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Paramore: Still Into You (Harry J Bootleg)

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Paramore: Still Into You (Harry J Bootleg) 👊 Looking for more Music? Discover your new favourite artists from our daily updated playlists: ↪︎ http://bit.ly/bbuploads Bounce & Bass's Spotify playlist ➜ http://bit.ly/bouncespotify 🗣Connect with Me: https://www.instagram.com/bounceandbass • Free Download: https://soundcloud.com/harryj2/stillintoyou 'Still Into You' from the self-titled album - available now on Fueled By Ramen. Download it at http://smarturl.it/paramore-itunes Site: http://paramore.net Store: http://store.paramore.net Facebook: http://facebook.com/paramore Twitter: http://twitter.com/paramore Instagram: http://instagram.com/paramore Tumblr: http://paramore.tumblr.com LYRICS Can't count the years one hand That we've been together I need the other one to hold you. Make you feel, make you feel better. It's not a walk in the park To love each other. But when our fingers interlock, Can't deny, can't deny you're worth it Cause after all this time. I'm still into you I should be over all the butterflies But i'm into you (I'm in to you) And baby even on our worst nights I'm into you (I'm into you) Let em wonder how we got this far Cause I don't really need to wonder at all Yeah after all this time I'm still into you Recount the night that I first Met your mother And on the drive back to my house I told you that, I told you that I loved ya. You felt the weight of the world Fall off your shoulder And to your favorite song We sang along to the start of forever And after all this time. I'm still into you I should be over all the butterflies But i'm into you (I'm in to you) And baby even on our worst nights I'm into you (I'm into you) Let em wonder how we got this far Cause I don't really need to wonder at all Yeah after all this time I'm still into you Some things just, Some things just make sense And one of those is you and I Some things just, Some things just make sense And even after all this time I'm into You Baby not a day goes by that I'm not into you I should be over all the butterflies But i'm into you (I'm in to you) And baby even on our worst nights I'm into you (I'm into you) Let em wonder how we got this far Cause I don't really need to wonder at all Yeah after all this time I'm still into you I'm still into you I'm still into you Main Channel https://www.youtube.com/chimaeramusic • Follow Bounce & Bass YouTube: http://youtube.com/bounceandbass Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bounce-Bass/1585519215008820?ref_type=bookmark Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bounceandbass • Follow Harry J: https://soundcloud.com/harry-j-official https://www.facebook.com/Harry.J.Official https://twitter.com/hazzison Tags #melbournebounce #bounce #bass #electro #electrohouse #dance #edm #music #dancemusic Paramore: Still Into You (Harry J Bootleg)
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Bounce & Bass (2 months ago)
*SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON & DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE & TURN THE ' 🔔'ON! 💪👊👊d[> <]b* ✖️Subscribe: https://goo.gl/lPvdEZ ✖️Spotify: http://bit.ly/bouncespotify
Katie Guy (23 days ago)
Valerie Rees (1 month ago)
The best song ever 😗😎🎉🔊🇦🇺
Keli Williamson (1 month ago)
I can’t find this remix on Spotify 🙈
Andy Low (6 months ago)
Bounce & Bass keep it bouncing 👌
kirsty hobkirk (7 months ago)
galaxy the Blue wolfu h
Laura Young (2 days ago)
Love this song like if you agree
Blossom Cavin (3 days ago)
Kayleigg Smith (3 days ago)
To my crush and my ex 😭and bf🥰
Libby Walker (3 days ago)
I love it so much
Stephanie Hancock (3 days ago)
I love your music
john hutler (3 days ago)
Kevin Ross (4 days ago)
Loooool for work out mate aye for my nose belter eh cracking 😵😵😵😵😵😜😜😜😜😍
2010deew (4 days ago)
Kailey Blacksmith (4 days ago)
Nice Bass ♥♥♥
jake watson (5 days ago)
summer madness 🚘
magical gamer smith (6 days ago)
rachelle roberts (6 days ago)
i well always love him no matter whats happens love you baby
JSG108 (7 days ago)
Am I missing something with this tune? Its gash.
nicola fowler (9 days ago)
nows that's a tune 😃
caitlyn rees (11 days ago)
I love this song xxx
Aidon Harrison (12 days ago)
Tiffany Clarke (15 days ago)
Tranny tiffany
Chloe May (16 days ago)
Anyone listening this after the video on facebook 🤣🤣😋
AlliedGamers (12 days ago)
The video of a van at truckfest?
Leeann Harper (16 days ago)
Great song keep it up
Pinata (17 days ago)
Claire Foley (19 days ago)
Love it 😻😻😻😻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😽😽I’m still into this song❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💖💗
Stanley Whyte (20 days ago)
Larkhall tune 💯%
Elmo Redneck (20 days ago)
This is played at every Scottish Wedding now lol
Alana Docherty (21 days ago)
My husband was one of the dancers for QFX 1994
Alpha (8 days ago)
2018 he now sells Avon
Jennifer Casey (26 days ago)
Can any one else not find this on Spotify ?? HELP 😅😅😅
Little layton yt (26 days ago)
U need to put this on your Spotify I love it
Maizie Walsh (27 days ago)
Always have to put this on for me and my family
cari vonge jones (28 days ago)
Good song ❤️❤️❤️
Aneta Heimel (1 month ago)
Dieses lied ist sooo klasse😍😍😍😍😍 fehlt aber auf spotify😞
szaszura (1 month ago)
Oh my Göd😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩😎😎😎
Karen Russell (1 month ago)
Even at 51 i still dance about like a loonie with this..TUNE!!!
WeeLynn B (1 month ago)
omg this is gotta be the best tune av ever heard ma 3 year old grand daughter and masel are bouncing to this right now A WANT THIS TO BE THE LAST SONG A EVER HEAR
sienna thompson (1 month ago)
Kerry-Ann (1 month ago)
Rabs abs brought me here 🙌
Natalie Hatfield (1 month ago)
Gfnvnxhf of the year from Barnsley for got the you like to wait until I can't at min for the you tube link to leave wig cap and gown yg to wait gfj
DJ TwoBeers (1 month ago)
We love your bounce <3
Ella May (1 month ago)
I love this song
R Moat (1 month ago)
What’s with the Scotland thing ? Soz for sounding slow , is she from wee Bonny Scotland?
jamie graham (1 month ago)
in love with this tune!!!!!!!!
Trevor Lally (1 month ago)
Savage song love it brings no good old times xxxx
brad eganater (1 month ago)
put it on 2:18 with 1:75 speed .... wicked
Kasper Hjardemaal (1 month ago)
No baby pig
Shona Brown (1 month ago)
Fucking love this 👌💃
Annalisa less (1 month ago)
3:00 omg love it ❤
Annalisa less (1 month ago)
3:00 omg love it ❤
Lyndsey Brophy (1 month ago)
Quality tune ❤️❤️❤️
Chadulance (1 month ago)
i'm 100% Asian but im sure as hell feeling like Scottish
Sarah Jones (1 month ago)
Just luv this 💃
I Heatz (1 month ago)
zero melody - vocals frequencies go way to high at one point, its vocals that really make this song the rest needs work
Kerry-Ann (1 month ago)
You make a good point. However, the tune is undoubtedly bangin, with the right tweaks it would be perfection.
Hollie Goodwin (1 month ago)
Fortnite Zero (1 month ago)
I love it
Bounce & Bass (1 month ago)
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Harry Phayres (1 month ago)
Fay Whitehead (1 month ago)
never get bored listening to this ......
John McMahon (1 month ago)
Whos bouncing about the kitchen YEE HAA
Beth Gill Gill (1 month ago)
Lynn Cora (1 month ago)
Even Canadians love this song.
Adam / ADZA_BOII69 (1 month ago)
Yer nans a dyke yer ma sells avon yer da listens to qweer choons
John McMahon (1 month ago)
Adam / ADZA_BOII69 That makes you a big fuckin TRANNY
Jack Thompson (1 month ago)
Nice song dude i love it so much keep the song going for longer
Rebecca Cook (1 month ago)
I bloody love this south wales here xx
Henry Forbes (1 month ago)
Hardcore and scotland.where it started.. Just like "here we fucking go!"... Started in scotland...
Orla Murphy (1 month ago)
Omg some tune love it 😎
Pistol Pete (2 months ago)
Alan Wightman (2 months ago)
Smashed this tune brilliantly mixed
Jay Hall123 (2 months ago)
Why is this remix not on Spotify!!!
Jens German (2 months ago)
Please just fuck off
Oliver phillips (2 months ago)
I love it
Paula wilson (2 months ago)
before you jump the gun was no on about you Kris lol x
Paula wilson (2 months ago)
+Kris Snowdon 😂😂😂
Paula wilson (2 months ago)
+Paula Wilson ha with that a mean top bloke nice guy lol incase your like what lol xxx
Paula wilson (2 months ago)
+Kris Snowdon cheers Kris your good cunt a like you 😉 x
Paula wilson (2 months ago)
+Kris Snowdon kl pal am no as hard as a come across lol big heart lol x
Paula wilson (2 months ago)
+Kris Snowdon a must have deleted the first comment that was to someone else lol x
tomjam28 (2 months ago)
Thought my subwoofer was broken at the start so I turned it up ......
Kai Mcl7 (2 months ago)
Kimberly Gillies (2 months ago)
savoy 🎧🎼🎵❤
Meadow Broadhurst (2 months ago)
need this on apple music
YOUNG KEWI 07 (2 months ago)
Lily Gallagher (2 months ago)
This desevres more likes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shani Woo11 (2 months ago)
Best remix ever made 🥂👍🏻
Madison Paterson (2 months ago)
1:29 is the best part
Liam Kelly (2 months ago)
Bring back old school like if you agree
Annette Doran (1 month ago)
Liam Kelly big defo
Louis Kruger (2 months ago)
Best ever i heard nice song and beat..
Nathan Davies (2 months ago)
Nice love it hahaha
Paula wilson (2 months ago)
yassss keep liking my comments brilliant a love it cheers 😉😉😉😉😉😉😃😂
Aiden Jackson (2 months ago)
Carni and club tunes
MINO (2 months ago)
sassy luce (2 months ago)
Lllooooovvvveeee this tune
Brooke Price (2 months ago)
Atlanta (2 months ago)
Pwrswitchd (2 months ago)
I just tried to listent to the original of this song. Thank you for fixing this song, Harry J lol
Luki (2 months ago)
A simple as fuck beat wae some vocal looping... and it’s a fuckin stomper 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Maria kurn (2 months ago)
Real tune x
Kirsty Over (2 months ago)
Still love this
Hans Wurst (2 months ago)
Greetings from Germany
KeyCat29 (2 months ago)
What a way to ruin a brilliant song 😩
Thea Pearson (2 months ago)
Ya fuckin hell yass
Lauren Lowndes (2 months ago)
Honestly I’m a pure wrong en when this bad boy gets chucked on... a swear down mush makes me pubes fall out
leona hut123 (2 months ago)
Love this song
Seyit Mutlu (2 months ago)
shit music
matthew taylor (2 months ago)
This song still gives me goosebumps
Steve 88 (2 months ago)
David Lowe (2 months ago)
Class tune 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
James Cotter (2 months ago)
Nice to hear some good tunes
James Cotter (2 months ago)
Fuck ya kid like you stile

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