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The Do's And Dont's Of Wearing Cowboy Boots

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A special boot-themed edition of trendy or trashy: the do's and don'ts of cowboy boots. Check out fun ways to wear them and Lisa and John's thoughts on this statement shoe. Tweet: http://clicktotweet.com/5ubsR What do you think is the right way to wear cowboy boots? Are they trendy or trashy? Let us know in the comments! Find out more here: http://bit.ly/WbxMf And don't forget guys, if you like this video please Like, Favorite, and Share it with your friends to show your support - It really helps us out! See you next time! ***************************************************** SUBSCRIBE and join the TYTU student body! http://tinyurl.com/9o8kpf4 ON FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/TYTUniversity ON TWITTER: @jiadarola @lisa_ferg @tytuniversity ON TUMBLR: http://tytuniversity.tumblr.com/ TYT University: College news, scandals, parties, tips and advice, relationships, sex and dating, self-help, music parodies, odd facts and more with hosts John Iadarola and Lisa Ferguson. http://youtube.com/user/tytuniversity
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Text Comments (596)
BHFD402 BHFD402 (8 days ago)
I wear my cowboy boots/hat everyday and I’m from Long Island,NY
Corndog_ 27 (1 month ago)
This dude knows nothin bout country
Zeeke Mobile (1 month ago)
Half these ain’t real cowboys boots. These folks more city then a human raised bucked. Where are the jeans and big buckled belts. This ain’t country.
Gymnasiu's Channel (2 months ago)
I mean I like wearing my cowboy boots all the time. I would say there so much more comfortable then my tenishoes.
Boa De Cocoa (2 months ago)
Who are these fuck holes?? Here in Texas we wear what we want to wear! Who gives a damn. I got my boots on now🖕
Rory B Cosplay (2 months ago)
These are sluts in boots
sierra Wade (4 months ago)
Lmaooo I don’t know why this was in my recommended but this is obviously not for actual cowgirls who ride and work on a farm everyday like some of us😂🤦🏽‍♀️
jerricho11 (4 months ago)
I live in Minnesota and you can definitely wear your boots every day. Especially since you can have your jeans over your boots and nobody knows they are boots... so it doesn't matter if you wear them every day. They are so versatile and comfortable. Love all my boots.
The Hillbilly Piper (4 months ago)
There’s nothing wrong with going all out cowboy or cowgirl ! The cowboy hat always looks perfect with cowboy boots.
Elizabeth Barreto (4 months ago)
I live in Mississippi I raised here learned to walk in cowboy boots never learned to walk in in other shoes and I wear my boots everywhere and everyday with everything but I'm from the south and it's a southern thing
Craig Bushby (6 months ago)
" Don't wear your boots everyday"?? Is he mental?
kramden (7 months ago)
Cowboy boots look great just about anyway you wear them
Sybil Francis (7 months ago)
Does that guy look "cowboy " to you? Looks like soft squishy hands and pasty skin to me. Cant dictate to a real Texan! I will wear my boots how and when I want to...if you didn't grow up ranching and riding well, I feel sorry for you, but no way is any non ranching person, male or female going to dictate to the REAL DEAL what we may and may not do re our boots, hats, buckles, shirts etc.  What really chaps me is the cultural appropriation of MY culture by New York designers who buy a ranch and then copy western wear to make gazillions off city slickers who have never seen a ranch in their life. Owning a "designer" ranch to fly to once a year to have publicity photos taken to sell to New Yorkers the "idea" of ranch clothes...those are the people who scream LOUDEST about cultural appropriation when it is native American etc etc yet they just LOVE to rip off WASP culture, and western ranch culture....they do it happily while acting all "holier than though" and laughing all the way to the bank. Frankly I am sick of their duplicity. They need to be called out cause they have ZERO respect and about zero tolerance for real ranching people. They hate "flyover country" with a passion and happily say so at every opportunity in the press, yet make their more than ample living off OUR culture.
liz (9 months ago)
I'm a city girl born and raised and I just dropped $300 on a new pair of tony lama's. I may have not been born in the country but I was raised up on the country lifestyle so I'm sure as hell not going to buy fake boots or be told I'm not allowed to wear real boots in general, regardless if the ​ride or not or work on a farm.
Edward Goffaux (10 months ago)
I am a real Cowboy and water the full thing the cowboy boots, shirt, cowboy hat every day and Sometimes I'll wear my Western jacket that has fringes on it. But if your not a real Cowboy then your right don't wear it each day. My phone number is 307-254-3770 if you want to talk or get me on your show
Bailey Hedrick (11 months ago)
I wear my boots almost every day
Lillian Tharp (1 year ago)
I really don’t understand, they are talking about “how long they have been a trend” they are not a trend it’s just people who are not real country girls make everyone think that they are, it’s really embarrassing how people think of us country girls these days. And I wear mine all the time so.
Cody Orange (1 year ago)
What do you know about cowboy boots yuppie
Savannah Gleckler (1 year ago)
These aren’t even boots and y’all need to stop trying to be a wanna be
Bella Stratton (1 year ago)
Wearing cowboy boots is not a statement. They are very wearable and fine footwear. Don't wear them everyday, why not? I don't, but I do wear them very often, and if I wanted to wear them everyday, I don't see why not. People do and should and no statement should ever be made by some nerd on youtube who throws out a statement he believes is gospel, but is really just makes him look judgemental and isolated.
sweet outcaster (1 year ago)
All these country people are so offended💀 calm down they're just shoes dude
chamboyette853 (1 year ago)
What percentage of girls would agree to walk on a dude lying down if the dude asked them to walk on him while they were wearing cowboy boots?
Gary Younker (1 year ago)
I love women in boots and like kissing them and licking them clean:)
Outlaw (1 year ago)
White people look so gross in cowboy boots. #teampaisa
Rich Richard (1 year ago)
Actually, it's really simple, just DON'T!
AE86_Girl (1 year ago)
yeah, I wear my boots everyday but that's because I work on a ranch and actually ride horses. And who the hell is going to wear a flashy costume get up everyday? that's a costume not real western style clothes.
Rob Jorg (1 year ago)
mister potatohead knows best. girl in boots = hot. enough said,. fat know it all guys with buzzcut, not Hot
dfcvda (1 year ago)
im English, in England I`m a man (not gay) and I wear cowboy boots...tucked in sometimes.
Heather Conrad (1 year ago)
Gayle Cheung (1 year ago)
Cover those are the most comfortable so where you could ever fine I basically where my dues every day rotate them two different ones that I do have I do have many many many pair!
hanna renee (1 year ago)
Is it bad to wear cowboys boots just because I like how they look even though they wouldn't be working boots?
Erin Thomas (1 year ago)
I'm from the south, and this is so silly. We wear boots all the time and even have boots for different occasions. Just do whatever you want
redtractor lover (1 year ago)
they need to spend a day working in 'em !! there's nothing like a good pair of ""real"" boots !! we're from the country and we like it that way :))
EastCoastDollies (1 year ago)
“Cowboy uniform” REALLY
Stuck In NY (1 year ago)
I had to stop watching this about a third of the way in. Couldn't take it any more.
Alisia Hart (1 year ago)
these people are annoying city folks
Kaitlyn Jones (1 year ago)
I live in Tennessee but from Louisiana. So im country. There are no do's and dont's of cowboy boots. Especially wearing them everyday. I do. And if your not country no hate dont wear it. Simple.
D Carlisle (1 year ago)
3 things that look dumb as hell to me. 1.) wearing shorts & cowboy boots 2.) wearing a dress & cowboy boots 3.) wearing jeans inside your cowboy boots
Craig S Philhower (1 year ago)
I just love these "experts" that have a show and all of a sudden their telling you, what you can and can't wear. The very fact that a bubble headed women sits next to the airhead guy agreeing to whatever he says should be telling you something. In some areas of the country this is what women wear, it's not a fashion statement which this moron missed, it's a way of life. If mister fashion guy is to ignorant to see the difference, maybe he should go back to the house wears dept. As far as his co-host, god help us all if she reproduces.
extra solar (1 year ago)
he needs to shut up and never ever do anything on there again, and let the brunette assume the actual content and clearly she is capable of commanding the proper communication rotations, plural. having said that, and indicating only a bit more, some not quite brunettes, in their jeans shorts and boots, make up for some of the less elegant stylish xquisite, personas, since theyre not actual brunettes, with other eager instincts, capable of being properly positioned also, which, sparked my limited interest in the time spent, here.
Briley Dunning (1 year ago)
Half are not actually boots I always wear jeans and t-shirt and boot and I have the worst farmers tan ever and you can't forget about the 50 pound belts and blinged the duck out especially the buckel
Heather Butler (1 year ago)
Most of those aren't even real boots. I know real boots can be expensive and the cheaper one are easier to get. But why waste your money on something that'll break away from the sole of u step on them wrong. But sometimes it's hard to afford them, I know... but for the not wearing everyday, I'm sorry, in the south there's nothing wrong with that☺️😂. Most of the time it's a part of my outfit. I mean you can do anything in them.😂 plus they go with practically anything and show your love for the country life.
Lindsay Clemson (2 years ago)
I wear boot ever single day I have to other wise the horse will smash my toes but I still wear them to look cute. every day
1kinu T (2 years ago)
Bikinis and boots!
Lindsey Blanchard (2 years ago)
They have no idea what there talking about I work on a farm you need to wear your boots everyday!
sierra lopez (2 years ago)
You can kinda tell these people don't know so much about Texas
Aron Simpson (1 year ago)
sierra lopez they don't know hardly anything about the south
Maxine Brannon (2 years ago)
The Do's And Dont's Of Wearing Cowboy Boots - C U @ my 60th Birthday Party COWGIRL/COWBOY Theme (Friday, January 13, 2017)
Tony S (2 years ago)
They are cool as long as they are old, stained and abused, but must be re-soled and healed often so you don't look "down at heel".
HeroicBrutality (2 years ago)
I never grew up country nor from the south. I'm from southern California which isn't the south people think of (yeehaw) but I like the look cowboy boots have. Would it be weird, disrespectful or dumb to wear these boots yet I'm not a cowboy?
Sybil Francis (7 months ago)
Yes! Only city slickers have the TIME to sit around navel gazing with a glass of Chardonney wondering about how others "perceive" them. However, as a native Texan we DID poke fun at Northerners who were moving to TX in the 80's who had never worked anywhere but offices and dressed western on week-ends to go to bars,,,,,THEY were odd looking...pasty white skin, soft hands uh the antithesis of a real cowboy. What really pissed us off was hunting season when they would invade our posted "no hunting" ranches get frustrated at not getting a buck and would out of frustration trying to pretend they were real men,shoot our cattle. Now THAT REALLY pissed us [email protected]
sh9683 (2 years ago)
wear what you want and don;t care what others think, chances are if they are offended they are most likely city slickers not farmers
Christian Eacker (2 years ago)
DerpieDoom As long as you wear a flannel with em
Crystal Clear (2 years ago)
K Avi (2 years ago)
Boots look great with everything!
The search for 67 (2 years ago)
When he said 'don't wear it everyday'. Shut the fuck up.
Dallas Winger (2 years ago)
Zion Lion yes what the fuck is he talking about
mckenzieashe21 _ (2 years ago)
this is so cringey. These people are the last ones anyone should take advice about wearing boots from. They're the ones who havent stepped a foot on a farm in their life. This just drives me crazy
James Greek (2 years ago)
I think the outfit with the polka dot jacket and yellow dress is cute on a girl
Autumn Girl (2 years ago)
disagree, I wear boots every day and I live in Las Vegas OK!
Autumn Girl (2 years ago)
disagree, I wear boots every day and I live in Las Vegas OK!
T T (2 years ago)
I wear mines everyday💀 ur wrong dude u Prolly dont even own a pair
FarmTater (2 years ago)
I have steel toe Ariats and I work on a farm every single day and he tells me not to wear my boots. I mean come on!
FarmTater (2 years ago)
Also I'm from Virginia
1mrspattycake (2 years ago)
hey I wear cowboy boots because I am church from 7:15 in the morning till noon.
Sarah Kolpack (2 years ago)
I wear boots and a hat and jeans and a belt buckle and spurs every day. what's the matter ? too country for ya
dfcvda (1 year ago)
sounds good to me, I wear mine in England
Sierra Jade (2 years ago)
Sarah Kolpack I wore my boots and spurs to school all the time. A bunch of kids always bugged me about it, but somehow I never got in trouble for it. Now I wear them around town quite a bit. There's an old man at my church that wears his boots and spurs every Sunday (probably multiple people, but one really sticks out).
squach623 !!!!! (2 years ago)
do's and don't s ! make sure they Ain't no shit or mud on them before you cross your leg,don't wear spurs to bed (unless your lady likes that kinda thing)! But seriously one of the worst things you can do is take off a wet boot. if possible wear them dry. They won't curl up that way and will actually fit better
Boyd Crowder (2 years ago)
MOST IMPORTANT "DO" of wearing boots is to WEAR THEM WITH CONFIDENCE!!! I person who is self conscious about their boots sticks out like a sore thumb....
maddmark1 (2 years ago)
Ladies! Wear them how you want! Don't let this guy tell you how. He probably never put a pair on in his life. Same about a cowboy hat. Simple rule, if you like how you look, then go with it. There will always be haters no matter what you do or how you dress. So continue to live your life how you please and let them haters be haters.
Sybil Francis (7 months ago)
Yep and look like you were BORN in a cowboy hat and boots cause you just about WERE!
Boyd Crowder (2 years ago)
The number one way you pull of cowboy boots and a cowboy hat is CONFIDENCE
Sierra Bennett (2 years ago)
I live in Oklahoma that's what we wear everyday
Kaitlyn Wr (3 years ago)
"Don't wear your boots every single day because that's weird" says random city people . I wear mine everyday!
Jenn robinson-wilson (2 years ago)
Imma country girl that wear my cowgirl boot almost everyday too. I mean I don't care about the judgement.  I like it.
Maria Jose Escobedo (3 years ago)
in Mexico we wear country boots a lot every time I visit there but some people don't wear them everyday depending on what there doing haha
Daniel Frank (3 years ago)
A fun video
TheJwdude (3 years ago)
I ware real leather cowboy boots under my darkened gold blue wash jeans but there are some kinds of cowboy boots with by Justin with steel toes in them and these days I see angry people kicking other people with those boots witch is one don't do thing of steel toe work boots or any work style cowboy boots
royalparadigm (3 years ago)
I wear my boots every day because I own horses. I don't wear them for fashion. Actually, I'm at college right now, but my boots are still the only shoes I wear. If I didn't own horses, I would probably feel stupid wearing them at all.
liz (9 months ago)
I have never owned a horse or really been around them at all in my life but I have 2 pairs. I don't wear them to be cool I wear them because I love how they look and they make me feel good. I don't live in a horse town I live in the city but the people here love all things country and we don't cheap out. and it if boots make you feel good and you like how they look then that's​ all that matters :)
Ally Susan Haas (3 years ago)
Im from wisconsin and i love wearing my cowboy boots everday
ChelseyKate (3 years ago)
I'm from Texas, I like them but I think that wearing cowboy boots formally--like at a wedding or with a graduation gown is extremely tacky. And I see this constantly.
dfcvda (1 year ago)
exactly, just do as you wish with your clothing.
Sierra Jade (2 years ago)
chelseykate14 Finally! Someone else who thinks that! And the boots the bride was wearing were as tacky as they come, if you ask me.
rtudor7913 (3 years ago)
i laugh my ass off when i see someone wear them with a dress or pair of shorts. looks plain stupid to me
Mark Cavanagh (3 years ago)
nice brown cowboy boots I like lol
Garrett LaMarre (3 years ago)
In Texas you can wear cowboys boots literally anywhere from everyday causal to a funeral as long as they fit the function/event.
W Murphy (3 years ago)
damn yankees
derrick abel (3 years ago)
Wait I live in the Dallas um "don't wear your boots everyday." um.........I wear my cowboy boots everyday xD so yeah.
coyne 45 (3 years ago)
dam yuppies
Aghast Lotus (3 years ago)
you can really tell if someone's fake or real just by the way they wear their boots.
Jo-Sette Miller (3 years ago)
There are no rules with Cowboy/girl boots.. Wear them well :)
Jenn robinson-wilson (2 years ago)
I agree.
Jo-Sette Miller (3 years ago)
Don't wear them everyday?.... okay.. I do. I love cowgirl boots. I wear them in the summer, winter (without snow on the ground), spring (without rain) and fall.
Jenn robinson-wilson (2 years ago)
That's sounds so just like me.  I'm a Carolina Girl and my cowgirls boots are on tap waiting daily Jan-Dec., rain or shine, hot or cold.  Me and my southern country life style things.  Like it or not that's who I am.
Autumn Allen (3 years ago)
he said don't wear your boots everyday ha! in the south that's all we wear
Boa De Cocoa (2 months ago)
We do in Texas..
@Maxwell Quast same here, I live in Alberta
liz (10 months ago)
@Maxwell Quast I'm Canadian to but I can say from the south because im from southern Ontario 😂
Browndirt Cowgirl (11 months ago)
Ye I wear my cowboy boots everyday
Maxwell Quast (1 year ago)
same but i am canadian lol
madison holey (3 years ago)
im a country girl
JCBAirmaster73 (3 years ago)
If you intend making a fashion statement,make the effort and wear the real thing.
ATotalMitch (3 years ago)
I have cowboy boots that I wear all the time, from grocery shopping to going out to mucking stalls. Oh yeah, and I ride horses in them. Does that make me a part of this cowboy culture? Well, considering that I ride with an English saddle and also wear English field boots and breeches, probably not. I am definitely a horseman, though, and I wear cowboy boots because they are comfortable, durable, practical, safe for riding, great for working around horses, and are common footwear here in Texas. Honestly, I couldn't care less if people want to wear cowboy boots, but I do roll my eyes when people start making up a bunch of rules about how to wear them. Yeah, they were originally designed for the purpose I primarily use them for: working on a ranch or a farm or in a stable. But if people want to wear them with their frilly dresses or whatever, so be it. As long as they don't start walking around the city looking like they bought a Buffalo Bill costume at the Halloween store, I say live and let live.
Jenn robinson-wilson (2 years ago)
do you.
Abegail Carpio (3 years ago)
I wear my cowboy boots over my skinny jeans with my toy guns coz I'm from Texas....Yihaaa
Vianey Boruel (3 years ago)
love steampunk
Wow, this is really funny...the comments are a riot. Everybody is free to wear what they want and it certainly doesn't matter where you're from. I'm not a country girl. Who on earth cares? I grew up in a suburb of NY and have been in northern CA for half my life. I collect and wear Old Gringo boots. Handmade embroidered, inlaid, everything kind of boots. I get stopped every day and complimented on them. I wear simple classic clothing and the boots are the statement. I like the way they make me feel and walk. I wear a pair every single day. My other shoes sit there in my closet now. Boots are fun. To say they shouldn't be worn over jeans or every day is silly. Check out Old Gringo boots. If you have a pair, you'd want to wear them every day too. I have 11 pairs of that brand and at least that many of other brands. Cowboy boots aren't trashy. If a person is going to look trashy, she'll look that way with or without the boots.
liz (9 months ago)
right !? I have 2 pairs of boots, Ariat fatbaby's and tony lama boots. I grew up in a small(ish) city of Niagara Falls. but my grandparents owned a house both in the city (my house now) and in the country. I have only ridden a horse once but learned how to shoot, fish and ride an ATV by the time I was 11, I was brought up on country music and going to church because of my school, I watched my grandfather skin bucks in our backyard in the city, helped him make deer sausage and moose burgers on weekends so I firmly believe it's not where your from its how you are raised.
Kaththee1 (3 years ago)
+Sharon Maxwell-Yamamoto - I agree! I put Old Gringos in the boho gypsy chic category. They are so feminine too. If you love Old Gringo, you would like Lane boots too. It sounds like you understand how to wear them well, which is the point of the video. I have 6 pairs of cowboy boots, three are Lucchese classics and 3 are Liberty Boot Co. which are my personal favorite. When I first got into cowboy boots I bought the Lucchese boots but the Liberty boot Co are more my style. Still the Lucchese mariposa boots are still on my wish list. I want a pair of handmade Stallion, and I know exactly what I want too. I also have a pair of Heritage boots on my list. I do not wear my boots everyday though, more like once a month. I love other shoes too much. But more power to you for wearing yours everyday. You have come a long way since those 8 dollar work boots.
Chris Browne (3 years ago)
How did I end up here? Turn off PC, disconnect ethernet cable, throw router out of nearest window!
BabyKayla (3 years ago)
And there's nothing wrong with wearing them everyday my cousins wear them everyday and they are real country girls👌🏻 just do what makes u happy
BabyKayla (3 years ago)
I believe there are no do's and donts, basically i feel it depends on the color of the boot and how good it goes with your outfit, leggings are good, and I wear my boots anywhere I go I literally won't leave the house without them, and I believe a white, puffy dress would be cute, I just think anybody could wear cowgirl boots, just make sure to rock them 😂❤️ and its actually good to wear cowgirl boots because then you don't have to deal with the dirt and when you get them dirty, it's easier too clean off, well that's my opinion, everybody can rock cowgirl boots❤️👌🏻
BabyKayla (3 years ago)
Just make sure you know what your doing❤️👌
Jason Adams (3 years ago)
All boots worn over jeans look like trash. Dress with boots, trash. Girls trying to look good and ruin stuff, trash.
Randomsongs (3 years ago)
most ppl buy boots and dont know what theyre buying. Ariats arnt and shouldnt be considered cowboy boots cause theyre made in china. most ppl dont know the different heels. back in Del Valle high school outside od ATX everyone wore boots and they all looked like try hards they all had the same ariats. even a few of the FFA guys, looking like fools
Dilaila Lopez (3 years ago)
um that's cool and all of that stuff u said is true ☺
Mercedes Austin (3 years ago)
NONE of these are real cowboy boots. DONT WEAR THEM EVERYDAY? That was an extremely offensive message! They do not know what we do on the farm!
Grant Elliott (9 months ago)
@Kaththee1 do you think you need boots to drive a prius and sit in an office all day, city boys don't need to tell us when we wear our boots.
Chicken Nugget (1 year ago)
Mercedes Austin your right those aren’t cowboy boots
sh9683 (2 years ago)
when your boot is made of plastic and costs under 100$ you can call them FAKE tourist boots.
Kaththee1 (3 years ago)
+Mercedes Austin - Fashion rules don't apply to what y'all do down on the farm though. I mean work is work. If you don't care about fashion, there are no rules or even guidelines outside of work or anyplace. And even with fashion rules there are always exceptions. Again, maybe when you said "none" of the boots are real, that must have been hyperbole. I saw many "real" cowboy boots. I always like to see the soles to check for the lemonwood pegs, leather sole, and stacked wooden or stacked leather heel. But from a mile off I could see the quality in a few of those boots and I even know the name brand and the style name, of one particular pair in the video. In another pair I know the style name (classic style dating back at least 5 decades) but I would be guessing on the bookmaker. I saw a lot of other nice looking boots that were probably handmade in North America with classic cowboy boot styling.
Mercedes Austin (3 years ago)
Did I say cow crap? No! @Kaththee1​ and also, I don't mind if city slickers wear them, just don't give us rules for wearing them!
carly hoffman (3 years ago)
Cowboy boots aren't just boots and half if the ones you showed aren't even real so stop acting like you know everything about boots
kayleen walker (3 years ago)
How the hell is wearing cowboy boys everyday wrong??? hahaha I wear mine everywhere and everyday
I’m an Alberta boy and I wear my cowboy boots every day as well
T T (2 years ago)
Jenn robinson-wilson (2 years ago)
me too
Horsesforever 14 (3 years ago)
I wear my boots everywhere Church, huntin, Fishin, Muddin, I bet nether of yall have kill yeah a buck or muddin before #CitySlikers
Jenn robinson-wilson (2 years ago)
Yes!  Nothing better than cowgirl boots.
A Mandryk (3 years ago)
Half of these aren't real cowboy boots. If you're not a real country girl don't wear cowboy boots...😒 Yeah I wear my boots everyday
Helena Snyder (3 years ago)
This makes me sick. Half of these boots were probably 20 dollars.. I wear boots for Western Riding, not fashion. The heel on cowboy boots were made for riding, so your foot doesn't slip out of the stirrip.
TheWayOf Cailinn (3 years ago)
i fall asleep in mine sometimes mymom comes and takes them off and tucks me in
Jenn robinson-wilson (2 years ago)
same here.  I love cowgirl boots.  I where them often all year.

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