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GTA V Something DEADLY is in this GTA 5 secret cave... seriously! I was exploring this GTA 5 hidden location when some very weird and spooky things started happening. I'm not even sure what I experienced but there certainly seems to be a creature hiding in that location in GTA. Did I just stumble upon yet another GTA 5 easter egg? You decide! FOLLOW me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MPegan99 Also check out my other videos in which I found GHOSTS: Michael's ghost: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOAOEV0ONnQ Trevor's ghost: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8tbMgG6lTA Devin's ghost: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9mdSDJDBV8 Brad's ghost: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPl7lXPhaCM Steve's ghost: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMFQNXi9tKM&t=1s Johnny's ghost: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyQhKYX7i0I Music: Ross Bugden – Haunted (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOrxwqvfD2E) Please leave a LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE (also turn on notifications - this is very important) for more awesome GTA 5 myths, easter eggs and experiments! :D
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Sami Sharat (1 year ago)
Wow amazing....U should and must hit a million subs.. :) Nic video loved it.. Keep it up
عبدو حسن (20 days ago)
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Satvik Bhola (11 hours ago)
In this cave the fishes are swimming
Gab Lopez (2 days ago)
Maybe he was the murderer
Nick Equeall (3 days ago)
Gonna go looking for this later on when i wake up lol
Kaikun Yamamoto (4 days ago)
A get your jet ski back!!!
Ryan Quinn (5 days ago)
Maybe his brother died in there whilst doing a shady deal that could be why he had so much money. And was holding a knife maybe the shady dealer stabbed his brother to death!!??
Zach Defender (5 days ago)
I become a hide and seek champion?
thatsky _fan (6 days ago)
The man that was staring into the cave(wth the knife) was mugging people in boat each time, hiding the body's in the water and thats why there a random boat because once he mugs the people he would put the body's in that boat swim out to sea and dump them there(also i forgot to put this somewhere but the cave is like a tourist attraction and if you look at one of those maps there it says) This is my theory Comment your thing and explain how this is wrong
Kwn Dri (7 days ago)
Wow music 👌👍🏻
Arde Boy (7 days ago)
I foun there 2boats 4 shooting guys and plane
Thirumal K (7 days ago)
I am thinking it's slendermans brother
Daniel Pandeirot (8 days ago)
Why didn't you wait untill midnigth
Emmanuell Ramos (8 days ago)
It just for the random event of dodo seaplane
T1X 0G (9 days ago)
He was johns murder if he killed u you would have a cutscene
Michael Aaron (11 days ago)
Yeaaa I collected all 50 of those already and did the mission
CHELSEA Diary (11 days ago)
this is cool
Einstein Rio (11 days ago)
Danny Phantom (12 days ago)
Wheres the location tho?
michael du preez (12 days ago)
hi there are 2 glowing parts there one spaceship part and 1 gun @evryone
Rob jr (13 days ago)
3:31 WOAH
Tarek Dirany (14 days ago)
Hey marko that guy who atacked he was from the people in the motel I have seen them and they was like him😕
Real Jasper Camangyan (15 days ago)
Maybe the speedboat that is floating is a victim of a serial killer.
X-List20 - (15 days ago)
Maybe he was saved his money for the future
BOLD GAMER (16 days ago)
*leonara Johnson was the grandma of CJ OwO*
Avishek Dipto (16 days ago)
Its the creepy music which makes your video so good
Joe Wolfe (17 days ago)
that man is a truck driver also
Angie Arneson (18 days ago)
I heard the knock. It sounds like a knock on a wooden door
Norman boboy (19 days ago)
Heyy ...New Subcriber here🤙
Deepa Saba (19 days ago)
U already left him there for a video
LIMITED AD AD MORE (19 days ago)
I done sub
LIMITED AD AD MORE (19 days ago)
I love u all video pliz keep it up pliz i like your video
Grape jam 14 (19 days ago)
He murdered that girl for the money (they could’ve been married) but then he started to miss her very much and he must’ve buried her body in the cave. Or her dead possessed that one guy’s body searching for the guy that killed her. Those are my two reasons
عبدو حسن (20 days ago)
Eleazar is awesome (20 days ago)
Video idea: what happens if you delete Amanda's car in father and son
Connor Reynolds (20 days ago)
Nonce that's what I think
jonathan jay (21 days ago)
background music at the begining title pls
YaBoy Griffin (21 days ago)
Bro it’s a game where you beat the shit out of people how is that scary
Jaren Espano (22 days ago)
That is Fallout shelter Vault dude
The Hive Fushion (23 days ago)
thee guy was probs a drug dealer
Happy Virus (23 days ago)
Woah,Someone older than me didnt know waves can move a Jet ski!
I think that man was trying to pop so he want u to get away from there!
Harriz 75 (24 days ago)
I think he was the guy who kill a women in the early video
Mighty Mark (24 days ago)
He looking for omega
Logan Sellers (24 days ago)
I have been there and if dive down in the water there is a grenade launcher its really cool
Tanya Simmons (24 days ago)
Maybe he was the murder of the guy
giorgi gamer HD (25 days ago)
Marco pls collect all scraps and tell us who killed leonora johnson
Cookies Are Yummy (25 days ago)
I think he was the guy who killed that woman!! 😵
XxAldred_ playzzxX5 (25 days ago)
May be he is jason vorees. Sorry for wrong spelling
Rocket Comet (25 days ago)
Probably a serial killer who throws his victims in the water of the cave.
Miyako Miyazawa (25 days ago)
I think this man has some connection with that cave :/
DinoDude777 (26 days ago)
At 3:27 there is someone on the land...
Maynard Dela Cruz (26 days ago)
Probably that cave has many dead bodies inside XD
Robbie Powell (27 days ago)
He's the killer
[LOG] [LYS] Samsouel (27 days ago)
OMG I can’t stand these fake videos on GTA 5. So tired of people like you and your idiot fans.
Krage B's Channel (27 days ago)
4:14 yeah he drops lot of money my dad discovered that easter egg, when he was hunting some scraps for leorena johnson
Kostas 1232 (1 month ago)
Idea! That man was a robber who has done a shoplift and wanted to hide his money in the safe place where no one goes. All that sounds?... Maybe that's just echo?... I have no idea what can cause that.
Oliwier Sąsiadek (1 month ago)
the jet ski was on if you pay attention to the back you will notice water coming out that means the dank engine is running and my theory is that guy was a killer and maybethe person that started up the jetski was a ghost that got killed by him in his sleep or then when he doesnt remember and he might thought that he is still alive and noticed that guy with the knife and he was escaping if u agree plz like this comment
thebestguy 13 (1 month ago)
4:30 I think that this guy mudered someone with his knife (when u saw something moving, thst thing was him) and throwed the body in water and he thought u saw the body so he tried to kill u.
thebestguy 13 (7 days ago)
Thanks for the heart
charlie ginder (1 month ago)
I know him he's some where at mount chillad he's the mount chillad demon but when u go to that cave that's kinda his death thats his storyline go to the cave then kill him if u can then u may not no that he is still alive till he is burnt to death at mount chillad then who ever did it at midnight if u are close u will get jumpscared and killed because u tryed to kill him First u need to do circles of gasoline then light it then go away from it then he will appear
Bryson Whelchel (1 month ago)
The jet ski is moving by the water not by itself
T Boss (1 month ago)
couldve been in the Infinite 8 killer
Bartek Foss (1 month ago)
There is only one option Magic!
FLoW (1 month ago)
That guy who tried to attack you, I think was the Infinite 8 Killer. Now it may not be true but it's worth another investigation to find it out.
MESSURSELF (1 month ago)
Maybe he was the guy that made those swimming noises
dark hallow i (1 month ago)
And yup I herd the knock
dark hallow i (1 month ago)
Maybe He or she saw a gost in the cave but you didn't so the knife he or she was holding was to kill the gost or she thought that you were the gost
XristosGamerYT WOLF (1 month ago)
I went to this location many times i dont saw anythig
muhammad iqbal (1 month ago)
U sub hit bell and liked
Natan cichy (1 month ago)
I KNOW F YOU stand there and pick of a lot of thing then someone teleported there that was a murder of devin weston someone has have seen that trevor and m and f are killed devin weston and then someone called a murder to kill everyone who comes there
Logi Timothy (1 month ago)
Not to be mean or anything but who checks time in gta?
yaboytony 17 (1 month ago)
U make me scared and make ma laugh
Akram Echahid (1 month ago)
Guys cmon why dont we get him 1M subs he deservers it for being a good youtuber i wacht him everyday 1 like is 1 sub
Hooded Gamer (1 month ago)
The noise made him insane and maybe he was called
Kane Monaghan (1 month ago)
It's probably a glitch
Farz (1 month ago)
Is this modding?
Daki Freak!! (1 month ago)
He dropped to much money cus he murderd to many pepole!
Madicke Mbengue (1 month ago)
i can't have gta 5 cause i'm poor but i have gangstar Vegas in my phone.
OH GTR (1 month ago)
Can you do triangle of bermuda
Joseph White Snow (1 month ago)
There was a thing that was in the cave you did not see but i did
Dot Sy (1 month ago)
What is it
aDE JAYA WIJAYA (1 month ago)
I tink its janoora jonson
Thai foxcutie (1 month ago)
Keep it up bro
stunt masters (1 month ago)
I went into the cave,wen i climbed off of my jetski into the water a fish swam one meter above the water for about 2 minutes wen i got closer the fish it fel into the water and died
Is this online?or offline??reply please
Dot Sy (1 month ago)
Andy Figueroa (1 month ago)
I think the guy with the knife was trying to keep people away from the secret
Lol lol lol lol (1 month ago)
Idk I subscribed you.you are perfect.
Marko Pegan (1 month ago)
Angel Soto (1 month ago)
Plz stop with the creepy music I got a nightmare
Gotze MY (1 month ago)
Because he bot
Elena Arvanitaki (1 month ago)
Nice vid
CLUTTER OFFICIAL (1 month ago)
Roses are Red,violets are Red i just clickbaited and did you too
TRAIN FANATIC (1 month ago)
And if you take the boat it will start smoking too so that's very weird too
TRAIN FANATIC (1 month ago)
What ever that was it was pushing my boat out of the cave which is weird cus my boat was deep inside the cave and now it's at the entrance of the cave and the water it's very calm wtf is going on here?
Imelda Ferrer (1 month ago)
Wow your good haunting 1 like = 1 ghost location
Naruto Uzumaki (1 month ago)
1 like for doing horror video (:
Dylan Boccardo (1 month ago)
Wheres the dead bodies like in the thumb nail?
Adam Henderson (1 month ago)
I found a gun
Hermes Trismegistus (1 month ago)
The guy probably showed up because you found an spaceship part. He might be tied that event.
I’m Dead (1 month ago)
Edit edit
Aedyn Lugo (1 month ago)
Maybe that was Lenora Johnson murderer
jonathan zamora (1 month ago)
Ive been there all i found was an alien ship part and a granade launcher
Nathan The Neko (1 month ago)
wasnt that the guy standing outside the food truck near the campers in your other video?

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