better. Alternatively you could create "semi muffs" on top of hand guards from cardboard, foam or what have you. Wrapping something around levers to avoid contact with bare metal also work well.
Alan Conway (7 months ago)
I know this is an old video, but you said "if you connected it to a 1000 amp battery it would be protected". Almost any electronics doesn't care about a battery's maximum current but rather the voltage
MrBacardi72 (7 months ago)
You should check out Nordic Heat instead. Miles ahead in comfort and controls. https://www.nordicheat.dk/en/
Mian Cowell (7 months ago)
Bull Shit on the heated grips. They only heat your palms, not the tips of your fingers (which are the first part to get cold) or the back of your hands (where there's nice big veins to lose the heat). I use Keis heated glove liners with unlined waterproof outer gloves 1 size bigger than my usual and they work perfectly well.
Walter Wilkins (7 months ago)
I’ve bought a few types of heated gear - by far, Gerbing has proven to be the most reliable. Does FortNine sell Gerbing products? What I was searching for is a FortNine review on the remote control accessory - pros & cons?
QuickSilver8Xf (7 months ago)
Oooo i know what i want for cold Wisconsin winter riding!! *looks at the lonely condom in my wallet* I don't need toes, let the frostbite have them. Lets ride!
Jerry Adams (7 months ago)
I have been using electric gear for about 30 years now. This includes various vests, chaps, gloves, electric glove inserts, and heated grips. If you only had one the vest is the one to pick. As far as warmth goes gloves are great, electric inserts are good and hand grips are nice. I have been using electric inserts with motorcycle gloves all during last winter and found that combination to be the best for safety and warmth. I guess if you were racing you might feel some loss of touch but most people will feel comfortable within an hour with the electric liners. For sporty riding in cool riding then sport gloves with electric hand grips is the ticket for me. I trashed the chaps after one ride.
Meme Machine (7 months ago)
Why would you want heated motorcycle gear when you can only ride in the summer?
Pulsar Tech (5 months ago)
Yeah some of us ride year round. Snow, ice, and all. I can tell you after living in Minnesota heated gear isn't a necessity BUT a want if you don't want an extra 900 pounds of clothing haha
Paul Davison (7 months ago)
So you can ride the other 6 months just after the last snow melts and just before the next snow season.
Woody Wood (8 months ago)
Duude.. sweet bike
CustomAddics (9 months ago)
shout out to Winnipeg yay!
james meyers (9 months ago)
i recently found out zippo makes some pretty badass handwarmers you might want to check out(if you havent already). they are refillable and last 8 hours.
Miguel Moncloa (9 months ago)
This guy is effortlessly cool...thanks mate.
Alan Godin (10 months ago)
Heated boots are so pointless. I’ve rode in something like -5 Fahrenheit in regular snow boots and my feet weren’t even cold
Shawn Greenwood (10 months ago)
will they work for snowmobiling?
690 ADV (10 months ago)
super cool video, great editing and shooting!
Roger Barraud (11 months ago)
Frying people who are st00p1d enough to connect to 1000V is probably doing us all a big favour... :-/
Roger Barraud (11 months ago)
You're *sitting* on a BigAss Generator... so what's with all this battery-powered crap?
Flight Recorder (1 month ago)
That BigAss Generator doesn't actually have a lot of electrical production potential. Being that you usually have a tiny rectifier that is already powering all your onboard computers, displays, and lights it doesn't create much excess electricity. Larger touring bikes will have a more over-sized rectifier which will give you more leeway, but still gotta be careful you don't overload that sucker. Edit: Also, if you're jumping on and off the bike a lot you may not want the hassle of plugging and unplugging all your wires. Maybe they can implement a wireless charging interface between the seat of your pants and the seat of your bike?
Roger Barraud (11 months ago)
Where's the AssToasters?
pyruleanfire demon (1 year ago)
Ill stay with my Hothands for the 1 week of "cold" weather here in Florida. I need more hot weather gear while still being used with my leathers. That being said i do love your vids.
amishterrorist17 (1 year ago)
I found the Galaxy Note 7 to does a good job of putting out heat. You should be able to find them cheap now a days haha.
Frank Stocker (1 year ago)
Whats the price of all that gear compared to a ticket to the Caribbean?
Sam Odom (1 year ago)
My Thermacell Heat Pack just arrived. Here in Florida we are not used to seeing the cold weather for more than one/two days a year, so, I had no idea on what warm gear to get. (Winter is normally our best riding season) I took your advice, but, when shopping for Thermacell, I found that they make small "glove warmers", well, Hand Warmers. They come in packs of two, and I have them on my desk charging. I can't wait to try them! Thanks for all your Videos. I like how you present things...and yes, I own a few items that you present. I usually try your employers store first, but they are not available in the US, yet.
v2vortex (1 year ago)
Sorry FourNine!... hehe
v2vortex (1 year ago)
Thanks FourtyNine... always good stuff!
Ammar Jreisat (1 year ago)
im from Winnipeg =, its -23ish in winter so that may help, right?
INNOVV (1 year ago)
Good! Exactly need these for winter riding.
Deepak Rajan (1 year ago)
Who rides with all of these???
Google User (1 year ago)
I really like your videos but I also really want to punch your face with a housebrick
Jeff Wala (1 year ago)
I have to ask, what part of Canada? This review sounds like it is for cool weather gear, not cold. Who needs to put heated grips on a BMW GS, how did you find one that didn't have them stock? Grips are nice for cool summer nights, but can't handle actual cold on their own. If you want solid heated gloves with actual armor and key reinforcements, do the Warm & Safe Touring ones. Best addition is handlebar muffs, Tucano Urbano makes functional quality ones for a decent price, but i had to order from the UK where more people use them on 'rides'. Can't help with the controller size for now, but for me wired gear (jacket, gloves, insoles) are the overall most workable, affordable, flexible, simple, and durable setup for dealing with actual cold weather. Don't forget your tire studs...
Father (1 year ago)
so you even ride the bikes in the background?
kimani live (1 year ago)
Just let you I just got my Oxford grips and they suck. The controller didn't work fresh out the box . Now who do I call to take advantage of the guarantee?
blissmogu (1 year ago)
man i love motovlogs and motorcycle vids and this guy is definitely the best voice and best character i've seen in youtube so far. (no homo) most motovloggers make me cringe...... keep up the good work man
HDstreetshark (1 year ago)
Got some gerbing gloves on sale! Love em!
Claudiu Stille (1 year ago)
Best heated grips are from yamaha check them out and you don't have that annoying controller
Supership Supernaut (1 year ago)
Testing 1 2 3
Clayton Lafave (1 year ago)
270 bucks i can get a milwaukee for 100 and works great
Lost Motion (1 year ago)
Um... What about heated riding pants or pants liners? Everywhere else for me is fine but, my legs always come out feeling like cheap frozen chicken wings.
m.w. Adams (1 year ago)
Warm n Safe makes the best electrically heated gear IMHO. they're not Canadian though being located in Portland, Oregon.
Living Vicariously (1 year ago)
Got nothing useful from tour opinion on gloves awesome
kinderkid (1 year ago)
i don't even rider and i watch your videos because i love the format
Mohamed Essam (1 year ago)
Need to buy full summer clothes gear which I can still go to office wearing it semi formal dress code. Please recommend me items which are A- excellent for heat B- looks good in office C- provides good protection We are talking about 1- pants 2- shirt 3- shoes
saddlebag (1 year ago)
Gerbings used to make good stuff. Their new stuff is crap. Gauntlets are too small to fit over jacket sleeves and they started putting dumb 90 degree connectors on them for no apparent reason besides to piss me off. Harley used to make some good ones, but apparently their riders didn't buy them and I can't find them anymore. All of them have a tendency to break the microwires within rather quickly just from the normal motions of tugging levers, pressing buttons, and twisting throttles. Shame because they are way better than mere heated grips when it actually gets cold.
Shyam Kulkarni (1 year ago)
Undoubtedly the _Marques Brownlee_ of the motorcycle department.
Alfredo Padilla Luna (1 year ago)
Maaaan! Im not a rider, but I love hearing people mastering their own topics! I really enjoy your videos, you guys make great quality content
David Mosier (1 year ago)
My BMW heated vest has been going strong since 2002. If it ever dies I will be buying another one.
Soki114 (1 year ago)
Hi. Can you test mt helmets? :)
Keith White (1 year ago)
I prefer heat trollers to can install on the bike and plug in whatever heated gear you want to wear. That's much easier than portable controllers, remote controllers, battery power, etc.
All heated grips suck. I actually found the the heated glove liners to be much more efficient at keeping my fingers warm.. What use is a palm warmer when its your fingers that engage the switch gears!
RAVI PANDEY (1 year ago)
which one should be my first motorcycle?
monkeydust100 (1 year ago)
I like to cover myself in hand warmers and ride in my boxers
In California we have the opposite problem. Do a review on Evaporative cooling vests! For those 110 F track days at Thunderhill!
Francois Dupont (2 months ago)
just open your jacket and dose yourself in water, a water bottle cost 1$.
Dax Brook (6 months ago)
Ben Richards Stuff ice cubes in every pocket you have
Jerry Adams (7 months ago)
Mikael Sedlacek - When I lived in Arizona I used the Veskimo system. The system I used looked like a small cooler I strapped on the passenger seat. The cooler has a electric pump that pumps cool to cold water thru a vest that has tubes on both the chest and back. You put some ice blocks in the cooler and a small amount of water in the cooler. The pump can run off AA batteries or motorcycle battery via cigarette type plug. This system works well for 4-5 hours on an unfaired bike. Using ice from the quickie Mart only lasts 1.5 hours. I also use a jacket with mesh vents over it. This system brings some serious chill to your ride.
Ben Richards (8 months ago)
Thank you for making me look that up, looks promising! I got heat stress twice last year on my commute, and i'm quite concerned about my upcoming summer - it just hit Spring here in Australia and i'm already struggling even in the lightest mesh. I'll try that out before I resolve not to ride through Summer.
pyruleanfire demon (1 year ago)
Just got a new sub. I know the stigma behind scooters but could you do a best scooter accessories? Gear is no different from your best motorcycle gear but accessories are hard to find that can be portable from a scooter to a bike.
videostouutubecy (1 year ago)
hey i recently discovered a cheap indian helmet brand called steelbird which has some great designs, would it be possible to do a review on those. sba2 .
Davin Hunt (1 year ago)
You probably will, but, please do a video review asap of the Sena Momentum/INC. I love your input man! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6v450D99wAI
Jákup Clementsen (1 year ago)
Please do a review on the Yamaha sr400
Matt Neighbour (1 year ago)
I've been commuting in the UK for years with heated Gerbing gloves, they are essential for temps lower than around 8C and rides over 15 minutes. They aren't so expensive, £150 is cheaper than many non-heated gloves including my excellent waterproof Rukka pair I use for milder weather.
Patrick Henderson (1 year ago)
Hi all at FortNine, love your work. Any chance of a video of how to properly prepare a bike for winter riding or storage OR both?
Carlos Cal (1 year ago)
How about some good water proof gloves? Any recommendations?
leonex (1 year ago)
it's still 40C + in my city :*(. i won't need those for a while
Caleb Hansen (1 year ago)
What is the plug like? I have an f800gs with the BMW power port near the ignition, can I plug right into that?
THE BATeman (1 year ago)
The Firstgear heated liners have an SAE-style plug - the type you'd use you plug in a battery tender.
Caleb Hansen (1 year ago)
Did you get rid of your vstrom for and f800gsa?
im fucking retarded, I red Best HATED...
Corey Edgar (1 year ago)
How about cooling gear its hot in sfl
Sasha Shpiruk (7 months ago)
I feel your pain. In SW Florida....
locomojo0485 (1 year ago)
Just ride naked under your mesh armored jacket and pants. I'm in North FL...
Dan Pizarro (1 year ago)
i have heated grips. the palm get warm and the outer part of your hands freezes
Sean (4 months ago)
Hippo hands will fix that.
BigBadLoneWolf (4 months ago)
+Meme Machine Gebbring gloves are the best. and if you have at least 2 bikes they are cheaper than fitting heated grips to 2 bikes. i suffer from poor circulation and like you say heated grips only heats the palms , while my fingers are freezing cold. another plus of heated gloves is you dont pass them to the next owner and have pay yet again for heated grips on your next bike
Meme Machine (7 months ago)
Haha same
Jim Logan (1 year ago)
I commuted 60 miles to and from Seattle for years. I used Gerbing (the old company before they were bought out) gloves and a jacket liner. For me warm hands are the key to staying comfortable. The problem I had has to do with the motorcycle's electrical output. The bike I commuted on was a 2002 Triumph Speed Triple. 3 alternators later and I finally got the point. I also own a KTM Super Duke. It has heated grips. The heated grips are a game changer for me. Now if someone would only perfect battery powered gloves and jacket liners...
MR SOMTHIN BASIC (1 year ago)
I'm poor 😣 if u guys Throw any that stuff out please just send it to me I'll take anything .....and if u can help me out... I just started up my channel so if u can hit that subscribe button ill appreciate it thanks guys
Jesse Davis (1 year ago)
Looooool look at your bike
tenchu006 (1 year ago)
How about the top means to listen to music while riding?
MemphisMike (1 year ago)
Sedici Hotwired gear from Cyclegear. Lifetime warranty and I've been good at 14 degrees Farenheit.
stickloaf (1 year ago)
i need refrigerated gear
Lifted_Above (1 year ago)
Heated grips should almost be used in combo with decent hand guards/wind deflectors, especially in more extreme conditions.
Jimo368 (1 year ago)
The clip on the Tourmaster controller will break off by the second use. I stuck some Velcro on mine and happened to already have velco on the leg of my Aerostich. It works better than the clip now.
Malafor (1 year ago)
I've had Oxford heated grips but removed them for some much better Heated gloves, Warmthru Heated Motorcycle Gloves. You should look them up Ryan, Has both good protection and keeps my hands toasty even here in Sweden during winter.
Steve m (1 year ago)
what about heated socks?
Phantom Rides (1 year ago)
Another option... Get a car. LOL
Meme Machine (7 months ago)
+MrcabooseVG my motorcycle insurance cost $1300 canadian I've never had an accident before and it was only basic coverage, no fire or theft coverage
MrcabooseVG (1 year ago)
It's £1500 insurance for a car vs £200 for a bike and that's money that's being pissed away to the greedy insurance monopolies
RobBroderick44 (1 year ago)
Sunday rider ?
jelly72 (1 year ago)
No, that's not an option.
Enigma (1 year ago)
Matheus Generoso (1 year ago)
When will come out the Bmw Gs review.
Scott Kessler (1 year ago)
I do like FortNine videos. Although I won't be needing this gear. It's September and 40C. Maybe a test on textile jackets for hot climates when the seasons switch around.
Keith Thompson (1 year ago)
Do the themecell warmers actally help on a bike? Would one in each chest pocket help at 0 c?
GETUP AND GO (1 year ago)
My idea of heated gear is warming myself by my exhaust on a cold ride
Floyd Burdett (1 year ago)
Can the pocket-warmer also run off of the charger..? I'm thinking particularly of a solar charger that can re-charge while I am riding, then charge the heater...
Pardner (1 year ago)
Mixed feelings on the Oxford Heaters. Keeps my palms nice and toasty but the back of my hands, knuckles, and finger tips become frozen. If I bulk up on thicker gloves, I don't feel the heat of the grips. On the plus side, the grips did extend my riding season by about a month in the fall!
Punk Jock (7 months ago)
You need leather snowmobile gloves. The good ones have a thin palm to let the heat through and a armoured insulated back.
Drew F (1 year ago)
For sub-freezing temps... you really need heated gloves and heated grips... Hippo Hands are also a welcome addition...
Toby 750 (1 year ago)
So far l havent had any need for heated bits..even if l ride all year around..in Norway...only protection l have is hand guards and it do the job for me...
Jeremy baker (1 year ago)
Props for recommending the Firstgear 37.5 Balaclava on your last cold weather gear video. It's definitely the best one i've tried.
Dean Steven (1 year ago)
Shout out to the Brits as im one. I have Oxford grips.

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