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Trying on MONCLER MAYA PUFFA JACKET | Full Review | TheHoxtonTrend

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▼ Find the latest deals for Men's Premium/luxury Designer Clothing and Footwear https://thehoxtontrend.com/deal-finder/ ▼BIO Just sold this Moncler Maya jacket and wanted to do a quick review before I sent it out, very cool piece and quite a limited colour. The maya is one Monclers most popular jackets and is usually available in every winter collection. if your looking for a warm winter puffa jacket then you can't go far wrong with the Maya! I also show you some tips on how to spot fakes, you guys should be pros by now :-) Enjoy! ▼ GET IN TOUCH I get 100s of messages from followers every week and I usually work through them delay in my downtime, I can’t always get back to everyone but if you some questions and want to get in touch then feel free to. Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thehoxtontrend Twitter https://twitter.com/TheHoxtonTrend Snap https://www.snapchat.com/add/jetsetjones ▼ NEW WEBSITE My new website was built specifically for my followers. Here you can find trusted retailers, amazing deals, hot and popular items as well as exclusive content through my blog TheHoxReport. The site has just started so it’s still in early days but I’m excited to see where it can go. Enjoy! https://www.thehoxtontrend.com ▼ RECOMMENDED Below are my quick recommended places to shop, there is much more on my website but for those who are strapped for time the below list should get you started if your looking for trusted shops to buy from online. ▼BEST HIGH END – Typically best for items over £300, here you’ll find stores with items such as Stone Island, CP Company, Canada Goose, Burberry and more. Aphrodite1994 - http://bit.ly/1W3jeD2 BBClothing - http://tinyurl.com/jxvjx95 Coggles - http://tidd.ly/cf85608d EndClothing - http://bit.ly/1Ulk8pf Farfetch - http://bit.ly/28K5X7A Flannels - http://tidd.ly/6f870c58 LuisaViaRoma - http://bit.ly/1XZOcwb MatchesFashion - http://bit.ly/2mdywXI Stuarts of London - http://bit.ly/2mfylu9 Woodhouseclothing - http://tinyurl.com/zct76zp Zee&Co - http://tidd.ly/3183ed32 ▼BEST LOWER PRICE – Typically best items below £300 here you will find Brands such as the The North Face, Fred Perry, Hugo Boss, Nudie Jeans and much more Accent Clothing http://tinyurl.com/hz2azsq Brand Outlet http://tinyurl.com/hbu5qtt Cotswold Outdoors http://tinyurl.com/yc2d83gh EQVS http://tidd.ly/5371e6b6 GetTheLabel http://bit.ly/2erf4WW KongOnline http://tinyurl.com/y7j9xjyg Mainlinemenswear - http://bit.ly/2au0JVS StandOut http://tinyurl.com/gtrjbr2 USC http://tidd.ly/1da9aedf ▼ WHAT I USE TO MAKE VIDEOS Camera http://tidd.ly/125cd154 Tripod http://tidd.ly/8c63eb0b SDCards http://tidd.ly/b695242d Laptop http://tidd.ly/691d950e GoPro http://tidd.ly/a65064e0 Disclaimer : Clothing is my passion and I express this through YouTube and all my other social media platforms and other media for free. As much as I have researched into the many different brands, retailers and products, the informative content I produce is all of my own opinions, which you are free to use. I strongly advise that you also ensure that you carry out your own research so you can be fully informed on any information I have provided. The links used in this description earn a commission whenever a purchase is made, this helps go towards creating more great videos for my followers and as well as any other products or services we create at TheHoxtonTrend. I only promote stores which I feel are a good fit for my followers, I will never promote a store or brand if I don’t feel it fits or is right for my audience no matter what. My followers will always come first as they have supported me enough to be in the position that i’m in. Thank you for all your support and love!
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Text Comments (178)
james dobson (4 days ago)
Debating wether to get one of these not sure on colour though either gonna go for the navy blue or red I think but what would other people recommend ?
Ning Lee (1 month ago)
What brand is this hoodie? It's really good.
Samantha Barton (1 month ago)
Wear any Levi’s jeans in particular??
Abdul Rahman Malik (1 month ago)
Straight up Like for the chocolate my g
Night Ryder 2017 (2 months ago)
You need to do some yeezes spl50 reviews
Ewan James (2 months ago)
U say thatjacket is small for you
Hypebeast&M (2 months ago)
I am 178cm and weigh 60kg want it a litte bit oversized wich size should i pick?
Planet (2 months ago)
Which size you recommend 1,87 cm 77 kg big shoulders and muscular stature....
Zachary Salakar (3 months ago)
do these ever go on sale
Hasan Ahmed (1 month ago)
Big boss Man they do but you have to be quick ....
Big boss Man (2 months ago)
Zachary Salakar no
live1thedon (3 months ago)
Can you wear in the rain
Only Weed (3 months ago)
im 174cm thats 5/7 and kran with muscle fat what size U REC Fam? i fucks wif ur channel tbh
bernardpg1 (3 months ago)
I need one
Inspektr Beats (5 months ago)
That jacket is sooo soft gotta feel it in person
Aaron Vick (6 months ago)
Nice review. I’m contemplating getting the red & black jacket. Why did you sell yours if you don’t mind me asking?
bernardpg1 (10 months ago)
Buy me one
TheLord GeovanyDigital (10 months ago)
I like this uk accent. 🔥
ajhustla farax (10 months ago)
How tall are u 180 cm ?
Opekx_NoPulse (11 months ago)
My father got me that blue moncler on thumbnail
elsamso (1 year ago)
Hahah clever birthday chocolate
suhail1200 (1 year ago)
He has that g unit song playing swarve.
Mitochondria (1 year ago)
All I can hear when you talk is “man’s not hot”
Not Anonymous (1 year ago)
i saw some moncler jackets on ebay from like 500-800 USD - is that normal for such an expensive jacket to drop in resale value like that?
Alex Martin (1 year ago)
Stephen King (1 year ago)
GIGGY PAUL (1 year ago)
That 5 fitted so good on you
true sneakerhead (1 year ago)
I'm a 2XL in U.S. men's so what size would I be?
polo bubble vest (1 year ago)
BABY CHOCO BONUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AikenPvP (1 year ago)
What colour is this
kuzia (1 year ago)
I bought legit Moncler jacket in thrift shop in Poland for 16zł its like 4€ 😂
The Realist' (1 year ago)
What do you mean Rrp 700 I got 1 Monday 750 for maya
Ronald Bolden (1 year ago)
U said u were a size 5 how tall are you
Owen Morgan (1 year ago)
How tall are you? Looking at getting a size 4 second hand but not sure if it will be big enough. I'm like 6'2-6'3.. don't know my chest size but I'm skinny haha. Thanks :)
Truth (16 days ago)
If you're skinny maybe even a L will fit.
dj Mcno (2 years ago)
are you selling any items like this?
BattlingPhoenix (2 years ago)
The jacket costs £275 on their website but only in size 24,36. What are these sizes as in m or xl etc...
M G (2 years ago)
M G (2 years ago)
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
Bonito, moncler es una marca muy cool, no me di cuenta a mucha gente wearting ellos en España sin embargo.
ירין פרץ (2 years ago)
It's warms?
Stefan Adamovic (2 years ago)
i have green maya jacket,this jacket the best for me
Fred Dimitri (2 years ago)
My birthday is coming up, but impossible to find a decent black Maya 1 xD, can you help me out ?
I GOT THE JUMPSHOT (2 years ago)
see I have long arms so do they have tall sizes?
Logan Demerest (2 years ago)
Aye bro how tall are you and how much do you weigh? That's an XL Maya and looks sick af
Rob Davis (2 years ago)
What's your eBay name?
Kenneth truong (2 years ago)
how much you sell this badboy maya Moncler Bro
Deerberg Automotive (2 years ago)
so stunning this color. nice vid and it was very informative. thumbs up
Kitami Woome (2 years ago)
holes develop on the jacket?? The color fades if you wash it to hard?? A $1000 jacket should be invincible.
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
I agree with you. Jacket is not the most durable in the world
Kitami Woome (2 years ago)
+12345678910L That is stupid
12345678910L (2 years ago)
Kitami Woome Only because an item is very expensive it doesn't mean that it is undestroyable. Oftentimes the more expensive an item the more delicate it is.
Peter (2 years ago)
What do you mean by getting all your moncler jackets in? Do you get them for free?
ace storm (2 years ago)
Peter probably deets 😂 aka credit card fraud
Jake SP (2 years ago)
Need to get a maya! think they'd be better in a matte colour
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
Jake SP (2 years ago)
oh i've already commented haha
Trevor 1234 (2 years ago)
100% waterproof?
Youssef Elachhab (2 years ago)
k p
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
TBH it's mainly the windbreakers or collection from the Moncler Grenoble range that are waterproof, most moncler are not dispite it being a ski jacket, should also consider canada goose for something more technical
Trevor 1234 (2 years ago)
thanks are there any 100% waterproof monclers youd reccomend that can be tooken on the slopes? love your reviews
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
No this jacket is not water proof.
808EP (2 years ago)
Have one in red. These jackets amazing
Steven Parle (2 years ago)
Got a black maya size 5 if anyone's interested selling at a good price 100 percent authentic perfect condition
Davon Roach (1 year ago)
Steven Parle still available?
is stone island better than moncler ????
Lewis (2 years ago)
moncler is on another level to stone island completely in certain aspects
Pietro Piccinato (2 years ago)
They're pretty similar but I'd say that Moncler has better quality stuff
david mugomba (2 years ago)
where do i get one from
Youssef Elachhab (2 years ago)
Ciao io non sono
samuel mensah (2 years ago)
could you like kids designer reviews
Ahmed Amin (2 years ago)
Pal do u sell brands such as moncler, stone island armani ect ect
Je Seong Lee (3 years ago)
Cool stuff and nice fit. I'm 5'11 and 155 pounds. think sz 4 will be fine?
stelios85 (2 years ago)
+Je Seong Lee don t know.Maybe a size 3 fits you better
Je Seong Lee (3 years ago)
+Je Seong Lee My chest size is 39-40 and the model that I bought is Himalaya.
Mmmm MmmmLlll (3 years ago)
Great review man !! If you can make others jackets will be great I love your videos !!
Savatore mangiafico (2 years ago)
josh clarke (3 years ago)
do you have any in for sale and if so how much please I'm looking for a Christmas present for my day
pleased to meet you (3 years ago)
sweet jacket but man is it $$$
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+The God Effect Yeh, big cheese that one bro
Goldskin (3 years ago)
Your videos are very cool man, very informative and finally a channel where you can actually see the Moncler products in details. Subscribed.
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Eric Behike Ochoa Thanks man, glad it was helpful
OhYeaImKee (3 years ago)
Im 5'11 and slim should i got a 3 or 4?
OhYeaImKee (3 years ago)
Yea I apologize that I don't know but its the MAYA and In normal coats I usually wear a Medium but can also fit a small 
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+OhYeaImKee depends on the model pal, I can range from a size 2 3 and 4, if you new your chest size it would help you a lot
OhYeaImKee (3 years ago)
Okay do the jackets run small ? or true to size 
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
I need to know your chest size in inches
ExpectBass (3 years ago)
Yo bro what's your occupation if you don't mind me asking g?
LostÁme ' (3 years ago)
Hey bro i have a question i have the money for a new moncler jacket but i want it in this blue color do you think they have some jackets on there website with this color because im not sure
Razor837 (3 years ago)
whats his height and weight??
Razor837 (3 years ago)
+TheHoxtonTrend Menswear Reviews WHATS YOUR HEIGHT AND WEIGHT
Razor837 (3 years ago)
+TheHoxtonTrend Menswear Reviews YOU ;-D
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Razor837 lols who?
Tito Xen (3 years ago)
very nice pick ups bro i love that color too
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+chen guang Wang Colour is very cool, will be reviewing a Moncler Zin in red soon, wait till you see that one
Ren Hung (3 years ago)
Are Moncler down jackets warm?
Ren Hung (3 years ago)
I got the women's suyen, its extremely light but not sure if its actually warm. Thanks!
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Ren Ren Yes bro, the winter jackets are warm, the thicker the better!
Nirmal Chelangara (3 years ago)
amazing video man i just wanted to ask what chest size would a medium be because im thinking of buying one
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Nirmal Chelangara Sorry for the delay man, medium chest is usually around 40-42 in chest, did you buy it in the end?
aaron cox (3 years ago)
Keep up the vids👌🏽. Where would you recommend going to get a maya
aaron cox (3 years ago)
+TheHoxtonTrend Menswear Reviews I dropped you a msg
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
I've got a blu maya size 2, very condition, let me know? DM me! [email protected]
aaron cox (3 years ago)
+TheHoxtonTrend Menswear Reviews I'm looking for a medium or small
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+aaron cox Nice one mate, yes jackets are decent, 700 is a lot p tho, what size you?
MrEleven1181 (3 years ago)
Is that the pastel blue colour that's currently on the moncler website ?
MrEleven1181 (3 years ago)
I noticed it says mid blue on your review but on the website they only have blue or pastel blue, any1 what colour the jacket in the video is ?
TheDankyDinosaur (3 years ago)
6:40 - same instrumental as SlimJesus- Buck Buck
xReece2010 (3 years ago)
Get one in red
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+xReece2010 Yes mate, nice the red one, done a review on that one of my first reviews!
ccovnottz (3 years ago)
You seem like a proper top you guy bro!! Keep them vids coming g. Safe
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+ccovnottz Safe Nottz, trying bro. More stone coming this month too! Stay tuned, will shout you on the chanel
Roro Andrez (3 years ago)
do moncler make bigger size then 5
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Roro Andrez They do mate right up to 7, see my moncler size guide video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iuaKIu-S8o for some help
Alexander Fester (3 years ago)
Do you think this one is a fake? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Moncler-Jacket-Size-Medium-With-Tags-/161844060053?fromMakeTrack=true Cool channel! Subscribed...
Don Agbakwuru (1 year ago)
TheHoxtonTrend are there junior kid versions?
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Alexander Fester Thanks for the sub bro!!
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Alexander Fester Fake Pal, could tell after the first picture, look at the moncler badge really bad stitching. Also the cartoon logo is too bright, check my fake vs real to learn how to spot the difference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2l_xQiS5H3I
Callum Blanks (3 years ago)
Are you selling or know anyone selling a Moncler jacket in size 2?
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Callum Blanks I may be getting some size 2 in real soon so please check back bro!
Predrag Ristic (3 years ago)
Hi,bro! I just want to say that I like your videos and reviews very much. And I have a question,what type of winter shoes you have ? And if you can do some review about winter shoes. Thanks!
Predrag Ristic (3 years ago)
+TheHoxtonTrend Menswear Reviews I would like to see review of Moncler Egide winter shoes. And like I said before,great videos and reviews,bro !
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Predrag Ristic I just wear trainers during the winter pal!! What shoes you wanna see?
Gary Clarke (3 years ago)
Might be a big ask mate but could you review the Stone Island Reversible Waxed Leather Jacket £1475
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Gary Clarke Link Bro?
AceNoob (3 years ago)
Anyone in the comments here know if you can put an adult Stone Island badge on junior stone island buttons?
Chris Dan (3 years ago)
Have you got any stone island gilet left ?
Sam Fitzpatrick (3 years ago)
could u get the new Ma strum coats in
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
Cool i'll check it out!
Sam Fitzpatrick (3 years ago)
+TheHoxtonTrend Menswear Reviews it was on Mastrum.Com
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+s_ lf Yes bro, what site did you see it on?
Reiss (3 years ago)
OMFG, digging that jacket bro <3
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+TheStrynch Jacket is ill still!
Stay Casual (3 years ago)
The reps bit was classic! You'll be at 1,000 subs real soon
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Stay Casual Thanks StayCas, got the woolrich in so will put the vid up real soon!
Roloxidy (3 years ago)
Yo do you think you could do a review on this jacket bro? i was thinking of getting it http://www.flannels.com/stone-island-garment-dyed-jacket-607773?colcode=60777308
Obey zLYM (3 years ago)
Great jacket, and video, loved the part about the chocolate:D keep up the good work, ALMOST 1K!!
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Obey zLYM Thanks bro!!!! Getting there man, slowly but surely!
Ryanboss Dennis (3 years ago)
That jacket is sick and your videos are hard 💯
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Ryanboss Dennis Nice one boss, more vids coming, stay tuned bro!
Jake SP (3 years ago)
need to get one of these! green or this colour look nice. great review again!
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Jake Sp Nice one sp, yeh had a few of these in, very cool peice man!
101JackW (3 years ago)
Dope vids keep up the good work
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+101JackW nice one 101, stay tuned!!
Nick_Lavish _Life (3 years ago)
If am 6'4 n weigh 270 pounds (mostly muscle mass) what size should I get.Im in the US btw
Nick_Lavish _Life (3 years ago)
+TheHoxtonTrend Menswear Reviews my bad bro I don't even know my chest size lol.You have like a Instagram where you promote your stuff? I'll comment and tell you it's me
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Nathaniel Lee You always duck out me when I ask you for you chest size man!!
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Nathaniel Lee Chest Size Brah!! But already sounding like a size 6 or 7!!
Younus Ahmed (3 years ago)
Bro I beg bring in a black moncler Hymalay in size small
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Younus Ahmed I had one in a size 4 last week, not easy to get a hold of but I keep my eyes peeled!!
Dylan (3 years ago)
Nice video bro. Could you review the moncler Byron coat. I think it's on flannels. And the stone island soft shell g
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+ohDumbledore Will check them out and have look, haven'e had the byron so would be cool to see what it's sayin still!
Chizzleeh (3 years ago)
Just got a new stone island white sweatshirt. It's so nice 😍
Chizzleeh (3 years ago)
+TheHoxtonTrend Menswear Reviews white and that red David Tc jacket you reviewed a while back. It's so nice!
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Chizzleeh Nice one, colour?
unknown man (3 years ago)
Damn Almost got the 1k,well done
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Dani Man Getting there, thanks bro!!
George Milner (3 years ago)
Great vid and that's such a nice jacket
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+George Milner Thanks Milner, yeh the Maya is super cool!
tomahawk (3 years ago)
Omfg that jacket is acc lush
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+tomahawk Jacket is a stunner for real!!
Lorenzo Dujić (3 years ago)
I swear if you want to waist your money don't buy a LV belt because they are not the best but that depends on the models. the best belt that i have is a Fendi signature belt, the belt doesn't bend if you know what i mean and the holes in the belt do not rip of or cracks if you know what i mean but that's just my opinion.
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Lorenzo Dujic Would be good to see what they saying, not really in to designer belts myself tend to stick with All Saints belts, leather on them is top notch!
X F (3 years ago)
Keep it up 👍 910 subs
Thomas O'Reilly (3 years ago)
Have you tried and reviewed a pair of stone island jeans?
мαя¢υs (3 years ago)
that jacket is a 10/10 for me, good video man
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+мαя¢υs Jacket is ill!!!
MPoweR (3 years ago)
You always put dope background music, on a note please put the tracks in the description.
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Michael Myers Noted, just don;t kill no one mic!
Aminur Rahman (3 years ago)
good stuff bro ,can you review the enrique moncler coat next btw keep it up bro
Aminur Rahman (3 years ago)
+thehoxtontrend menswear
XXX (3 years ago)
Backround track?
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
Whats poppin +Deep & Future House Sicko Mobb Mulah Medusa Instrumental Prod By Blue Ranger
XXX (3 years ago)
First one
Ryian wilson (3 years ago)
Not even watched it for long and the jacket looks sick

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