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Dark SECRETS Walmart DOESNT Want You To Know!

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Check out these dark secrets walmart doesn't want you to know! This top 10 list of disturbing facts about the people of walmart you probably didn't know will leave you shocked at what's really happening behind the scenes of walmart! Subscribe For New Videos! http://goo.gl/UIzLeB Watch our "Most DISTURBING Secrets About Disney!" video here: https://youtu.be/hQ0FIFYz7P0 Watch our "Top 5 Most Mysterious and Powerful Secret Societies" video here: https://youtu.be/0Lu4Uvc5EhA Watch our "Dark SECRETS Brands Don't Want You To Find Out!" video here: https://youtu.be/ejz5wvVpY5w 10.) Walmart is as Rich as a Country If Walmart were a country it would be in the list of the top 30 richest countries in the world! In fact, in the past few years, Walmart would have been on the list as numbers 28 and 25. It is said that Walmart could actually destroy several countries around the world. The financial capability of Walmart would be right up there on the list with countries like Turkey, Switzerland and the Netherlands. In 2012 Walmart basked in a shocking $444 billion in sales. This is $20 billion more than Australia’s yearly Gross Domestic Product. Walmart makes about $1.8 million in sales every single hour, which is more than most people earn in a lifetime. 9.) Sales Aren’t Always Sales Walmart is great for finding some good deals, and as they always advertise, they always have low prices. Many locations will also price match! However, Walmart tends to lie about many of their sales prices. Research has shown that many times Walmart actually sells things at the recommended retail price. But to trick people into believing it is a sale, they put a sale sticker around the item with the regular price. This trick makes you think you are getting something on sale but in reality customers are not saving any money by buying the item at Walmart. However, it is not just Walmart that plays into this trick. Many major retail chains do this and you just have to be an educated consumer and not fall into their trap!!! The other day I saw a product on sale and it was a 2 cent price drop. 8.) Low Wages Walmart is known for paying some of the lowest wages in the US, sometimes even under minimum wage. Walmart uses every trick in the book to keep costs low, and they are professionals. Allegedly they have assisted illegal immigrants in crossing the border and only allow legal employees to work 32 hours per week so they can't receive full-time employee benefits. How they help people cross the border I have no idea. Does Walmart have Coyotes? Or pay off border patrol? Or build tunnels? They may be involved in all kinds of shenanigans we don’t know about. The more you learn about the extensive reach of corporations, the scarier everything gets. Walmart is also known to intentionally only pay workers minimum wage so the employees have to take advantage of government assistance programs. Therefore, Walmart saves money on both their employees' salaries and does not have to provide them with any benefits. In a report published by the House Committee of Education and Welfare, they estimated that if a Walmart had around 200 employees, they would use $420,750 of federal taxpayers money per year, or over $2 thousand per employee! Walmart obviously has more than enough money to properly pay their employees but choose not to and use the system to their advantage. On top of this, there have also been lawsuits against Walmart that stated they did not pay low wages to employees at all. As of December 2002, 39 class action lawsuits in 30 states were filed against the corporation claiming tens of millions of dollars in back pay owed to hundreds of thousands of employees. These lawsuits included instances of Walmart forcing employees to work through breaks, forcing employees to work off the clock, and even deleting hours from employees’ time sheets without their knowledge. 7.) Illegally Firing Workers If you do a google search on Walmart firing their workers illegally, you will run into a lot of articles talking about their lawsuits. Walmart employees are often fired for protesting or speaking up about their low wages. In 2014, Walmart fired about 19 employees who were protesting for better working conditions. No protesting allowed!! There have also been other cases, such as in 2013 when Walmart employees protested for organization. Workers then backed by the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) planned to bus into Bentonville, Arkansas, to crash the company’s 2013 shareholder meeting. Walmart’s corporate office got wind of the “Ride for Respect” plan and flew into action by monitoring activists’ social media activity Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!
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Text Comments (1783)
Kimberly Foster (2 days ago)
Other retail as well
Doug Billman (3 days ago)
Now they detain you at the door, to check your sales receipt, ILLEGAL...we should be so proud...we have allowed these criminals to flourish.........
Doug Billman (3 days ago)
WAL-MART, a monopoly...pure and simple.........
Doug Billman (3 days ago)
Wal-Mart, true definition of greed........
Jesse Becraft (4 days ago)
so Trump runs walmart like he the USA
Jesse Becraft (4 days ago)
Kroger does all this just about every companies in the USA we are slaves
Gene Lariv (5 days ago)
I hate Walmart. Its to big. Ugh
Roedaif Emes (5 days ago)
Of course Walmart is FOS and a horrible company, but I have no problem with Walmart for is locking up African American beauty products, it is economics not racism. Unfortunately, a large percentage of blacks do steal more and somehow believe they have a right to steal. U.S. Dept of Justice statistics state that a black is 28 more times to violently attack a white than vice versa, and around 8 times more likely to attack a hispanic than vice versa. Truth is not racism. Blacks need to clean up there act and be responsible for themselves and quit blaming the world for their problems.
Melissa Bolander (6 days ago)
Walmart...You need to get your Shit together...You just lost a customer....Your ridiculous...Pathetic
John Boudreaux (10 days ago)
If Walmart’s reading this you better be sorry because I already got a squad of protesters who will shoot down your stores so 😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 you
Chris Costlow (12 days ago)
OMG. This video is ridiculously stupid. First of all yes I work for Walmart but I have no reason to lie for them. Walmart is a target every single day for morons trying to pad their wallets. I can't speak for every Walmart but where I work none of this is true. If you got fired it was probably bc you're a terrible worker. Show up for work and don't steal and you will make a minimum of $11 per hour. What's so bad?
robin keener (12 days ago)
i haven't been inside of a wal mart since august 2012. i don't not like the way they operate, the way employees treat the custumers.
Ricky Barber (13 days ago)
As far as being locked in and needing medical help, there is not a window in a store that I wouldn't bust out for my or anybody's safety for medical attention. Wal-Mart could fire me but, I believe the labor union would be on me or someone else's side. Like I said though, me, you or anyone needing medical attention, Wal-Mart would be replacing a window. I can't believe that feller with the heart attack didn't get someone to break a window. He couldn't have been afraid of Wal-Mart first and worry about his health second. Gotta be brain washed or something.
nathan cox (13 days ago)
Dollar General is also Shady if you're not full time you don't get a vacation you don't get holiday pay and they only recognize three holidays that only managers can work
Greg VVischmann (14 days ago)
A recent shopping trip to Walmart got me so angry I will go to any other place to shop.i purchased about 12 items and used a automated device for paying. No receipt was printed and I proceeded out the door but was stopped and asked for a receipt. The young punk treated me like a criminal and I was close to flipping out. 5mins went by and as young lady brought me a receipt and 8 2as allowed to leave.what bullshit Knowing who Sam Walton was also makes me want to avoid going there. And don't think you are saving at Walmart my local super market is cheaper then Walmart on almost every item. The local Walmart charge 2 dollars for a qt.of milk.ripoff
jim banks (15 days ago)
The manager at the Walmart where I live told me that our Walmart was the Walmart where all the other Walmart don't want their stuff we're sent to our Walmart
Carol Bell (16 days ago)
Not surprising. Money talks.
mahamud hasan (18 days ago)
my mom works at walmart and she never tell me anything
Carol Gaskill (20 days ago)
Wow! They don't care. They have the money to pay their way out of it. Why is it our Government screams about human rights violations against other countries yet we have one of the biggest violators right here in our backyard?
Ray Robin (21 days ago)
I've got terminated for making a adult joke to one of my associates and me and that person we always talk like that but somebody else overheard and went to go snitch on management saying she's uncomfortable with what I said but she's comfortable when a male customer calling her and texting her for booty call oh yes she gets hits on by male customers but she don't get uncomfortable with that
Audrey Fee (23 days ago)
we vibin
Mary Wadley (24 days ago)
This is wrong my mom works for Walmart and she gets paid very very good and this is just all wrong you’re just putting Walmart down just because you’ve just got a bad price on something one time wow🤬😡
Johnney07 (25 days ago)
Lock up african american beauty products? Not at the walmarts I see. Also they shouldn't keep stealing them.
joe scarfish (25 days ago)
where the fuck do these people get their info? i work there and everything they say is either a complete lie or exaggerated. they start almost $4 over minimum wage, benefits for part times after a year and full timers immediately. any stories she sites like unpaid wages and working through lunches are like 15 years old. if you get caught working off the clock you will be fired.
Handsome_ Squidward12 (27 days ago)
Thank god Walmart isn’t in my country!
Michael Colvin (1 month ago)
Wal-Mart is a spawn of Satan ... on sale
Santo y Lydia Almonte (1 month ago)
I worked overnight for a Walmart in NJ for four years. Before it became a 24 hour super center, they used to lock the doors at midnight, but we weren't locked in. The doors were locked to keep customers who kept showing up throughout the night, out. Every assistant manager, co manager and LP had a key to the door. We could leave whenever we wanted. We had smoke breaks and went out to 24 hour diners or fast food joints for our lunch breaks. Whenever an associate wasn't feeling good, they were allowed to leave. The craziest thing I experienced at my Walmart was that supposedly the managers had no control over the thermostat. We were told that somehow it was controlled by corporate, so sometimes our store would be too hot in the summer. Besides that and the sometimes impossibly high expectations they had of the overnight stockers, it wasn't too bad of a place to work. It certainly isn't the worst job I've ever had.
FAITH NO MORE (1 month ago)
I can't believe that with all this against Wal-Fart why haven't they been shut down or at least required to downsize. I know it would affect a whole lot of jobs but maybe it would hurt them enough to finally straighten up there s**t.
Pooey (1 month ago)
Why do people still shop there?
jeff alan (1 month ago)
I worked for walmatt as auto service advisor i worked at dealership until they were bought out i never saw so many batteries returned from same day or few. The tires are seconds even brabd bame even techs told the cusromer not to dtive on gravel i some a cudtomrr leave came back with large bulge on side another tead was peeling apart even techs are not trained just the tools one on honda drained trans fluid not oil was special fluid vehicle sat 3 days having to waiting for fluid you take your chance
Terry Broussard (1 month ago)
Wow! Greed, discrimination, stealing wages? Sam cld not if bn aware of this.
Azariah Caffey (1 month ago)
Rudy Short (1 month ago)
It's called rip off mart .
THLEdrei (1 month ago)
Why are the employees arrested, but WalMart isn't penalized?
sandy grunwaldt (1 month ago)
I worked for WalMart and it was the best job I ever had. The store manager was fair and very kind also he strongly believed that family came first. If you got sick and was out for awhile he had the Bakery do a bake sale for money to give to the that someone who had lost wages. I know only because I got cancer and over $500 was raised to help my Husband and myself plus our Store Manager made sure our utilities were paid. He went to higher up people of Walmart to get this done. They had no issues to help a family in need. I'm cancer free, sadly unable to work. I was told that I had a job anytime. I guess it depends on the store, the people and location. We made excellent money, plus twice a year we got a bonus. Every place has its good, bad and the great. I had to leave a job I Dearly enjoyed, don't get me wrong we all had our moments as with any work place. The big, the stores that make a heck of a lot of money are the ones who get dissected nick picked and torn apart.
Kenneth Gray (1 month ago)
This video is fake news I work there totally false
Jamie Sheffield (1 month ago)
Yes, I fell in the parking lot. Walmart kept me from getting disability, they wouldn't pay for my back surgery. I didn't get workman's comp. I list my case because i went to a chiropractor when I was 12 years old for allergies. I had a sick lawyer, I mean he was really sick. I didn't have a condition when I began working. The employees in the back lied. And threw the paperwork away. I'm glad I was honest. But I have suffered so badly from not being able to pay my bills. If you are an employee and fall and really get hurt, call 911, don't trust the employees in the office. I know that mine lied. Even a cop knew this and she wouldn't help me. Mrs. Graham has passed and I have already forgiven her and the two employees in the office in the back.. GOD will get revenge!!!
They lock the products up cause ppl steal them lol
Jeff Flick (1 month ago)
PLEASE people stop shopping at walmart! It's a greedy company & discriminates against disabled workers + all of the money they get sued for could increase emplyees wages & health benifits?
Jeff Flick (1 month ago)
Walmart sucks! All the money they make & low ball their employees! I think everybody should picket walmart for paying very low wages, keeping the emplyees hours low to screw them out of insurance & local 27 F&C workers i'm ready to picket whenever you say go.
Losizak_ (1 month ago)
You’re off by about a *trillion* dollars, literally, when comparing Walmart’s revenue to Australia’s gross domestic product.
Andrea Moore (1 month ago)
I used to work with a girl who was in the reserves. she also used to work at Walmart. She had to go out for several weeks for the reserves and let Walmart know. she emailed them 3 times and even called. but then they said she didn't call in and was fired for that. look into stories like this.
Rogue Prophet (1 month ago)
Walmart is a Thief 24/7 in America, Canada, and others, etc.
skid row (1 month ago)
funny how people are so pathetic they will work for that shit.
skid row (1 month ago)
only the trashy people go to walmart I bought I fucking aux chord there 5 years ago and it had a warning about giving you cancer lol.
Doug Smithart (1 month ago)
You see, this is why I hate capitalism, because of corrupt people like the entire Walton family. Walmart and the Walton family are experts at screwing people over for their own gain. I'll be glad when all the remaining members of the Walton family just die, they can take their curious store chain with them. Fuck the Walton family, including Sam. I'm glad he's dead, I blame him for all of this corruption.
Wesley P (1 month ago)
its strange to see that people post lies about walmart in 2018. all walmarts in the usa have a min wage of $11 an hour. how they could say that it doesnt pay the federal min wage while its paying well over it is beyond me. clearly the person who made this video needs to be sued for slander.
Pat Nichols (1 month ago)
Dark secrets?!?!?! Sheesh, they act like people don't know most of these things. Ex-employees and the families of ex-employees know pretty much all of this, and I was under the impression nearly everyone has had a job at walmart at one point in their life. As for illegally firing people, they STILL do that. They've just found ways to be more sneaky about it and make it look legal on paper.
Uncle Grumpy (1 month ago)
Yeah Yeah Women are victims....and all that bullshirt that you're crying about.
Nighat Faisal (1 month ago)
MrWizardofozzz (1 month ago)
This place should be boycotted..
michael ranz (1 month ago)
My only complain is that they don't carry my favored hunting ammunition. I love Walmart and will continue to shop there. No apologies from me to the unionized snowflakes.
hunter july (1 month ago)
I never go in there. All Wal-Mart's are full of weirdos.
Chris Drybread (1 month ago)
I work for Kroger and we are Ufcw and while it is weakened by Texas being a right-to- work- state the union has done a decent job upholding making sure the collective bargaining agreement is followed
Delvin Walton (1 month ago)
They should put thw illgal in prison just kill them
Alan Johnson (1 month ago)
Walmart Canada is totally different.
Susan W Uehara (1 month ago)
Walmart has very bad karma stay away.
Susan W Uehara (1 month ago)
People with a conscience do not shop at walmart!!!!!!!!!
Susan W Uehara (1 month ago)
Descent people do not shop at Walmart .
Susan W Uehara (1 month ago)
Let’s boycott Walmart. Stealing from people and tax payers . If every company did this their will be no Walmart customer s. Not paying. This Is the same as plantation s run by Slaves. Come on find another job. Courts don’t work people need to boycott boycotting works . One success story was boycotting buses in the south. Everyone walked took some years but they were forced to change.
KJ Stewart (1 month ago)
Valerie Phythyon (1 month ago)
I took a part time job at Walmart and was injured on the job. The hospital wanted to keep me overnight and I was scheduled to work the following morning. When I called the manager to let him know that I wouldn't be able to make it to work the next day he fired me right then and there on the phone!
Bud White (1 month ago)
Well, most companies to nearly all companies here in America have done the same things,....its as common as dirt, and the unions for other companies are little more than company owned unions that are corrupt, not needed, and so corrupt that they only support the democrat party due to under the table back room crooked deals. The whole 32 hours per week thing isn't going to work for walmart with a growing economy, ....that is an old model that won't work especially if industry expands enormously across America. I recently heard of a Koch Industries branch of their holdings, one of their companies, run a radio ad for needing employees and holding a job fair,....but of course I saw a sandwich board at a local walmart hosting a job fair as well.
Dennis Austin (1 month ago)
One year I worked for Wal-Mart Canada full time and applied for a Wal-Mart credit card I was turned down for not making enough!.....and I was working for Wal-Mart lol !!
Dennis Austin (1 month ago)
Dare for anyone.....apply to Wal-Mart you do not need to take the job walk through the store everyone working there are teen agers or senior citizen that look like they are or should be homeless and try to get help IF you can find a employee then walk through the store again when the big shots are there , there are more employees than customers lol!! Wal-Mart will pull this soon cause its the truth I worked there when this happened, not saying which one but I worked in a few to make a little money til I got a better job I applied for ,  and seen this, as a matter of fact I got 3 extra 8 hour shifts that week! straight pay overtime is not allowed there I helped a guy load a projection TV in his truck as a thanks he gave me 5 dollars I was told we are not allowed to take it or it could mean my job next time!! kinda sounds like communism huh lol !
Toni Lamar (1 month ago)
Walmart does have tunnels underneath
RayTheBoss (1 month ago)
Phyllis Anderson (1 month ago)
Walmart is a racist corporation, can not find hair products or make up for people of color, Ever. Not even online, should be able to walk in the store and just buy it. This is uncalled for.
Tom Riddle (1 month ago)
Some of these seem very bias and misleading.
Tom Riddle (1 month ago)
Um...Maybe they might be locking doors to keep people from coming in, not keeping EMPLOYEES from leaving.
Julio Fexas (1 month ago)
American Gadfly (1 month ago)
I'm sure someone sat down and thought "gee I wonder how I can racially discriminate against black people today, let me lock up their beauty products." I'm SURE that's what happened. I doubt very seriously it had ANYTHING AT ALL to do with those items specifically being stolen ALOT.
American Gadfly (1 month ago)
That said don't shop at Wal Mart cause fuck them
Tre Monroe (1 month ago)
They all do the "sale" trick! I worked at a small clothing store over 25 years ago & they made me put a red sale sticker on stuff that just came off the truck, brand new! Another employer wouldn't pay O.T. Walmart is evil. What liars! I used to occasionally work nights at Meijer, stocking shelves, instead of my usual job. We were free to leave at any time! These stores open 24 hours, so why is it locked anyway?? My cousin worked for Walmart years ago & they treated her terribly! I don't want to shop there anymore!
Jay Boogie (1 month ago)
Thank you for the video and for showing Walmart's true colors but you forgot the main important one all the Walmarts that have been closing down and secretly building underground tunnels and I think now they have a military contract.
Corazon Nayar (1 month ago)
Walmart sucks
Julia Wood (1 month ago)
There is no such thing as a cell. It is only advertising. The only time you may get lucky on a cell. Is when things are almost outdated. And they're trying to make some money off of it before they have to dispose it. So those sale papers that are hand out in the mail. Those are just advertising not cells but advertise.
mikspapa (1 month ago)
And this surprises whom? When you have purchased the lawmakers who are supposed to regulate you, and the court system that's supposed to make sure you follow the laws, you can pretty much do as you damned well please. And they do. By far, the funniest thing I ever heard out of the court system was when the Supreme Court claiming that Bentonville didn't tell the individual stores  how they were to be ran. BULL SHIT! When Bentonville even controls the temperatures of the store and it's coolers and freezers, they control ALL the store functions. That was the best decision by the court system that WALTON money ever purchased......
geoff dick (1 month ago)
If you're dumb enough to buy something at retail price and a simple yellow "sale" sign duped you into it, you deserve to get swindled.
Мабуся (1 month ago)
Is this USA ???
Kim Lace (1 month ago)
And now they are just keeping there children in closed down Walmart smh
Lorraine Magarian (1 month ago)
Who would buy ANYTHING in this criminal establishment!. Time to talk with our wallets.
Toni Olson (1 month ago)
I haven't shopped at Wal-Mart in years because of their labor laws. I would rather pay a bit more than give them my money.
Jason King (1 month ago)
They lock up anything that's stolen alot and like it or not black people's products are one of those items
almstn angel (1 month ago)
i worked for walmart in canada for almost 3 yrs and i can say that all that is mentioned in this video is soo true even here in canada... i went through hell working there... walmart is hell!!!!
wwe fan (1 month ago)
No they lock the doors cause the store is closed and our mangers had the keys they let us out for lunch
barefoot father (1 month ago)
Also fuck unions
barefoot father (1 month ago)
How haven't you guys been sued for lying? Is 11 dollars the minimum wage?
Best Price (1 month ago)
All the people they show in this video do not work at Walmart...the actual Walmart employees are much fatter
Tigger the cat (1 month ago)
Which senators have shares in Walmart.
Dan Barone (1 month ago)
WOW, i mean this is pretty fucked, seems like Walmart is more Mafia than a store, I know where im going next time I wanna 'grab and go'
Annie Divins (1 month ago)
Walmart should be ashamed people they work their butts off for a little bit of nothing and then they doctor pays and all that Walmart should go down
humilulo (1 month ago)
the small consequences that they get fined with @ 11:40 in the video shows how corrupt the judicial system is too. i wonder how much the judges get paid to make those fines feel like a slap on the wrist to the big bully.
Luke Cage (1 month ago)
walmart does discriminate against non black girls with short nails and those that are not obese.
Susan Boyer (1 month ago)
Walmart paid 100% of my friend's heart transplant and promoted her to manager while she was on the transplant waiting list so I guess they do something right every once in a while.
Sonia Bawa (1 month ago)
I Hate Walmart
Angie Bold (1 month ago)
Grabbed the wrong sized bras 3 pack so I went to return them since the store nonlonger has an exchange policy I had my receipt and they said the bras cannot be returned.sighting that it was their policy not to take undergarments back for refund. I said but you don't have that posted by the bras. Then I said why can't they be returned? The girl said they are underwear and people don't want to buy undrerwearthatsomeone else has worn on their private parts. I said I didn't put them on. I bought them way too small. I grabbed a 36 C and I wear a 40 DD. I couldn't get them on if I tried!!!. Which I didn't try cos I realized I bought the car wrong size. They brought out the store security cos i slung the bras across the coubter. They were stealing from me yet iwas in trouble cos I threw something at her.the countertop is waist level. All I know is if someone were trying to steal $20.00 form me on the street. Took my money, would not be justified it hitting them with my purse. Since when do thrives get protected by security and the victims reprimanded and tossed out? This policy is not displayed in the underwear department and the stores that are concerned with that issue in the past put adhesive strips in the cups of the bras and bathing suits and the crotches of underwear and bikini bottoms. They never did that kind of thing when I was young and skinny. It felt like age and weight discrimination.I had spent over a hundred dollars there on that shopping occasion and usually spent that much every time I went. About 4 to 6 times a year. They threw me out with threat of calling police and threat of filing assault charges on me.
ROGER DE BRABANT (1 month ago)
walmart is run by criminal scum bags that should be jailed
Pamela Travis (1 month ago)
They work with the government and you just reported that OMG shame on you as well as walmart and most of the government.
M.L.G KIDSZ (1 month ago)
newyork trends (1 month ago)
i can walk to walmart from my house
Dawn the OG (1 month ago)
NO! NO to Walmart!

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