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Sexual Harassment.

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tracy Lipp (8 months ago)
I liked their apology to you. I don't blame you for being incensed. When they said that I though they didn't really get you. Sexual harassment shouldn't be taken lightly.
Brad Herring (8 months ago)
Sorry that this happened to you!!!
Ona Wal (8 months ago)
That's obnoxious. But not unexpected. The show is juvenile.
A T (8 months ago)
How can I register a formal complaint about a show? KFI AM 640 Programming Write: 3400 W Olive Ave Ste 550, Burbank CA 91505 Email: Robin Bertolucci, Program Director, KFI AM 640 [email protected]
Andre K. (8 months ago)
the dude 907 (8 months ago)
so whos coronas where those lol
Dee Ess (8 months ago)
I’m way cooler than Shannon, BTW.
Jolene K (8 months ago)
Dee Ess 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Dee Ess (8 months ago)
LOL. “Grip and grin.”
Patrick Brass (8 months ago)
After ALL the years you've worked with G&S, you just now realized what complete idiots they are? Seriously???
Jason McGovern (8 months ago)
Considering your friendship with Kennedy and that ordeal alone... What a bunch of fuckers. Time to pass some backlash over to Gary and Shannon. Although I love Wayne Resnick too and pointing to him also pisses me off. Gary can suck off, not listening to those two anymore. I've had a lot of friends lately who DON'T listen to them anymore because of them reversing their mentality by about 20 years. I pray you don't get any fallout for calling this out. Those two need to stfu and whatever corporate junkies above you I hope leave you the hell alone too. Yeah it's all money in the end. But business forgets that integrity is a factor, just not one they ever compute or put on paper. Most businesses don't get that except for some start-ups. Thanks again, love your show and your presence and for speaking up!
Jolene K (8 months ago)
Jason McGovern 👍🏼
Holly Bercik (8 months ago)
It was a stupid pointless conversation that never should have happened on air or anywhere. They owe you an on air apology.
Dean M (8 months ago)
Been a big fan of Dark Secret place for a long time. I hope they do a proper on air apology after they come back from suspension. It's clear they thought you were a soft target, and it was unprofessional. Notice they didn't say that about Handel, John and Ken or Tim Conway. They didn't because those hosts would have had them fired. Mike Ziggler got on John Cobelt's bad side and he was literally kicked out of the studio and had to do his show from an off sight closet. Glad you set the record straight.
Bkat 2d11 (8 months ago)
Good for you Brian you stand up as a man those two people on KFI for those hours are the imbeciles that reflect our society You know not to go off on a tangent but Jesus was a middle easterner when the Mormons started practicing in America someone said hey you know he's kind of dark we're going to have to go with Joseph Smith I only say this because I believe you stated you are an atheist however you are Norwegian, I'm going to have to say mister you look like you have some Muslim ancestry Peace brother don't back down never you know that's what we were taught in the military and you know what military folks are good people me I'm just an a****** sometimes Love dark secret place I'm with you on this bro I'd smack them around in the literal sense
John Massari (8 months ago)
We are all on your side, Bryan. Please direct me to GM's email. Keep up the great work.
A T (8 months ago)
How can I register a formal complaint about a show? KFI AM 640 Programming Write: 3400 W Olive Ave Ste 550, Burbank CA 91505 Email: Robin Bertolucci, Program Director, KFI AM 640 [email protected]
Andre K. (8 months ago)
Me to.
BoomBoom58 (8 months ago)
Support for you 100% - good on you for talking about it.
Eric White (8 months ago)
You should take it seriously.
Eric White (8 months ago)
How would management react if you spoke to them about the subject?
entropy156 (8 months ago)
Don't know them off the air, but *on* the air, they are imbeciles and their show is shit. I listen to CDs while driving at lunch...
Vanilla Villain (8 months ago)
Wow, very careless on G and S’s part to be throwing names around on air. You are right about that kind of label sticking to someone.
Jim Healy (8 months ago)
Sorry that happened to Bryan!! I will admit, I don't listen to their show! It often sounds like a Jr. High lunch table!! Other times, they sound like two chimps fighting over food!!
un_COG (8 months ago)
That's pretty rude, but they were messing around, I suggest you voice your frustration at them directly so they don't do this again, if it's such an issue. Did you daughter have anything to say about it? Love you man.
John W (8 months ago)
They were just busting balls....
Jason Cosby (8 months ago)
I have to say, it sounds like you guys are friends, I know Gary called your daughter on christmas and I bet that was very special for her. Even friends make mistakes and this certainly is a biggie. It doesn't matter if I am a fan of theirs or not but it sounds like you are (were). I am almost positive that they will see the err of their ways if you have an honest conversation with them. There is time for schtick and time for seriousness, take it too them seriously.
Jason Cosby (8 months ago)
Sorry that sounded creepy I know he called into the show Christmas Eve...
robert hill (8 months ago)
Thank you Mr. Suits doesn't Handle make jokes about not pissing you off . Oh and if your not doing anything between 10:00 and 2:00 maybe you should fill in for them. I'm sure the KFI listening audience would support a decision like that.
robert hill (8 months ago)
talcire took me a minute tanks.
Nick Leontas (8 months ago)
Bro just do DSP on your own podcast. Ditch the weirdos
heliguy73 (8 months ago)
dirka dirka , There show sucks,they're fast to through people under the bus for a cheep fake laugh while keeping themselves clean and safe. Bring back tompson and espenosa
Dee Ess (8 months ago)
talcire *show*
Taylor West (8 months ago)
Bring back Kennedy and Suits!
sbfarmer 8 (8 months ago)
put him back on BH so there is only 1 show I wont listen to, instead of two.
M.C. Landstander (8 months ago)
T&E was garbage. Just like GAS. We need Suits 7 days a week.
Producer_Shawn (8 months ago)
Wow, that is super messed up.
Trumping While Black (8 months ago)
I never like listening to them because they both remind me of two immature teenage boys that try to sound "smart" and witty. I really think that there are a deeper underlying issues here. You don't throw names out for B.S . sexual harassment joke. Knowing how simple minded there listeners are. You can't take that shit back once it is out there. It is not a big secret they learn left . So I am not the least bit shocked!
Jolene K (8 months ago)
Trumping While Black Agreed! I feel sick that the Lt.’s little girl heard those two say that shit. My God! I don’t listen to their morning freak fest— Yet when I’ve iheart on and their commentary quip bullshit airs, I want to vomit because it’s so condescending. So outrageous!
Trumping While Black (8 months ago)
Your are right very phony. That was said for a reason i firmly believe that. However, you don't play with that allegation! Bryan Suits is a very confident man who has done and seen a lot of stuff. And that would make a lesser man feel inadequate.
Jolene K (8 months ago)
Trumping While Black They’re both so blatantly phony. I view Lt. Suits as, and forgive this cliche, an officer and a gentleman. Your comment is spot freaking on
Jolene K (8 months ago)
Oh my God; that’s not a joke at all. Jesus Christ Lt., I do not blame you for going apoplectic
bob smith (8 months ago)
sound like it lawyer time?? I d ask for a full retraction and not one of those broadcast at 4am after the dog food commercial! More like every hour during the garry and shannon for for a week then ask for a full slotted show! on weekdays! lol
Codenamex47 (8 months ago)
I'm glad you said something. Gary and Shannon run their mouths too much sometimes and say this stupid stuff and get away with it. Glad you're calling them out on this one.
nosp13 (8 months ago)
I always think of you as a respectful chap I've been listening to you since you and Kennedy had the show at night 99% of KFI show hosting I don't care for or even think of as honest.
Chris Tune (8 months ago)
You are ABSOLUTELY NOT. . . repeat: NO WAY! The type who would do such a thing. I read you as NATIVELY not this sort of predatory personality. You are the type I'd figure would give perhaps ONE friendly warning to the idiot dude (who thinks he's funny, or is just stupid) next to you, before hammering the idiot. What the heck is wrong with these people? I tried listening to Gary and Shannon, the other day, and it was so painful, I was very near just shutting it off. I think events intervened and I was off to my appointment. When are these people going to GROW UP?

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