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I went to Boots the other day just to buy a swimsuit and I ended up buying quite a lot more - and then I went back the next day and bought even more - oops!!! I've been looking for matching girl's clothes for my two daughters Sophia and Sienna and found loads in Boots Mini Club. And best of all they were all on sale! So if you're a fan of girl's clothes hauls hopefully you will enjoy this (apologies for the fact it's filmed over two days but i wanted to show you the other things I bought). Do you buy your children matching clothes? If so where do you them? I have a few other girl's hauls on my channel so you can check them all out here: ABOUT ME: Hi, I’m Lauren, although due to sleep deprivation there are often times I forget my own name!!! I have two children, Sophia who's three going on thirteen and baby Sienna, who was born in January 2016. I love being a mum and feel very blessed, especially as it took us a while to have our second child, but I most certainly haven't found my parenthood journey easy... and I must admit there are times I think can I just take a wee holiday from all this parenting malarkey!! I started vlogging to share my experiences and also to connect with other parents and get some advice. I am very honest - probably too much so!! But I've always been an open book and am always happy to answer any questions (within reason!!). We're all plodding along this crazy road of parenthood but it's nice to know we're not doing it alone. X
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Paris Anderson (1 year ago)
Boots is my favourite! They always have sales and money off and I love the points rewards lol x
Dadupnorth (1 year ago)
We love Boots clothes for Effy but the Carlisle store is absolutely shocking because kids clothes are upstairs and there is no lift, except in the stock room which you have to ask to use. its a nightmare with a pram.
Lauren Jane Hampshire (1 year ago)
Dadupnorth that's ridiculous - why have the kids section upstairs when there's no lift for prams??!!! Luckily the one in maidstone is on one floor - although it's not so lucky for my bank balance!! X
Channel Mum (1 year ago)
The matching swim suits! Ahh they're super cute :O Your necklace Lauren is also really beautiful x
Lauren Jane Hampshire (1 year ago)
Aww thanks. It's from M+S. The girls wore their swimsuits earlier and looked so cute! Xx
Emily Charlotte (1 year ago)
Those swimsuits are soooo cute x
Lauren Jane Hampshire (1 year ago)
Emily Charlotte the girls wore them earlier and looked so so cute together. And they're quite high necked which is good as it keeps their chests covered in the sun. And for £4.50 I think they're a bargain! Xx
Laura Knowles (1 year ago)
I love seeing siblings dressed the same. I'm currently pregnant with number 2 so there will be a 3yr age gap. I don't know what we're having yet but if it's another girl I'll be jumping on the matching outfits bandwagon 😂. Lovely haul! I never think to look in Boots for clothes x
Lauren Jane Hampshire (1 year ago)
Laura Knowles I know, it's not somewhere I automatically think of. In fact I was going to go to Asda to get sophia a swimsuit but I needed some new makeup so thought I'd pop to Boots instead and I'm so glad I did. I love all their matching outfits and they all seem to be really good quality. Congrats on baby number 2. If it's another girl I'm sure you'll love getting to dress them in matching stuff - I love it!! Xx
Gemma Jade (1 year ago)
I always go into Boots with the aim of buying one thing and come out with a bag full! The kids clothes are very sweet too xx
Lauren Jane Hampshire (1 year ago)
Gemma Jade I can't believe I went back the next day and bought 5 more things - oops!! I had to hide the bag of clothes from Andrew. I know they'll wear all the stuff lots though and it was all really good value xx

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