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How to renew faded plastic

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I am showing you how to renew faded old beat up / sun faded plastic. This is my jet ski that sat out in the weather and lost a lot of its color.
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Badabing313 (4 months ago)
Don’t waste your time.. only way to do this correctly is to start at 320grit and wetsand all the way up to 3000, then begin your buffing with correct pads and compounds. It will literally be a brand new piece minus some pigment that has been lost to uv rays forever. There is a great video on here posted by a guy named M L. Title of video is “how to properly restore motorcycle plastic”. I did exactly as he did in that video and have amazing results. Yes, it took many many hours.
Shuvell Mum (5 months ago)
Bossed it
Kathy Lewis (6 months ago)
You need to protect it after you do the heat gun with 303 protectant. Check out youtube sweet project.
Finn Campeau (2 years ago)
Does not work
John Bigtimber (3 years ago)
regain color but not renew the "look" of the plastic. looks much better ! but like darren b said , blotchy , kind of " rode hard" look. its better than red plastic being pink though
catfisher420 (2 years ago)
+John Bigtimber I wonder if putting the parts in the oven at a controlled temp if the parts would come out better and not blotchy?
S Goodfellow (3 years ago)
I'm inspired! Going to try this on my hot tub head rests...I've got nothing to loose!
ironmanfab (5 years ago)
Never use Lacquer Thinner on plastic !!! It destroys the plasticizer in the plastic . Looks good for a short while but will fade and degrade much faster .
steve (5 years ago)
My dad owns a panel beating business, he showed me this trick. Can i just add though that this doesn't work on all plastics, and in most cases even if it does work, it tends to not stay looking new for as long as one would hope. Always worth a try, but don't be upset if it doesn't work for you. Free tips are the best tips.
Darren Betker (5 years ago)
Tried this...dont do it if you want it to look like new. It will be dull and blochy ."Plastic Renew" is a $36 kit...Ebay...and yes its allot of work, but it is the best way to get almost like new shine on faded scratched fenders.
chris conk (5 years ago)
probbly depends on how warm it is outside
Gregory Perkins (6 years ago)
Why didn't this work for me and how hot and long am I supposed to do it

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