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[MV] SUNMI(선미) _ Siren(사이렌)

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[MV] SUNMI(선미) _ Siren(사이렌) *English subtitles are now available. :D (Please click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function) [Notice] 1theK YouTube is also an official channel for the MV, and music shows will count the views from this channel too. [공지] 1theK YouTube는 MV를 유통하는 공식 채널로, 1theK에 업로드된 MV 조회수 또한 음악방송 순위에 반영됩니다. SUNMI, who firmly positioned herself as a matchless female solo artist drawing the most attention with her alluring and extraordinary interpretation of music and performances, releases her mini album “WARNING”. The name of the title track “Siren” has two meanings like her single “Gashina”, making people imagine a beautiful mermaid in the myth seducing seamen and at the same time remind of the warning sound for emergency. The visual and auditory images are everywhere in the title track in an elegant way. This song can be called a combination of SUNMI’s sensuous expressions that have described her own sensitive, delicate, fantastic and unique sensitivity through her music, performances and styles. ▶1theK FB : http://www.facebook.com/1theK ▶1theK TW : https://twitter.com/1theK ▶1theK Kakao : https://goo.gl/otRpZc #SUNMI#선미#Siren#사이렌#NEWRELEASE#MV#1theK#원더케이
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Text Comments (28996)
Reggie Jackson (2 hours ago)
Joana Mendia (3 hours ago)
This song give me a lot of feelings, its now inside of my heart
Christian CY (3 hours ago)
Anna Bilko (7 hours ago)
Sunmi is without a doubt one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen
Lee Yoo Mi (9 hours ago)
Está Linda Como SEMPRE..... ^-^♥
Filip Demski (11 hours ago)
Music is awesome....
nitrosmob (13 hours ago)
Beautiful and empowering song and video. I love the beat too. Sunmi has some of the best solo work going right now. The video is pretty creative too. I believe the song is about when getting to really know someone you are almost guaranteed to get hurt because you take on all of them, while so far they're in the cage ready to open up but it's not always easy. You can see she there are parts of herself which she might not be quite ready to show yet. Of course there is also the simple meaning that you let someone in and they weren't right for you and now you just want them to get away and are ready to move on with your life. Who knows, but anyway it's great.
찌윤찌아애미 (14 hours ago)
베리둥이 (15 hours ago)
베리둥이 (15 hours ago)
KPOP REACTIONS (16 hours ago)
Fujiyama _25 (16 hours ago)
Katelyn Bernard (19 hours ago)
2:08 my mom catching me dancing to Koop at 4am
Aveary Cheese (21 hours ago)
garbage can (22 hours ago)
yes hellO queen
Cliche hoseok (22 hours ago)
I really love this like this got stuck stuck in my head for the whole day
Monsx X (23 hours ago)
Deusa de puro talento.
iris :3 lazar (1 day ago)
Sunmi sunmi sunmi sunmi sunmi Sunmi sunmi sunmi sunmi sunmi Sunmi sunmi sunmi Sunmi sunmi sunmi sunmi sunmi Sunmi sunmi sunmi sunmi sunmi Sunmi sunmi sunmi Sunmi sunmi sunmi Sunmi sunmi sunmi sunmi sunmi Sunmi sunmi sunmi sunmi sunmi Sunmi sunmi Sunmi sunmi Sunmi sunmi Sunmi sunmi Sunmi sunmi Sunmi sunmi Sunmi sunmi sunmi sunmi Sunmi Sunmi sunmi Sunmi sunmi Sunmi Sunmi sunmi sunmi sunmi
I don't really like wonder girls, but every day I thank God that they existed because it gave birth to my two favorite solo artists
장채현 (1 day ago)
선미머리엄청길다 부럽ㅠ
king Ramzi (1 day ago)
Tatu vibes?
_Marienne (1 day ago)
Can't u see that boi ?
Kyle Malinda-White (1 day ago)
두미영상툰 (1 day ago)
사이렌의 본칭은 인어였는데 그 인어의 노래가 너무 아름답고 치명적이여서 사람들이 바다로 뛰어들었다하죠 그래서 선미가 물속에 들어가는장면이 많은거같아요
Nanda Kurniasari (1 day ago)
She is so beautiful
김민수 (1 day ago)
옛날 손담비노래 삘난다ㅋㅋ
이수현 (1 day ago)
선미언니 예쁘고 귀여위요.
DingoDing (2 days ago)
Sunmi ia multiple face and aura. I can see many different side of her.
DingoDing (2 days ago)
What is the meaning of this song?
I know Lee Know (2 days ago)
Queen Sunmi everyone.
덩이엉 (2 days ago)
뮤비가 무슨 뜻인가는 모르겠는데 뭔가 심오해보이고 있어보임ㅋㅋㅋ
Mariluz Morales Gomez (2 days ago)
Vamos si se puede...28,823,950...💓❤👐
돈만이 (2 days ago)
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ집에서 혼자 춤추는거 소리없이보면 개웃김ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
jensoo's bitch (2 days ago)
only a queen can sneeze without looking like a dying penguin
DavidCalixto박 (2 days ago)
Bebing Camarinas (2 days ago)
*Searching how to be a Bathtub*
AUDIX (2 days ago)
1:28 killed me coz of laughinggg
ARMY FOREVER (2 days ago)
Stuff World (2 days ago)
I’m new to kpop but I understand that she is a solo artist now can someone tell my what previous group she was in before she became a soloist? and I’m in love with this song and her!! 🥰
Meytriks (2 days ago)
She was in wonder girls!
pişmiş suşi (2 days ago)
2:48 I still don't understand how she couldn't get out of the cage, she's too thin
pişmiş suşi (16 hours ago)
Sandra99팬다 she's beautiful in every type every situation "F" the haters real fans are here for her 😉
Sandra99팬다 (16 hours ago)
+pişmiş suşi sadly not everyone does. She has gotten so hurt by it in the past that's why im sensitive about it
pişmiş suşi (16 hours ago)
Sandra99팬다 it was a joke lol I know I love her
Sandra99팬다 (17 hours ago)
She is natrually thin and has stated several times that she struggles with gaining weight.
Blackpink is my life (2 days ago)
IDK but this song got me addicted
Alexis Rivera (2 days ago)
I love this song and I love you Sunmi from México.
Jennifer Ruiz (3 days ago)
I hope that Sunmi knows that I've been listening to this album everyday for the past 2 months, on god. It's a perfect fucking album. Like this album is the only album I've listened to over 2 times . bruh i cant explain.. i listen to this mini album at least 2 times a day cause it makes me feel badass, and i feel a connection with her? By far the best album I've heard that I'll never get tired of listening to everyday She's a legend.
Blue Navy (3 days ago)
“Lalalalala” the best part of this song
Allerdyne (3 days ago)
Better than BTS. Go ahead, come at me.
Syawal Ibrahim (2 days ago)
Keanu Lara (2 days ago)
엄채린 (3 days ago)
선미 외모 미쳤다😯😯
MI HISTORIA : yo y mis amigas quisimos hacer bailes de k_pop entonces le dijimos a la miss y ella hizo mas el mix de todas las canciones de sunmi y yo le dije :miss si no aparece (mi baile el de Siren) no voy a bailar LES CUENTO ESTO PORQUE AMO A SUNMI
Tatevik Davtyan (3 days ago)
This song is perfect
Coconut 312 (3 days ago)
shrawankumar jha (3 days ago)
*_she is so mean she realeases songs like this without thinking of us twice what ll happen to us_* 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
Dan All (3 days ago)
Baby Anggel (3 days ago)
Hai guys you know Blackpink? Please streaming mv blackpink 😍😍😍😍
Syawal Ibrahim (2 days ago)
Don't rude.. This is Sunmi area
Baby Anggel (3 days ago)
Rick Sanchez (3 days ago)
Yui SHSL Weeb (3 days ago)
*Greetings Fans of Sunmi,Im bought here by IZ*ONE's Lee Chaeyeon, luv it*
ho nga (3 days ago)
30M fingting
dayrine (3 days ago)
I'm feeling werewolf vibes from this song. She's trying to let the boy go cos she's hurting him. She's turning into a wolf and she would just hurt the boy. ohhhhhhmyyyyyyyygaaaaaaaaaaaddd
Jeremy Loayza (3 days ago)
This video and music is so great, congrats sunmi!!
Ji Ji (3 days ago)
Angela Ramirez. (4 days ago)
Wooow me gusto esta vacana :v
rain. ᴗ̈ (4 days ago)
the music is inspired by the mermaid myth called Siren!! so cool omg.
Olive Garden (4 days ago)
bless you
Ollie Badger (4 days ago)
What a bop
J.Chan (4 days ago)
I think this deserves a spot on my top 10 kpop songs of 2018 list.
Kopp lover 555 (4 days ago)
Bing Go (4 days ago)
I'm more addicted to this song than Gashina
爪丨乙卂 (1 day ago)
I'm addicted to both tbh
Kezman (3 days ago)
Emanuel Almeida (4 days ago)
It's so sad TT
Kia Carnival (4 days ago)
That sneeze tho
Kuochi Sakakibara (4 days ago)
i am inspired to have sex with korean.
Xuân Sơn Trần (4 days ago)
She is so thin @@, i guess it kinda looks unhealthy
Sandra99팬다 (17 hours ago)
I understand why you're concerned but she is natrually like that, and has stated several timea that she struggles with gaining weight
Uh Oh (5 days ago)
um bless you
Eric K (5 days ago)
Why are people talking about milkshakes
Sandra99팬다 (17 hours ago)
Cuz in her last two mvs she had them in it
fabrizzio951 (5 days ago)
0:02 Salud
helen Morris (5 days ago)
her blue eyes are slaying just like her
sunmi, sunmi, i can't stop look at her,
Sin Minji (5 days ago)
하린 (5 days ago)
우리반에 이거 계속 따라하는 에있는데 극혐..
bianca felton (5 days ago)
i wonder what her hair color is. i love it in 3:15
K EUT BLINK (5 days ago)
Sunmi's armpits are brighter than my future.
okay unknown (5 days ago)
okay I know choreography for this song is a bit sexy. if u watch other idols dance sexy choreo their face will turn to the song's mood nah u know what Im talking abt. but when I watch sunmi dancing shes always smiling and wow it suits the song omg shes a queen
Angelica Liguid (5 days ago)
i like the beat you're the best Sunmi
Cant wait for her perfoming at MAMA. This song iis lit
Kylie Bright (5 days ago)
She's good But too thin tho
Kylie Ro (5 days ago)
1:29 mood 😂😂😍
Jaesung Lee (6 days ago)
컨셉 지대로인듯 역시 선미다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Zeeshxn (6 days ago)
Sunmi Should Collab With Jennie Now That They Are Soloists it would boost Sunmi’s career tbh then she can be a rising star
camila m (6 days ago)
SULLIsm (6 days ago)
Make sure to also support her fellow Wonder Girls member YUBIN with Thank u soooo much . She needs more recognition and her music is very unique. (I'm not against Sunmi okay? I still love her and her music) please go watch YUBIN's THANK U SOOOO MUCH !
Hyunjins water bottle (6 days ago)
Where’s the milkshake?
粉丝YouTube (6 days ago)
It So Good This Song I Love It
Dolo Llopis (6 days ago)
Bless you.
Happy 3 months to Siren! :>
pr0ject25o1 (6 days ago)
Yikes. She needs a sandwich stat
Khánh Hoàng (6 days ago)
sunmiiiiiiii <3
chittaphon’s nose (7 days ago)
I get late 2000s vibes with this song
Yoonmin 7u7 (7 days ago)
Juli Tae122595 (7 days ago)
The best trilogy ♥️♥️♥️
mira (7 days ago)
i was just going to put this on and do my other stuff on my computer but i got so mesmerized i forgot and just watched the whole thing
stylizingx (7 days ago)
anja linda sem defeitod
Ton Henry (7 days ago)
Te amo Sunmi!!! 😍❤️🇧🇷
私は知らない (7 days ago)
Sunmi x hyuna x yubin x IU WE NEED A COLLAB

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