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GTA V Something DEADLY is in this GTA 5 secret cave... seriously! I was exploring this GTA 5 hidden location when some very weird and spooky things started happening. I'm not even sure what I experienced but there certainly seems to be a creature hiding in that location in GTA. Did I just stumble upon yet another GTA 5 easter egg? You decide! FOLLOW me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MPegan99 Also check out my other videos in which I found GHOSTS: Michael's ghost: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOAOEV0ONnQ Trevor's ghost: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8tbMgG6lTA Devin's ghost: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9mdSDJDBV8 Brad's ghost: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPl7lXPhaCM Steve's ghost: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMFQNXi9tKM&t=1s Johnny's ghost: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyQhKYX7i0I Music: Ross Bugden – Haunted (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOrxwqvfD2E) Please leave a LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE (also turn on notifications - this is very important) for more awesome GTA 5 myths, easter eggs and experiments! :D
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Sharat Yadagodi (11 months ago)
Wow amazing....U should and must hit a million subs.. :) Nic video loved it.. Keep it up
David Vasquez (1 day ago)
WHY SO SERIOUS (11 days ago)
+aadish sharma take Micheal to the pool of death around midnight you hear screams talking, you even see Micheal lose his shit and freak out as he is getting spooked then out of no where you die in the pool
Marc Larocque (1 month ago)
So creepy and nice vid
rusni p (6 months ago)
You so goood
aadish sharma (7 months ago)
make next video of most haunted place in gta5
Scotty Woods (14 hours ago)
This is just an example of gta randomness you see this shit all the time there is no easter egg and no debate no need to get excited just a random dude with a knife and $125 which is more than you'll make on your vids noob lmao ur life must be really exciting if u make vids like this haha omg everyone got more dumb from watching this hahahahahahahahhahah nooooooooob
Andy GArcia (2 days ago)
Bro why are you lying your with god
foxyman the pro (2 days ago)
You know the red and white boat in the cave the man with the knife either he killed the owner of the boat or it was his boat.and the man with the knife could of been making the knocking/swimming noises
Ameena M (3 days ago)
The man wasn't there at 1:38 but when he left it was??
Eissa_ Rasouli (3 days ago)
i always think that gta is scary when i play
amirreza mahdian (3 days ago)
I think this man was a killer.he kill a woman.woman ghost is on the mountain.
NAX 159 (4 days ago)
Where is the cave
eng joo (5 days ago)
I tried investigate this cave many times but I never saw this killer appear
Jonah Piela (8 days ago)
My theory is that you are a scammer and clickbait!😒
Richard Schefler (8 days ago)
Me and my brother has founded a grenade launcher at this location😲😲😲
Mick Wake (9 days ago)
Every time I go there. There’s a airplane and to boats and loads of people when you get to close start shooting you
Fachri Abirizky (9 days ago)
I know the cave from Jelly gta hide n seek
HAYDER MARIO (10 days ago)
Maybe thats the guy that killed the girl
Antwone Miller (10 days ago)
Its a lorena scrap find them all to see who killed lorena its in a website on the phone
Antwone Miller (10 days ago)
Antwone Miller (10 days ago)
I disliked my own comment pls dislike
Reza N Sastrosudiro (10 days ago)
That's is so scary
xd_xtreme_ (10 days ago)
I got an ad from tic toc that shows a police officer getting obsessed with a black teen who looks 15 or 16 lel FBI open up
WHY SO SERIOUS (11 days ago)
If you now stand in his place and look where he is looking at, he is directly looking at the empty boat, there was no one swimming or anything spooky in the cave as Micheal freaks out when he is scared and he doesn't do that not at one moment, if you watch the tide it comes in just a little to move the jet ski and it then gets pulled by the current, now you ask why ain't the boat moving with the current it's because it's anchored down
faygothrower (13 days ago)
Gay where the part in the thumbnail...fucking click bait and the person was stand there cause the game make people spawn all over your making a big deal o er nothing to be honest
Flying Eye (14 days ago)
This happened to me before and I died.
DEVIL BLACK (15 days ago)
Maybe it was just a thug
Rich Kunkiewicz (15 days ago)
Put down the chalupa 😂
Lulu Lili (15 days ago)
i think he is the one who killed leona johnson? not sure about the surname
Clorox Bleach (15 days ago)
Your just like noughtpoint
Joe Giordano (16 days ago)
Ahhh I dont kno mayb because it's a fucking game
dan willett (16 days ago)
I tried this but nothing happened. When I dived into the water though I did find some ammo on the bottom. Adds to the murder mystery.
Brian Amrhein (17 days ago)
It's gotta be that guy at beginning that they left for dead.
Jessica Sedberry (17 days ago)
This is the video on noughtfortpointlive you should watch it
Branka Zupanc (17 days ago)
You need to discover this again... nice video
Mo Arts (17 days ago)
I am not that brave,you just entered that place to make a video,and I can't dare to enter,good job man
Goo Suck (18 days ago)
Just a scene reset
Benas Šukutis (18 days ago)
One more question why he wasnt red dot on map
playerGT XD (18 days ago)
He is murder johnson,s
Arhaan Alurkar (18 days ago)
You are my favorite youtuber
nuricco harry (19 days ago)
U sew that rock underwater? That's look suspicious.
Paolo Barquez (19 days ago)
100% click bait
Sluwe Gamer (19 days ago)
Why is tis fake ?
Razor Gaming (20 days ago)
I Know Who Is The People Staring At The Cave Its Leonora Johnson
heart Moss (20 days ago)
He could be the one who kill so one in the water
AssMonkey Gaming (21 days ago)
That guy was somehow drawn to the cave by an unseen force
BLACK BOSS (21 days ago)
Ur the best U never clicbait I think ther was i guy or someone in that cave they got stuck because theyer jet sky swimed away and they saw some thing in the water and stayed there and died and wrote that to someone to find it I subed btW
Ajean Adolfo (22 days ago)
My brother's playing GTA V since it was released...He's expert of creepy easter eggs...he said..that man helped Leonora's Husband to kill her...well...Go to the mountain at 3AM..theres a lady ghost and she will talk to you that she needs help...and from now on, Im your new subbie
Marko Pegan (22 days ago)
I already made a video about that ghost. And thanks for subbing😁
xD x
Aliff Farhan (22 days ago)
Liam Beasley (23 days ago)
Jayson Burris (23 days ago)
It Cthulhu
Meme Starz18 (23 days ago)
Edit: yup heard the knock
Meme Starz18 (23 days ago)
Love your vids :)
Marko Pegan (23 days ago)
thanks :D
Banasie Lui (23 days ago)
I'll rate this a 20/20 because it is CREEPY:)
nckhileman (24 days ago)
Gta5 has a million Easter eggs. Once you get the submarine go explore the ocean. Somewhere on the map is a person tied to a concrete block.
Fuck that I had a speaker on fuck my life🤦‍♀️
monday morning (24 days ago)
I've been here a long time ago when I barley got the game.cuz I wanted to explore.but all I did was nothing...
Actually the jetski moving is normal it happens to me all the time
itsmekhalee (24 days ago)
Subscribe to my channel please guys
David Stock (25 days ago)
Lmao that ain't no secret cave😂 wtf that is such an easy cave to find
Renz (26 days ago)
Maybe his waiting people who will go close to the cave and attack them. For money? Oof
Amanda Coleman (27 days ago)
maybe he was posesed
ItsGg Gaming (27 days ago)
Maybe he was the killer and if you collected the letter scrap then he got mad cuz you got some clues
GR33NS4V4G3 123 (28 days ago)
Maybe he's waiting for a guy for kill
Marv El Disidente (29 days ago)
What location is the cave near? Can't make it out on the map at 0:20
HaMza NaQvi (1 month ago)
Where is this location?
Just Anime (1 month ago)
Wow! what a horrror gameplay!! nice video! don't forget to chechout my stuff
Darius Hardy (1 month ago)
Wow ok I was always wondering if that spoke had something going on but never went now I see
ma camille barzaga (1 month ago)
hit the bell brother i like your video i like your friend and you marko pegan
ad_cool (1 month ago)
Is this some kind of mod or is it default?
Shiv Sharma (1 month ago)
My heart's pounding
Hsu Pyae Pyae Lwin (1 month ago)
Wait check again at 4:05 and 4:09
Li Na (1 month ago)
New subscriber👍
Chaos Walker (1 month ago)
thx for the money
Naufal Fadillah (1 month ago)
I think the man with the knife is guarding the cave
thekiingofvenice (1 month ago)
1:30 listen very carefully with ear phones... it says “Kill HIM!” 😱
Armando Auditore (1 month ago)
That is what we call my friend Crows
DandoFX (1 month ago)
There’s a big mystery about cave something hides things in there !!! Actually but a I have something really maybe u need to set the paper u took whiles u in the cave take it until 50 paper about that maybe some big mystery will happens
Zuraikha Aida (1 month ago)
My money is 2222789000 in gta5(i'm not lying)
Fake :/
jacob farrel (1 month ago)
wow amazing clickbait
Alpha Zozonick (1 month ago)
IK GUYS THIS THING IS 100% REAL.I TRIED TO GO TO THE CAVE AFTER I WATCH THIS VIDEO...i see the same guy holding knife and tried to kill me...well he chose the wrong guy cuz i use explosive melee attack and invisibility cheats so he is a dead man
Dragon ITECH (1 month ago)
jasmine Salopree (1 month ago)
That guys the murder of that woman
anikilledtheants ig (1 month ago)
I got a jump scare
Paul (1 month ago)
Under the water there are collectables grenade launcher etc..
Shrutika Chavan (1 month ago)
Love your videos dude
well Fam (1 month ago)
I love u
well Fam (1 month ago)
Wanna change the weather heres a phone code:19996253487246
ManiaX Rocky (1 month ago)
All videos from this guy absolutly fake.. He just added mod or something to make it happen.. If you don't believe it, just trying to find easter egg like this video showing up. And for sure its nothing in original version.😂😂
Myst [GD] (1 month ago)
What if you come to *this* haunted place in prologue??
Sheeve Palpatine (1 month ago)
Finally someone who doesn't waste time talking for 10 minutes, you gained a sub !
Naledi Motikoe (1 month ago)
ayy man the video alone is scary,, no need for the music
andres morales (1 month ago)
I found that place the last time and i saw a alien ship i was speechless
abuzz koala (1 month ago)
Does it all happened in online mode too
Erwin Eule (1 month ago)
gamzo playss (1 month ago)
Sorry it is the mode -_-
dog lover (1 month ago)
ashawn grant (1 month ago)
I love that u dont clickbait
DovydasLTUgaming (1 month ago)
your best who alive in cave i thaught he can be a murder couse there was dropped a messege from guy who died . what sound where you hear was died body ghost Bruh whats scary
Arief Yudo Wibowo (1 month ago)
Rui Costa (2 months ago)
The boats ALWAYS drive alone to the shores whit the sea current... The noise on the water was your jetsky.. You can hear all kinda creppy sounds all around the gsme.. 3 letters? 1 spaceship part? Now i see why you are so suprised whit your own (findings) you barely know the game..
IMAPROOF - Fortnite (2 months ago)
Change your name to: King of GTA V easter eggs lol

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