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$1000 Neglected V8 Swapped RX-7 Revival & Thrash - Grassroots Roadkill

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bringing the mazda back from the grave and thrashing on it. this is my own little roadkill bit when i was at college. hope you enjoy. 4th of july full video cut. Enjoy!!! Roadkill Roadkill 52 Roadkill 53 roadkill ep. 53 53 roadkill 52 roadkill roadkill 54 54 roadkill roadkill ep 54 roadkill roadkill 53 roadkill 52 roadkill54 roadkill ep. 53 roadkill ep. 52 roadkill ep.54 roadkill ep. 55 roadkill 55 roadkill 59 roadkill ep. 59 roadkill ep 59 roadkill episode 59 roadkill garage engine masters Freiburger vs. Finnegan $1,500-Car Shootout! - Roadkill Ep. 59
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ThunderHead289 (9 months ago)
Link to vehicle history report and owner Info Via VIN Lookup: https://goo.gl/ox7sTs (I use this to track down abandoned vehicle info)
Do you still have RX7???
HalfAssPainting (9 days ago)
That’s a great deal and to comment on your commenters , screw your neighbors if they don’t like the sound of hot rods then too bad. Yeah a single plane manifold is a tad ambitious for a basic 302, sell it and get a dual plane. The ethanol garbage in your carburetor is a constant problem I’ve had to pull the 1.5 year old Holley off my Camaro twice due to build up
ThunderHead289 (8 days ago)
Whoever had this before me was pretty dumb. I ended up buying it for 1000, getting it running, and selling it again for 1800 within 2 weeks. Back in my college car flip days
Bryan Roupe (1 month ago)
Dang you stole that gem.
Greg Huston (2 months ago)
Neighbors must LOVE you LOL! BTW this thing sounds so much better with the 302 than a 12A!
CurierFrom Xibalba (2 months ago)
that fan is way too close to the radiator
ThunderHead289 (2 months ago)
The guy who put this together really didn’t use his brain apparently.
Denton Defender (5 months ago)
Awesome rescue! Loved the "never had an engine I didn't care enough about to use this stuff"! I would love to see you and the Roadkill gang have a $1500 cannonball with the fans! Sort of Lemons meets Cannonball Run with beater cars!
Julian Dichiara (6 months ago)
All yall need to stop bitchin about the residential neighborhood, he wasn't going that fast or doing anything too stupid ;)
ThunderHead289 (6 months ago)
+Julian Dichiara Thunderhead289 approves this message 👍
MegaDirtyberty (7 months ago)
What is a Mozda?.
MegaDirtyberty (7 months ago)
Maz-da. :)
ThunderHead289 (7 months ago)
i hope i didnt spell that out that way in the video.
ardos osarius (7 months ago)
I hope that you stay at a point in life where you can keep doing this. With roadkill selling out I feel you are in line to step up and be the next big car show on YouTube. You've got good ideas and know a lot. Keep putting stuff out and I'll keep watching and supporting.
ThunderHead289 (7 months ago)
ardos osarius I got some good resurrection stuff this summer coming up. Have to bring a lot of my own cars back to life!
Seth Romero (8 months ago)
That thing looks badass
alfredo salas de leija (9 months ago)
you have had us very abandoned we hope you are well and upload new videos
Callum Tapper (9 months ago)
mindy burton (9 months ago)
is that a chevy distributor on a ford
cody kennedy (10 months ago)
Curious did u put diesel oil in it to stop smoking
ThunderHead289 (10 months ago)
i put in 20w-50 with a no smoke additive. same thing i did with the infamous "rotstang" and drove that car another 15k
58LP Massey (1 year ago)
Could you say firing order 1 more time? 😂😂
ThunderHead289 (1 year ago)
the firing orders order of fire fires in the way that the you have the order.
boo (1 year ago)
I got a 83 RX7 with a 350 for 1500$ but I got a 3 speed Chevy and the original rear end, you got a steal dude.
pradeep Rathod (1 year ago)
awsome worke
Kerry Huston (1 year ago)
Can anyone say Holley? Yeah do with what you got. What type, brand or style distributor is that sir?
St White (1 year ago)
Looks like fun.
St White (1 year ago)
Pretty ambitious intake. Ha. You are so understated. Love it.
Retired Tony 1970 (1 year ago)
bad ass man!
Blake Hendrickson (1 year ago)
Looks like Ames.... spring valley.
ThunderHead289 (1 year ago)
its indeed ames
aaronzack14 (1 year ago)
cam and shift kit my ass
ThunderHead289 (1 year ago)
No cam - clearly I was lied to. Definitely had a reverse valve body ratchet shifter.
John Miley (1 year ago)
Clicked on this video expecting cringe knock off garbage, but ended up enjoying it! Come up with a new name, Do not use "roadkill" in your title, its just gonna piss a bunch of people off. "HENCE THE LIKE-DISLIKE RATIO"
Mocking69 (1 year ago)
Craig Krage (1 year ago)
Fuck the haters. I enjoyed your video.
Same here.. Some people just do not know how to appreciate vehicles regardless of how the look or run..
DYNA KLO (1 year ago)
Oh wow are you kidding!? This is soo awesome. What a steal! I will trade my 1981 Camaro for it.  BTW   Flat plane crank it. Equal length headers. FXX race mufflers. Weiand Xcelerator intake. AFR 180cc heads.
Joshua Kleinig (1 year ago)
needs a LS!
Helmsman (1 year ago)
Oh I bet your neighborhood loves you...
Josh Stevens (1 year ago)
Nice driving in a residential neighborhood.
Aaron Hayden (1 year ago)
That motor alone is worth at least $1000
oh damn its that guy (1 year ago)
Do you think possibly beating on your car in the neighborhood is a bad idea you might take it some place where there are no kids houses or others you could run over or into??
ThunderHead289 (1 year ago)
no scholarship as if i was a minority would have been a better way to say it, but yes, you drew the proper conclusion. - could have been worded better.
Steve just Steve (1 year ago)
Damn man, easy does it. It was a joke, as is the whole concept of white privilege. You said "Poor white male, no scholarships due to my race" hence my joke. Now you say "No scholarships just because I'm a minority", so now I thoroughly confused because "poor white male" is definitely not a minority. I guessing you meant to say You couldn't get a scholarship because your not a minority. The ladder of my comment was anything but a joke. Oh and congrats on your YT success.
ThunderHead289 (1 year ago)
+Steve just Steve white privilege? Let me tell you about my white privilege. No handouts in school, poor as all hell but have to pay my own way. No scholarships just because I'm a minority. I got through on my own merit and hard work. That's why I thrive. I also make xx,xxx a year from YouTube - again from my hard work. I guess white privilege - the privilege to have to work hard so you learn how to actually succeed in life.
Steve just Steve (1 year ago)
+Thunder What? You mean your inherent white privilege didn't automatically get you a degree w/o even going? That's fucked up! But seriously, haul that bitch to the country or empty parking lot for that shit. Doing a drive test in the hood is one thing, but that shit is pretty uncalled for. All it takes is one kid not paying attention as they never do to run out in front of ya to change a dozen peoples lives forever, because I'm sure that POS stops on dime.
ThunderHead289 (1 year ago)
+oh damn its that guy that would cut the profit margin in half. I'd never do this again, but back then I was in college and had no money. Poor white male, no scholarships due to my race. I had to do things like this since I had to pay my way.
stu booth (1 year ago)
Drinking game. Every time you hear "but anyway..." drink a beer or do a shot. 🤓
stu booth (1 year ago)
all good mate. better than my work. :thumbsup:
ThunderHead289 (1 year ago)
no kidding, i totally do that. aparently my brain was stuck in phrase loop mode
stu booth (1 year ago)
"I gonna go ahead and......"
no candy (2 years ago)
That awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed watching this. I like to do these kinda things with cars and you are inspiring me to follow that passion. Thanks for the video!!
Michael Parrill Sr. (2 years ago)
cool and interesting, thanks for sharing was cool to watch
Pete Tommaso (2 years ago)
Shouldn't of said you paid $1000. then say you want $2000. I didn't see $1000 worth of work put into it to get it running agian
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
Hey, figured I'd offer. A car not running with a ton of unknowns is worth nothing, a running car is worth more. I did end up selling the car for 1800
Randi Gal (2 years ago)
you roll those wheel wells with a bat. lower the car on the bat and roll it back and forth
trappersgetmorebeav (1 year ago)
yep that's how my grandpa taught me to roll out those pinch seams years ago.  It's nice having some of the old hot rodders pass on things.  I bet he forgot more tricks than I know.
jedi barracuda (2 years ago)
fuel, match..... fire = fixed
Peter Galicki (2 years ago)
I loved your "Road Kill" plug. Great show!! And you made a great video!
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
its totally still around, its just not so good anymore
Peter Galicki (2 years ago)
Road Kill was a great show!! One of the best out there. Now its just Finnegans garage I think. To bad. They were a great team.
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
Thank you! I have other video series out there under the roadkill title and more are to come. Dissatisfied with how roadkill has gone, so I have started to make my own
Sean Breslin (2 years ago)
Please keep making videos, I could watch this stuff all day.
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
That rotstang is coming soon. Stay tuned lol
Dave Lowell (2 years ago)
We're cut from the same cloth man, I love buying cars that someone else put a ton of work and money into but can't get them to run. Then by using a good common sense trouble shooting procedure, fire them up and have some fun. My wife just shakes her head, it's like a drug man. Retired 68 yr old mechanic. Love your vids.
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
It's amazing. Love doing it. Need to stop but clearly won't
BigRedPower59 (2 years ago)
It's referred to as a "road draft tube". A La series 60 Detroit diesel. Good thinking.
Lance H (2 years ago)
I would disconnect the ignition when testing the fuel pump.
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
I half hoped it would burn down lol
Buck Shot (2 years ago)
Use a baseball bat to roll that fender out. Works surprisingly well.
therock0431 (2 years ago)
You talk too much and you never show what you did too the car. And roadkill realy
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
If I showed what I did, the vid would be an hour long lol. Always critics. Explain things well and people complain, don't explain and people complain. Whatever man. What do you do? Lol
dan sprouse (2 years ago)
I like how the owner told you it had a "RADICAL CAM" but idles like a stock 2 barrel 302 straight out of a granada that someone slaped a 4 barrel on. stil has stock exhaust manifolds. funny every says they have a "radical cam" when their car don't run. fun project though.
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
Lol no kidding. It was bone stock and then matched with a terrible intake. It was fun to play around with for 1000
oldfordblue1 (2 years ago)
Did you happen to pick that thing up somewhere near waterloo/cedarfalls iowa? Pretty sure I remember a rx7 with a goofy air cleaner stuck through the hood, and a james bond smoke screen out the back, running up and down university ave back in the day trying to run everyone lol
oldfordblue1 (2 years ago)
+ThunderHead289 that doesn't surprise me, kid that was running around in it back then wasn't exactly the brightest peanut in the turd. As for the "radical cam" its basically a stock 90's roller long block as you figured out there. Car has been around awhile, I know its switched hands a few times.
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
I sure did. That guy went to jail too apparently
dewayne barden (2 years ago)
did you say. 20.00. bucks.
dewayne barden (2 years ago)
put it in gear abd drive it on the starter.
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
james bateman (2 years ago)
Did you sale it yet ?? And if not where are you selling it at ?? I am interested in buying it . Please hit me up .
james bateman (2 years ago)
Ok lol "darn it" lol ok Thank you sir for getting back to me on that . love your videos keep up the work , thanks again .
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
She is gone, someone in Ohio currently has it so the story goes!
Go Vols! (2 years ago)
FAIL!!! RUNAWAY!!! lol nice vid man
Will Kline (2 years ago)
Interesting project, but should not drive it that way in a residential neighborhood.
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
I would have got more out of town, but I never had the car registered or insured. I just passed it along to the next guy
allen bold (2 years ago)
I am sooooo jealous,you cannot find anything this clean in Michigan for that money! keep us updated
julio lausell (2 years ago)
That stupid flex fan takes away like 10% of the power at high rpm's.
chabka34 (1 year ago)
ThunderHead289 I have had way more macanical fans die then electric on me
julio lausell (2 years ago)
I get it... It's nice car, I wish I had it!!!! Enjoy it!!! Don't flip it, keep it!!!!
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
+julio lausell that's fun in and games till you drive a car practically and the electric fan fails. And if you don't notice you boil her over, warp a head and what not, I'd rather give up the few horsepower on the street. Drag car is a completely different story. Street car won't even be noticeable. Ac and alternator require more horsepower than the fan and flex fans themselves get thin at higher rpm and reduce drag. Hence the name "flex fan"
julio lausell (2 years ago)
I did say LIKE 10%. Maybe I should have said less, but it is what it is. So then it could be said that a two horse power engine ( a weed eater engine ) will spin this fan up to 5500rpm? I think it would take a little more, something like a 4hp engine. Don't you think a GOOD electric fan would better. I do like the car, nice build.......This is 2016, not 1970. Down with the flex fans!!!!! =)
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
Lol it draws like 2 horsepower at most. Dyno tested evidence on decent engines iv build
DaveCaresForYou (2 years ago)
Self gapped rings time for boost
DaveCaresForYou (2 years ago)
good vid big guy
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
How that engine ran, I will never know
clint lemire (2 years ago)
nice clickbait title
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
I put right unit thunderhead289 style.
Shambler101 (2 years ago)
shouldnt be doing skids in a neighborhood street where there are kids.
Shambler101 (2 years ago)
yeah sometimes we let horsepower could our judgment
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
No kidding. Not my best plan. I never signed the title or insured the car, and this town was coo heaven andddd this thing attracts quite a bit of attention. I was fearful to venture out. I'd never handle that the same again.
Ivan Omarra (2 years ago)
It's not worth 2000
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
Sold it for 1800
blanchae (2 years ago)
I like to put an inline filter before the gas pump to catch any dirt from the gas tank damaging the gas pump.
blanchae (2 years ago)
This is real world! Well done and documented.
Moon Hitsearth (2 years ago)
people who drive like this in a residential area, are dangerous, and they deserve to get caught. just saying, there are better places for driving like that. . I cringe when I hear the screech of tires, as I wait for the impact, rarely is there not an impact. I've seen so many accidents in my neighborhood. So now I'm the old grouch that yells at people that drive badly. It's all fun and games, until somebody gets hurt. Those are wise words. I love the car, put that motor in your Chevy Luv.
Moon Hitsearth (2 years ago)
+ThunderHead289 The worst part is, it's usually the people that show off, that crash. I've seen it happen so many times. In high school this guy came into the parking lot where all the kids were hanging out, and decided to burn some rubber, he took out about 5 parked cars, it only takes a second to fuck up your day, week, years. 5 cars, glass went flying up like a fountain.
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
Yeah, that was not my greatest idea at all. So dumb. I'd never want to hurt someone. That was a pretty hard fail, and a learning lesson among other things I have done. I did sell this car, apparently it's been sold again as well.
Kyle Davis (2 years ago)
well done sir
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
Thanks, was a good time
Dan Smith (2 years ago)
after all that it sucks. vote trump
aventari kevin (9 months ago)
Look kids, it's a retard in the wild!
Stephen Miller (2 years ago)
Great video! Interesting as Hell and I learned a few things! More, please!
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
More to come for sure
Matt L (2 years ago)
is car still available
Brandon Debose (2 years ago)
whats gonna be janky is when them pliers get into the fan
Gentleman115 (2 years ago)
No way! I saw this on craigslist a while back. can't believe someone got it running
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
this car has been so many different places, even since i sold it!
Cody c (2 years ago)
2k lol the motor needs a rebuild
Dennis Christensen (2 years ago)
Omg most boring video ever... I want to slee when i hear this guy talking
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
What do you do lol
ChiefJustice Middleton (2 years ago)
cant you just pull the 1st plug and do a static fire test to begin with?
AmericanThunder (2 years ago)
+ThunderHead289 That change to the firing order was an effort to reduce the strain on the #1 main cap, which supports cylinders 1 and 5(The first cylinder on each bank) Thus, the older firing order will hit 1 and 5 virtually at the same time, while the newer firing order goes 1 and then 3(1 and 3 arent adjacent cylinders). The change had nothing to do with the crank, and really never made any difference in the 351W/302 block's durability anyway. lol The 302 stock block that's under my 332" stroker motor in my Mustang has no issues hitting 9k rpm with the older 15426378 firing order. ;)
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
+AmericanThunder the 351 firing order is better. The 7 then 8 firing is hard on the crank. Of course you can't run a firing order that the cam does not call for.
AmericanThunder (2 years ago)
The 351W(13726548) firing order isn't any better than the older 15426378 firing order, unless of course, the cam calls for it. lol
ChiefJustice Middleton (2 years ago)
+ThunderHead289 good old Ford. should have just copied Chev and dodge and made it easy
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
+ChiefJustice Middleton there is also a 351 firing order. Which is better than the old 78 firing order
James (2 years ago)
good stuff man
Bad Santa (2 years ago)
Love it.
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
thanks, love the name.
Ody Slim (2 years ago)
Great Job Pal!
Azdrtdog (2 years ago)
It washed out the rings with all the gas, if it wasn't hurt before that needle and seat fixed that
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
i sold the car quite awhile ago, which it has aparently been sold again.
Azdrtdog (2 years ago)
+ThunderHead289 use a straight 30wt. 20-50 is just a 20wt
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
This engine was way toast before I ever got it. 20-50 had to go in to even get 20 psi of oil pressure at idle
Yoshio Tamiya (2 years ago)
Please! Electric fan, smaller distributor, ANY kind of affordable EFI,
Swansen03 (2 years ago)
cylinder wall bore and new pistons would be a good idea first.. but.. you'd probably be able to get a junkyard engine cheaper/easier(or do an LS swap at that point). considering all that blowby
Drew Quirk (2 years ago)
How intelligent of you to do this is a neighborhood. Class act my friend
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
Better than driving out of town without it registered or insured and getting pulled over. At least this way I could hide in a pinch. Clearly that all wasn't my best plan
TheVintagetamiya (2 years ago)
Gear shifter is in a strange position
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
+explosivo262 the ratchet shifter can be mounted anywhere. It's on a cable
explosivo262 (2 years ago)
Longer trans than stock, that is why its in that spot
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
No kidding. Hated that
Chuck Davis (2 years ago)
so if I got smoke coming out of the valve cover vents that means I have blow by? My 1963 galaxie with a FE has this.
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
This is correct, yes. Especially if it's in warm weather with the car at idle fully warmed up
truthinrotation (2 years ago)
I'm about 99% sure that my buddy has this car now
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
+ThunderHead289 so Iowa, to West Virginia, to Ohio
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
+truthinrotation I sold it to him for 1800
truthinrotation (2 years ago)
Somewhere in the sub 2k range, not real sure.
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
+truthinrotation that thing changes hands a lot. What did he buy it for? I sold it to the West Virginia guy
truthinrotation (2 years ago)
Southeast Ohio, right on the river. He bought it from a dude in Ellenboro WV
Shyzah (2 years ago)
Do you watch roadkill? Btw I am having really bad carb leaking problems on my motorized bicycle Ill make a small video explaining it instead of typing it all out.
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
Been a roadkill fan from the start. Shoot me a link, I'll take a look.
Cereal Killa (2 years ago)
Dude, I can geek out on your vids but not everyone can. You might consider trimming them a bit. js...
Fraser Davidson (2 years ago)
+ThunderHead289 please don't trim a single technical detail. Road kill lost its charm when they started dumbing it down. You've earned yourself a new subscriber.
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
What? Lol I trimmed so much content out. Would have been better because you could actually see how I do things imo
aserta (2 years ago)
For the camera, get a chest mount off of eBay, they are pretty darn cheap, and i'm sure you'll find one for your camera. Try and find the ones with mounts on them, mainly because then, you can find various adapters, which allow you to move the camera around. Perfect for a one-man-show. It's the same kind of setup most survival shows on TV use for their stars. On the episode itself, really neatly done. Clean, nothing extra, nothing too little of. I like it.
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
I appreciate the positive feedback and useful ideas. Thank you!
Tyler Cooper (2 years ago)
David Peterson (2 years ago)
$1000 for this is a steal
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
+KC9MDO yeah, the Chevy luv I'm doing right now has barely any. Need to straighten that out. The Mazda brakes were strong!
KC9MDO (2 years ago)
You could say the same about the brakes. Glad they worked.
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
No kidding. Was fun while I had it
Chad Punte (2 years ago)
Enjoyable little video. I'm glad the entire thing is in a single episode.
Chad Punte (2 years ago)
I'll definitely give it a watch too.
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
I us usually do them in multi video layout, then when I am done I put them all together. Got another one I'm doing that I just picked up yesterday
Minichiello Nick (2 years ago)
whoever you got the car off is really not the best wrench timer, a edelbrock rebuild would be the first thing to tackle. you should of shown how you got your timing and dwell correct as well some guys dont understand a timing light or what a cam shaft even is. i enjoyed your video tho good find the motor alone even with low compression would be a steal for a grand in canada with a trans and pumpkin. motor on fellow gear head
Minichiello Nick (2 years ago)
Very cool... like a 305 in a chevette
Minichiello Nick (2 years ago)
I live in Canada and something like that just doesn't get done. The government up here won't let us modify a car that heavily and if our wheel base extends from the fenders it's a 300 dollar fine. I rebuild mostly stationary diesels and small engines. Keep that girl she's a cream puff
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
If show all that, but I didn't want to bore people. Ton of vids on my channel of what I did. Pretty sure I said something about rebuilding the carb and setting everything up right, just didn't think people would want to see all that this time around
MikeZyouthpastor (2 years ago)
You just reminded me why i moved out of the suburbs! Great find! love the sbf!
World Embassy (2 years ago)
Do R/C! (2 years ago)
What a great deal! I love buying other peoples problems and fixing em up
Do R/C! (2 years ago)
I used to do much the same with Jeeps....good times
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
It's a ton of fun. I have another one on the hook right now that I'm starting on
chryco63 (2 years ago)
Nice vid, man! I miss the old low-buck Roadkill thrash, too. Wonder if it would be worth putting a dual plane intake back on this thing, even a stock cast iron?
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
Oh by far. That intake is a horrible item for that engine. I got more low buck stuff coming
Billie joe gallant (2 years ago)
I hope the gas pedal wasn't to the floor I have seen better burn outs from chevettes
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
I didn't really want to burn the tires down. Or get the cops called, which clearly I was trying to do
Derrick Brasel (2 years ago)
why do you put roadkill in description so many times
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
+Mitchell Birch I mean the title is labeled roadkill thunderhead289 style for gods sake. People should be able to tell what they are clicking on
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
+Mitchell Birch noted. Maybe I'll change it to oldschool roadkill. Yes I took advantage of the tags in the description. I Steve Jobsed that one pretty hard. Atleast I'm not the dicks that title their stuff roadkill ep. 52 or whatever lol.
Mitchell Birch (2 years ago)
+Derrick Brasel the way that it's labeled as the newest uploaded episode of the actual roadkill, it's very obvious that this video series is hijacking success of another. If it wasn't the aim, the video may have been labeled "what roadkill should be" or something similar. I'd be willing to bet that the attorneys for motor trend would have issues with this video.
Derrick Brasel (2 years ago)
+ThunderHead289 i understand that but make it more obvious that your calling them like say it in the video that but just putting it in the description looks bad
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
+Derrick Brasel I respect that. Roadkill wouldnt be in the name of it wasn't specifically directed at roadkill to remind them of their roots. Figured they are bound to see it if it's on the first page of YouTube.
JWiss (2 years ago)
Awesome, besides testing around houses. Fix that and you should be set! Keep making content!!
is it up for sale still
LastHumansGarage (2 years ago)
great journey i am having with you while watching this video
Craig Newton (2 years ago)
Quick, sell it and make some cash for the next project
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
Sold it for 1800. Picking up the next one today.
Tanner Thorpe (2 years ago)
my stock rx7 does better then that lol. weakkkkkkkkkkkkk I have a 1.1L and could smoke that by the looks of it
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
Yeah man I doubt it. I never did any wide open runs. I was in residential. Which was an idiot thing to do even with what I did. The thing could move out hard and that engine was way past worn out!
Tanner Thorpe (2 years ago)
not an 84. I have a 84 gsl-se rx7 nd an 85 gs targa 7 rx7. that's the earlier interior so your looking at 81-83 with that body style and interior style.
Chad Rogers (2 years ago)
Wow ur awesome! Just throw money at it till it's fixed! Had to stop at 8:53. I wouldn't let u work on my bicycle.
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
Lol what? I think you missed the point. This was supposed to be a low buck resurrection and thrash. And obviously I didn't grow parts at it. I knew exactly what was wrong and accurately identified the issues as I went through. I mean dang, I build engines and do engine walk throughs on my channel. I know what I'm doing lol.
Jeff Francisco (2 years ago)
If you are ready for another project, how bout a 302 powered 76 pinto? I have had this way too long, and no time for it. It has a genuine toploader 4 speed!! 2500 firm.
ThunderHead289 (2 years ago)
Where are you located?

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