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Style Of Eye & Magnus The Magnus - Antidote

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Text Comments (53)
Polaris Hong (42 minutes ago)
Is good
GLENNJAMIN (16 days ago)
Jackpot City boss theme I couldn't find a better match
BowtiedNewbieRBLX (3 months ago)
1:53 yEs
Raymond Fish (11 months ago)
Fucking. Banger.
Carl Van Der Merwe (2 years ago)
I want to play the bosslevel over and over for the music in lbp psvita
TheJoyfulGoodGamer 60 (2 years ago)
2:08 best part!
Master Sashimi (3 years ago)
Ace for Movie Monster Head and Phobos Head.
Deejay & Yona (4 years ago)
4:02 BEST part
SebssArt (4 years ago)
SebssArt (4 years ago)
I know it is thats why I said it duh 
Deejay & Yona (4 years ago)
Yeah it's littlebigplanet
Excalibur (4 years ago)
Who is Magnus the Magnus? I want more!?
laszor_studio (4 years ago)
lbp rocks!
John Wayne (4 years ago)
tbh this song actually fitted really well in LBP
Silver Gamer (4 years ago)
2:08 - 2:25 my favorite part
Deejay & Yona (4 years ago)
Sandra K (4 years ago)
LBP Yihaaaw
Raizor 154 (5 years ago)
LBP PSVITA!!!Epic track
Jagirinawa (5 years ago)
This is the antidote
Laffie (5 years ago)
You can win this song on last level (endboss) Jackpotcity
Jan Czarnecki (1 year ago)
Wait, doesn't this one play in the lab level?
Hoverbike (5 years ago)
Like this track? Check out Sebjak's remix Available on Zippyshare for free!
Exist64 (5 years ago)
This made that bossfight so epic
Cody Pond (5 years ago)
1:52 Epic
larssnuf (5 years ago)
thanks lbp, for more underground music.
larssnuf (5 years ago)
larssnuf (5 years ago)
Willie Hawk (5 years ago)
Bailey Walsh (5 years ago)
Amazing song! I love it
Azian2DaMax (5 years ago)
The M Machine Beatport mix brought me here.
Fyzz (5 years ago)
i don't know why, but it seemed faster in the game.
x23rizky (5 years ago)
Best LBP song up 'till PSVita... apart from SleepyHead.
Filthma (5 years ago)
Best song in the game?
AVE88 (5 years ago)
I heard this on lbp psvita it's awesome
Luca Zaremba (5 years ago)
lbp ps vita i love this song !
Pugni Luminis (5 years ago)
Lbp psvita! Yeah awesome track !
Moddy (6 years ago)
I'm using my vita to watch this right now!
Makis Abrikidis (6 years ago)
LBP has awesome music traxx!!! :D
larssnuf (6 years ago)
MEEE 222
larssnuf (6 years ago)
Same with me LBP PSV took me here. Love their soundtracks...
ultimatevita31 (6 years ago)
yeah it diiiid
massi gest (6 years ago)
i came here because lbp psvita too
wasemo Volt (6 years ago)
i agree
Toggy Wonga (6 years ago)
1:37 epic
WarLlama1 (6 years ago)
Me as well!
Tracey OBrien (6 years ago)
Me too
LBFun971 (6 years ago)
Little Big Planet Vita took me here
Watershed92 (7 years ago)
Perfect in every way.
JoopJaap (7 years ago)
Oooh I feel the air trembling out of my sub woofer :D
PO OM (7 years ago)
don2face (8 years ago)
awesome track! nice!
cabritah (8 years ago)
jizzed in my pants
Ó A (8 years ago)
This track tastes like coffee,first cup is bad second is a little bit better. And now we are talking,coffee aint so bad.Wicked track!! Third time a charm....Happy hunting!!!

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