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Collective try-on haul. With item's from Urban Outfitters, ASOS, New Look, Primark & more. Expect a lot of puffer jackets!! NEW VIDEO'S EVERY THURSDAY'S & SUNDAY'S! ↡ ↡ SUBSCRIBE ↡ ↡ https://www.youtube.com/subscribe_widget?p=itslinamar RECENT VIDEOS & BLOGPOSTS ☞ PREVIOUS VIDEO | https://goo.gl/fAfBpL ☞ PINK NIKE AF1'S OOTD | https://goo.gl/696oNv ☞ PUMA SWEATSHIRT OOTD BLOGPOST | https://goo.gl/GMbGj3 ITEM'S SHOWN ➪ OVERSIZED PINK PUMA SWEATSHIRT - ASOS | http://fave.co/2hwjOZE (SIMILAR HERE: http://fave.co/2jpEZRD) ➪ MUSTARD PUFFA JACKET - PULL & BEAR | http://fave.co/2gUDTcz ➪ ORANGE LONG LINE PUFFER JACKET - DOROTHY PERKINS | http://fave.co/2jpDh2u ➪ GOLD CIRCLE NECKLACE WITH WHITE CHAIN | http://fave.co/2jpQY1C ➪ GOLD CIRCLE NECKLACE WITH BLACK CHAIN | http://fave.co/2jpR6y8 ➪ NAVY VELVET PUFFER JACKET | http://fave.co/2jpJ9sF) ➪ CAMO PUFFER JACKET - TOPSHOP | http://fave.co/2jpJDio ➪ CLAY TEAM PATTA BEANIE | http://fave.co/2gUFKy4 ➪ JASON MARKK & PATTA SHOE CLEANING KIT | http://fave.co/2iqgVcU ➪ WATERPROOF, FOLDABLE BLACK PATTA BAG | ➪ CAMO PATTA RUNNING TEAM SHOPPER BAG | http://fave.co/2jpJNpR ➪ SILVER PATTA PINK BADGE | http://fave.co/2gUDhUf ➪ PINK HOODIE - PRIMARK | £7 ➪ BLACK/RUST/PINK RIBBED TURTLE NECK - PRIMARK | £5 ➪ GREY STRIPED TURTLE NECK - PRIMARK | £3 ➪ GOLD CIRCLE NECKLACE - PRIMARK | £1.50 ➪ TWO-PIECE GOLD LAYERING NECKLACE - URBAN OUTFITTERS | http://fave.co/2iqfHPf * ➪ PINK GOOGLY EYED SLIPPED | http://fave.co/2iqfMSV * ➪ BURGUNDY VELVET CULOTTES | SOLD OUT (SIMILAR HERE: http://fave.co/2iqfZ8N) * ➪ GREY CROPPED JUMPER | http://fave.co/2jpMTdu * ➪ BLACK PUFFER JACKET | http://fave.co/2gJyIzm * ➪ PINK PUFFER JACKET | http://fave.co/2iqhaEZ STALK ME ☞ INSTAGRAM | https://instagram.com/itslinamar/ ☞ TWITTER | https://twitter.com/itslinamar ☞ DEPOP | https://www.depop.com/en/helina ☞ BLOG | https://www.itslinamar.com/ BUSINESS ENQUIRIES | [email protected] Camera: Canon G5X | http://fave.co/1KcrvzU Canon 80D | http://fave.co/1KcrvzU Lens: Canon 24mm f2.8 | http://fave.co/1VahmEV Canon 50mm f1.8 | http://fave.co/2cKsEVT Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X & Apple Motion 5 FTC Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored video but some links may be affiliate links. Anything marked with an * has been gifted to me. ♫ MUSIC ♫ MUSIC BY CHILLHOP: HTTP://YOUTUBE.COM/CHILLHOPDOTCOM HANDBOOK - SWANSONG: HTTPS://SOUNDCLOUD.COM/CHILLHOPDOTCOM/HANDBOOK- SWANSONGLISTEN ON SPOTIFY: HTTP://BIT.LY/CR-SPOTIFY
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Text Comments (181)
SimplyCloe (1 year ago)
« I couldn’t swallow food » hahaha really nice haul :)
Geez Giana (1 year ago)
I always wanted a puffer jacket
Introvert Outside (1 year ago)
N K (1 year ago)
hi im lucy. (1 year ago)
ahh I love your style <3
Vaaanesser (1 year ago)
omg what kind of lighting do u use this looks AMAZING (also love everything you got!!)
yoyo12568 (1 year ago)
Sof (1 year ago)
lockedand bonded (1 year ago)
Omg such great inspo! This choker would go perfect with these looks! https://www.etsy.com/listing/513011080/vintage-chandelier-crystal-choker?ref=shop_home_active_3
it's Ajobi (2 years ago)
loool that burp though... i love how you didn't edit that out either. I love your style though great video
Clariccy (2 years ago)
eh why are you imitating my generation and culture
Tanisha Kantar (2 years ago)
Love this!😂😌
Sophia Miller (2 years ago)
You like puffer jackets don't you?
Bea GQS (2 years ago)
sub for sub anyone? xx
Roxi Yung (2 years ago)
you're awesome! x
Hasya Kinan Saffanah (2 years ago)
New subscriber is here. I'm wondering how come you have that flawless look make up? It looks super fab!
Amethyst Moonie (2 years ago)
Lmao I love the haul and the burp!!! 😂
jnelly_cb (2 years ago)
gurrll thats sooo me. i have a huge addiction to jackets!. love the haul.
Rea-Ann Dos Santos (2 years ago)
I love how excited you are about your purchases ❤
Hi I'm A Robot (2 years ago)
where are your glasses from??
Yoou Tubbe (2 years ago)
What lipshade are you wearing ?it looks really good! Loved the haul
Sydnee Love (2 years ago)
Everything in this haul is on a level of saucy that I have to level up to. Girl you got the sauce!!
TheOfficialTaz (2 years ago)
where are your bed sheets from? and pillows?
Sophia Murray (2 years ago)
Check out my YouTube channel and let me know what you think! 😁 if u wanna be notified when I post a vid, feel free to subscribe 💯
Ashley Shelbrack (2 years ago)
could someone tell me where the weekender bag is from? i searched primark but couldn't find it )-:
itslinamar (2 years ago)
+Ash Shel it's from Primark. Maybe try a few different stores. It might just be sold out :( xx
Yun ho (2 years ago)
I saw that navy velvet puffer jacket on the new look website it was on sale for £20 i think? Anyway I regret not buying it now 😭
Jessica Chen (2 years ago)
This is just ridiculous
만나mina (2 years ago)
Jnah (2 years ago)
I love your fashion taste so much. It's kinda funny that I really feel drawn to a lot of pink things in the shops at the moment.
Jawlines (2 years ago)
i wish she was my friend man, she lit.
Siân Rodriguez (2 years ago)
I love your rings! Where are they from? :)
Adori Gardner (2 years ago)
where'd you get all the glasses you wore throughout the video from ?
Channelle Mandekar (2 years ago)
Where did you get your glasses?
gloreearh (2 years ago)
you're the embodiment of my aesthetic omg
Gabrielle Lacasse (2 years ago)
i love the stacking of minimalistic necklace !
A non (2 years ago)
lol, pewma
thekulestlife (2 years ago)
Absolutely love you and your style. I am definitely taking notes... Love the video.
Yumiko Kijima (2 years ago)
Hello:) Random question, but are your glasses prescription glasses? You look really good with them!
Ellis Suijs (2 years ago)
Patta means in dutch street language, "shoes" haha. Thought it was kinda of funny! I live in the Netherlands and i've never heard of this brand so i might check them out!
Bby G (2 years ago)
Loved some of the patta stuff but WHY do they feel the need to put the logo on EVERYTHING! on a different note love your style and vids x
Francheska R (2 years ago)
Wheres your bedding from? I love it
Özlem Arslan (2 years ago)
I love your glasses where'd you get them?😘
itslinamar (2 years ago)
+Özlem Arslan specsavers :) xx
Liza Mohamath (2 years ago)
Where are your green sheets from!!!! i lovee
A B (2 years ago)
the way she named literally all my fave stores !! :D
exllie___ (2 years ago)
Where's you bedding from its so nice X
itslinamar (2 years ago)
+panda crafterz Asda xx
Angela Barrie (2 years ago)
newsflash! girls burp! they also poop! and get this, sometimes they even grow body hair! wow!
Candy Floss (2 years ago)
Angela Barrie this isn't even about a gender thing lol
itslinamar (2 years ago)
+Angela Barrie 🙌🏽 thank-you Angela! 🙏🏽 👏🏽 xx
Lumenous (2 years ago)
Your videos are literally so cozy to watch!
itslinamar (2 years ago)
burping compilation video coming for all the haters out there 😂 #theyseemetrolling
s.n99 (2 years ago)
I love that new look velvet puffer, I bought it for £25 in the Boxing Day sales
Ify Ugbogu (2 years ago)
HEY GUYS IF YOUR LOOKING FOR CHEAP CUTE CLOTHES CHECK OUT MY EBAY!! www.ebay.co.uk/usr/ify.ugb?_trksid=p3984.m2303.l3972
Ema Lillie (2 years ago)
Where are your glasses from? I'm in love😻
youtube channel (2 years ago)
HI GUYYSS my name is natasha and im a new VLOGGER check out my channel please and subscribe if liked it
cos moe (2 years ago)
yoo loove the orange puffer jacket oh lord
Shazzz _y (2 years ago)
Love your style girl😍😍
Emma Philomena (2 years ago)
Nice haul, but what is it with this new fashion of burping in videos it's awful lol, second youtuber i see doing that
Lili Renwick (2 years ago)
people do that on camera in movies all the time... it does not make me uncomfortable
Yoou Tubbe (2 years ago)
Love by Lili that's so not a reason, vomiting pooping and frting also are natural, i don't think u would be confortable with people doing it ok camera
Emma Philomena (2 years ago)
Love by Lili i know but man, bodily noises on camera lol
Lili Renwick (2 years ago)
burping fetish?? burping for fashion????? Last time I checked burping was a natural bodily function that everyone does.....
Fiona Marie (2 years ago)
Where is ur hoodie from
Kevin Kwame (2 years ago)
You make me happy
Inriyouth (2 years ago)
Adorable video dear! Liked the pink puma sweater. If you are also interesting in following German fashion, don't hesitate to visit my channel 😋 loads of love
Abigail Booth (2 years ago)
omg I love your style !!! where are your glasses from? xx
fati sharnoubi (2 years ago)
you should try out this website https://www.ebates.com/r/FATICH7?eeid=28187 its reaaaally great xx
Lydia Hall (2 years ago)
I watch a lot of hauls but this was really nicely done/edited, you don't go on and on for ages and you're fun to watch. Loved this vid! :-)
Zuzanna Nurkowsk (2 years ago)
where did you get this cool sunglasses ?😍😍
Zuzanna Nurkowsk (2 years ago)
itslinamar (2 years ago)
+Zuzanna Nurkowsk specsavers :) xx
Zuzanna Nurkowsk (2 years ago)
edit: not sunglasses xd just glasses xd 😂
DAMNChelsea (2 years ago)
Can you do a vid on how to style the pinstripes trousers
Victoria (2 years ago)
Honestly just fallen in love with you
itslinamar (2 years ago)
+Bethany Leigh 😁 aw thank you Bethany!! *Big hugs* 😘 xx
Shannon Beer (2 years ago)
I love love love how you edit your videos, such good quality. Yass to buying basics in all the colours!
itslinamar (2 years ago)
+Shannon Beer thank-you Shannon. I'm happy your enjoyed it :) xx
Jadore iDior. (2 years ago)
What size did you get the newlook velvet puffer?
itslinamar (2 years ago)
+Jadore iDior. UK 6 :) xx
Maja Johansson (2 years ago)
I love your style, such an inspiration! :)
itslinamar (2 years ago)
+Maja Johansson too kind, thank-you Maja xx
nikol niki (2 years ago)
You can edit out the burps you know... nobody needs to see and hear them
Imani Bailey (1 year ago)
Guess that's why you've been blessed the ability to exit the vid, skip the vid or even mute the vid! Imagine that!
Priya Sharma (2 years ago)
grossed off...
BlendandChat (2 years ago)
I just binge watched so many of your videos and really love your vibe. Your autumn winter lookbook was killing!
shashakahlani (2 years ago)
the burping LOOOOOOLLL
GeeFlare (2 years ago)
love your hauls..too many similar jackets tho..can u do a vid exclusively for pants..ur fav places to buy etc..
USCHI LOU (2 years ago)
Re free delivery, made 2 separate orders on sephora and was absolutely KICKING myself bc I couldve combined them and gotten free delivery. Still annoyed at myself.
Rosalind Bennett (2 years ago)
Love your style! I made a similar video and would really appreciate if you checked it out :) xx
Sharan Gill (2 years ago)
You have the sickest style. Love what you picked!
Kiara Smith (2 years ago)
Loved this haul! xo
Anna Sangster (2 years ago)
Yesssssssssss! Dorothy Perkins are hardly ever mentioned on YouTube but they have some gorgeous bits and they're way more affordable than the other arcadia stores (miss selfridge, topshop)
mer521993 (2 years ago)
what lipstick are you wearing?
mer521993 (2 years ago)
love your hauls so much!!
mer521993 (2 years ago)
+itslinamar hope you have an amazing year ahead of you
mer521993 (2 years ago)
+itslinamar happy new year!!
itslinamar (2 years ago)
mer521993 thank-you Mer!! 😽 happy new year xx
J Sp (2 years ago)
As always, love ur vid.. & a lil proud u got Patta products in this haul 😅 Love, from The Netherlands
itslinamar (2 years ago)
Jl Sp yay :) I love it in Amsterdam!! Miss all the lovely food... mmm... big love from London! Xx
D.ANGELA (2 years ago)
It would be super nice you can check out my channel https://youtu.be/QIy8baybWnI it means a lot , one of the people who inspired me to make a fashion YouTube channel
SolelyVanessa (2 years ago)
I really like your endslate!
itslinamar (2 years ago)
SolelyVanessa thank-you for noticing Vanessa 😃😘😘 xx
Andria Ioannou (2 years ago)
Happy New Year Lina!!! I love your nail polish!!! I'm obsessed with metallic nail polishes, i need to have it!! 😍🙈💙
Andria Ioannou (2 years ago)
hope you're well too!!! thank youuuu xxxx
itslinamar (2 years ago)
+Andria Ioannou happy new year to you too Andria!!!!! Hope you're well boo 😘 and thank-you! It's by Leighton Denny :) xx
uncoolalex (2 years ago)
H. (2 years ago)
Need to pick up that orange puffer jacket, love your videos!!
itslinamar (2 years ago)
Amelia Kpop oh and thank-you :) xx
itslinamar (2 years ago)
+Amelia Kpop it's even cheaper now!! Get it, hahaha xx
1990made (2 years ago)
Ah your editing and just general vibe / feel is SO damn inspiring. Thank you for that. xx
itslinamar (2 years ago)
+1990made aw thank you!! 🤗 I'm happy you like it xx
georgia grace fitz (2 years ago)
how tall are you?
itslinamar (2 years ago)
Georgia Grace Fitzgerald 5ft 2 :) xx
Karyan (2 years ago)
Where are your bed sheets from?
itslinamar (2 years ago)
+Karyan Asda :) xx
Rachel Wilke (2 years ago)
lmao at your burping ur great
Minima lista (2 years ago)
She burps in a few videos 😮 kinda rude.
Daph (1 year ago)
Lmao i burp really loud how is it rude tho
Grammar take me home (1 year ago)
How the fuck is it rude to burp? Everyone burps stfu
Cerys Hughes (1 year ago)
Sooooo petty, as if you are complaining about a burp.....
potatomojito (1 year ago)
omg loool
ania0ania (2 years ago)
Sabina Sabina (2 years ago)
Girl you're so beautiful...and also your style is everything!! :)
Shenell (2 years ago)
All those jackets were so cool! Loved that pink camo one!!!
Ciara Emily x (2 years ago)
I got a puffer quilted jacket from topshop. It's amazing!!!! So warm & snuggly. Love it so much 😍
itslinamar (2 years ago)
Ciara Emily I still want more... 🙊 hahaha xx
heyitsdaave (2 years ago)
Looks like I'm not the only one obsessed with puffa jacket 🙈! The dusty pink one from UO is stunning 😍!
Helena T (2 years ago)
Wash the sweatshirts inside out with cold water and little detergent .
RalphKem (2 years ago)
I think it's safe to say Helina LOVES puffer jackets
itslinamar (2 years ago)
RALPH KEM hahaha let's hope this trend stays for a while hahaha xx
mia raja (2 years ago)
your hair looks so adorably cute in that little low ponytail. can you do a video on more quick hairstyles for short hair? x
Nads (2 years ago)
Obsessed with your style & personality💕🌸
Delphine Auray (2 years ago)
what nail polish do you use ? your nails look awesome!
itslinamar (2 years ago)
tockyopop from tkmaxx btw xx
itslinamar (2 years ago)
tockyopop aw thank-you :) it's by Leighton Denny in "Your planet or mine" xx
LifeasLonan (2 years ago)
your stye i so good i cant even

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