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Three Things Every Motorcyclist Does Wrong

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'If you don’t know where your mistakes are, that’s your biggest mistake’ said Meek Mill once and he’s right…whoever he is. We’re all prone to making mistakes and here are three you might still be making - often unknowingly - while riding. Gear breakdown: Arai XD-4 Adventure Helmet - https://frt9.co/rlidl6 Revit Orlando H2O Jeans - https://frt9.co/zb08ua TCX X-Wave Air Shoes - https://frt9.co/9dykng Five Stunt EVO Lite Gloves - https://frt9.co/jub2g0 Dapper Suit - We’re not telling you Segments shot on GoPro Fusion: https://frt9.co/78zo7x Gear up for your next adventure at fortnine.ca: https://frt9.co/98au9e Connect with us: http://facebook.com/fortnine http://instagram.com/fortnine http://twitter.com/fortninecanada Cinematographer & Editor: Aneesh Shivanekar
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Text Comments (2301)
Simon McDermott (20 hours ago)
Great vid....just nod
Hollow Wxlf (23 hours ago)
idc imma still say wassup to my motorcycle brethren ✌🏻
L Turner (23 hours ago)
Do you wanna stop being so f*cking entertaining you'll make everyone else look bad Jeez, some people
Joshua Mack (1 day ago)
2.56.noone ever thought I was turning. Not one . And you only use 2 fingers.
Smiler Farmer (1 day ago)
no2 ..give a nod, its the UK way :)
lycanshadowvalentine (2 days ago)
In the UK we don't wave because we need that hand on the throttle, as we drive on the left, we just politely nod.
Abhishek Singh (5 days ago)
Subscribed ❤️
Di Key (6 days ago)
Про две фары глупо естественно, на мото они размещены так вблизи, что ночкой они светят будто одна, однако само видео изготовлено ожурененько)
Masata240 (7 days ago)
Super Twilight Zone homage!
You have a Z?:)
HurricaneMtnRoad (8 days ago)
The size of the contact patch has no impact on friction (traction). See The Second Law of Friction. Load however has a great deal to do with friction or what we motorcyclists call traction.
Kamilo Rado (8 days ago)
Awesome !!
Kamilo Rado (8 days ago)
Awesome !!
mr. Shannon (9 days ago)
The coolest MC youtube video I have seen.
Shane Seaward (9 days ago)
Great advice and amazing video!
dahshinin91 (9 days ago)
the editing in this was gr8!!!
Ahmed Elmokayed (10 days ago)
Carl Sagan copy cat? 😁
jay etheredge (10 days ago)
Um, I find the video had absolutely zero use for "every motorcyclist" We wave... ok, how does that confuse cars? Worst case scenario is the cars around you are going to think you are slowing down because most guys on bikes lower the left arm and give the "peace sign". Even motorcycle cops do this. Most new drivers these days haven't a clue what a hand signal is...Most bikes do not have two separate headlights. In the usa, harleys are everywhere... Can't remember a harley with 2 headlights, My TTR has one as well. Crotch rockets? Sure, some have two. Not most bikes though. Furthermore... your theory is a stretch. on to your "slow corner" being unsafe.... Who "coasts" through corners on a motorcycle? As far as accelerating out by default, that might get you killed on Ortega... This video doesn't make you think. Its made up issues that aren't issues.
Dimitar Dimitrov (11 days ago)
I enjoyed so much. its masterfully done in hitchcock style. I love it
Edmund Konkolich (11 days ago)
My .02: 1) As it pertains to forward visibility. . , I was taught about the "BMW Triangle" - a combination of your ONE motorcycle headlamp and TWO MORE AUX. LAMPS lower down, usually mounted under the fairing or on your forks. 2) You're SUPPOSED to give the fellow rider "salute" with two fingers out (I realize that MAY be offensive in SOME other situations, but NOT here) & at a noticeably DOWNWARD angle. So, if anything, it more closely resembles the hand signal for "slowing down". 3) Always enjoy the curves!
David Santiago (11 days ago)
Very talented
Krejza82 (11 days ago)
One of the greatest truths you said here - DO NOT EVER COAST, keep the bike loaded. EVER here is not completely true, yet I want to make a point by over exaggerating this statement. As all the actions you want to make while riding on a motorcycle (car, bicycle, etc.), you want to make them consciously, with intention. So, if I decide to coast, it is due to slower pace I want to ride. Therefore, I used EVER for all the riders who are too unexperienced or scared to take responsibility for their own actions while riding.
anthemofadam (11 days ago)
The wave is an easy fix: 2 fingers, 45 degree angle down. It doesn't look like the hand signal and simultaneously symbolizes peace among riders and 2 wheels down. A lot of people already do this.
Sir Sancti (13 days ago)
I must be honest, here ... Once, I had a "almost-stroke" while driving at night because I saw 2 lights "nearby" and thought it was a motorcycle, when it was a car in distance (fortunately!)
2002drumsonly (13 days ago)
I am going to buy stuff from Fort Nine just for hosting this brilliant video.
Bradley Smith (14 days ago)
"The scary door"
Shashwat Vishnu Rawat (14 days ago)
4:08 how did you recorded that
fonsjac (14 days ago)
ryde4ever (14 days ago)
If you want to be seen and help that cager determine your distance, install a headlight modulator. They are legal in all 50 states. Don't know about Canada. Best safety mod I have ever done.
Rick Milheron (15 days ago)
Echo the sentiment, this is a really enjoyable presentation. Thanks for a job well done.
v2vortex (16 days ago)
Always love your stuff.... If nothing else you make me to think which is a good thing.... arm down at a angle what ever that angle may be and two fingers in the v- shape... :-)
Blake Hardy (16 days ago)
Dear god, the production value on these videos is incredible.
Rory - Bearonpc (18 days ago)
i never knew about the first point, mostly due to the fact my dipped beam turns off when i switch to high beam so only one bulb is lit at a time but ill definitely keep that in mind when i get an upgrade thanks!, also just nod like us silly British riders instead of waving :)
August Tudlong (18 days ago)
Nice review..:)
80's kid 4ever (18 days ago)
This video is amazing
W Wood (19 days ago)
I ended up,watching just because of the presenter.
ben llewellyn (19 days ago)
Just nod like we do in the UK
Wooley689 (20 days ago)
His Rod Serling is spot on.
DimiD (20 days ago)
Has Hollywood found this guy yet?
James Mullins (20 days ago)
The biker wave has always been down at the knee. Has it not?
Shashank Naidu (21 days ago)
In India we start judging our fellow riders
Surma Sampo (21 days ago)
My bike has twin high and low beams. It really doesn't matter if you have 12 lights on the front of the bike as long as people don't drive into the light (pretty sure car drivers are not moths). Also I don't know of anyone who judges distance to a vehicle by the span between lights. You automatically judge distance by the angular deviation between your left and right eye, also known as depth perception.
Jacob Abel (21 days ago)
I would have to disagree. I pulled a left turn in front of a motorcycle at night with side by side beams thinking it was a car FAR in the distance. It could have been an awful situation if he was traveling faster. The car's driver is thinking about *both* sides of oncoming traffic ("look left, right, left"), it's dark, and you really don't have the ability to instantly recognize that the vehicle is actually a motorcycle... especially because it's the *only* motorcycle you've seen all day.
Surma Sampo (21 days ago)
There is a much bigger risk when having your high beam on with oncoming traffic. The oncoming traffic just lost sight over everything except your fucking high beam and they WILL return the favour. Now nobody can see the road and are quickly developing a piercing headache. DIP YOUR FUCKING LIGHTS!
CPU UK (21 days ago)
Are we Brits the only biking nation to nod to each other as a friendly greeting? Don't even get me started on the French sticking your leg out greeting ¬_¬
That Guy (22 days ago)
Very well done. I would never have thought of the headlights thing. Thanks.
Valentino Photography (22 days ago)
Another awesome video :) one of the best channels on yt
dylan jordan (25 days ago)
I'm just scared of hitting small rock or sand on a curve
Mark Jovi Jamon (26 days ago)
Watchin from ph 👊😊🇵🇭❤️
CEEPMDEE (1 month ago)
MAN! I love Rod Serling's work.
David Massaro (1 month ago)
What kinda of 360 camera do you have
Matt Schindig (1 month ago)
You can manipulate the high beam method. Turning? turn the high beam off and use the turn signal so they can see you. Or position yourself so that the beam will not hit them directly still being able to see you. Move around in the lane so they can tell you aren't a car. LED high beam in the left of the lane, never in the far right lane. Car pulling out in traffic will see that light, especially LED and will think twice. That's probably not a scooter. LED's make drivers look twice. Sure it can be used wrongly, but if you are smart and calculate the proper riding style for each moment it becomes a invaluable tool for us riding. You need to go out and ride with it and learn how to use it to your advantage.
Surma Sampo (21 days ago)
The majority of non separated roads are two lanes, one for each direction of traffic. There is no position on a normal road that does not high beam the eyeballs of oncoming traffic. Just don't fucking do it.
Dougie Quick (1 month ago)
Hence a trend to verticlly stacked headlights ..or old-school single beam
David Mayo (1 month ago)
I'm sorry bro, I really underestimated how entertaining these educational videos were... great job
Andrei Turtoi (1 month ago)
why ofc he drives a bmw
john smith (1 month ago)
In the uk we can’t give the biker wave so we nod our heads instead, we’ll it’s more like a half head turn
Wheel Trouble (1 month ago)
Waiving is pretty much two fingers down at a 45 on the left. Rarely do Insee it straight out.
climaxhubbard (1 month ago)
dude you consistently impress me with your high quality content. i think this channel is going to continue to blow up
Jonathan Usher (1 month ago)
you forgot about those pesky cars running around with 1 headlight out. SUPER COMMON! I see a single headlight and i definitely dont assume its a bike... assuming is lazy, lazy will get you splattered on a bike.
Bradmyr (1 month ago)
Any plans in doing more of this?
Allen Johnston (1 month ago)
FYI - Ran my rear Avon to 22000 km on my FJR and got 11000 out of the front. My buddy got 20000 out of his Michelin 4 on his Concours. I would like to try the Michelin 5 next time through.
GeneralChangOfDanang (1 month ago)
I don't wave anymore because too many douchey harley riders have ruined it for me.
James Herrington (1 month ago)
Your cinematography is really good
Mike McDermott (1 month ago)
The Outer Limits. Please stand by... My FZ09 has two LED headlights at all times. I am pulled out on at night much more than when on the Victory. I never knew why ...until now.
Scot Davies (1 month ago)
U never wave in Britain a good single nod of the head towards your biker buddy
George Brown (1 month ago)
You got the inflections in the words down perfect lol.
SmokeRingsPipeDreams (1 month ago)
Great impression! Fun video, thumbs way up!
Gregory Griffiths (1 month ago)
This annoying hand puppet is full of shit. Why does he assume all bikers don't know this stuff. Fuckknuckle .
prankyou (1 month ago)
Your videos are fun and so well made. Been spending way too much time on your channel these days. Good job.
peter wills (1 month ago)
I don’t wave because I don’t know you. Do you guys wave at everyone driving the same car as you?
shane hansen (1 month ago)
Sweet intro
doom64101 (1 month ago)
Instead of waving on bikes we nod in Australia
Rana Saab (1 month ago)
In India maximum people always drives and rides with their high beam on.No matter where they are riding.
Lynwood Jackson (1 month ago)
This is why we should all opt for the cupped hand, beauty queen parade float wave.
Kelp Engineer (1 month ago)
You had way too much fun with this one... as far as salutes go, one I’ve encountered lately was having your arm out but down straight, not bent like the signal to stop...
Christopher Fucci (1 month ago)
I've never seen any biker wave so wide that it would look like a signal to turn...
Craig Shields (1 month ago)
In my experience, the biker wave is more down near the side of the bike, not straight out.
19stjohn67 (1 month ago)
In the uk it’s a head nod to greet fellow bikers
MattyP 1540 (1 month ago)
Really great job!
ian long (1 month ago)
Motorcycle manufacturers could solve the headlight issue by designing bikes to have vertical headlight arrangement.
luchadorito (1 month ago)
Okay I know only eastern bloc folks get this but -The headlights of a truck- thought Stirlitz, walking in the unlit dark streets of Berlin -Fuck you-thought the owl
K Shepherd (1 month ago)
Dude...you shld try making movies.....you are Nolan level
trashmanacp (1 month ago)
Ryan is the Alton Brown of motorcycles. Lol great stuff.
funguseater40 (1 month ago)
In the UK we normally NOD 👍
Leanid Klimenka (1 month ago)
every motorcyclist? I don't wave, since I don't wave to people I don't know, I always corner while applying gas, even in a car, since it gives me more control, and I don't run high beams, since I'm not a dick.
Eddy 2 wheels (1 month ago)
Fantastic video. Very informative. Excellent work clearly you put a lot of effort into this and thought. Thank you for sharing knowledge is power. Twisted grip stand it up ride on.
Savan Bekal (1 month ago)
Absolutely love your content man!Great video.
CheekiBreeki Rocki (1 month ago)
4:06 nice pocket bike
Jordan Howley (1 month ago)
big fan of your work man, very informative, really well articulated and factual vidz.
liam barnsley (1 month ago)
Regarding your second point. I'm from the UK where we ride/drive on the "wrong side" of the road. So we never usually use hand waves to other bikers. Instead we use a simple nod or a quick rev
Dennis Stockmarr (1 month ago)
4:07 that foot needs to be further back on the peg..
Kieran Penrose (1 month ago)
Your videos never cease to take be back with the level of production quality, one of the best on YouTube, not just about motorbikes just some of the best production on YouTube, great work 👍🏼
Genuine Comments (1 month ago)
Our greeting means jack shit to their road users
Genuine Comments (1 month ago)
That’s why in Europe we stick our left or right leg out to a fellow biker
Steven Leigh (2 months ago)
The Harley wave is left hand, lowered and pointed down.
Archie Nytmare (2 months ago)
This is very well written. Subscribing.
Russell Impey (2 months ago)
In Australia we nod to our fellow riders
Jack Frawley (15 days ago)
Cause you have to let off the throttle to wave, Americans drive on the wrong side
Alan Pennykid (24 days ago)
'Cause dropping your left hand off the bar to wave wont be seen by an oncoming rider (approaching from your right) , only the roo sitting beside the road
Lavaman3682 (1 month ago)
Because u drive on wrong side of road :-)
doubles691 (1 month ago)
Is that true? Amazing. Will do that. Frankly, I hate to take off the hand from the bar to greet 1 million riders a day - it ruins the flow and is awkward. Thanks for this simple one! Come to Germany, will throw a couple of beers and take you out for a ride in the Bavarian woods. You may opt to have the beers after riding if in doubt on the protocol.
Petrol Alpaca (1 month ago)
Russell Impey aye, up the nod
Trevor Standefer (2 months ago)
I really enjoyed watching this video and the research for the different zones content was very intricate and well thought alone made me sub to your channel, great job...
J Dub Choi (2 months ago)
Where do you come up with this stuff? That was well done, Sir.
Cameron Holt (2 months ago)
Man you’re stuff is hilarious and on the nose.
Ken (2 months ago)
The motorcycle wave is 2 fingers pointed towards the roadway. Figured every “ experienced rider” knew that.

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