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Good hairstyles for your face shape & how to determine your shape | Justine Leconte

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Face shape and hairstyle are a tricky topic. This video shows you how to find your face shape among the 6 main face shapes, with an easy test method. Then I describe each shape (oval, square, round, heart, diamond and long) and how to recognize it. Once you know which shape your face has, I give you tips on how to get a hairstyle that suits your face. This knowledge is not a "rule" that everyone should follow: it is the guidance based on which you can make informed decisions about getting bangs or not, choosing a hair length, styling, etc... Enjoy! Thumbs up if you liked this video! New videos: Wednesday 5pm & Sunday 12pm (Paris/Berlin time). The "French series": About the French style rules and tips: https://youtu.be/gAbV5hJzhL4 About the 10 essentials of a French wardrobe: https://youtu.be/15ttUu6pE8g About the way Parisian women do their hair and make-up: https://youtu.be/09AZEuMM5YM About design classics created by French fashion designers: https://youtu.be/pX0VMxyJvq4 Take care! Justine Exemples for each shape: Oval face / long face: Blake Lively, Taylor Swift Square face: Angelina Jolie, Olivia Wilde Round face: Kirsten Dunst, Cameron Diaz Heart shape: Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon Diamond shape: Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez ************************************* SOCIAL Instagram: www.instagram.com/JustineLeconte Facebook: Justine Leconte Fashion Twitter: JustineLeconteO Pinterest: jleconteberlin My website (current collection): www.justineleconte.com/shop Business requests: [email protected] #fashion #style #hairstyle #haircut
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Kami Pearson (1 year ago)
You are the first person that has worded this in a way that I can understand! Thank you!
Annie Qian (22 days ago)
I love how logical it is
SB W (2 months ago)
Seriously. Most of them is like "here's a picture which one looks like your face?" ......well if a I knew that I wouldn't be looking it up!
Martha Gonzalez (5 months ago)
Honestly 👌
Raksha Naiga (9 months ago)
Kami Pearson yep srsly..I really hope she was my maths teacher may be I would have understood things better
Just Lily (9 months ago)
Kami Pearson 666 likes
Kimberly Rosas (4 hours ago)
So I have a heart shape
Akeria Rivers (5 hours ago)
I have a Diamond Face
Sevi (8 hours ago)
You're so sweet.😍Thank you for this video⭐⭐I would like to thank the person who added the Turkish subtitle to this video🙏
yes, thanks to that lovely person :-)
Rubili Barahona (18 hours ago)
Gracias siempre he buscado un vídeo con estas explicaciones y por fin encontré algo que me quitara las dudas ,, ahora lo tengo claro ,, gracias por las explicaciones 👌👌👌
Jo Drew (1 day ago)
Those nails look beautiful, WOW!
les (1 day ago)
вау, такое не плохое видео, благодарю для тебя за советы) уместно,для тебя весьма идет такая прическа,не смущяйся обнаруживать свое лик*))))
Sugarys (1 day ago)
thank you! but if the issue is the nose?
ingrid romero (2 days ago)
I still don't know if I have square or round face shape :(
Dora Got Deported (3 days ago)
I think I have square but my vertical line is longer than horizontal, but like my jaw and hairline have a very similar length
Jayd Logan (3 days ago)
Idk if my face is oval or heart it's like a weird in between
Huda Al Kindy (3 days ago)
Thank you ... love your way explaining
Aliya Nur Rahmah (3 days ago)
What about if you're fat..? How to determine the face shape with all the fat...?
Ali Nami (3 days ago)
You are beautiful🤗🤗😍
Sanvi Singh (4 days ago)
Yeah is till don’t know my shape
Madina Kessikbayeva (4 days ago)
you r amazing 😍 thanks for all the useful info🤗
angelindisguise (4 days ago)
Still don't know what's the best length for diamond face...
Weronika Wochna (5 days ago)
I love your accent, it's do adorable 😍
Fanny Vikström (6 days ago)
No idea if im oval or if i have a long face, dayum
I hte when people sayin *ive got a huge forhead* Me: 💆‍♂️ 👀 your hairline is just to high upp -_-!, look at mine! *Shows out-standing big forhead thts big on the cirners like a butt* Them: 😮 Me: thats what i call huge #forhead you mf.
Why is this on my recommended? Youtube are you trying to tell me somethin-_-!?
Jane Burke (7 days ago)
I’m a long face but as I’m older,with add fat.Unfortunately for me I have dead straight hair which is fine so can’t get loads of volume 🤷🏻‍♀️hay ho, great video 👍🏻xxx
Syazwani Sohaimi (8 days ago)
Hi..love dis video...it really helpful..wat is the best hair style if we have diamond face shape but square jawline ? Thank u
P V Iyer (8 days ago)
You are lovely.
Yu Rui (8 days ago)
My face is like a combination between the long one and the diamond one (stretched diamond shape). So shall I combine the tips from both?
orion D (8 days ago)
I want to hide my whole face
Red Blooded Woman (10 days ago)
I don't know if im a heart shape or a diamond... cuz i have widows peak, and large forehand but my cheek bones are wider than anything else on my face..
Sumaya Mim (11 days ago)
Can u tell me what is my face saije
K-power (12 days ago)
I always thought I have a round face, but now I can see I am an oval face that happens to have puffy cheeks.
Asas Bades (12 days ago)
I didn’t think you would know about contouring because your cheekbones are amazing x
puff balls (12 days ago)
But I'm overweight so my face looks round hahahaha. I tried tying my hair into a bun it looks round hahaha. Fat Oval? Idk hahaha fat heart? Idk hahaha
FeelGood Within (13 days ago)
Thankx so much Gr8 tips
tubeyou89119 (13 days ago)
Big forehead means wisdom in my culture. I think it is true. :)
Gabby Playz (14 days ago)
lol i have an ugly square face :D
Aksena Huawei (14 days ago)
idk if mine is round or rectangular
Nancy8805 (15 days ago)
I took a selfie and drew lines on it. This says I'm a heart shape. I've always considered myself an oval or long shape. Probably because I'm less dramatically heart shaped than my sister
ruby valdez (16 days ago)
I'm going to say I have a diamond shape because my cheekbones or the middle part of my face is the biggest part. My chin is sharp and my forehead is small.
Potato_ Attack (16 days ago)
I’m pretty sure I’m a oval my face is very like an oval
Amanda Gray (16 days ago)
I too am a long face. I prefer to call my forehead a fivehead! Because it takes all five of my fingers layed out to cover it 😁
Johanna Anga (16 days ago)
thank you for making our lives easier because of this video 😌❤❤
Barbara G (17 days ago)
Thanks for the great tips
Nanis Omar (17 days ago)
Hi, i love your video really appreciate it.. u convey it clearly... good job!
Fiona O'Keefe (17 days ago)
What if your head is shaped like the🌝then what hairstyle works best?!? Your head still is gonna be🌝no matter how you wear your hair!
Arti Langeh (18 days ago)
thank vry much
Katy Adelson (19 days ago)
I feel like I have a rectangular-shaped face...it's sort of like a square, but longer. I think my face seems too big and boxy to be an oval, but the oval seems to be the closest description... :o Face shapes and skin tones have always been super confusing to me, lol... I really like how you broke it down into actual points of the face. That really helps!
Dj L (19 days ago)
i love your videos. your advices and triks are great, your english is competely understable and your personality is soo nice amd positive.
Ida Oak Tree (19 days ago)
A have a diamond shaped face! No doubt. The little white face icon looks exactly like me :-D hehehe Thank you so much, Justine <3 <3
Yanglem Telheiba Singh (19 days ago)
I understand every bit what she teaches in videos I wish ur my professor in my college
Yanglem Telheiba Singh (19 days ago)
How bout boys please upload videos
Kris Arin (20 days ago)
It is often hard for me to distinguish my face shape since it looks like it changes when I am making a poker face and when I am smiling. Also, add this chubby cheeks with me to make my face bigger. 😂
Riding Realtor (21 days ago)
Your videos are awesome!
Dm Cc (21 days ago)
Sinon en français..
treehamallama (21 days ago)
Here's a good style for your face shape, WEAR WHAT YOU WANT
Aeurius (21 days ago)
My face is literally a perfect circle I swear...
KMS Mail (22 days ago)
You totally left out triangle shape face, where the forehead is the narrowest. THUMBS DOWN!
Sunflower Roark (22 days ago)
Long hair is not attractive if you have a long face. Right?
Amala Naidu (22 days ago)
Thank you, I was gonna go get CLEAN shaved. Now I know my options a little. I got super curly x frizzy hair, was so frustrated wearing it long.
John Rees (23 days ago)
My face is Banana shaped..which hair style do I need :,,,0
Eliza Dolittle (24 days ago)
I guess I could say I was once a cross between a heart shape and a diamond shape, but my face has morphed with age. The jowls are not that pronounced but my jawline has become more squarish - not "Angelina Jolie" square - just heavier.
Mellow (24 days ago)
I’m diamond n u r the one who separated it from heart which ppl usually mix with n thats quite annoying.
Marie Curie (25 days ago)
I think I have a square face idk
Cecilia C (25 days ago)
Utilissimo grazie!!!! <3
Beata Spiewak (26 days ago)
I like how easy you explain and give good and easy tips Wish you a nice day
Thanks, you too!!
Lola Lilac (26 days ago)
People who say oval face can wear everything forget to include the fatness of the face...THAT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE
Ipshita Singh (27 days ago)
She's beautiful
antisty (28 days ago)
Ma face is a hart
zookiz 103 (28 days ago)
i love you
Homeyra Hosseini (29 days ago)
instagram hh braid_hairstyle
Linda Frelaut (29 days ago)
*Pourquoi le titre et français alors que tu parlais une autre langue????*
It’s vjblaney (1 month ago)
I’m a long face girl with really straight long fine hair. Cri, and I really liked my bangs by my mom made me grow them out ;-;
OfficialSultan (1 month ago)
i cant find mine. i went in pixlr (its an photoshop alternative) and i sketched the outline of my face and saved it so i have it as a png on my laptop
Ashley M (1 month ago)
I think I have a smaller oval face shape
Robert Meyer (1 month ago)
claude poirier (1 month ago)
Bravo pour vos explications !
Kristi Kartashev (1 month ago)
The video played automatically, but I really enjoyed listening to your accent so I watched it to the end :)
Fanny Cella (1 month ago)
dommage que la video soit en anglais
Jungshook is Lifeu (1 month ago)
I have a round shape face but I have natural straight long hair (I'm scared to curl it sometimes) is there any other hairstyles that I can do??
Giselle Agoriuq (1 month ago)
You are so clever! Thank you so much for these knowledge, I discovered your videos and... I Just felt in love of your content, the way you explain and everything
Mona Finlayson (1 month ago)
I'm round
candy crush addict (1 month ago)
Thanks for explaining what face shapes and styles would suit us. You really explained that so well. thankyou
Kimberly M (1 month ago)
Thank you for this video. I have finally figured out my face shape -diamond. I have been doing everything wrong thinking my hair was too thick. When in fact I just need side bangs. (I do look great with side bangs BTW). Thank you, thank you again. This video helped me and I will share it with my friends and family. ❤️
In Liebe, Anneliese (1 month ago)
I think I am a mix of heart shape and diamond shape 🤔
Sheyda Dastournejad (1 month ago)
you are talking based on scientific facts, and not just trying to show off your face or beauty on line as many others do.
liv (1 month ago)
Why the german titles?
liv (1 month ago)
i was just wondering why🤷🏼‍♀️ thank you! I really enjoy watching your videos🙂
people contribute translations for videos in various languages: if you are based in Germany, and there are German subtitles available for a video, you will automatically see the video titled in German. And when playing the video (which is always in English since it is how I filmed it), you can also activate the German subtitles (in settings) :-)
Aniley Marta (1 month ago)
My face is like a complete circle... Lol... :-p I only hear cute cute n cute... N Nothing else. Arrasoo.
seesaw (1 month ago)
But me i'm triangle inverse so idk
Ben Zineb Yosr (1 month ago)
Subtle square face here ( kind of rounded), i like the high cheekbones and defined jawline but my face can look a bit wide in pictures
Clara Olivera (1 month ago)
Which celebrity would be a good example of long face? Which shape would Caitriona Balfe be? What do you think of her current hairstyle? I love her bone-structure but I think the "Cleopatra look" she's sporting these days doesn't really suit her. What do you think?
Sarah Jessica Parker
Ash Cinder (1 month ago)
I look like a mix of the diamond and heart
Ria Lestari (1 month ago)
Omg I really love the way you explain things ♥
Priyanka K (1 month ago)
hello! its very helpful and useful ... Thank you :)
aryang cosido (1 month ago)
I seriously still can't determine my face shape.
Lucy RivkaMalka (1 month ago)
my daughter has a very short forehead, what should we do
Vanq Ivanova (1 month ago)
I realy like the video,but my face seems to be mix between oval and square
Stuart Ly (1 month ago)
I wish I can like, let you see my face so you can determine my face shape and hairstyle
Jamila Rivera (1 month ago)
You erased the vaugueness in the topic. Im glad Ive found your video. Those 8 points you mentioned were like the science behind face shapes to me. Now i can truly seethe face shapes.
Edith Elischer (1 month ago)
Oh wow, today marks the day I found out that I lean towards having a diamond shaped face the most. that's interesting to know, thank you
Edith Elischer (1 month ago)
I'm sort of a mix between oval and diamond
Saima Ahad (1 month ago)
Omg i finally understand that im a diamond now to get some side bangs 😏
chou tzuyu (1 month ago)
i think i have a round shape face and im planning to cut it with bangs but i think it will not suit with my face help me pleaseeee
Akhil Roy (1 month ago)
Hello mam

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