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Kovacs & Metropole Orkest - Diggin' (conducted by Jules Buckley)

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Taken from the very first Metropole Session in Muziekcentrum van de Omroep, Hilversum! With mediapartner Radio 2 we presented an intimate concert with the wonderful Kovacs. The audience sat amongst the orchestra for a special experience. Composition by Sharon Kovacs, arranged by Stefan Behrisch Violin solo: Herman van Haaren
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Text Comments (26)
Such strong charisma and incredibly beautiful and strong voice ♥️
Iskra ME (2 months ago)
Ufffff that smile at the end!
Francois Pringarbe (2 months ago)
Superbe,envoûtant,bref sublime...je suis vraiment fan et la combinaison avec un tel orchestre est fabuleuse BRAVO :-)
Matros Willy (4 months ago)
This is so fuckin' gooooooood.
Ekleptik Divo (4 months ago)
Finally Hungarian violinist
Schnuppel (5 months ago)
toll <Danke
Edra (6 months ago)
Jú!! Já!! Jú!! Já!! Jú!! Já!! Jú!! Já!! Jú!! Já!! Jú!! Já!! ...
Sylvannah Garcia (7 months ago)
Don Miata (7 months ago)
brilliant !!
JotaeLe A (7 months ago)
Una joya! Fan absoluto Kovacs.
Glitzy Distractions (7 months ago)
Це попросту супер, цей вокал заворожує.
Konstantin Bronnikov (8 months ago)
Нет слов, супер!
Sergy Vladimirov (9 months ago)
Absolutely Live!Wonderful Hearing!Bravo!Thanks!
Masterful Choice (10 months ago)
Sharon's voice is awesome💝
Фантастична е!
Rozsa Karker (10 months ago)
<3 <3 <3
Indra Kaliņa (10 months ago)
Martin Harris (11 months ago)
I'm Diggin Sharon Kovacs: Simply magic.
Ágnes Ray (11 months ago)
I love it!
Lédy Picinini (1 year ago)
Namah Krucha (1 year ago)
*.* Love this combination of Kovacs and Metropole Orkest <3
MIA I AM (1 year ago)
I love you! Respekt!
R Veenhof (1 year ago)
Te gekke stem en te gek orkest. Maar what up met die viool solo?
I love it! Beyond the drill pipe-thing make me think in my LP's rotating in a turntable... I'm diggin' ...
arvostelija199 (2 years ago)
Huh sex

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